Final Days Chapter 20


It had been a week since the T-1001 had been capture. John had attempted to track Skynet’s aerial HK’s after the raid using hacked satellites but the transmission to the satellite had been cut by Skynet soon after the HK’s reached the Philippine Sea. However, after John had given up all hope of ever establishing contact with the T-1001 again Tech Com had received a very strange transmission from an oil platform off of Indonesia’s coast.

“Are you sure it’s real?” John said looking down at the Sergeant sitting at the communications station.

“As far as I can tell it is Sir. I’m not sure how one of its Terminators managed to get a message to us but it did.”

“Did it say how it managed to smuggle the T-1001 out of the Skynet base?”

“No Sir.”

“The T-1001 may have been able to hide a program in one of its scrubbed Terminator units. After they reached the Skynet base the program may have been activated.” Cameron stated as she looked over at John. “It is possible to hide a program within a program in a Terminators chip. In theory Skynet may not have discovered it upon their initial scan of the Terminator's chip.” John thought for a moment.

“Colonel do we have any ships in the area?” Alexander began to type away at a computer pulling up a listing of their deployments.

“Yes Sir the Jimmy Carter is in the area near Perth Australia.” John looked over at the communications Sergeant.

“Get me Qweeg immediately.”

“Yes Sir.”

John wondered the halls of the interior of Serrano Point. He felt uneasy and on edge about the entire situation. The T-1001, the rescue attempt, and the Terminators that the T-1001 had reprogrammed. He continued to walk through the hallways until he found himself at the doorway to his quarters. He was unsure as to why he had walked to his room. In fact John knew he should have been heading back to the War Room. John stood their silently at his door for a moment thinking.

“It’s not just this situation…” John thought to himself as he began to open the door to his quarters, “It’s something else entirely.”

“Cameron?!” John actually spoke out loud.

“Yes?” She responded as she stood in the center of his room.

“What are you doing here?” John was somewhat confused, but not angry as to why Cameron had come to his room. Strangely, John felt somewhat relieved that she was there.

“You seemed to be exhibiting more stress than normal in the War Room. I wanted to make sure you were alright.” Cameron stated as she walked slowly towards John. While the statement itself was true Cameron also felt that there was more to it than that. Cameron had begun to notice that John’s anxiety appeared to be affecting her as well. For that matter all of John’s emotions appeared to be affecting her to some degree. Cameron felt compelled to try to comfort him. This was more so the reason that she had come into his room without asking permission. While attempting to reassure John would have been the logical thing to do, Cameron’s feelings appeared stronger than just a need to reassure him. She felt genuinely concerned for him. Cameron was still unsure as to why she felt this way.

“Do you believe that your actions will help win the trust of the T-1001?” She asked. John sighed and looked at her,

“I’m not sure. And I hate to risk this much on a guess.” John ran his hands through his hair in frustration as he spoke. Instinctively Cameron reached out and touched him on the arm in an attempt to comfort him and quietly spoke,

“This will work…It’s a good plan.” Cameron instantly realized what she had just done. This was the first time she had ever touched John in this fashion. Cameron stood there for a moment somewhat frozen and unsure of her actions. In an instant a strange sense of fear and anxiety swept over her, but at the same time she felt compelled to not pull away from John. Cameron stood their just looking at him. John noticed this as well. He did not move either; an array of conflicting emotions came over him. John noticed that Cameron’s touch had a unique calming effect on him, but at the same time John felt somewhat uneasy and nervous. However, more so than any of his other emotions John felt himself strangely drawn to Cameron. Both John and Cameron stood there for a moment not moving and just staring at each other. Cameron’s hand remained on John’s arm. The entire room was dead silent, neither one wanted to move. Finally Cameron spoke breaking the silence that surrounded them,

“John…” He was completely unable to speak. “It’s time to go…” She said. Broken from their trance both John and Cameron stepped slightly away from each other.

“Yes we should.” John replied. Both John and Cameron walked out of his room and headed back towards the War Room.


