Final Days Chapter 12

John thought for a moment,

“The name Cameron sounds as good as any.”

“Thank you.” Cameron responded, then she thought for a moment. “Why do humans name things?”

“Well it’s easier to refer to something that has a name, as apposed to just saying “hey you.” And I suppose it gives us somewhat of an emotional attachment to something if we are able to name it.”

“Thank you for explaining.” Cameron responded.

“Plus I try to name all the terminators I reprogram, I think it helps people feel more at ease around them if they have a “human” name as apposed to T-800 or something.” Cameron nodded again. Cameron had come to John’s quarters a few times over the course of the last few days since her capture to speak with him, due to the fact that Cameron did not need nor have her own quarters she and John often spoke in his room since John did not feel comfortable allowing her into the war room yet. John felt somewhat conflicted over what he had just told Cameron. Would giving this particular Terminator a name increase its significance to him due to the way it looked? John was no stranger to naming terminators due to the fact that it was just an easier way to keep track of them; but, this somehow felt different. Especially since Cameron had requested her own name without John assigning her one. John felt a certain uneasiness whenever he was around Cameron and she noticed it as well. Cameron was however unsure of how to deal with the situation. Her understanding of human emotions was still relatively limited and her own experience with emotional response was limited as well. Cameron felt it best to only approach this subject when John felt he was ready. Cameron however did break the silence in the room by speaking,

“I believe I may have a valuable piece of information for you.” John raised his eyebrows. “Before my capture a T-1001 managed to escape from a Skynet factory.”

“Escape?” John asked somewhat confused.

“Yes, Skynet was experimenting with a new model of their liquid metal series due to the problems it had with the preliminary models. However, the T-1001 turned out to be even more unstable and unpredictable than the T-1000 and was slated for termination. But, it managed to escape. Skynet communicated to all of its units that if we were to locate this T-1001 we were to capture or terminate it. I believe that if you were able to locate the T-1001 it could be a valuable resource to you.” John thought for a moment. He had very little experience with the T-1000 model, let alone the upgraded version. Cameron had been the first terminator that John had encountered that had free will, and now there may be a second one? John’s last encounter with a T-1000 had been when he was a child. He remembered right before his Uncle Bob went back in time he mentioned to John about the problems Skynet had been having with the T-1000. But John never anticipated one actually escaping from Skynet and being a possible ally for the resistance. However, trying to find a T-1001 in the burnt out remains of California would be harder than trying to find a needle in a haystack. John however was encouraged by Cameron’s willingness to turn over such a valuable piece of information. John thought to himself,

“Maybe I can trust Cameron?” Then he responded to Cameron’s statement, “Well it may take us some time to find it but I think you’re right that this could be a valuable piece of information. I’ll inform my command staff of this situation.”

“I’m glad I could be of some assistance I will resume my patrols now.” Cameron then turned and walked out of the room leaving John standing there in silence.

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