Edited Transcript of LIVE Chat with Garret Dillahunt, Josh Friedman and Dan Thomsen

I updated it .. I missed a couple questions before...if anyone notices anything else Iaccidently deleted feel free to add it in. ' for some reason ended being ' so if you feel like changing all those go ahead too. - fixed

Dan (Writer) Howdy, all. I'm just messing around with this meebo client while we wait for the guest of honor.
19:04 Garret (Cromartie) Hi everyone, it's the recently destroyed, emotionally and physically Garret Dillahunt/Cromartie
19:04 Wild-Kat1 Hey guys, slow up a bit for Dan, Josh and Garret to read, please...
19:04 Josh (Creator/EP) Hello chat folk.
19:05 Garret (Cromartie) So who has questions??
19:05 Bender Is Cromartie really dead?
19:05 Dan (Writer) Bender: Cromartie's chip is certainly destroyed.
19:05 Garret (Cromartie) Bender, YES! Was he ever really alive?
19:05 DA in which episode do we see garret (of the x files) ?
19:05 Garret (Cromartie) Thank you all for watching.
19:05 KEITH Garret (Cromartie) - Any future TV shows / movies in your future soon?
19:05 stx I do Garret, How was it working with the cast of TSCC? :)
19:06 Oriel Garret are there any scenes or characters you really wish you could have filmed with/done?
19:06 Garret (Cromartie) sbc, I love this cast, I think they bring it every week and I will miss them.
19:07 Garret (Cromartie) Oriel, I was really hoping to have a real slugfest with Summer. But I'll have to settle for a gunfight.
19:07 DeusEx I thought you did a really cool emotionless job of wiping out the police station
19:08 Dan (Writer) DeusEx: Me too. One of my favorite parts of the episode was when he kneels down next to the guard that John cuffed to the jail bars.
19:08 Josh (Creator/EP) I don't know what is on the preview for next week. But Cromartie is dead.
19:09 Majarvis Garret, I thought you did an excellent job of making Cromartie awkwardly creepy. When he smiled at Jody last week, it was very creeperish,
19:09 Shadoware How do I contact Summer Glau??????
19:10 KEITH Garrett - What's next for you?
19:10 Garret (Cromartie) Thank you jbwzrd213. I have a couple of films coming out. One of them called "The Road" based on Cormac McCarthy's newest
novel. John Hillcoat directed it, who I am a big fan of, and I got to work with Viggo Mortensen.
19:10 Garret (Cromartie) My other film is a remake of Wes Craven''s first film called "Last House on the Left." I play a rage-a-holic in that,
so kind of the opposite of a Terminator.
19:11 Garret (Cromartie) Darren4Cameron, I do think I'd have a chance because she's just too weak and too small. And she'd be distracted
by my good looks.
19:11 Silent Narcotic Just for fun, guys whats your opinion on this.... who wins in a fight The Beastmaster vs. Conan The Barbarian
19:11 Garret (Cromartie) stx, I worked ******* it because my smile is usually so charming!
19:11 Josh (Creator/EP) Beastmaster
19:11 jsisson @ dan & Josh....Is the show turning towards the time line to coniside with T4??
19:12 DA will lwe see someone from the series in the new termoinator movie?
19:12 Josh (Creator/EP) jsisson: no. We're doing are own timeline. I've never read the T4 script and have no idea what goes on there.
19:12 Darren4cameron garret (cromartie) when did you first realise you wanted to become an actor?
19:12 Garret (Cromartie) shadoware, I wish I could help you. I've been banned from the lot! :)
19:12 outlaw393 I liked Cromartie's smile ;)
19:12 Garret (Cromartie) Darren4Cameron, my last year in college I took an acting class as an elective. That was that.
19:12 null This is the first show I've followed since DS9, keep up the good work!
19:13 Garret (Cromartie) It's ok, the smile was supposed to be creepy!
