Fan Fiction Categories

List your fan fiction under as many categories as it falls under. Just include a link to the main page of your fan fiction along with a short description. You can also link to your favorite stories on

Alternate Universe - Want to take TSCC in a different direction? Then regardless of which episode is your starting point, this is the category for you.

- Like to mix-it-up? Then lets see what other movies or TV shows you would like to see in the TSCC verse.

Future Fic


Original Characters

Pre-Season 1 - These are for stories encompassing the time between the conclusion of T1 or T2 and the beginning of TSCC.

- We all have our favorite relationships. Whatever your favorite relationship is, there's a category for it here. <3

Season 3

Short Fiction


Terminator Universe

Within Season - This is for stories that take place within Season 1 or 2 of TSCC without going AU. Think of it as untelevised episodes and you'll get the idea.