Chapter 8: Burden of the World

Written by: Kaleb (KrazyKaleb)

After I programed the Time displacement device. Cameron and Sarah left the room and I went over to John Connor to talk with him about our possible futures. What were our motivations in the future John? I thought.

“So your going to be the leader of the future Resistance, huh?” I asked trying to start a genuine conversation.

“Yeah that's what people say.” he said looking at me with his hardened expression.

“According to Moore's Law. Skynet is our future. But, I really just don't know how I'm going to be this hero people talk about. I'm trying to just...” John stopped as he tried to think of how to explain his intentions to me.

“Huh, Moore's Law.. I think I've heard about that.” nodding my head.

“Guess having the burden of the future world on your shoulders could be cumbersome, huh? You really think this all can be prevented?” I said as John nodded at me with a yes in reply.

“Yeah... I hope so... I keep telling myself that it can be done.” he continued nodding but slower now.

“What was it that you were saying earlier?” I asked.

“Huh?” asked John.

“When I heard you mumbling earlier when I was finishing up on the machine.” I noted.

“Oh you mean that? I was saying, 'There is no fate, but what we make.'” John paused and nodded for a moment. Allowing me to realize that the statement had great meaning to him and his family. “It's something my mother says a lot. It's her little sentimental saying she has and it's slowly rubbing off on me.” John finished.

“That's a simple way to put it. Reminds me of the same saying in the bible: 'For whatever a man is sowing, this he will also reap.'-Galatians 6:7.” I smiled and looked up at the ceiling thinking of what God would think about this.

“I wish I had God like faith as you. Is that how you keep so positive?” John asked noticing my look that I just did to the ceiling.

“Huh?... Oh ya, it is. God... He gives everyone a chance to do what's right.” I said with a reassuring smile.

“You may be more right than you think David.” said John.

“Really?” I asked.

“Yeah but the problem I have is though, I just don't think God could exist if he let all these calamities will happen in the world.” He said with uncertainty. I thought to myself that he may be thinking about the possible Skynet future again.

“They haven't all happened yet. That's why God gives us the chance to do what is right so that these consequences won't happen John. We all have the free will to do what is needed. It's just, whether or not we are willing to take a chance in doing that right choice. Because with regard to our future... the Bible brings out in Ecclesiastes 8:9 that 'Man has dominated man to his injury' and in Ecclesiastes 9:11 that 'time and unforeseen occurrence befall us all.'”

“That's interesting... I never thought of it that way.” said John in reply.

“Yeah well, we can never be sure that terrible future will even happen because God doesn't interfere with our own free will and choices. He leaves it to us to make the right decisions. It's just that people don't always do the right thing...because we are imperfect. Roman 5:12 'Through one man [Adam] sin entered into the world and death through sin, and thus death spread to all men because they had all sinned.' because they were all born by sinful people.” I said with sincerity trying to help him understand what I was saying.

John smiled. Interested by what I just said and replied, “I think it will be a pleasure working with you in the future David. Thanks for the cool thoughts from that bible mind of yours. You're a little weird.” he said nearly laughing, “But, I hope our plans work out for tomorrow dude.”

“Me too.” I said and smiled back at John. Taking his brief criticism as a compliment because it was typical of me, a Christian to receive that kind of stuff from others.

John walked away out of the room with a sincere half smile on his face. I could hear John and Derek talking about me from outside my room. I noticed the favorable tone John had when I could hear my name being said. Then I heard the dark tone of Derek's voice when he said, “But David can't be...” I wondered what Derek was saying.

Looking outside the abandoned building window I saw that it was getting late once again. Better get ready for sleep. I thought. Tomorrow's going to be one interesting day...

But just as I started to lay down and sleep. It became silent in the hallway outside quite suddenly. Cameron slowly came into the room and approached me with a seductive smile. And what happened next that night...

...will stay with me forever.

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