Episode 6: The Tower is Tall but The Fall is Short

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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Episode 6: The Tower is Tall but The Fall is Short

Episode number:
Original air date:
October 20, 2008
Denise Thé

Denise Thé

Tawnia McKiernan
Special Guest(s):
(Stephanie Jacobsen) as Jesse

(Dorian Harewood) as
Dr. Boyd Sherman

(Shane Edelman) as Matt Murch

(MacKenzie Smith) as

(Christopher DeMaci) as

(Jennifer Cheng) as

(Kit Pongetti) as Victoria

(Derek Riddell) as Lachlan Weaver

Bonnie Morgan - Red Haired Female Terminator

(Preston James Hillier) as Security Guard

(Jake Soldera) as Elevador Boy

(Aixa I. Maldonado) as
Hot Dog Vendor

(Michael D. Cheng) as


What would a T-1001 need with a Doctor? Sarah, John and Cameron may soon find out as they track down another name on their list.

Elsewhere, a woman from Derek's past surprises him in the present.

There were three independent story lines: 1) Catherine Weaver's work with the Turk, 2) the Conners try to find why Dr. Sherman is on the bloody wall. 3) Derek meeting Jesse. 1) and 2) came within a fraction of a second of crossing.

CW is struggling (but hardly aware of it) with her attempts at copying humanity and bumbling in her cover almost as badly as Cromartie. She empathizes with the "want to kill him" expression from the photographer's assistant.

CW precisely turns her head 1/4" and 1/2" at a time but cannot make a warm smile. She obviously did not perform a brain scan on the real Catherine Weaver and cannot recall any childhood memories.

CW has zero sense of humor, like her hired geeks, and cannot recognize the Turk's visual joke. (They communicate by images.) She bristles at the suggestion of scrapping the Turk platform and starting over. She threatens to fire the team of geeks.

CW hires Dr. Sherman on a consulting basis. She shows severe oppressive control over Savannah with the tying her shoe laces ad naseum.

Parallel obsessive control comes out of Sarah's lips and body language at the doctor's office.

Cameron planted a couple bugs in Dr. Sherman's office to try to keep track of John and spy on Dr. Sherman: at the doll house and behind the desk lamp by the couch. John turns off the one behind the lamp when he tries to talk to Dr. Sherman.

When Cameron "hears" her bug cut off she enters the building and has her classic fight with the prestzelator. When Cameron overpowered her the chip self destructed.

Future John: Cameron says this indicates Skynet stopped producing units that could be reprogrammed. The Pretzelator was a later model.

About John: he is seeking help. Sarah said "he is not suicidal". He killed Sarkissian. Dr. Sherman says he should be a kid.

3) Jesse was watching Derek and did not want to be caught. When Derek saw her she ran like crazy from him then acted surprised and awkward when he caught her. She admits John Conner did not send her. She complains about all the metal that John Conner has captured and reprogrammed. John is making ground in capturing metal. See comment about future John. Jesse hides her survellience photos from Derek.

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    Unanswered Questions

    • Jesse's real intention in the present (collection of photos of Derek and John Connor).

    • What was the real reason the redheaded terminator was sent back? To kill the Doc? To kill John? To protect the Doc?

    • There were two matching bugs in Dr. Sherman's office. John took one. The other was left on the dollhouse (see photo below). Who planted the second one?

    Best Moments

    • Savannah literally getting the pee scared out of her.

    • Savannah bonding with the T-1001, sitting in her lap reading. The T-1001 bonding with Savannah.

    • Catherine Weaver did not answer the question "What are your childhood memories?"

    • When discussing children, Catherine especially related to the expression "Want to kill him."

    • John avoiding the T-1001 as he ties Savannah's shoes.

  • Cameron Kill the other Terminator

  • Best Quotes

    • "John is not suicidal", Sarah Conner

    • Monologue 1 From EP6

    • Monologue 2 from EP6

    Episode Trivia

    • Bonnie Morgan Actor, Stunt Woman, contortionist plays the red haired terminator that gets twisted into a human pretzel (see photo below).
    • Denise Thé Writers Blog - The Tower is the first of our episodes to be directed by a woman – the very talented Tawnia McKiernan. In the episode, Cameron fights a female Terminator – our first female-on-female Terminator fight.

    • Dorian Harewood (Dr. Boyd Sherman) is best known for the role of Eightball in Full Metal Jacket. He was shot multiple times by a sniper.

    • Executive Producers credits were overlayed on Derek. At the end of the episode it was revealed that was considering suicide with a gun in his hand but Jesse stopped him.


    Brothers of Nablus
    The Tower is Tall but The Fall is Short
    Special Delivery The Tower is Tall but The Fall is Short
    Catherine Weaver
    The Tower is Tall but The Fall is Short
    Bonnie Morgan Episode 6: The Tower is Tall but The Fall is Short - Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles
    Savannah Bug on the Dollhouse

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