The show meant a lot to us and it was here on the wiki that we met to discuss its future, where we saw it going and what the characters meant to us. I hate the idea of letting go of what brought us together. It's almost a year since the show was cancelled, and people are starting to drop out. They are participating less and less in the life of the wiki.

It's had to expect people to get involved with a wiki boasting 12,000 members. It's hard to feel special here. It's sad and tragic that people are "leaving" or that people are simply participating and involving themselves less in the wiki.

I remember when this wiki used to be full of excitement and energy. I'm aware that differences in opinion (and I think those of you who were deeply involved last year would know what I mean) have driven many from the wiki.

I would prefer not to have opinion dividing people over a show as memorable and meaningful as TSCC. What matters more to me about a person is their humanity, not their opinion. It's tragic that this could have happened between fellow members of the wiki.

TSCC was a cult sensation that attracted 12,000 members to this wiki. I would like it if we could keep that cult sensation alive. There has to be something else that keeps people involved in this wiki. I think it's obvious that we can't make people agree on things like how the characters are supposed to think and behave. But that doesn't have to be what brings and keeps us together.

What keeps us together may be just you, me and what we talk about and it doesn't have to be TSCC-related (not directly anyway). We're here because of the Sarah Connor Chronicles, but it doesn't mean we're always talking about the show and its characters. It may just be about getting to know each other.

I would like to have more of a sense of community here. There's nothing that would stimulate involvement more than a sense of connectedness with other members. I think it's the feeling of belonging to something that keeps me logging on and coming back.

Maybe we could form groups of fifteen, clans, tribes and/or platoons each with their own title, name, emblem, symbol, mascot, slogan or motto.

Wiki Army

Wiki Clans and Tribes