19:13 Dan (Writer) null: I love DS9
19:13 DeusEx How did you find out you were going to die and how did you feel about it
19:14 Garret (Cromartie) DeusEx, I was only sorry that we didn't get to do the cross dressing idea that Josh had for Cromartie. I think it's a
missed opportunity.
19:14 katastrophe Dan does the writing include specific directions or do you give room for the actors to come up with facial and body movements?
19:14 Josh (Creator/EP) How bout that show moving to Fridays? Who knows...I'm happy to be with joss whedon and now we'll see how fervent our
fans are...Which is to say...will you stay home?
19:14 Dan (Writer) re: the rounds in the shotgun, our resident experts on that stuff are Ash Miller and Zack Stentz. They researched it and it's a
special round with a depleted uranium core. They actually exist.
19:14 Garret (Cromartie) "Thank you for your time."
19:14 DeusEx I will lock myself inside on Friday!
19:14 Maria17b definatly stay home and watch,!
19:14 Finalthom Woo!
19:14 BVrasp lol
19:14 shaw hahaha
19:14 GoldenBuffy I'll be home on fridays lol
19:15 KEITH lol
19:15 jayjay goodbye garret!
19:15 Oriel Dan can we expect a showdown or at least a clash between Weaver and the Connor bunch?
19:15 Majarvis Garret: How hard was it sometimes to keep a straight face and not crack a smile in certain scenes?
19:15 Dan (Writer) kat: We leave those acting choices up to the actors. Garrett really made that character his own.
19:15 Dan (Writer) Oriel: that's a josh question
19:16 Bender Garret, do you play on xbox live?
19:16 Garret (Cromartie) Majarvis, it was difficult to keep a straight face sometime. It's a surprisingly funny cast.
19:16 Josh (Creator/EP) la larona is the name of the song
19:16 Krazykaleb Dan (Writer) Do you read much of the fan fiction on this site or does Josh do that?
19:16 Garret (Cromartie) Bender, I have a PSP!
19:16 Dan (Writer) kat: Easier, because it's inspiring to be surprised by the great choices
19:17 Josh (Creator/EP) I never read the fan fiction. I'm afraid it'll b better than my writing.
19:17 Dan (Writer) TX-451: Right now I feel thirsty
19:17 Garret (Cromartie) One last question, then I gotta take off...
19:17 Finalthom Josh - Have you ever personally worked with Shirley Manson behind the scenes?
19:17 Dan (Writer) I've read some smallville fan fiction. It wasn't bad.
19:17 Josh (Creator/EP) I know Shirley well and work with her quite a bit on the show.
19:17 katastrophe Dan, thanks. Does the writing team have a specific vision in mind as a whole where the characters are going or individual ideas?
19:19 Dan (Writer) The overall vision comes from Josh. As a team we sit in the writers room and try to riff on his ideas and come up with interesting
moves to keep everyone busy
19:19 BVrasp GARRET, were you actually throwing Lena around and picking her up in those scenes tonight?? how does that work??
19:19 Dan (Writer) BV: lots of padding, for one thing
19:19 Josh (Creator/EP) How would I improve Heroes? Bring back Bryan Fuller.
19:20 Garret (Cromartie) Sorry that I haven't been able to get to everyone's questions. Thank you so much for watching, I had no idea that you
cared so much about Cromartie.
19:20 Garret (Cromartie) I loved my time as Cromartie. It was great to win a fight for a change and I'll miss shooting all those guns.
19:20 Josh (Creator/EP) I don't worry about the future. i try to stay in line with T1 and T2.
19:20 Dan (Writer) There will be more future stuff!
19:21 ZimeeNZ is there any chance in the future that other cast members will ever chat on something like this?
19:21 Bender Dan, are you going to bring back Sarah's monologues?
19:21 Josh (Creator/EP) I'm sure we can try to convince some of the others to do it. Dekker loves stuff like this.
19:21 Dan (Writer) Bender: That depends, did you like them?
