Final Days Chapter 13

A soldier huddled down in his fox hole for a moment trying to escape the sounds of the battle. The battle at Point Mugu had been raging for 10 hours now. The aerial onslaught was nearly over. Skynet’s Aerial HK’s had been somewhat beaten back with several squadrons of Point Mugu’s F-18s and the assistance of 1 squad of Apache Attack Choppers from John Connor. However, periodic air battles were still breaking out. The ground battle was a different story however. To the soldier it appeared that Skynet had an endless supply of T-888’s coming out of the Kracken. That tallied with several ground HK’s left Tech Com’s ground forces severely battered. The young soldier looked up above the fox hole in order to better survey the landscape. He could see endless silver endoskeletons and red glowing eyes. Sporadic plasma fire lit up the darkened area as well.

“INCOMING!!!“ The soldier was knocked to the ground by a large explosion in front of his fox hole. His ears rang as he tried to wipe away the dirt that had covered his face and body.

“Green you alright?” Green looked up to see a Sergeant kneeling next to his fox hole. Green could tell this was not the Sergeants first battle. Years of war had left a gritty look on the man’s face along with a deep scar under his left eye.

“Yes sir, just had the wind knocked out of me.”

“Good…I need your help. You see that HK over there?” Green focused specifically on one of the ground HK’s, surrounded by several T-888’s. It was slowly working its way closer to his position and to the Point Mugu air strip.

“If that thing makes it past us we’re all dead and we could lose Serrano Point as well.” The Sergeant stated. “Did any of the guys in your squad have a Javelin?” Green thought for a moment,

“Yes sir, Norvell did.”

“Where the hell is he?!” Both men were shouting over the loud explosions that were now rocking the area. The ground HK was getting closer by the second, plasma rifle sounds were almost a constant at this point. Green responded,

“I’m not sure sir, but I may be able to find out.” Green pulled the radio off from his belt and began to talk into it, “3305 Alpha to 3306 Beta, come in.” Silence and static over the radio. Suddenly a T-888 emerge over the hill just feet in front of the two men. The Sergeant raised his plasma rifle and fired several rounds at the Terminator. The first round cut through the Terminators arm severing it immediately, the second round caught the Terminator in the chest knocking it back, and the third round struck the terminator in the upper chest near its power source. It fell to the ground motionless.

“Try him again!” The Sergeant yelled. Green keyed the radio again,

“3305 Alpha to 3306 Beta, Norvell are you out there?” There was a pause.

“This is 3306 Beta…” Green breathed a sigh of relief.

“Norvell do you still have the Javelin on you?”

“Yes I do but me and Stephenson are pinned down by a couple of triple 8’s.”

“Shit…” The Sergeant responded. “Where is he?”

“What’s your location?” As Norvell began to speak his voice was drowned out by the roar of a jet engine from an F-18 that shot over their heads. The Sergeant and Green both ducked in response to the sound.

“Say again 3306 Beta what is your location?”

“I’m about 3 clicks south east of the runway near bravo sector.” The Sergeant looked at Green,

“We can make that lets go.” Green pulled himself up out of his fox hole as he and the Sergeant began to sprint there way across the battlefield. Green heard plasma rounds rip through the air around his head. For a moment he lost his footing in the loose sand and stumbled. The Sergeant grabbed him by the arm and steadied him,

“Stay with me son!” The sand dunes that were scattered across the battlefield made it difficult for both the soldiers and Terminators to navigate quickly. The Sergeant and Green made it to one particular sand dune and fell behind it for cover.

“There right over there.” The Sergeant pointed to area about 200 feet in front of them. Green saw two soldiers behind a large sand dune, 9 T-888’s were rapidly approaching there position. A constant barrage of plasma fire was keeping both of the men pined down.

“I’m going to sweep down southeast of the trip 8's towards the coast and try to draw their fire.” The Sergeant stated,

“I want you to outflank them and finish off the ones I don’t get.” Green was surprised,

“Sir that’s going to put you between the Cracken and the triple 8’s.”

“I know that but without that Javelin we’re dead anyways.” With that the sergeant got up and began to make his way around the T-888’s, Green grabbed his radio,

“3306 beta we’re coming to you now, just hold on.” A voice then called over the radio,

“This is Whisky 62, are you fella’s in need of some air support?” Green was surprised but very glad to hear the response.

“Are we ever!”

“Where you guys at? I believe I’m headed your way now.”

“We’re in bravo sector, I’ve got 2 guys pinned down by about 9 triple 8’s. Be advised my Sergeant is circling around to the south east of the triple 8‘s to draw there fir.”

