Final Days Chapter 10

The Terminator sat in a stainless steel chair in a large room. Its arms and legs were secured to the chair using metal clamps. It couldn’t move. Two guards stood across from it holding their rifles at the ready should it try anything. Automatically the Terminator surveyed its surrounds. The room itself was somewhat large with metal tables set in rows around the room one of the tables was next to the chair it was in. Several of the table had examination lights over them. The room was lit up relatively well and had a surprisingly cool temperature. A few of the tables had T-850’s and T-800’s on them. One table had a T-888. She also saw bits and pieces of other Terminators around the room. The floor itself had blood on it. The Terminator couldn’t tell if it was synthetic blood from infiltrators or human blood. With the medical and cutting supplies spread around the room it could either be used to take apart infiltrator units or double as a mortuary or hospital. Its eyes locked on an electric circular hand saw that was sitting on a table next to the dismembered leg of a T-850. The Terminator felt a very uneasy feeling and thought to itself,

“Is this what anxiety is? Is this what humans feel when we capture them? Is this what Alison…” It stopped itself from taking that train of thought. Just then John Connor walked in. He looked at both of the guards and motioned for them to wait outside. They turned and walked out. John walked slowly in a circle around the Terminator looking at it. When he reached the front of the chair again he stopped and looked at it. Against his better judgment he bent over and looked into the Terminators eyes.

“What are you?” He asked. The Terminator said nothing but caught itself looking at the saw on the table across from it. John noticed it looking at the saw. He slowly walked across the room and picked it up. He then walked back over to the Terminator and stood there for a moment looking at the saw and then back at the Terminator. He noticed it focused specifically on the blade of the hand saw. John wasn‘t exactly sure what this Terminator was doing but he did want to find out more.

“Scared?” John asked not expecting a response. In a quite almost whispering voice the Terminator responded,

“Yes.” This took John off guard. The response itself wasn’t so much of a surprise as how it was worded. It was almost a whisper with terror behind it. It was…it was genuine. John almost felt himself feeling bad for the Terminator. Then he remembered Alison. He looked back at the Terminator angrily this time.

“You know I had a friend that looked a lot like you.” No response again. John was becoming frustrated. As He walked closer to the Terminator he slowly placed the saw on the table next to him. He sighed a heavy sigh as he continued to stare at the Terminator.

“What model are you?” No response again. John was becoming infuriated at this point. Idea’s flashed through his mind. One of which was to pull out the Terminators chip and destroy it. John reached into his pocket and pulled out a knife and flicked it open. He began to reach for the head of the Terminator. It closed its eyes as John did so. This stopped John. He thought for moment,

“Why didn’t you kill me when you had the chance?” John asked. The Terminator opened its eyes and looked at him,

“Why didn’t you kill me?” John thought for a moment. He wasn’t exactly sure himself why he hadn’t destroyed the Terminator. When it first happened he had explained it to himself that this Terminator looked like Alison and he had made a tactical error in judgment by not wanting to destroy what looked like a friend. But there was something else entirely. This Terminator was different. Different than any other terminator he had encountered. John finally forced himself to ask the question that had been nagging at him for awhile,

“So you have emotions?” Not quite sure if he would get a response John paused. The Terminator also hesitated and then spoke,


“How is that possible?” John asked with somewhat of a confused and disgusted look on his face.

“Skynet wanted to better understand humans in order to better infiltrate and destroy them. It decided to experiment with emotional programming on my model.” John thought for a moment.

“Does each one of your models have emotions?”

“No, I’m the only one of my kind.” This response caught John off guard as well. It almost sounded…human. The Terminator continued,

“Seeing as how the emotional response affected my mission Skynet will more than likely terminate the program and discontinue my model.”

“What would Skynet do to you if you were returned?” John asked surprisingly curious about the response. The Terminator scanned the room again before responding,

“I would be terminated.” John laughed slightly.

“There’s irony for you. So how many emotions have you experienced?” The Terminator thought for a brief moment.


“Which ones?”

“Anger, fear, anxiety and…” It paused again, “guilty.” John looked at it with distain and growled,

“What did you feel guilty for?” No response again. John didn’t want to ask the next question that came to his mind for fear of what he might do. John slowly walked back and forth in front of the Terminator then stopped.

