Final Days Chapter 14

John stared at the holographic images in front of him.

“Ten hours” he thought to himself, “Ten hours my men have been fighting…For ten hours they’ve been fighting off Skynet.” The battle had become a virtual stalemate. Skynet forces would advance to a point and then be beaten back. Tech Com forces would then advance and be beaten back. John signed. He knew he couldn’t commit anymore forces from Serrano Point due to another possible invasion. He leaned on the imaging table’s edge exhausted from the events of the day. Just then Cameron emerged next to him.

“We’re ready for whatever Skynet is going to throw at us.” John nodded. “You should get some rest.” John looked over at Cameron,

“I’m okay, they need me here.”

“John, if Skynet is preparing to invade Serrano we need you at your best. Just take a few hours.” Cameron’s eyes pleaded with John. The silence was broken by Colonel Alexander,

“It’s right sir, you should get some rest, Me and Captain Spears can handle things here for a few hours.” John thought for a moment and then nodded.

“Alright, call me if anything changes though.”

“I will sir.” John turned and began to walk out of the room. Cameron forced herself not to watch him as he left. She heard the metal bulkhead clank as it shut. She closed her eyes for a moment trying not to let her thoughts drift to John. Her concentration was broken by Captains Spears voice though,

“Go…” Cameron looked at him somewhat confused,

“I do not require any rest.”

“I know you don’t but Connor needs a friend…And you seem to be the most trusted one at this point.” Cameron was somewhat surprised by this statement. Spears had always been accepting of her, more so than many of the other soldiers but this statement was still a surprise. Cameron considered this to be good advice though,

“John may need some comfort.” She thought to herself. Cameron had found that for whatever reason John felt more comforted when she was with him. For an unknown reason the feeling was mutual for her as well. Then she spoke,

“Thank you.” Spears nodded at her; Cameron turned and walked out of the room.
John lay on his back in his bed staring up at the ceiling.

“Never could sleep the night before a battle.” He thought to himself. There was a light tapping at the door. John got up out of bed and walked over to the door unlocking it. He opened the door revealing Cameron standing behind it. She looked at him with her warm brown eyes. He opened the door further signaling for her to come in. She walked in and he closed the door behind her.

“How are you feeling?” She asked.

“I don’t know.” Cameron looked at him slightly confused. It all finally came to a head for John. The strain of the war, all of the battles, all the planning, all of the lost men. The massive chess match with Skynet had taken its toll on John.

“I’m tired Cam. I'm tired of losing men, I'm tired of the war and of the battles, I’m just tired of fighting.” He sighed, “I don’t know if we can win this war. And most of all, I’m afraid I’m not doing the right thing.” Cameron walked over to him.

“Humanity would not have survived if it hadn’t been for you.” Cameron paused for a moment, her voice grew quieter,

“I would not have survived.” John looked at Cameron, she was standing quite close to him now; whenever she was around John’s problems seemed to drift away. Finally giving in for a brief moment he ran his hand along the side of her face,

“When this is all over…” his voice drifted off. Cameron looked into his eyes waiting for him to finish the sentence but he did not. She felt waves of emotion rush over her. Almost to the point where she could not stand it. Never before had she felt anything like this. Cameron felt tears beginning to form in her eyes as she looked at John. She felt compelled to speak,

“John I…” She stopped herself. Feelings of utter terror swept over her as she tried to continue but could not. John looked at her for a moment, the two had gotten even closer at this point. Cameron tried to speak again,

“John I…” she turned away from John.

“What’s wrong?” John said quietly as he put his hands on Cameron’s shoulders and turned her back towards him. As he did this he saw the tears in her eyes. John felt an almost overwhelming flood of emotions cascade over him as he stared into her brown eyes. For so long Cameron had been there for him, for so long she had supported him. After so much denial John could no longer ignore the truth which was standing before him. He gently brushed Cameron’s hair out of her face and took her into his arms and kissed her. She rapped her arms around him returning his kiss. Time appeared to stop for both of them while they were in their embrace. The outside world and all its problems seemed to disappear as the couple kissed. Death, the war, all of the battles, none of it mattered at this point, it was just John and Cameron. Cameron slowly began to pull John over to his bed as they continued to kiss. As she did this she peeled John’s shirt off of him. Reaching the bed Cameron lowered herself down onto it and pulled John down onto top of her. John’s hands ran over Cameron’s body and up to her shoulders. As John did this he slid Cameron’s jacket off of her. Then his hands came back down around to her stomach and he pulled her shirt off as well. Suddenly Cameron stopped; surprised and concerned, John stopped as well. Cameron stared up at John looking into his eyes. Gently, John returned the look. A tear rolled down Cameron’s cheek as she looked up at him. Then she resumed kissing John. That night John and Cameron were together, that night, they made love.

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