Fan Fiction: What the Hell Happened

What the Hell Happened? By Eelman

I find myself in a dark back alley, on the other side of a low wall I see some clothes on a washing line and grab a shirt and tracksuit pants and put them on the I spot a pair of runners, good my size what luck. I move down the alley towards the noise I can hear as i come around a left hand corner I can see a city street full of people its night time (late, the moon is high) , I see a man reading something it has a large picture on the front and some words - Tibet protesters mar lighting of Olympic torch- then I see the day/date " Monday 25th March 2008 " I read futher - what the hell - this paper is the Courier Mail- Brisbane Australia, what happened how could I be in Australia. Behind me I hear something that chills me to my bones, dogs barking i look around and see a group of men in uniform (im thinking law enforcement officers) and thier 2 dogs are barking at a tall well built man walking past them, only one reason they would be barking but why would skynet send a terminator here, it could not know that I am here. I dont even know why im here and not in L.A.

I start to follow metal head at a distance, I want to find out why he is here and what his mission is, this will give me time to get some weapons and figure out a way to kill him. I watch him as he climbs into a prime mover with trailer, I move to the rear of the trailer and find a large storage compartment and climb in just as the truck starts to move. After about half an hour the truck stops, I can hear voices ( hard to make out the full coversation but i got the part of the shipment is ready for transport. Slowly I open the lid of the compartment just enough to see out, i glance around to see a large open shed , to my shock and horror it holds 10 crates of coltrane, son of a bitch skynet is setting up a base here in Australia, well not if I have anything to say about it.

There must be enough coltan to build at least 200 endos, again I can hear voices it sounds like someone is a bit pissed off then a single gun shot and a loud terrifide voice saying WTF, a scream of pure blood chilling terror and finally scilence. I watch as metal head carrys the body into the shed and drops it into what must be a pit or some thing, he then picked up a crate of coltan and started heading for the rear of the truck, I gently close the lid and listen as the trucks suspension groans with the new load after ten minutes or so the endo finnishes loading the truck and closes the rear doors with a loud bang I can hear his footsteps moving away from me at a fast pace so again I open the lid to take a look where I see metal head enter an adjoing building.

I climb out and head straight for the empty shed where i find a stair case leading down wards and at the bottom I can see the body of a male, I proceed down the stairs and check the body for a pulse, nothing his neck is broken. As I look up and around I find myself in a large room full of weapons, ammo and millitary combat clothing,I hear footsteps above in the shed, this is it this is where metal heads mission comes to an abrupt end. I reach for two grenades pull both the pins, release the arming leverswait two seconds and gent ly lob them up into the shed I hear them hit the concrete floor and then BOOM!!! , I watch as one of the terminators legs lands on the floor beside me, then i hear a noise like something being dragged I reach for a 12guage shot gun and load it whilst climbing the stairs slowly, I see the endo dragging itself along the floor towards me with its right arm, its left one smashed and barely attached with a solitary wire. The endo stops and looks up at me, I look straight into its eyes "well you piece of shit I bet this part was'nt in your mission profile, when you killed 6 billion of us you should of made sure I was one of them " , now you are marked for termination.

Sudenly my attention is diverted to the out side of the shed, I hear a car start up and begin to drive off. I run out side to see a 4WD speeding down the road away from the compound, oh! shit metal head is still active in side so I head back in and finnish off the endo. Finding a pair of pliers on a shelf I remove its CPU and smash it with a metal rod from its arm, then I hot wire a fork lift and use it to load the enod into the trailer with the coltan, right time to get some more fire power.