19:22 Majarvis Yes, we LOVED Sarah's monologues and miss them!
19:22 noodloid definitely - the monologues are a great addition
19:22 guest424 Josh: when will we discover more about Stephanie Jacobsen's character's motives?
19:22 Josh (Creator/EP) guest424: Stephanie'll be around for a while. She's got some work to do. We love her.
19:22 person The monologues really made the show feel more unified
19:23 Josh (Creator/EP) I love the monologues but we curtailed them mainly because they were affecting the way we edited the opening and closing of the
eps. Slowed down the opening. funny, when we did the VOs everyone complained about them.
19:24 jayjay josh, ur doin eveything rite, how busy is ur job?
19:24 Josh (Creator/EP) in another chatroom someone asked about destroying the chip. I hope everyone saw that Cameron gave the chip to Sarah and she
smashed it on the rock with the rifle.
19:5 Josh (Creator/EP) jayjay: I work about seventy hours a week. It's 630pm and I have twenty-five pages to rewrite tonight before i go home.
19:25 guest424 Josh & Dan: What was with the bedroom scene between John and Cameron. Was it intentionally supposed to foreshadow something sexual and
kinda creep me out. That should not be happening between John and Cameron!
19:25 Dan (Writer) 424: But it's SUMMER GLAU
19:27 guest424 Josh: With Terminator and Dollhouse on the same night... any thought to a crossover... or would such a nerdtastic crossover blow up the
19:28 Josh (Creator/EP) I think the crossover I'd like with Dollhouse is for Joss to come over and write my show for a week so i can go to hawaii.
19:28 BVrasp DAN, are you guys gonna try and wrap up the time travel thing? so they cant do it anymore for some reason? its kind of annoying
19:28 kyrie Josh, what is involved in the training of the actors that play terminators to prepare them to be robotic?
19:29 Josh (Creator/EP) the main thing about helping the actors playing terminators is getting them NOT to play terminators. it's really about
minimizing body language as opposed to adding things in.
19:29 Dan (Writer) BV: The only time machine we currently know about in the present got destroyed in the bank vault
19:30 MattMtvguide JOSH/DAN - was killing off Cromartie simply a necessity? that'd it be illogical for them to keep avodiing him?
19:30 Josh (Creator/EP) Yo: stay tuned for the episode and find out...
19:31 Dan (Writer) Matt - Cromartie kinda forced their hand. He was a good terminator and got to his prey.
19:31 GoldenBuffy Derek, basement, will we every find out what happened?
19:31 DA does it also take a week for you guys to make an episode or does it take longer?
19:31 Josh (Creator/EP) It takes us eight days to shoot a show. Longer to write it, edit it, etc.
19:32 06SRT10 Josh Will Cameron and Derek talk about there past what had happend between them
19:32 Josh (Creator/EP) Cameron and Derek aren't exactly the type to share their feelings. But we talk a lot about the basement in the writers room.
19:32 stx Where did Garret go? i missed something suddenly?
19:33 Josh (Creator/EP) Garret had to leave. He's got an audtion.
19:33 06SRT10 did you borrow the chevelle or is it a castmembers
19:33 Josh (Creator/EP) Chevelle is a loaner.
19:34 Logan Josh - Do you believe that John is being unethical to be involved with Riley when he knows he places her life in danger?
19:34 Josh (Creator/EP) I think John's an idiot to be involved with Riley but I think he's got his reasons.
19:34 Finalthom Dan - Is there any chance that more Terminators will be sent back this time for the Connors?
19:35 Dan (Writer) Final: How and when Skynet gets its information for sending assets into our time is very interesting to me. We'll see what the
next move is.
ctions to the future Skynet?
19:36 Josh (Creator/EP) I think Sarah's always struggling between being ruthless and trying to provide a sense of humanity for John.
19:36 DeusEx Are you going to treat the back 9 as a wrap up or a teaser for a possible season 3?
