Dusk till drawn Part 2

This page is the continuation of Part 1 I hope you like it

October 30th 2026 (dusk)

well we knew it wasn't machines as the dogs at the other end would have smelled them out so it was human, but not any human he was about 6.0 and had long brown hair, and you could only see him if it was a really important mission John Connor the human resistance leader he really never spoken to any body other than his personal and there was 5 of them Morris we had already met the one that he made friends with at school before the bombs fell. John

Then there was Jose we was a Spanish lad at the age of 32 you would think that he would act more like a third in command then normal solider but he was one of them people who could want to go out on the top line and show how much of a big man he was in front of the women but you know.
Anyway he came out of the room and with out question we saluted him as he walked passed he walked out above the war and looked then walked back in again and ordered us to the main.

October 30th 2026 20:22pm

It's 20:22 and the machines are on the rampage and everybody is running for their lives even though the machines are on top of us and we are underground. We had to be ready for action no matter what. Then suddenly the stop just short of 2 half Km away, for some reason they didn't notice us getting ready for them. So we were on a high state of alert just in case things got a little messy
Morris didn't seem all that borthed about the Machines that where just a few Km away from us. He just said if the come they come but you had better be ready and every one said YES SIR all you could hear was the guns at the
Terminatorsready the sounds of plasma guns getting ready.

As the soldiers where getting ready on one half of the battle field John was setting up his own tactical defence in the past he sent 4 soldiers to the past back to 2005 to help stop a shipment of Coltan to one of Skynets future main ports that will help the machines develop better Machines to defeat Mankind and its seemingly endless war against the Machines, He also like he alway planned it for him self sent a Machine to protect him against any Skynet Threats such as the one that happend in 1984 before he was born.
He shown the soldiers the room that they will be spending there last days in the year 2026 it was a field and in the middle what looked like a gaint ball sphere it was the time deplacement field at LA Park Base.

all 4 soldiers went into gether and looked at each other as they where transported through time and space knowing that they will never be coming home to help the friends help fight the machines. But they wouldn't be fight against the machine in the future they will be fight against them in our past.

Mean while Morris and his troops where binned down now by 2 HK'S they though HKthat the Terminators where a trap to draw then out but as they went out the HK'S fired on there enemey us!

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