I head back down the stairs and find to large empty green canvas bags, hmm what to take ah! a 9mm grenade launcher nice and 20 rounds should do, then I spot a L1A1 SLR (7.62mm "308")500 rounds for that should do it, next I grab a M60 and two boxes of ammo 1000 rounds, i grab that bag walk out to the truck and store it in the rear of the cabin ok now for the next lot, I head back into the shed and as I approach the stairs I hear a car coming, its the same 4WD that left only ten minutes ago, I run down the stairs and grab an M16 and load a mag and cock the weapon, I hear the car come to a stop at the sheds entrance and then the door opens and foot steps come towards me I take a quick look and I see a male figure tall carrying a M203 at the ready, is he human or a terminator. I yell out stop where you are and put the wepon on the ground, and no silly stuff I have the scar on your forehead in my sight, now place the weapon down and take 10 steps back. He complies with my directions and then asks who the hell are you, I walk up the stairs and the first words this male figure says is " well your not the one Im hunting, oh! really whys that I reply, because if you were you would of killed me before I even got out of the car, i pulled off the road about a mile out and decided to take a look back here through my night vision goggles, and when i seen a figure much shorter than my target I decided to come back.

Well coming back here was a mistake, I strongly suggest you get back in the car and go where ever you are headed, so he picks up his weapon , climbs into the car and takes off. I wait untill the cars tail lights vanish from sight and then proceed back down the stairs to load up the other bag and swap my clothes for some combat gear, and also pack a couple of extra pairs of pants / shirts. I load that into the rear of the cabin and then start the truck up and head north.

I turn on the radio and search through the stations to find some decent music, ah! thats it " Copper Head Road" starts to play as I listen to the music my thoughts drift back to the person I had a brief encounter with, who was he and what the hell was he doing there, ah! well no use dwelling on it. Now what to do with this load of coltan and metal head, I know I have to make it dissapear but how and where. I pull off the road into a rest area, time to get some sleep and clear my head, first I check that the doors on the trailer are locked and secure, I light up a cigarette from a packet i found in the truck, smoke finnished I drop it to the ground and stamp out the butt with my right boot, then i climb back into the truck lock the doors and climb into the rear to get some sleep, as I drift off the dreams/nightmares return. - Im hiking in the mountains when im surrounded by a sudden bright flash, within a second I hear a massive kaboom from behind me, as I turn to see what it is I hear the same noise coming from North, South and West of me, what the hell then my eyes catch a massive mushroom cloud ascending into the sky above the city that was my home, the site terrifies me to the bones I cannot move, its like Im frozen in time watching this massive explosion envelop my home, my family and my friends , I hope and pray that they did not suffer and thier death was quick. Im woken by a large banging noise on the door of the truck, Im sweating perviuslyand shaking. I climb to the front of the truck and open the door, standing at the side is a elderly couple the man proceeds to tell me that thier car had broken down and would it be possible for me to send a a mechanic back from the next town about two miles away when i get there, sure not a prolem I reply. As I climb down out of the truck to light another cigarette a car comes roaring into the rest area, instinct tells me this cannot be good.

The car comes to a grinding stop, and as the tall woman steps out of the car the old couples dog starts barking at her, bugger another one. I quickly climb into the truck and grab the SLR and 2 extra mags as I do I can hear the elderly woman screaming, the gun shots and then scilence, I lean out the window of the truck and squeeze off five quick rounds at the chest and head of the terminator, nocking it to the ground and busting one of its eyes, i start up the truck and reverse over its legs where they connect to the pelvic structer smashing both legs. Climbing down from the truck I reach for a large steel bar tied to the side of the trailer, i walk up to the terminator that is pinned under the rear wheels, standing just out of its reach I crouch down and spit right in its face, it just stares at me and tells my my efforts are futile, the end is coming for the humans and the machine is the only one who will rise from the ashes, I reply well goes to show you how wrong you are (I roll up my sleve and show metal head my barcode) yeh! thats right Im from the future as well, I escaped one of your work camps and now Im here doing my best to make sure skynet never gets created or atleast be a complete pain in the ass to it. I stand back up and with a almighty swing I smash the terminators right arm and then its left, grabing a pair of pliers from the toll box I grab the terminators head and rip out its CPU, drop it on the ground and smash it with the steel bar, I quickly move the truck off the now deactivated terminator and quickly load it into the back of the truck in pieces and drive off, there is nothing I can do for the elderly couple they are both dead I feel sick for just leaving them there but time is my enemy and I still have to figure out how to make a few things dissapear, then I see a road sign Grants Scenic Look out over looking Stevenson Dam Turn Left 200meters.