19:37 Josh (Creator/EP) DeusEx: I always look at it both ways.
19:37 Maria17b Why does Cameron like her jacket so much ?
19:37 Dan (Writer) Maria: It's a tight jacket
19:39 KEITH Dan and Josh - This season is a lot sexier than last season ( I THINK ) Any motivation for writing it that way?
19:39 Josh (Creator/EP) Is the season sexier? That's cuz everyone bugged the crap out of me last year to let people have sex and I finally gave in.
19:40 Finalthom Who is Mr. Ferguson?
19:41 Josh (Creator/EP) the title refers back to the first time we see cromartie in the pilot last year
19:41 Finalthom Was this paying homage to Cromartie's legacy?
19:41 Finalthom However short it was..
19:42 Dan (Writer) Final: Totally. He was a badass who put himself back together, grew skin, and searched LA about 50 different ways before finally
tracking JC to another country.
19:42 Dan (Writer) Kiara: I still say Lena's monologue from "Demon Hand" was the best, but I also had a lot of fun watching the shootout in the
church from tonight's ep
19:43 Josh (Creator/EP) The most fun thing we ever shot for me was when cromartie came out of the skin bath last year. Our stunt guy was sewn into the
mask and it was freaky. But it was something i'd had in my head for a year and it was great to see it finally happen.
19:43 Dan (Writer) Oh man I forgot about the skin bath
19:43 Dan (Writer) that was pretty gross
19:43 Dan (Writer) I expected it to smell worse, though
19:43 Josh (Creator/EP) Garret took it well when I told him he was a goner. He said: whatever's good for the story.
19:44 GoldenBuffy Ok new question. Will JOhna nd Riley break up over this?
19:45 Dan (Writer) Golden: It's definitely a complication
19:45 Josh (Creator/EP) the cast didn't know who was going to die. I had told garret previously but neglected to mention it to anybody else.
19:45 Kiara_lyn Josh why? wanted to give them a scare? :)
ncing into the show? LoL
19:46 Maria17b we will write angry letters if it does :D
19:46 Josh (Creator/EP) Kiarlyn. No Just forgot.
19:47 Josh (Creator/EP) I've always wanted to do a very extensive underwater terminator sequence. I tried in Mousetrap but we had to scale it back.
But i want to see Terminators walking on the ocean floor.
19:48 Silent Narcotic Are you guys planning on any more future based eps this season? I think thats a general question
19:48 Josh (Creator/EP) there will be more future stuff. yes. definitely. it's gonna be good. at least i like it.
19:48 ZimeeNZ Josh do you have any idea why the different region DVD's have different extras on them? I.e. the one here in NZ only has deleted
19:49 Josh (Creator/EP) different dvds were sent out at different times and there wasn't time to finish the ones that came out earlier. i wish they
all had the max extras. seems silly to me.
19:49 Josh (Creator/EP) richard schiff is going to be on next week. he's awesome.
19:49 ZuluSeven Josh, of all the scenes so far in s2, which was the most difficult to shoot?
19:50 Dan (Writer) Schiff is totally awesome. And Toby was my favorite West Wing character, so it was really neat to see him on the show.
19:50 Josh (Creator/EP) most difficult scene? cameron stuck between the two trucks. difficult because of how long it was, how uncomfortable it was for
her, and how difficult the entire scene is.. in terms of the emotionality, etc.
19:51 Josh (Creator/EP) i love when cam cries--one i love it for the show, and two i love people getting to see what a versatile actor summer is.
that's one of the benefits of allison.
19:51 Maria17b Favorite thing on working on the show ?
19:52 Josh (Creator/EP) my favorite thing about working on the show is the people--both the ones i work with and you guys. no bs. I love the immediacty
of making things and having people react to them. much
19:53 Dan (Writer) haa
19:53 Josh (Creator/EP) gotta go guys! gotta write! thanks and good night!

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