Editing and Proofreading

No offense to anyone posting stories on here, but I've noticed that a lot of the stories are in need of some serious editing. Most of it is in the form of typos or starting a thought, changing it, but then not completely deleting the first thought.

And since I'm a grammar freak, this all stands out to me, so I thought I'd offer anyone who is interested some free editing/proofreading help. Mostly just going through and finding misspelled or misused words, nothing major. However, if I find a sentence that makes no sense at all, I'll edit it in a way that stays truest to how you originally wrote it.

So just email me (it's the easiest way, I think) a copy of whatever you want edited at tallibuchanan@gmail.com. If it's an existing story, you can email me the link (or message me on the site.) I'll then post the new copy, with your permission, in place of the old.

Even though I'm offering this for free, I'll probably be setting up a donate option for those of you who can donate a little bit of money. I'm a poor college student, so I could really use the money.

Since I'm doing this for free, I can't guarantee when I'll complete a project. If you email me the copy, then I'll look it over and determine how long it'll take me versus how much free time I have, and I'll email you back to give you an estimation of when the editing will be finished. It shouldn't take more than 3 days, though, unless it is multiple chapters. If the time quote I give you isn't satisfactory, and you'd rather post the story instead of waiting, that's fine. But if you still want me to edit it after that, let me know.

So that's it. If you want some help, I'm happy to do it, and promise not to change the original work other than grammatical and spelling errors.

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