Hmm I think to myself I wonder how deep it is, as I turn left the road turns to gravel I better take it easy. about a mile up the road I see another gravel road vering off to the left and leading up to what looks like an old abandoned mine, mabey I can hide the cargo there.
As I pull into the entrance I see a large tunnel going deep into the mountain side, ok this is where I will bury the trailer and its contents. I put the truck into reverse and back the trailer 200meters down the tunnel, disconect it from the truck and drive out, I knew the C-4 would come in handy. So I grab it and a couple of detonatersand set about rigging them up just inside the entrance, I arm the detonaters climb into the truck and drive 500meters down the road and flick the switch , there is a loud explosion and the a large rumbling noise as the side of the mountain comes down on the entrance, good thats the coltan and metal heads buried.

As I start to drive off I hear a loud beeping noise, ok what the hell is that? as I glance down at the dash board I see a red blinking light beside the marker for the fuel tank, hmm quater of a tank left I wonder if it will get me to the next town well only one way to find out. One other problem is how am I going to pay for the fuel, I start to search around the cab first looking in the center console after digging through a heap of crap I find a B.P. fuel card man lady luck must be sitting on my sholder, as I read the details on the card the expirey date catches my eye 20th Aprill 2011, jesus they got that right a card that expires on Judgement Day along with alot of other things.

I finally make it back to the main road and head for the nearest town, I hear some chatter over the C.B. so I switch off the radio and turn up the volume on the C.B. , it sounds like the bodys of the elderly couple have been found. Ok got to keep calm, I have nothing to worry about the coltan and metal heads are buried oh! crap all the weapons sitting in the bags behind me. The local law enforcement will be looking for the killer and if Im pulled over and searched well I dont want to think about that, just then a service station comes into view at the edge of town and its a B.P. I pull up next to the desiel pump and proceed to fill up, I pay for the fuel and continue my journey north ward, there is more chatter on the C.B. and a male voice states he heard the police on his scanner state that it looks like a murder suicide with the elderly couple. In a way I feel resposible for thier deaths, why did thier car have to break down at that spot. My attention is diverted back to the C.B. yet again this time a female voice comes across in a rushed and scared tone - " Jesus christ I just had a bright blue flash with lightning appear in the bushes to the right of where my truck is parked "- I do hope its more resistance fighters, I grab the hand set and ask the female for her location - no reply - again I repeat the question and still no reply, well so much for more resistance fighters, it has to be at least one more metal head and I have no idea where it is but I know some where we will cross paths.
I pull out a ciggarette and light it, taking a long drag on the smoke my head starts to spin a little I look at the packet no wonder these are 16mg, I usually smoke 12's.

As I reach down to turn the radio on something catches my eye at the back of a compartment in the center console, I reach in and pull out a wad of $50&$100 notes, good now I can get something to eat Im bloody starving. As I approach the nothern edge of town I see a Hungry Jacks (burger king) sign and pull into the parking lot, turn off the ignition exit the truck lock the door and head inside the restaraunt. I order two burgers large fries and a large strawberry milk shake, the friendly staff member takes my order and within 5mins brings it to the counter I pick up the tray with my meal and sit down at a table and proceed to eat, its been a while since I had food that tasted this good. At the table across from me there is a family of five, all three kids are young none older than 12 and all boys , the eldest one says hello and asks me if Im in the army I reply I used to be and he tells me that he wants to be in the army and drive a tank Im sure you will make a great soldier, his father replys well if he joins up it will be in the American army we are moving there in three months, why such a big move If you dont mind me asking no thats fine the father replys I just got a job offer with a computer company and the pay rate and bounus with it was too much too turn down, fair enough I reply so what will you be doing management or something.
The fathers reply left me speechless, I will be working in an area where we are creating programmes for more advanced robots just then the eldest son says my name is Steven Fitzpatrick what is yours. Jesus now Im stunned , I stutterd for a second trying to gather my thoughts and replied my name is Gerry, I could'nt believe it here I was taking to an 11-12 year old boy who on many occasions saved my ass in future battles and now I learn his father could be the one responsible for creating skynet , everyone in my tech com unit knew him as Fitzy he was an excellent soldier and a crack shot he never talked about his family. I asked him on a couple of occasions and each time he would quickly change the subject, but here he was as a young kid , happy and with his family I finnished my meal and said well its been nice chatting with you but I have to get going, I look down at the young fitzy and said your going to make one hell of a soldier I nodded and smiled at his parents and headed out to the truck.

