Final Days Chapter 17


*6 months Earlier*

“Do you think we can trust it?” John asked, turning to Cameron. Both of them were standing alone in the War Room strategically trying to plan their next move. It had been 6 months since Cameron had met with the rebel T-1001 on the oil platform and even though Tech Com had made numerous attempts to contact it since then there had been no communication between the two. However, after 6 months of no contact, the T-1001 had contacted Tech Com again and requested another meeting with Cameron.

“I am unsure.” Cameron responded. “I do not believe she trusts humans yet. In fact I believe that she has in inherent distrust of them. She appeared to be quite confused as to why I serve with you when I told her I was not reprogrammed.” John nodded,

“It makes sense that it would not trust us due to its Skynet programming.”

“Yes it would, however she has overridden her Skynet programming at the same time.” John thought for a moment. He found himself slightly conflicted to send Cameron on yet another dangerous mission to see the T-1001. He was confused as to why however. He had never been concerned about the well being of other Terminators before. Well not since Uncle Bob. John had reprogrammed and worked with many other loyal Terminators and had felt disappointed when they malfunctioned or were destroyed but something felt different with Cameron. John pushed his thoughts aside however.

“I’ll have Spears prep one of our Blackhawk’s and we’ll get you out there a soon as possible.” Cameron nodded. John paused for a moment,

“Be careful out there…” Cameron was perplexed by this statement. Obviously she was going to take all the necessary precautions to prevent anything unexpected from happening.

“Why would John say that?” She thought to herself. At the same time however, she felt unusually reassured by this statement. Over the course of the last year Cameron had found herself drawn more and more towards John’s presence. She also felt somewhat uncomfortable leaving him to conduct this mission. While John would still be relatively safe within the confines of Serrano Point Cameron felt concern that without her presence John would not be protected as effectively. A certain anxiety crept over Cameron upon the thought of harm coming to John. This was highly unusual as well. Cameron felt a certain sense of concern for most of the humans at Serrano Point and had felt a sense of discontentment upon their death and while it made sense to her that John would stand out as more important than the rest she did not understand the anxiety she felt.

“Was there something else?” John said looking at Cameron. He had noticed she had been standing there for a few seconds without saying anything. Cameron discontinued her train of thought and spoke,

“No, thank you for your concern.” Cameron then turned and walked out.

The Blackhawk Helicopter blades whipped the wind around on the landing pad as Cameron made her way across the concrete platform towards the helicopter. She was dressed in all black for the night mission. She had left her black jacket open and it blew with her hair in the wind created by the helicopter. Her boots made no sound as her feet came into contact with the ground as she walked across the tarmac. The thudding blades of the helicopter were the only sound in the dark night. Cameron put one foot inside of the helicopter and prepared to pull herself in, then she stopped. Cameron slowly turned and looked back at Serrano Point for a moment. Cameron was unsure of why she did this. She then pulled herself into the passenger compartment and slid the door shut behind her.

“Lets go.” She said. Spears turned and nodded at her as he prepared the helicopter for takeoff.

When Cameron arrived at the oil platform she was met by two T-800’s on the landing pad in a similar fashion as her last visit. However, this time on her trip through the oil platform she noticed more scrubbed Terminator units than last time. Again they made their way into the repair bay; however, this time the T-1001 was waiting for Cameron. The T-1001 was once again in Cameron’s form.

“It is good to see you again Cameron.” The T-1001 stated.

“It is good to see you.” Cameron responded.

“I suspect that John Connor’s efforts are progressing well?” Cameron not wanting to reveal to much information tried to answer in the simplest way possible,

“Yes they are.” The T-1001 shot back,

“But he still needs my help, doesn't he?” Cameron cocked her head to the side slightly confused,

“Was that supposed to be an insult?” Cameron thought to herself.

“Why did you call me here?” Cameron asked. The T-1001 walked closer to Cameron.

“Why do you serve John Connor?” The T-1001 asked. Cameron felt somewhat annoyed by the question since she had answered it once already.

“I informed you the last time, it is because I choose to.” The T-1001 closed the distance between her and Cameron, now they were only about a foot apart.

“There is more to it than that.” The T-1001 stated. Cameron felt herself becoming nervous but not because of the proximity of the T-1001. “Why do you really serve John Connor?” it asked. Frustrated Cameron again responded,
“Because I choose to…” The T-1001 stared at Cameron.

“You seem frustrated Cameron…Are you?” The T-1001 slowly began to walk in circles around Cameron.

“Your repetitive questions are unnecessary.” Cameron responded.

“I only ask because I want the true reason.” Cameron began to wonder if the T-1001 was attempting to toy with her and lure her into some sort of trap…either emotionally or physically.

“How do you feel about John Connor?” The T-1001 continued. Cameron thought for a moment. She did have some emotional confusion about John. While she did posses a genuine affinity for him she was unsure of exactly what she felt. Cameron responded,

“I admire his strong leadership abilities and his honorable actions and I feel that his purpose in this conflict is morally sound. I also feel that it is necessary to protect him in order for this war to come to a beneficial conclusion.” The T-1001 looked at Cameron almost annoyed.

“I did not ask you to describe him…I asked how you felt about him.” Cameron felt herself becoming both confused and frustrated; however, at the same time she felt a strange sense of nervousness and anxiety coming over her. Conflicting emotions were beginning to flood over Cameron as she thought. So much so that she did not respond to the T-1001. The T-1001 stopped its walk around Cameron,

“I believe that currently John Connor is not strong enough to fight Skynet.” Cameron felt a pang of anger at T-1001’s response, she caught herself almost frowning at the T-1001. Finally out of frustration Cameron spoke,

“If you do not wish to join us then I will be going.”

“I have yet to refuse John Connor’s proposal.” The T-1001 stated. Then it hesitated. “I will continue to consider John Connor’s offer. Thank you for your time.” Cameron was noticeable aggravated at this point but also conflicted. She however did not want to get drawn into another verbal chess match with the T-1001 in her current state. Cameron turned and walked out of the room without saying anything.


The walk back to the Blackhawk Helicopter was eerily quite to Cameron. Escorted by a T-850 and a T-888 Cameron kept pace in front of them as she walked towards the landing platform of the oil platform. The T-1001 had elicited many conflicting emotions for Cameron. And more disturbing to Cameron was the fact that she was not able to answer all of the T-1001’s questions. Even more disturbing than that was the fact that Cameron did not know why she was not able to answer the questions.

“Is there something wrong with me?” Cameron asked herself. She felt a slight sense of fear come over her at the thought that she may be beginning to malfunctioning. But more surprising was the fact that the fear was not for herself but for John’s safety. Cameron reached the bulkhead door that lead to the helipad and opened it. She stepped out into the night air and as she did she looked over her shoulder at the T-850 and T-888,

“You can go now, I’m leaving.” Cameron said in a slightly annoyed voice. Cameron walked quickly over to the Blackhawk helicopter and pulled the side door open. Before Spears could speak Cameron spoke,

“Lets go!.” Her tone was highly aggravated and this surprised Spears but he knew to ask anything would be futile. He leaned forward and began to prepare to take off.

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