Final Days Chapter 16


Cameron continued to watch John sleep, it had been 3 hours and 12 minutes. Cameron felt a certain calm come over her just lying there with John. In all her days of existence this one had been the most memorable, and the most meaningful. She wished she could lie there forever. The silence was broken however by the wall phone next to John’s bed ringing loudly. John jumped upon hearing the loud sound. He quickly looked over at Cameron who was still lying next to him and he smiled at her for a moment, ignoring the phone. She smiled back at him. He then reached across her and picked up the phone.

“Hello…” John said as he picked up the phone. “What?!, I’ll be right there.” Cameron could tell instantly that something was wrong.

“What happened?” She asked.

“General Perry just contacted Colonel Alexander. Their short range RADAR just picked up a Skynet bomber inbound. It’ll be there in about 5 minutes." John hesitated “Skynet’s going to nuke the base.” John and Cameron quickly got out of bed and hurriedly put on their clothes and ran out of John’s room.

John and Cameron came running into the war room. Colonel Alexander looked up at both of them as they did.

“Three minutes until the bomber reaches them.” John furiously replied,

“Why didn't we pick it up before now?” Captain Spears turned to him,

“Skynet is using some sort of stealth technology on their bombers. Plus the thing is flying just above the waterline our RADAR couldn’t even pick it up until it was right on top of us.”

“Get me General Perry.” John Said.

“Already working on that sir.” A Sergeant seated at the communications array stated as he began to type away on the computer in front of him.

“Signal the troops to evacuate.” John said as he looked at the holographic imaging table.

“Already given the order sir” Colonel Alexander stated “But with this short of a notice we won’t get many out. Plus Skynet has left some of its triple 8’s and HK's behind just to tie up our evacuation.”

“Sir I have General Perry on the line.” John looked up,

“Put him through…” John picked up the corded phone in front of him. “General…” John paused not quite sure what to say after that point, but General Perry began to talk,

“Sir, I’m evacuating as many troops and aircraft as I can. We’ve only got about another minute and a half until the Skynet Bomber gets to us though. The Skynet Kracken has already fallen back and I think it may be coming your way.” General Perry paused for a moment. “I’ll try to send you all the help I can sir.” John took a breath before he spoke,

“Thank you General…You’ve always been one of my best men.”

“It’s been a pleasure working with you General Connor…We never would have made it this far without you.” Perry stated somewhat solemnly but still with a courageous tone none the less.

“Thank you Justin.” John paused for a moment while still on the phone with General Perry.

A sleek silver bomber flew over the Pacific Ocean towards Point Mugu. The diamond shaped bomber flew just feet over the water. The crest’s of the waves nearly touching it. The bomber's on board computer vigilantly scanned the terrain in front of it as it quietly flew towards Point Mugu. As it reached the shore line soldiers were still fighting the remaining T-888’s. Helicopters and Jets were attempting to take off but under the constant barrage of Skynet fire it was nearly impossible. The bomber streaked over the shore and towards the center of the airfield. When it reached its target its flaps turned upward hard and it arched upwards quickly screaming skyward. As it gained altitude the computer began the countdown to releasing its payload. Finally the bomb bay doors open and it released its bomb. The bombers afterburners roared to life and it pulled away from the area. A sonic boom rang out as it broke through the sound barrier attempting to escape the blast.

Soldiers stood their ground at Point Mugu still fighting off the T-888’s that had been left behind by Skynet as the bomb silently fell from the sky. Inside of Point Mugu General Perry stood silently in his Command Center watching the computer screen displaying the estimated time of detonation. He looked around at the men in his command center,

“It’s been a pleasure serving with all of you.” He stood at attention and saluted them. They saluted back. There was a deafening explosion and a blinding white light poured over Point Mugu as the nuclear bomb exploded. The wind rushed about as the shockwave expanded outwards destroying everything in its path. Searing heat melted steal, pulverized concrete and vaporized bodies. And then all was quite.

The entire war room was dead silent as all the men stared up at the computer screens that had been displaying images from Point Mugu. They were now showing just static. John stood there slightly leaning on the edge of the imaging table totally silent. Cameron stood quietly next to him. She could tell that he was visibly shaken. However, she also knew that she could not do anything overt to comfort him since at this point all his men were waiting for his reaction. Slowly sliding her hand along the imaging table she gently touched the edge of her hand to the edge of his hand. To anyone else it may have look like an accidental touch but it was a source of great comfort for John to know that she was there with him. John looked around the room for a moment. All were still silent.

“Alright…Well we know where Skynet will be striking next. Let's get ready.” John’s statements shook the men free of their shock and they began to move around the War Room again carrying out there duties to prepare for their next and possibly last battle. When John was sure that no one was looking at them he turned to Cameron who instantly looked at him.

“Thank you…” He said ever so quietly. She nodded.

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