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To all Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicle Fans Welcome to the Fan Art Page

This is the Fan Art Page where you can put your good Art Work weather its a drawing of a photo or a drawing of a poster of the Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles. You can submit all of your Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicle picture(s) onto the web for all the Fans to see how much of a good artist you are. You can even add a little message at the bottom if you want (for FOX and the Producers) . Just one thing re-size your picture before saving the page again when you have finished thank you.

To Submit your great Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles Art work to the site all you need are 4 things!
  1. Pen or Pencil.
  2. A piece of Paper(s).
  3. A Computer or Laptop (maybe even a PDA if you are that advanced!) .
  4. And a Scanner so than you can Scan your great Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles Art Work to this page.

Queen's Gambit

Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles Seasons Fan art thread click here to join in:

Comments on your Fan Art

These fan Arts where posted by the following people if you want to post your Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles Fan Art then you can post it at the bottom of the page and we will get back to putting it on the Slide (Above) so that other Fans can enjoy your work


  • Cameron by Finney23

posted with his permission

Drawn by Hao Li ( Some drawings of Cameron dancing ballet in Episode 7:

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