Final Days Chapter 11


John placed the chip back into the Terminators port and then replaced the port cover. He slid the skin back over the port and slowly brushed the hair back into place. Then he slowly brushed the Terminators hair out of its face and then stepped back and waited. After several seconds the Terminator reactivated. It looked up at John,

“You reactivated me.” It said. There was a slight tone of surprise in its voice. John nodded his head.

“I need to ask you something. Do you remember anything before your start up date?”

“No, I do not…I should have no memories before my start date.” John paused for a moment considering how to word the next few sentences.

“Do you know your programming has an upload date before your start date?” The terminator cocked its head to the side for a moment.

“I have noticed that inconsistency yes.”

“Do you know why?”

“I do not.” John thought for another moment.

“Do you know what Skynet planned to do with a Terminator that had emotions?”

“One would gather that it would study the emotional response in order to better understand and destroy humans.” John began to pace back and forth again.

“Do you know how much memory Skynet erased from you in that two day inconsistency?” The terminator paused for another moment.

“Approximately 47.6 terabytes.” John leaned against the table next to him.

“And what do you think those memories contained?”

“I don’t know.” John paused for another moment, being careful how to word the next sentence.

“I think Skynet was torturing you.”

“That would be an effective way to illicit emotional responses.” The Terminator’s response was so matter of fact it surprised John.

“Does that bother you?” The Terminator hesitated for a moment then responded.

“Yes.” While the response still lacked most emotion there was the slightest tone of confusion and anger behind it. John was intrigued, he wasn’t exactly sure how the Terminator would have responded to this information. He thought for another moment then reached into his pocket and pulled out a key. He walked over to the chair and began to unlock the clamps securing the Terminator. After he was finished he stepped back away from the Terminator waiting for it to do something. John was slightly nervous as he did this and placed his hand on his sidearm. The Terminator looked at its now free hands and feet. It stood up,

“Thank you.” It stated. John nodded his head then looked at it,

“Are you going to try to kill me?” The terminator could see the flashing “TERMINATE” lettering in its heads up display. It quickly disappeared,

“No.” Instinctively John responded,

“Promise?” The Terminator looked at him slightly confused but responded,

The Terminator patrolled the corridors of Serrano Point familiarizing itself with its surroundings. Now that it had overridden its programming to Terminator John Connor the only sensible thing to do at this point would be to protect him. The Terminator wasn’t sure if this was due to a sense of obligation or something else entirely. The Terminator scanned the faces of the individuals who were around it. Just then a small voice spoke up,

“Alison?” The Terminator almost cringed when it heard the name but turned to see who spoke it. There was a small girl standing behind her. She was only about 9 years old with blond hair, which was dirty of course. The little girls face was smeared with some dirt, she wore raggedy clothes, and was clutching an old dirty doll. The Terminator looked at the little girl,

“I am not Alison.” The Terminators tone was flat as it spoke. The little girl seemed slightly hurt but also confused.

“You look like her…Are you her sister?” The Terminator thought for a moment. The easy answer would be to lie and say yes but even in the brief interaction the Terminator had, had with humans it thought this may not be an appropriate response. There was another answer however,

“No, we are not sisters, but I did know her.” The little girl smiled.

“Do you know when she’ll be back?” A pang of guilt struck the Terminator for a split second. While with each passing moment the Terminator was better understanding how to control and hide its emotions this was still a touchy subject. The Terminator responded,

“I do not know…” The little girl looked sad again.

“Alison is my friend, she would play with me sometimes.” The Terminator was unsure of what to do at this point and feeling slightly uneasy it decided to ask a question,

“What did you two play?”

“We’d play with my doll.” The little girl held up the doll towards the Terminator, “This is Cameron…”

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