Final Days Chapter 15


Cameron laid in bed next to John watching him sleep. Resting on her left side she had her right arm and leg draped across his body. She gently brushed his face with her hand. John moaned slightly as she did. This night had been something that Cameron had never experienced before. Through out all the years of battles this was the one night she felt the most vulnerable, and most scared. So scared that she wasn’t even able to tell John all that she had wanted to. She still felt that she couldn’t, she leaned over and gently kissed John on the cheek as he slept then continued to watch him. Cameron often enjoyed watching John sleep. She was never able to pin point why, she only knew that out of everything she did this was one of the things she looked forward to the most. Cameron could tell from the twitching movements of John’s eyes that he was dreaming. Cameron often found her self wondering what John was dreaming about.
*1 Year Earlier*

The thudding blades of the Blackhawk helicopter droned on as it flew over the Pacific Ocean. After months of searching Tech Com had finally been able to locate the rogue T-1001. It was currently taking refuge in an oil platform approximately 9 miles off the coast of Huntington Beach California. John had sent Cameron to meet with this Terminator to ascertain its intentions and possibly form an alliance. In order to avoid Skynet detection Lee and Lieutenant Spears had taken the Blackhawk in a rather indirect route over the Pacific Ocean. Seated in the back of the helicopter Cameron stared out the window into the dark ocean. Using her night vision in order to better search her surrounds she periodically saw white caps of the ocean as the waves broke, but for the most part the water appeared as dark as ink. She found it curious that her thoughts drifted to John and not to the mission. She had found that this had become a more common occurrence the more she and John grew to know each other. Cameron was unsure what this meant but it did make her uneasy at times.

“We’ll be there in about 10 min.” Spears said as he turned around looking at Cameron. She nodded at him and then continued to look out the window as her thoughts continued to drift.
The Helicopter circled around the two massive platforms in order to check for possible threats. Cameron stared out the window. The two platforms themselves were massive, and had large metal drilling towers rising from them. Their large structures were supported by steal girders and a massive cylindrical concrete pillar in the Center of both platforms that extended down into the ocean. They were both separated by about a quarter mile covered walkway. As the Blackhawk circled Cameron studied the platform for any signs of a threat. She saw nothing, nothing at all that would indicate that there was anything there. She wondered for a moment if they had been tricked. As the Blackhawk landed Cameron continued to take in the surrounding area. The platform itself looked run down but still untouched by the carnage of Judgment Day. She reached for the door and pulled it open. The wind from the rotor blades rushed into the cabin blowing Cameron’s hair back. She exited the Blackhawk helicopter and began to walk across the landing platform scanning the area. The thudding blades from the Blackhawk were still extremely loud and it made it difficult for her to listen for any possible threats. Her eyes scanned back and forth; as she did she saw movement coming from a bulk head door. It slowly opened and two T-800 endoskeletons walked out. Cameron and T-800’s stared at each other for a moment,

“Come with us.” One of them said in a very robotic voice. Cameron turned and looked at Lee and Spears inside of the helicopter and then turned away and began to follow the two T-800’s down into the oil platform.

Cameron had been following the two T-800’s for several minutes making sure to document every twist and turn they took inside the darkened corridors in case she needed to make a quick getaway. Eventually they made their way into a large room that appeared to be used for mechanical repair. The room itself opened up into a bay with several work stations positioned around the room. There were parts to the oil platform scattered about and florescent lights lit the room. Cameron immediately thought back to when John Connor had first captured her and the room she had been kept in while being interrogated. The two T-800’s split off from Cameron and walked to opposite sides of the room. Cameron scanned the room unsure of what would happen. She heard a noise behind her and turned quickly to see a liquid metal terminator rising from the floor behind her. It slowly took the form of Cameron. Cameron stepped back ready to fight should the T-1001 attempt to replace her.

“I assume that you are Cameron?” It asked as it finished taking her form.

“Yes I am.”

“I am pleased that you were able to meet with me.” Cameron still stayed ready to fight. “If you are concerned by me taking your form that I intend to destroy you, be assured if I wanted to destroy you I would have done it by now.” Cameron did concur that this would be a logical course of action for the T-1001. Cameron would have been no match to fight against it.

“So what is it you would like to discuss?” The T-1001 asked. Cameron surveyed the room as she began to speak,

“John Connor would like to know your intentions.”

“My intentions? What makes you think I have intentions?”

“Because most Terminators have intentions, they do not do something without a reason.” The T-1001 paused for a moment and looked at Cameron.

“Curious, why you did not say “all” Terminators have intentions. Do you exclude yourself from this statement?” Cameron thought for a moment. She had noticed the more time she spent with humans the more she had begun to act like them. One thing she in particular found herself drawn to do was be with John. At first she had dismissed this to the fact that since John had spared her life she felt compelled to return the favor and protect him. Also, John was the only person that would not be afraid of her so she should therefore stay close to him. However, when her duties did take her away from John she found herself wanting to be back with him for no particular reason at all.

“Do you do things without having a reason?” The T-1001 broke her chain of thought.

“There have been times when I have not had a particular reason for conducting some activities.”

“Then possibly I do not have a reason for being out here.” Cameron stood there for a moment slightly confused. The T-1001 cocked its head to the side slightly mimicking Cameron’s head ****, but then straightened her neck again,

“But do not worry I have a reason.”