“10-4 be there in 2 minutes.” The pilot responded. Green continued to watch as his Sergeant made his way around the T-888’s. Green began to notice a steady thudding of helicopter blades getting louder and louder as an Apache Gunship approached. The Sergeant had been listening to his radio as well and took up a position so that he could take cover from the Apache's strike. As the helicopters sound grew louder Green turned and looked over his shoulder. The Apache flew low over his position kicking up sand and dirt as it did. It turned its fuselage towards the T-888’s and continued to fly sideways slowly. The deafening sound of the Apache’s 30mm Chain Cannon rang out. The T-888’s bodies exploded as they were hit. As Green looked on he suddenly noticed an Aerial HK emerging from the coastline, He grabbed his radio,

“Whisky 62 HK to your 6 o’clock!!” A missile streaked across the sky striking the Apache’s tail. It began an uncontrollable spin and started to fall out of the sky. In a matter of seconds it came crashing to the ground with an enormous explosion. Green punched the ground with his fist and surveyed the area. There were still 3 T-888’s left. Green saw his Sergeant begin to open fire from his position. One T-888 was struck in the back of the head and fell immediately to the ground. The other two Terminators turned from their position and began to head towards the Sergeant. Green grabbed his radio,

“Sarg, get out of there they’re headed towards you!” The response came quickly.

“Don’t worry about me get that Javelin!” Green moved from his position and headed towards Norvell and Stephenson. As he ran Green looked in the direction of his Sergeant who was still managing to keep the two T-888’s at bay. Green made it to Norvell’s position and slid down the sandy embankment next to him. As he came to a stop he noticed Stephenson’s lifeless body next to Norvell. There was no time to deal with that now however,

“Grab your Javelin we’re going to take out that HK.” Green said. Norvell reached over and grabbed the large shoulder fire missile launcher. Green grabbed his radio and looked above the sand to confirm his Sergeants position. As he did he saw one of the T-888’s toss the Sergeant’s lifeless body to the ground. He raised his plasma rifle and began to fire. However, at this distance the rounds were highly inaccurate. Norvell grabbed Green by the shoulder.

“We need to go, NOW!” Begrudgingly Green stood and he and Norvell began to make their way back to Green’s original position. The fighting had intensified by this point. Plasma fire seemed to be everywhere lighting up the night sky. The whole area smelled of gunpowder and burnt flesh. Green’s lungs ached as he ran across the sandy ground. He looked up and saw the large ground HK advancing further inland.

“There it is!” Green and Norvell took cover near a slight depression in the ground in order to give them some cover.

“Can you hit that thing from here.” Norvell looked at Green and gave an arrogant smile,

“Can I hit it from here…You bet your ass I can.” Norvell removed the cover from the front of the missile and flipped a couple of switches on the side of the launcher. He raised the missile launcher to his shoulder and aimed it at the HK. The automatic lock on tone screeched in Norvell’s ear. Suddenly Norvell was struck in the chest by a plasma round. He collapsed to the ground dropping the Javelin. Green looked up to see a T-888 emerging from the darkened hill in front of them. He quickly began to move to his left as he raised his plasma rifle. The Terminator fired again striking Green in the left shoulder. He was spun around by the impact and fell the ground landing on his back. After the impact of the plasma round the battlefield grew surprisingly quite to Green the gunfire and explosions seemed to be somewhat drowned out. Green thought to himself that the quietness was a nice escape…for a moment. Green was shot back to reality when searing pain came from his shoulder. The ground around him exploded with plasma rounds from the T-888's plasma rifle. He rolled onto his side positioning himself for a shot at the T-888. He was hit again in the upper shoulder by another plasma round. Green screamed in pain but managed to begin firing his plasma rifle. The T-888 was hit in the shoulder and thrown off balance. Green forced himself to his feet and took aim again. He began to squeeze the trigger again when the T-888 returned fire. Green was struck in the stomach but not before he managed to fire off another round from his rifle. The Terminator was struck in the chest and stumbled backwards slightly. Green fired several more rounds at the T-888 striking it each time. The T-888 fell to its knee’s and then collapsed. Not soon after Green collapsed to the ground as well. To Green the battlefield became eerily quite again. The explosions and gunfire seemed to be muffled. Green clutched his stomach as he felt the blood seeping through his fingers. He looked up and saw that the HK had passed him now and was even closer to Point Mugu’s airstrip. In excruciating pain Green forced himself to his feet. He stumbled over to the Javelin Missile Launcher and dropped to his knee’s next to it. Slowly he picked up the launcher and raised it to his shoulder. Green pointed the launcher at the HK. He heard the auto lock on tone and Green pressed the trigger. There was a pop as the missile exited the end of the missile launcher and after a split second the main engine engaged and the missile arched high into the sky with a bright white light. Green watched as it did. The missile climbed to about 350 feet in the air and then arched quickly downward towards the HK. The missile struck the top of the HK and exploded. The entire top section of the HK came apart with a deafening explosion and bright white light. Green managed a short smile. The victory however was short lived. Green turned to his left and could still see more T-888’s emerging from the Kracken. He sighed and looked up at the stars in the sky. Apart from the smoke from the battle the night sky was surprisingly clear. The sounds of battle grew even quieter now and the pain in Green’s shoulder and stomach were almost gone. Green stared at the stars for a few more seconds before collapsing onto his back. His eyesight grew dim and the stars became darker. Green closed his eyes and breathed his last breath.

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