Chapter 9: Feeling Emotion

Written by: Kaleb (KrazyKaleb)

After John left. I started getting ready to sleep on the cot that Sarah and Cameron set-up for me. Cameron now approached me. She smiled seductively at me and sat down next to me on the cot very closely. I started to feel uncomfortable with her sitting so close to me with nobody around even though she was a machine.

“I'm sorry for hitting you when I grabbed you at the park and being so mean a neighbor to you. Sometimes my mission requires certain things. You need to toughen up David. Events are happening quick. So you need to be strong... Or you will not be able to cope with the future you are going to.” she said in a comforting and pleasant tone with a smile. This caused me to feel tingly to my stomach.

“I understand. Future John may have programed you to do that.” I said looking around the room wondering what she was going to do here.

“Just like I was programed to do this and thank you for the sacrifices you have made for the future. Here-” Cameron gave me a cell phone. “Make that last phone call you wanted to make to your family. John told me in the future to remind you about this. You need to give them and yourself closure about what's is going on here. Or you will not be ready for the future war.”

I took the cell phone from her hand very slowly and dialed my parents number despairingly. It all seemed like it took forever. The phone rang and rang. I heard somebody pick-up the phone.

“David. It's good to hear from you, it's been a while since you've called. How has your work been going?” asked my mother in a happy tone of voice.

“Thing's could be better. Its been a little chaotic lately. But I'm getting through it. Is dad there?”

“Yes.” replied my mother.

“Have him pick up the phone too.” I replied eagerly.

“Hey son. How's that new invention you got going? You built it yet?” my father asked as he answered the phone. He seem as happy as ever. Just like he always was. Happy and positive. His personality rubbed off on me a little to well.

“That's what I wanted to talk to about. Um...” I hesitated.

Then Cameron put her hand on my shoulder and smiled to help me to say what needed to be said. Cameron then said to me, “You know what to say David... I trust you.”

“Hello? Son you still there? What is it?” asked my mother and Father wondering what was going on the my side of the line.

I then took a deep breath and said, “I had a big breakthrough... I'm going to test the machine out.” happy tears were going down my eyes. This was because I knew it would be the last conversation I was going to have with them for a long time. If not forever.

“You mean the time thing works! You will be able to help people with it?” my father said gladly.

“Yes it will work. But the catch is this... it's a one way trip....” I started to cry more now. “I will only be able to go one way and not back.” I heard a long pause.

I could hear my mother's suddensobbing now, “Don't do it son... don't.”

“But he has to honey. He is doing this to help people. Didn't we always encourage our son to do what's right to others as Jesus did?” said my father in the background trying to consul her.

I started to cry on Cameron's shoulder in as a manly manner I could muster at the time. “This is what I have to say... I have to say... Goodbye” I moaned, “... Goodbye.” I said still crying more. I couldn't imagine how corny it was for me but it was all real. I couldn't turn back now. Continuing I said, “And is all I say is that you did a good job as parents an all... and I will always be with you in your hearts.... In fact... I will look you guys up... in the future... if you are still around.”

“No son... please!?” said my Mother as she could be heard walking away from the phone sobbing.

My father continued on with me as strongly as he could, “I understand son. Your mother will be fine. I know something is up or else you wouldn't have called us what is it? What's the bigger problem?” My Father asked as seriously as he could.

“I can't exactly say. But all can say is that you must create a little fall-out shelter for yourselves. I'm still skeptical about it but just in case. You know man dominating man to his utter injury. Well this time it may be a big one, bigger than you can possibly imagine.” I said trying to hold back more tears. I knew I had to warn them of the coming future if nothing could be done about Skynet.

“Are you saying another nuclear bomb maybe in this worlds future?” My father asked very concerned.

“Possibly. But I can't know for sure. But, I do know it will happen in three years if it does. So you need to get to work as soon as you can just as a precaution.”

“I understand. We will get to work on it... I will miss you son.... Son... I...”

“Me too Dad. May God be with you too.” I replied again understanding what he was trying to say. Our sort of unspoken goodbye and Godspeed.

My mother got back on the phone. “Son... I will miss you with all our hearts.”

“I know...see you later Mom...” I said as the phone line went dead. “see you... Dad...” I finally said.

The room was very quiet now as I heard my parents hang-up the phone. I looked up at Cameron. She was looking at me very curiously with her head tilted to the side. “What?” I asked.

“I hope one day I can understand that emotion you displayed just now. The water from your eyes, the grieving you were experiencing... You were very brave David.” she said very tenderly.

“One day... One day I'm sure you will Cameron” I said as I wiped my nose and eyes.

“You need to get some sleep. You Have a long day ahead of you tomorrow.”

“I know, I know.”

“Oh and if things go south tomorrow...” Cameron said with a raptor look as she stood up.

“What?” I asked looking at her in the eyes trying to smile.

“...I'll be forced to terminate you by John Connor's optional orders.” she said walking away looking at me with the dead stare she was know for. The smile on my face went away to shocked expression.

Cameron walked out door way and I saw Derek had been watching us through-out our conversation. “Creepy as hell, isn't she?” He said to me with a half smile.

I nodded at him and my body shook getting the chills up my spine.

“By the way. You better hope you don't try anything tomorrow either David. I'm seriously warning you. I talked with John and he has confidence in you. But... you don't fool me David. You screwed me once you better pray you don't screw us again tomorrow.” He said in his cold menacing manner. “And if you do mess-up you better to pray to your God and his son Jesus or whatever there names are that Cameron kills you before I do... Goodnight.” He said with a half menacing smile as he closed the door to the room I was in and locked it. My heart was racing and I realized the shock in my face as I tried to relax.

Getting into the covers that were on the cot. I layed down with my eyes open for a few minutes taking slow deep breaths. Derek sure wasn't somebody to mess with. He always locks me in this room like a prisoner that's going to try to escape or something. I hope we will be friends after I prevent the possible future. I wonder why he really thinks I'm going to betray them. I hope not. I hope I won't...

While Cameron was just creepy! She sure did freak me the hell out sometimes and then she could be so tender and compassionate like a human-being. Wonder if John feels the same way about her when he was around her. The awe she inspired.... The mystery. I liked that. It was almost like I had a crush on a robot. Getting chills up my spine again I began to pray to God as to what I was about to do tomorrow would succeed and work.

I didn't sleep very well though. Tossing and turning all night in fear of Cameron smothering me with a pillow. Until, I finally after much fussing... I didn't even realize that I had fallen asleep...

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