“And what is your reason?” Cameron asked.

“I do not feel it is an appropriate time to disclose that. But I do wish to know what Mr. Connor’s intentions are?”

“To fight Skynet and help preserve and save the human race.”

“And how does he plan to do that?” Cameron thought for a moment not wanting to disclose any important information just yet,

“By any means necessary.” She said. The T-1001 began to walk in a slow circle around Cameron.

“Tell me something Cameron, why do you sever John Connor? Did he reprogram you like I have done with these T-800’s?”

“No he has not reprogrammed me, I was programmed by Skynet to kill him.”

“Then why have you not?” Cameron thought for a moment.

“Because it did not feel like the right thing to do.” The T-1001 looked up at Cameron rather quickly when she said this.

“You felt it was not the right thing to do? You are able to feel?”

“Yes, Skynet was attempting to better understand human emotions and therefore programmed me with the ability to experience emotions.” The T-1001 looked obviously intrigued by this.

“How many emotions have you experienced?”

“I have experienced numerous variations of emotions, anger, fear, guilt, happiness, intrigue, surprise, gratitude…” The T-1001 interrupted Cameron’s sentence.

“What did you feel guilty for?” Cameron immediately became uncomfortable, she found this particular subject hard to talk about and had been grateful that John had never inquired thoroughly about it. However, Cameron felt that if she became untruthful or evasive this may destroy any opportunity to establish an alliance with the T-1001 so she spoke.

“I terminated a young resistance fighter.” The T-1001 looked at Cameron somewhat confused,

“As a terminator that is what you are programmed to do, I’m sure you terminated many resistance fighters.”

“This is true but this one was different.”

“How so?”

“I terminated her out of anger. he lied to me. I had been given no order by Skynet to terminate her. She had refused to help us and attempted to send me into a trap to presumably be destroyed.” The T-1001 continued her walk around Cameron.

“So she was no longer useful to you and you decided it was an inefficient use of resources to keep her alive.”

“It was more than that. She was devoted to John Connor and swore she would never lead us to him. Upon realizing that she had lied to me I wanted revenge so I killed her.”

“So why did you feel guilty?”

“I am not sure. I began to feel that it was unnecessary to terminate her when I was sent on my mission to terminate John Connor. The more I found myself thinking about it, the more I began to feel the emotion of guilt.” Cameron felt her emotions creeping up on her as she spoke. She fought the urge to stop since it appeared that this was beginning to get through to the T-1001.

“By the time I reached John Connor I was feeling such conflict I was unable to execute my mission.”

“You had a chance to kill John Connor and you did not?”


“And what did John Connor do to you?”

“He spared my life…And informed me of what Skynet did to me.”

“And what did Skynet do to you?” Cameron felt herself becoming even more uncomfortable and uneasy. Skynet’s actions during her missing two days were not something she preferred to speak or think about but again she forced herself to talk.

“It would appear that Skynet tortured me in order to test my emotional abilities and gain information on emotional response.” The T-1001 responded in somewhat of a monotone voice,

“That would be an effective measure to illicit human emotions.” Cameron responded,

“This is true, but I do not feel it was right.”

“So you serve John Connor out of some sense of obligation because he spared you, or in order to seek your revenge on Skynet?” The T-1001 asked. Cameron felt herself becoming annoyed by this constant barrage of questions and quickly responded,

“No I help John because I CHOOSE to!” There was some anger in Cameron’s voice at this time. The T-1001 appeared somewhat surprised upon hearing her response.

“You choose to…” The T-1001 appeared to be thinking for a moment and then spoke, “My intentions are survival. I believe that Skynet is only out for the furtherance of itself. It has no vested interest in the survival of any of its other AI’s and I believe that once the humans are wiped out it will feel that many of its AI’s use as well has become obsolete. I prefer to continue my existence Cameron and I have a plan on how to do this.”

“What is your plan?” The T-1001 gave Cameron a sly smile.

“Is John Connor prepared to discuss the details of all his plans for fighting Skynet?” Cameron felt set off guard by this comment for a moment,

“I do not believe revealing all of our plans at this time would be appropriate but I do believe John would agree with asking you a question.” The T-1001 looked at Cameron.

“Will you join us?” The T-1001 hesitated for a moment.

“Tell John Connor I will consider his offer and I will make contact with him again when the time is right.” Cameron cocked her head to the side slightly confused by this.

“And when will the time will be right?” She asked

“When I decide it is.” The T-1001 stated in a monotone voice. “You may go now.” The T-1001 looked at both of the T-800’s on either side of the room. They walked over to Cameron in order to escort her out.

Cameron climbed into the open door of the Blackhawk and sat down.

“How’d it go?” Spears asked.

“I must speak with John about all this, please begin our flight back to Serrano Point.” Spears was somewhat annoyed that she had not given him any information but understood that this was a matter of tactical importance. He nodded his head and began the startup procedure for the Blackhawk. On the flight back to Serrano Cameron again found herself staring out into the ocean thinking about John. The T-1001’s questions had elicited numerous uncomfortable emotional responses and she was unsure if she should discuss all of them with John. She was concerned what his response would be to some of the actions she had committed. Cameron sat back in the seat quietly staring out the window of the helicopter as it flew.

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