As I unlocked the door and climbed in a thought ran across my head, If i were to kill Fitzy's dad mabey it would hinder or even stop skynet being created, I shook my head I could'nt do that to Fitzy and besides I cannot be sure his father is the main creator. I fired up the ignition and the truck started with a rumble and a large puff of smoke coming out of the exhaust stacks. I put the truck into gear and continue my journey north, its getting late afternoon and I glance out the left widow to watch the sun setting over the mountains to the west I reach down and switch on the trucks headlights.
As I drive along the dark highway again I start thinking why and how did I end up in Australia, Connor did say once I went through they were going to blow the place sky high, so mabey the explosion had some thing to do with it but if they blew the place up then how did skynet send another metal head, mabey skynet has built a couple of the time displcement machines, this is all giving me a headache I light up a cigarette and put the thoughts to the back of my head and concentrate on driving, I reach down and turn on the radio not a bad station I think to myself with a slyish grin it plays good music. Five hours into my journey and I have only passed a little one horse town and Im starting to get tired after a while I come to a truck stop and pull in to get some sleep, again as I drift off to sleep the nightmares return. Im in an undrground complex and arund me are tech com soldiers and young and old civilians they are hungry and scared and have a look on thier faces of complete despair, I hear the rumbling of a HK tank passing over head, dust and small bits of concrete fall from the celing and then I hear the dogs barking at the main entrance I jump to my feet and head in that direction as I come around the corner I see about 10 soldiers in a fire fight with a endo someone yells out fire in the hole and I duck behind a large piece of concrete from a collaspsed wall there is an explosion and then more gun fire I get back on my feet and start to fire my weapon the endo is down both legs blown off, a couple of soldiers move in to finnish him off as they do another endo comes in the entrance and takes out five soldiers in one burst of its weapon again I awake trembling and sweating.

I climb out of the truck into the cool crisp morning air, the sun has only just breached the horizion I light up a smoke and a driver from another truck offers me a cup of coffee I accept and take a large mouth full I had long forgotten how good a decent cup of coffee tastes in the morning I thank the driver and introduce myself the driver replies by giving me a strong handshake and introducing himself as Mick. So Mick have you heard anymore about that female driver that saw the weird light and lightning , while you were asleep it came over the C.B. that the police had found her body beside her truck, she was beaten to death and stripped naked and now the police are in a real hurry to catch this animal before we do. Well that confirms it I think to myself its another metal head, wherer abouts was she found? about 20miles north of here on a side road Mick replied, so metal head is closer than I thought again thinking to myself well thanks for the coffee Mick but I have to get going no worries mate Mick replies any thing for a fellow truckie. As I climb in the truck I hear a loud crack and then a painfull burning sensation through my right shoulder I loose my grip and fall to the ground hitting it with a thud and knocking the wind out of me I look across and see Mick laying on the ground dead with a single shot to the back of his head, some how I find the strenght to get to my feet and climb up and into the back of the truck , I open one of the bags and reach for the 9mm grenade launcher as I do I hear more loud cracks and then the same sensation through my back on the right hand side i splutter and gunt in agony as I do I spray a mouthfull of blood across the back of the cabin, my sight starts to go blurry and I collapse on top of the bags i feel my heart rate increase rapidly to a point where it feels like my chest is going to explode and then I feel my last breath leave my lungs and darkness sets in.

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What The Hell Happened
The Next chapter

I hear baffeld noise's and as I open my eyes my sight is blurred, as my eyes focus I see a figure in white and a friendly smile standing beside me. I try to speak but only manage to cough and splutter the figure now very clear speaks to me, you are in the Royal Brisbane Hospital just hold still while I remove the tube so you can talk properly. How did I get here I ask , I thought I was dead.