“I’m going to remove your chip.” The Terminator felt fear begin to creep up on it again. “But only to check it, I want to see if you’re telling the truth.” The Terminator nodded at him,

“Thank you for explaining.” John nodded as well still focused on the Terminators face. He approached it with the knife in his hand and placed it up against the Terminators scalp. He slowly cut a semi circle over the chip port and peeled back the skin. He removed a screw driver from his back pocket and slowly twisted off the chip port cover. As he did this he unintentionally snapped his eyes down towards the Terminator. It was staring at him. He saw the same “fear” in its eyes as he did when it was in his room with him.

“This can’t be...” John thought to himself. “This has to be some sort of malfunctioning chip.” John gently grabbed the chip with his fingers and twisted it until it disconnected. The Terminator’s body went limp. John stood there for a moment looking at the chip in his hand. Part of him wanted to destroy it immediately, he wasn’t sure what the other part was telling him to do. He closed his fist around the chip and walked out of the room with it in his hand.

John paced back and forth in front of the computer terminal. The scan of the chip had been completed and John saw that all of the Terminators programs were functioning normally.

“How could this be?” John thought to himself. “Terminators don’t choose not to kill. They’re not given choices.” John studied the computer screen with the coding on it. The program to terminate him and other humans in general was still functioning but somehow the Terminator had chosen not to follow it.

“Are you going to reprogram it sir?” Lieutenant Spears asked as he looked at John.

“Reprogram it to do what, not kill me again?” Spears sat back in his chair and ran his hand through his brown hair and then down the side of his face. He could feel that he hadn’t shaved in a few days.

“Do you think we can trust it?” John thought for a moment. All of his training suggested that he should destroy this Terminator’s chip. He had been able to scrub and reprogram other terminators but this was different. This would be the first one he would just trust to override its own programming.

“I’m not sure…but I have an idea. I’ll be back in a minute.” John turned and walked out of the room. Spears sat alone for a few minutes. He continued to study the programs on the computer screen. He then came across something interesting.

John returned to the room within a few minutes. He brought with him another scrubbed Terminator unit. This was a large, muscular, Asian male, it had an emotionless blank stair on its face as it entered the room.

“Lee would you mind taking a look at that for me?” John said as he looked at the Terminator. It nodded and walked over to the computer screen. Spears pushed his chair back away from the computer terminal as it approached. The Terminator studied the screen for a moment then turned back to John,

“It appears to be the standard infiltrator unit programming.”

“Has it been altered in any way?” John asked.

“It does not appear to have been.”

“So if I plugged that back into the Terminator it came from and let it go, it would presumably kill me and as many resistance fighters as it could.”


“Thank you Lee, that’ll be all.” The Terminator nodded again then turned and walked out of the room.

“Sir, I think I may have found something.” Spears said as he looked at John. “I was scanning through the programs and I didn’t find any programs that had been altered or were malfunctioning but I did find an additional program.”

“Its alleged emotions?” John asked.

“I believe so…but here’s the kicker. I don’t think it can turn them off.” John looked somewhat surprised to hear this. Spears continued, “I’m not sure what Skynet was trying to do with it but it didn’t give it the ability to turn off the emotions.” John thought for a moment, then it hit him,

“It’s a guinea pig…” Spears looked confused.

“It told me that it had only experienced four emotions.” As John spoke he moved over to the computer screen and began to type.

“But look at this…” John pointed to the computer screen, “Its got two start dates. It was activated and programmed on one date then erased and restarted on a second date. But they left its original programming from the first start date intact.” Spears studied the screen.

“Why would Skynet activate and program a terminator then erase its memories and then reactivate it again two days later with no ability to recall what had happened?” Spears asked still staring at the computer screen. John paused.

“Here, look at all the memory it racked up for those two days that got deleted. Skynet was doing something to it in those two days…Skynet was experimenting.”

“So Skynet was testing that things emotional response?” Spears asked.

“I think it was doing more than testing. I think Skynet was torturing her…” John caught himself for the first time referring to the Terminator as a “her” instead of an “it”.

“Why would Skynet do that?” Spears asked.

“It said that Skynet wanted to better understand human emotional response in order to defeat us. What better way then through torture?” Spears looked at John surprised.

“So what you’re saying is, Skynet activated this thing, loaded all its programs onto it, tortured it for two days then wiped it’s memory only to reactivate it again and send it here?”

“Yes.” John replied.

“Skynet has taken to torturing its own terminators…That’s ironic.” Spears replied. John thought for another moment.

“I’m going to reactivate it.” He paused, “Then I’m going to tell it what Skynet did.”

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