*2 Weeks Later*

Cameron walked down the corridor of Serrano Point towards John‘s quarters. The crew of the Jimmy Carter had just returned. Their report was disturbing to say the least. Qweeg had been destroyed, two crew members had been killed and the T-1001 had refused John’s offer to join them. Cameron also felt that Commander Flores had not been completely honest with her and that her actions had been far from professional. Still she felt the need to talk to John before anything was decided. Cameron noticed that she felt uneasy about discussing this with John. Not that John would be angry with her for the events that had unfolded on the Jimmy Carter but Cameron had found she disliked bringing John bad news. She was still slightly unsure of why this was occurring. Since the night that she had touched John, Cameron found herself more and more drawn to him. She could not explain why she felt this way but only knew that when she was apart from him she felt the overwhelming desire to be with John again. By this time Cameron had reached John’s quarters, she quietly unlocked the door from the outside and stepped in. For reasons unbeknownst to her John had recently given her a key to his quarters. As far as Cameron knew John had never done this with anyone before due to the possible security risks. She knew that John had recently begun to trust her more so than others but this action still surprised her. Upon entering John’s quarters she observed him asleep on his bed.

“I should wake him.” Cameron thought to herself. But for some reason she did not move. She just stood their silently watching John sleep. She tilted her head slightly to the side studying his face. Cameron was very uncertain as to why she was doing this. Lately her actions around John had become slightly unpredictable.

“Cameron?!” John spoke as he was startled awake.

“I’m sorry I did not mean to startle you.” she said.

“You know my mother used to do that.”

“Used to do what?”

“Watch me sleep…I always hated it.” Cameron felt slightly hurt by this comment. However, she was highly confused as to why this remark had produced an emotional response.

“It feels different with you though.” John continued.

“What do you mean?” John was slightly unsure of how to answerer this question. He noticed that even though Cameron had startled him by being there he felt safer knowing that she was.

“I guess I know if you’re around” John paused “I’m safe.” Cameron felt a very strong feeling of reassurance come upon her when John said this. Both were silently for a moment, then with some reluctance Cameron spoke.

“I have some bad news about the Jimmy Carter.” John sat up instantly when she said this.

“What happened?”

“The Jimmy Carters DSRV just returned. According to Commander Flores they opened the cryogenic box that the T-1001 was in and it killed a Petty Officer Goodnow.” John buried his face in one of his hands,

“You’re kidding me.”

“No.” Cameron continued, “It was after this that Commander Flores stated that a riot broke out on the ship and Qweeg was forced to kill crewman Deets in order to quell a possible mutiny. Commander Flores stated that after Qweeg would not discuss the particulars of the mission with her, she felt that Qweeg was malfunctioning and ordered him to submit to chip extraction. When he refused Commander Flores destroyed him using a plasma rifle and scuttled the Jimmy Carter to prevent the escape of the T-1001.” John was sitting up on the edge of his bed at this point staring at Cameron. He put his head in his hands,

“He didn’t submit to chip extraction because I told him to override all protocols for the success of this mission.”

“I know John.” John looked back up at Cameron and somewhat angrily replied,

“What the hell was Flores thinking??!!”

“Commander Flores felt that the T-1001 was a threat due to her actions in the death Petty Officer Goodnow.”

“Did Goodnow do anything to provoke the T-1001?”

“Commander Flores did state that Goodnow raised her rifle out of fear upon seeing the T-1001.” John clenched his jaw in frustration.

“That’s why I didn’t want any of them to know about that thing. I knew one of them wouldn’t be able to handle it.” Cameron hesitated for a moment continued,

“There is something else as well.” John’s growing disheartenment became ever apparent to Cameron. “The T-1001 informed Commander Flores to tell you that the answer is no.” John closed his eyes and sighed.

“Son of a bitch… Where is Flores now?”

“She is in the crew quarters. But there is something else you should know.”

“What’s that?” John asked somewhat annoyed. He felt slightly guilty about directing his current frustration towards Cameron but also hoped that she would understand.

“Commander Flores was pregnant at the time of this mission. However, due to the events surrounding the mission she is no longer pregnant.” John paused for a moment before speaking.

“That still doesn’t excuse her actions.” Cameron nodded her head in agreement. John ran his hands through his hair as he thought.

“Possibly one of the most valuable strategic resources available to us and we just got screwed because of a couple of paranoid crewmen. What are the chances the T-1001 survived the scuttling of the sub?”

“It is very likely the T-1001 may have survived. The depth of the Jimmy Carter would not have been sufficient to destroy a T-1001.” John shook his head.

“Not that it matters now.” He thought for a moment. “Have Flores confined to her quarters till we can get some officers together for a court marshal.” Cameron nodded again. Then Cameron spoke again,

“John will you be alright?” Her level of concern about John still somewhat of a mystery to her.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine.” He looked at Cameron and felt some of his stress begin to fade away, “Thanks for asking.” There was another moment of silence between the two.

“I should go and inform the MP‘s of Commander Flores situation.” Cameron stated somewhat reluctantly. John nodded his head and Cameron slowly turned and walked out of his room.

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