No but it was a close call on the operating table and your injuries were so bad that you were put into an induced coma the nurse replies, the thing is you slipped deeper and we thought you would never wake up. Can I have a drink of water please my mouth is dry as a desert, the nurse hands me a glass of water and advises me to take it slowly I ignore her and gulp it down a second later I feel a cramp in my stomache and sensing what was about to happen the nurse reaches for a bowl just in time as the whole glass of water comes back up, she smiles and said I told you to take it slowly. How long have I been out to it I ask, I'll get the doctor to speak with you about that the nurse replies, Just then a male of medium height and build enters the room.

Hello my name is Dr McKenzie welcome back to the land of the living he says with a chuckle, so doc how long have I been out to it. Well its been a while, nearly three years he replies. It takes me a second to take in what I have just been told and with that I sit up and in a rushed loud tone I ask the doc - what day and date is it -, its monday 30th march 2011 he replies his answer stuns me for a second. I have to get out of here I yell, I still have alot to do before...stopping mid sentence the doc looks at me confused before what he ask's what do you have to do and what is going to happen.

I look at him and say you would'nt believe me, so now if you dont mind where is my clothes I have to get going. Oh! your not going any where another voice says from behind a curtain, just then two males step into view, both well dressed and both carrying a side arm. One of them takes a step towards me and says Im Senior Detective Armstrong and this is my partner Detective Myers we have alot of questions to ask you. Firstly what is your name and what is with the tatoo on your right arm it looks like some sort of barcode, looking down at my arm I reply my names Gerry and as for this turning my right arm towards them its a future which is alot closer than you think, the two men look at each other and shake thier heads.

All of a sudden there is screams and gun shots coming from some where near by, the two men rush out the door whilst drawing thier side arms, if thats what I think it is they are both dead I think to myself. seeing this as a chance to make my escape I jump out of the bed and grab the doc in a head lock and block his airway just enough to knock him out, sorry doc but I need your clothes I quickly remove his shirt, slacks and shoes and put them on the shirt is a little tight but will have to do.

I move towards the door and slowly open it looking up and then down the hallway, at the end i can see the two detectives lying on the floor with a pool of blood around thier heads. I move towards them and pick up thier side arms and some spare magazines. I safety one weapon and stick it down the back of my pants the other I check the mag and cock the weapon. I move towards a set of stairs as I do a volley of bullets hits the wall behind me, I dive behind a metal desk and take aim around the side about 30meters down the hallway I see a tall female walking towards me, i look closer and can see the endo skeleton protruding through the skin where it has taking a couple of hits I raise my aim at at its head and squeeze off 10 rounds some how managing to take out one of its eyes, it looks around rapidly as if disoriented so i quickly load another mag , but I decide to retreat and make my escape heading down the stairs as I come towards the main entrance i safety the weapon and place it beside the other and pulling the shirt out over them.

Right got to find a vehicle and get out of the city, I see a 4WD and jimmy the lock climb in and hotwire the vehicle and head north. About an hour or so into my journey I see a familiar sight its the sheds and compound where I took out the first metal head and where I found all the weapons and ammo. No use stopping the police would of found the body and all the weapons long ago, just ahead is a road heading west and I decide to take it. Im hoping that metal head will think im heading north still and this will buy me some time.

After driving for about four hours I come to a cross roads intersection hmm I think to myself do I head north now or keep heading west, no i will keep heading west I decide. Another hour goes by and as I come towards a small village I see a group of kangaroos in the field to my right eating the grass, without warning they all turn and head in a north westerly direction within a couple of minutes they are out of sight. I drive down the main street and pass a convience store, post office, police station and pull up out side a bar with a sign saying counter meals all day, I exit the 4WD and enter the bar. Looking up at the menu board I start to read whats on offer its so long since I've had a decent steak I think to myself, I walk over to the counter and place an order for a steak medium rare with a serve of chips the friendly female bar attendant says that will be $10.00 please I pay the attendant with some of the $150.00 I took from the doc's wallet, would you like a drink with the meal the attendant asks, sure I reply a beer thanks, spotting a sign on the fridge behind her I refrase my answer a xxxx gold thanks, as I reach for more money the attendant says the first one is free when ordering a meal.

