Enigma6482's Fan Fic "Final Days"

Final Days


I had a child ask me today what was the world like before Judgment Day. The question itself caught me off guard because its been so long since I thought about it. To tell you the truth I really couldn’t give him a good answer. Sure there are flashes here and there of green grass, quite starry summer nights and the feel of a warm breeze on a beach; but, to tell you the truth most of those memories are so faded I’m not even sure if they are my own or not. I felt rather foolish standing there in front of this 10 year old with my mouth hanging open not knowing what to say to him. I did however, manage to get out, “It was beautiful before the war.”

A solitary male sat in an old rickety chair at a desk with a dim desk light illuminating the area in front of him as he wrote in a journal. He was stripped to the waist wearing nothing but camouflage military fatigues. His exposed back gave witness to numerous scars. Some of the scars appeared to be cuts while others were burns. He allowed his left arm to steady the journal as he wrote in it. He flicked his eyes over towards his arm looking at the bar code that was tattooed across it. He slowly put the pen down and brought his left hand up to his head and ran it through his brown hair. Well it wasn’t all brown, the stress of a lifetime of combat had given him more than a few grey hairs at this point. Some wrinkles were also visible on his face as well. He was surprising however still able to keep some of his youth for a man that had spent his whole life fighting. As he sat back in his chair it creaked under the stress; he signed a long sigh of fatigue. Just then a soft hand touched him on his shoulder. He looked up somewhat surprised.

“Can’t sleep again?”

“No...” he replied somberly.

“Would you like to be alone? I could resume my patrols around the base?”

“Heh…No your fine Cam you can stay.” John looked up at her. She still had her hand on his shoulder. Having Cameron in the room often comforted and relaxed him but not tonight. John didn’t know why he was so uneasy tonight but for some reason he hadn’t been able to get that child’s question out of his mind.

“Is there anything I can do for you?” Cameron asked with a growing look of concern on her face.

“No, I’m fine just a little restless tonight.”

“Do you want to talk about it?” Cameron had found that John and humans in general often felt a sense of comfort by talking about their problems. John sighed and looked at Cameron. He felt a slight sense of security and comfort come back to him as he gazed at her. John thought for a moment. It had been awhile since he and Cameron had talked. Sure they spent a lot time together strategizing and planning missions but that didn’t actually mean they were “together”. At least not in the way friends are “together” and never in a physical or relationship way. Of course many people assumed that this had already happened but John didn’t care what people thought anymore. Besides he could never allow himself to become that involved with anyone. Everyone he ever truly loved had been taken from him, his mother, his father, his uncle, and all the countless fellow soldiers over the years. John had become accustomed to keeping people at arms length by this point in his life. It was easier to make command decisions about them that way. But Cameron had managed to work her way into his life to a point, but only to a certain point. Anymore than that he felt he couldn’t handle or risk. John then realized that Cameron had been standing there for several seconds waiting for his response…and he owed her one.

“I had a child ask me today what was the world like before Judgment day.”

“What did you tell him?” John chuckled a bit, something he didn’t do often.

“You know to tell you the truth I didn’t know what to say. I can barely remember it myself.” “I don’t really want to remember it.”

“You don’t want to remember?”

“Yeah, I don’t want to remember. Because then it makes me think of all that we’ve lost.” “Of everyone I’ve…we’ve lost.” Cameron cocked her head to the side slightly. From experience John knew that this was in inquisitory look. He signed,

“I prefer not to think of the past and only of the future.” “Its kinda been like that my whole life…Always considering the future.”

“I understand.” Cameron acknowledged. “Is there anything I can do to help?”

“You’ve been more help than you can ever know Cameron.” She gave a slight smile to this. John could feel his eyes growing heavy again with fatigue.

“You should get some sleep.” Cameron held out her hand to help John up, not that he needed it but Cameron had found that physical contact often comforted humans. He slowly took her hand but looked at her for a moment before he stood. She looked at him puzzled for a moment but dismissed it as normal when he began to walk past her. She walked behind him as he walked over to his bed and waited while he got into it. John remembered that there was a time when he hated it when people watched him sleep. However, by this point in his life he felt great comfort knowing that Cameron was in the room with him. He didn’t always have to be on guard while she was around. He could drop his guard but only for a short while. John looked at Cameron as she scanned the room while his eyes got heavier and he slowly fell to sleep.

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