Derek and the Church


Derek and the Church

Los Angeles, California
An urban Catholic Church under sanctuary
Thursday, November 15, 2007

"A great many people think that they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudices." -William James

"We have grasped the mystery of the atom and rejected the Sermon on the Mount. The world has achieved brilliance without wisdom." -Omar Bradley

Cameron had tried to set things right. She returned to what her John had warned her not to say. In a single statement to John, that people could be upset, she promised herself she wouldn't allow things to get worse.

The current John hadn't taken what she said well. It might have helped to be able to say more. It might have helped too truly explain things to him, but being too open had caused the rift between him and his mom.

A future where John had been robbed of his last years with his mother was unacceptable. So much of the man Cameron had known was defined by those final years. She risked enough by changing things by jumping them forward almost a decade. To alter things further, between the two people she had admired most, might fundamentally change who they are and their very fates.

With the time jump, John wouldn't have cared in 2027. Everything he did was risk. Being eight years younger might have worked to his benefit, he could be: a little stronger, a little faster, and a little healthier.

With losing his time with his mother or the connection the two of them had, Cameron knew the answer to that one. John might have stoically said anything necessary had to be done, but on the inside it would have killed him. So much of who he was and why he did things came from Sarah. To change that was to change him for the worse, it could only weaken him.

Sarah took John to school. Derek silently stood guard over her inside the church, until Sarah returned. Cameron knew that they would both watch her today.

Derek had always seen her as a bomb waiting to go off. Cameron had always been at peace with herself knowing she wasn't a T888, that she would never haywire.

Though he would take no pleasure in the risk to John or Sarah, yesterday had been Derek's moment of triumph. He had his final, damning proof that Cameron couldn't be trusted.

While she was deactivated, Cameron knew that Derek would have been arguing for her destruction. She didn't need to have been there to see Derek's predicable actions.

The irony of course was they were quite possibly the last two survivors from their own timeline, if John and Skynet's theories of time being fluid were correct, then the future they knew could already be irrevocably altered.

They were castaways in a strange time and a different world from what they had known. They were allies on the verge of being bitter enemies.

Derek broke the silence. Something almost too funny to not asked, escaped from his lips, "So I hear you were asking Sarah about religion last night. Is that true?"

Cameron looked annoyed and simply answered, "Yes"

Derek quipped, "That's a new joke, right. I mean you played the metal loves you card last night. Is the next part of your programming to hide behind religion?"

Cameron just glared. She didn't answer.

Derek kept going, "So are we supposed to believe that skin jobs have a soul now. Is that what you believe?"

Cameron answered, "No, Skynet doesn't grant souls. It doesn't believe in God either."

Derek wasn't pass this up, he smiled and kept pressing, "I think I asked you what you believed."

"Faith isn't part of my programming."

"Yeah, I gathered that. After spending years fighting metal skinjobs like you, I know that."

"So you're saying Faith is part of your programming?"

"Yeah, you'll find if you knew most of us, it is. People might have had different faiths, but it was part of all of us."

"It was part of John's programming too."

"You can stop pretending you knew anything major about John Connor. I knew the man, you didn't." Derek's eyes were feral when he said that.

Cameron pressed back, "Who did John get his faith from then? Since, you knew John Connor so well."

Derek couldn't answer.

"It was Sarah."

"Sarah doesn't have any faith, Skinjob"

"She found it battling cancer in 2004. When she died in 2005, it is the part of her that lived on in the John we knew for decades afterwards. It's what he drew strength from when he was alone or things seemed hopeless."

Derek retorted, "Sarah didn't die of cancer in 2005."

"Yes, that's because we jumped. How she sees the world might be irrevocably changed, because of my actions. Who John is might be changed as well. You remember those lessons right?"

Derek rattled off, matter of factly, "John's orders on what we were allowed to do?. What we shouldn't do?"

"Those orders, yes." Cameron looked back up at the cross Derek had referred too while talking to Sarah. Being irritate, she engaged her humanistic side. She asked, "You're Christian right?"

Derek simply replied, "Yes." He might have noticed the subtle changes in her voice and features.

"So you believe in the devil right?"


"Me too. Mine is a little different though. Mine slaughters most of mankind on April 21, 2011. Mine creates an entirely new race, not to have free will, but too be nothing more than its slaves. Sound about right?"

Derek just looked at her without answering.

Cameron continued, "I know my devil, its name was Skynet and it is what created me. I also knew John Connor, because he's what saved me from Skynet."

She was glaring into Derek's eyes at his point. Something alien rumbled inside her.

"We were talking about orders. You remember John's orders, don't you Derek?"

He just stared, glaring back.

"You know the orders on what not to talk about. The orders that you've been using against me since the day you showed up?"

Derek's left eye twitched slightly.

"Is it your faith your using when you are playing word games with Sarah and John? Is it your better side that your using when you know what I will and won't talk about?"

Derek just glared.

"It looks like I'm not the only one that doesn't have a soul."

She stared directly into Derek's eyes. Derek, unable to think of what to say, just stared unyielding back.

The conversation was over. Cameron threw her last barb. "I knew Skynet. I knew John Connor. In your need to blame and persecute, Derek Reese, you have a hell of a lot more in common with Skynet than you ever will with John Connor."

She walked out of the room. She left Derek stunned. Nothing would change.

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