Final Days Chapter 19

Authors Notes: Okay so this chapter is a bit short but I needed it to set up the following chapter that will be significantly longer. Enjoy _______________________________________________________________________________________________


*3 Months Earlier*

John stood behind the young Sergeant studying the computer screen in the War Room,

“How soon till Skynet reaches them?”

“Their HK’s will be there in about 20 minutes.” John turned to Colonel Alexander.

“What ships do you have in the area Colonel?”

“I’ve got the USS Reliant hiding on the west side of Santa Catalina Island. But she’s only a Sentinel Class Patrol Boat, there is no way it’ll be able to go up against a Skynet Aerial HK squadron."
John had just recently learned that Skynet had been able to ascertain the location of the T-1001’s oil platform off the coast of Huntington Beach. A Squadron of Skynet aerial HK’s had been dispatched to its location and were closing in on the T-1001. John had attempted to warn the T-1001 but had not been able to establish any type of communication with it. John stood and thought for a moment.

“Is there any way the Reliant can get to the oil platform before Skynet does?” John asked staring up at the satellite images.

“No, even at top speed it would still take the Reliant almost an hour to get there. Skynet will reach them long before that.” Colonel Alexander responded.

“What about our fighters from Point Mugu?”

“Our alert fighters would make it there at about the same time as the HK’s did…But they wouldn’t last long against an attack squadron of Skynet HK’s. By the time our attack squadrons were able to reach them, our alert fighters would be finished and Skynet would have been able to do whatever it is their planning on doing.” John put both fists on the imaging table in front of him and leaned on it as he looked at all the images being broadcast on all the different screens. He looked over at a Sergeant sitting at the communications terminal.

“Keep trying to contact them…but for now that’s all we can do.” John ran his hand along the back of his neck; Cameron could tell he was visibly stressed by this occurrence. The T-1001 had the possibility to become one of the resistances most powerful allies and now they were about to lose it. However, there was nothing that John could do at this point but watch it happen.

The Skynet aerial HK’s circled around the oil platform surveying it for a moment; their large silver frames reflecting the light from the sun. Two of the HK’s broke off from the squadron and positioned themselves underneath the oil platform in order to prevent any type of escape attempt. Six other HK’s began to hover around the oil platform itself, encircling it. The remaining four HK’s split into groups of two and landed on opposite ends of the duel platforms. As soon as the HK’s touched down their bay doors opened from underneath their fuselage and T-888’s began to make their way out. Several of the T-888’s were wearing what appeared to be flame throwers that had been modified to carry liquid nitrogen. This would be used to capture the T-1001 if possible. The T-888’s were not met by any resistance on the deck of the oil platforms. They quickly found the entrances to the interior of the oil platform and began to make their way in.

John stood silently in the War Room watching the satellite images of the T-888’s making their entry into the oil platform. There was an eerie silence that fell over the room as the images displayed on the screens. Cameron could not help but feel somewhat conflicted about this course of events. While the T-1001 had forced her to explore very unsettling emotions within herself and to ask questions she never wanted to ask she also felt somewhat of a connection with the T-1001. This connection was due to the fact that both Terminators had chosen to go against their original programming and in turn fight against Skynet. Cameron felt somewhat saddened by the possible impending doom of the T-1001. John broke the silence of the room,

“This won’t end well…” He remarked.

“No…it won’t…” Colonel Alexander stated.

The T-1001 shrieked as it was sprayed with liquid nitrogen. It slowly felt its temperature dropping and its mimetic poly-alloy solidifying. Looking around quickly it saw that most of its reprogrammed Terminators had been disabled or destroyed. Its liquid metal exterior glistened in the light as it attempted to escape in its eel like form. But it was to late. The liquid nitrogen was already forming crystalline structures within its body. The T-1001 was quickly loosing its ability to move. Eventually it felt itself become completely rigid and immovable. Skynet’s T-888’s closed in around the T-1001, their red eyes glowing as they approached. The T-1001 felt that this was the end.

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