Final Days Chapter 18


John stood in the War Room scanning over the images displayed before him on the multiple screens scattered about the War Room. Captain Spears was speaking on a phone across the imaging table from him. He quickly set the phone down and looked up at John.

“Our scouts just reported that the Skynet’s ground HK’s from Point Mugu will reach us within the hour.” Colonel Alexander spoke almost instantaneously after Captain Spears.

“And our sonar buoys picked up something off our coast just before they were destroyed.” John stood silently for a moment.

“Skynet is going to hit us with everything it has. Is everything ready?”

“Our M1 Abrams are deployed along our southeast boarder and are ready for the ground HK’s and our Apache squadrons are fueled and ready to take off. We’ve got our scrubbed Trip 8’s along our beachfront in combination with our ground forces as well. Our aerial defenses are online and every man woman and child that can fight is ready. We’re going to give them hell sir.” Alexander stated as he gave John a slight smile after he spoke.

“I want to talk to them.” John said.

“To whom sir?” Alexander asked.

“To everyone…” Cameron looked at John somewhat surprised. Ever since John had become such an important target for Skynet, he had rarely left the interior of Serrano Point.

“Sir are you sure that’s a good idea?” Captain Spears asked. John looked up,

“I’m not going to ask these people to fight and die for me and not look them in the eye and tell them to do it. I‘ve got less than an hour to talk to them…This is something I have to do.” Cameron could not help but crack a small smile feeling proud of John; willing to risk it all just to give his people words of encouragement. Of course, at the same time she felt concerned for his safety. However, John was right this was something that needed to be done. Begrudgingly Colonel Alexander nodded in acceptance to John’s statement.

“Colonel stay here while I address everyone…Cam you and Spears come with me.” John, Cameron and Captain Spears walked out of the War room and made their way towards the entrance of Serrano Point. As they walked Cameron sidled up to John,

“What are you going to say?” she asked.

“I’m not sure yet…Got any suggestions?” John replied with a slight smile. Cameron looked into John’s eyes,

“I’m sure you’ll thinking of something grand.” Cameron smiled again at John who returned her smile. The trio continued to head towards the entrance.

As John walked through the hanger bay he was saluted by several soldiers that saw him. He walked out into the open air and looked around for a moment. It was just before dawn and the air was cool and crisp. John thought to himself for a moment that he missed the days before Judgment Day when he would sometimes watch the sun rise. It often made him think of his father…But those days were long gone. He scanned the tarmac and saw a Humvee parked near the center of the entrance. He walked towards it quickly with Cameron and Spears in tow. He looked at the driver as he approached who was somewhat astonished to see John Connor looking at him.

“Can I borrow your vehicle for a minute soldier?” Still surprised the man responded,

“Uh, uh, Yes sir…” John jumped up into the open bed of the Humvee so that everyone could get a better look at him. He leaned over the roof and again looked at the soldier,

“Can I borrow your radio mic?”

“Yes sir…” The young soldier handed him the radio microphone so that his voice could be amplified and so that the soldiers out in the field could hear him as well. A crowd began to gather around John as he prepared to speak. Most of them had never seen John Connor in person before. There was a certain sense of amazement that passed through the crowd as they looked at him. John began to speak,

“May I have your attention.” Everyone that was doing something stopped. John took a breath before beginning to speak again,

“For those of you who don’t know, I am John Connor. In just a short while I am going to ask you to fight harder than any of you have ever fought. But I felt compelled to speak to you before you did. For no General can fight a war alone. I will be depending on each and every one of you today. As all of you know Skynet’s army is headed this way. In the past men have fought war’s for country, for emotions, to fight oppression, and for freedom. Today we fight for survival. All of us here today are no stranger to battle. Most of us have been fighting all our lives. But today is different. Today we are given the chance to change the course of human history.” John’s voice grew louder and more confident as he spoke.

“I know many of you are scared. But allow me to say this…Always do what you are afraid to do, for our doubts are traitors that often make use forget the good we could win by fearing to attempt it. Now I’d like to promise all of you that I would be bringing you all back from this battle today but I can not. There are those of us that will not make it through this day, but it is my firm belief that it is each and every one of your destinies to be here today. And I believe it is humanities destiny to FIGHT and to SURVIVE here today! For nothing is impossible to them that stand ready to conquer all hazards! Today we fight for our fallen brethren…We fight for our mothers…For our brothers…And for our fathers!! Today we give an answer back to Skynet. And that answer is NO FURTHER!!! Today is the day humanity receives it’s revenge for Judgment Day. Today, is the day of our Victory!!!” The crowd erupted into cheers. John scanned the horizon trying to take in all the faces of the crowd. Then his eyes locked with Cameron’s. She smiled at him and nodded. The crowd continued to cheer for a few minutes as John stood before them. After the crowd had quieted John continued to speak.

“I am sure that each and everyone one of you will do me proud. Now check your weapons and lets go to work…Good luck…” John handed the microphone back to the young soldier and jumped off the back of the Humvee. He, Cameron and Spears then began to walk back into Serrano Point. Cameron looked over at John as the walked in.

“That was very effective.” John gave her a slight smile.

“Thank you.”

When John reached the War Room Cameron opened the door for him. As he walked in Colonel Alexander turned to him,

“Impressive speech sir…I think you really inspired them.” John nodded,

“Thank you Colonel…Now lets get ready to make this victory happen.”

“Yes sir.” Alexander responded.

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