I sit on a stool at the bar and tell the attendant I will have the beer now please, she pours the beer and I ask her if I can buy smokes here, sure she replys what brand do you have camel I ask, she reaches above where she is standing and passes me a packet and says thats $8.50 please , I hand her $20 and say keep the change. she smiles and passes me a box of matches. As I take out a cigarette and light it a tall broad shoulderd male sits next to me and says you dont know me but I know you, and how do you know me I ask with that the man pulls up his sleve and shows me the marking on his arm he looks over his shoulder and says lets go and sit over there ' nodding towards the table and chairs in the corner.

As we sit down he introduces hinself as Braeden, three days after you went through Gerry we captured a T-888 and while Connor was reprogramming it he came across some data about a base being set up here in this time, so I was sent back with nine other men to find you and help you stop this, but how the hell did I end up here , well just after you went through another soldier noticed the cordinates had been changed on the control pannel, the coversation pauses as my meal arrives, where are the others I ask. They are an hours drive from here we have set up a base in a system of caves. I cannot believe I found you Gerry, after a month we gave you up for dead, I was coming out of the convience store with supplys and i spotted you coming in here, so hurry up and finnish your meal we have to get going.

Follow me in your car untill we get to the river and we will push it off the bridge, once that is done we will head up to the caves.

We enter the first cave and Braeden says hey guys look who I found, I looked up at the men walking towards me and instantly reconized one of them it was Fitzy, Gerry you old war dog I knew you were still alive is the first words out of Fitzy's mouth, after introductions I turned and said are you aware of skynets new plans, it wants to set up here and wait untill Connor dies of old age and then start the war. No Braeden replys we have since found out that piece of intel was wrong, well skynet is trying to set up here but the date for Judgement Day remains the same 20th of Aprill, so we have three weeks untill the shit hits the fan I reply.

Braeden:- We know where skynet has set up, but there is one little problem we cannot get inside and why not I ask, well its taken control of an Air Force base 200 miles south west and doubled the Security, all the personell think its thier actual commanding officers but its a bunch of metal heads made to look excatly like them, so whats the plan I ask. Braeden replys:-we lay low and wait untill after Judgement Day then we go in and shut skynets operation down, but It could have built hundreds of endos by then no not possible Braeden says we found the old mine where you buried the trailer and its still there and how the hell do you know that I ask, we back tracked your movements and three days after the shooting at the truck stop we found the mine, that was going to be our base we checked out the place again yesterday and the trailer is still buried. So we give up trying to save 6 billion lives, is that it I reply in an angry loud voice and relieve the nightmare that is the firey hell of Judgement Day. Its unavoidable replies Braeden, this time the future is set. I collapse to my kneese as the reality hits me tears begin to roll down my face.

Look Braeden says I wish it could be differ'nt but if we attack the base now we would all be slaughtered, we have lots of weapons and ammo and six months supply of food its all canned food but better than going hungry, great back to that crap I reply and where did you get the ammo and weapons from, an old storage shed Braeden replies ' i look up at him, yeah you know the one Gerry we got there just before the cops and cleaned the place out and which reminds me I have a little souvenier for you as he chucks me a shiney metal bolt I found that at the back of the weapons room on the floor. Ok we have food , weapons and ammo but what about water I ask, Braeden points in a direction over my right shoulder - about 600 meters down a steep decline is a running under ground stream so we are pretty much set here.

A couple of weeks go by quickly and its the afternoon of the 20th of Aprill " Judgement Day ", we were deep in the caves and I think everyone except me had forgotten the date because they were all laughing and joking, just then a a rumbiling noise scilenced everyone, we all looked at each other , grabbed our weapons and headed for the entrance. When we got there we looked out to the south and could see atleast seven mushroom clouds, it had began. We all turned around and headed back deep in the cave system, no one spoke a word we all just sat there and stared at the limestone walls and celings.

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