Final Days Chapter 21


John stood in the war room staring at one of the satellite images on the computer screen hanging from the ceiling.

“How long till the HK’s are in weapons range?”

“Two minutes sir.” John nodded his head. He had just learned that the ground HK’s that had attacked Point Mugu were nearing his armored division to the southeast of Serrano Point.

“Tell Captain Parker to engage the HK’s as soon as they are in range.”

“Yes sir.” One of the Sergeants responded. John turned to Cameron,

“And so it begins.”

The shoreline was quite. Nothing but the lapping of waves and the steady drone of several M1 Abram tank engines could be heard. All of the soldiers waited quietly at their positions staring out into the ocean. Some of them watched the sun rise as they did this and felt its rays beginning to warm the area around them. Several scrubbed T-888’s patrolled between the foxholes and pill boxes that were scattered around the beach. John had the men paint blue stripes on these T-888’s so they could be distinguished between Skynet’s T-888’s. The silence of the beach was temporarily broken by the calls of a seagull flying along the coast. At any other time this would have been a peaceful morning but not today. Every soldier knew what was lurking just beneath the waves of the ocean and it was only seconds away from showing itself. Suddenly, out beyond the breaking waves of the shoreline a large wake began to appear. It grew larger and larger as it came closer to the shoreline. Then a second wake began to form next to it, then a third. Finally the Kracken broke through the waterline exposing itself. The massive aircraft like wings were the first to expose themselves, then the rest of the framework came into view. Almost immediately aerial HK’s began to break away from the Kracken’s main body and head towards the shoreline. The second and third Kracken broke through the waterline shortly their after. Their aerial HK’s also broke away almost immediately and headed towards the shoreline.

“Contact with three Kracken Undersea Ships General Connor.” A Sergeant briefly turned away from the communications terminal and looked at John.

“Their aerial HK’s have already been launched.” John turned to Colonel Alexander,

“Launch our Apaches and have the few remaining F-18’s from Point Mugu engage the Krackens.” Almost immediately after John finished his sentence the sounds of anti-aircraft guns began to be heard. John glanced over at Cameron quickly with a somewhat concerned look, however the look in her eyes was yet again comforting to John.

Two aerial HK’s streaked across the shoreline spraying the area with plasma cannon rounds. The entire area had erupted into one massive chaotic battle. The Krackens had run around on the shore and almost immediately began to deploy their T-888’s and ground HK’s. A stinger missile streaked through the air striking one of the aerial HK’s in the right engine. It came crashing to the ground with a large explosion. Several Apache Gun Ships flew parallel to the shoreline running strafing runs on Skynet’s T-888’s that were marching across the beach. The few remaining F-18’s that were left shot through the air towards the three massive Kracken Undersea Ships. The Kracken itself began to launch its surface to air missiles almost immediately. Two of the F-18’s were shot down immediately but two others managed to get through the aerial defenses and began to attack the Krackens. To any normal person that would have been able to look upon the beach it would have appeared to be in a state of complete chaos at this point. Several of Skynet’s ground HK’s were being engaged by Tech Com’s M1 Abram Tanksdivisions and a few Apache Gunship’s. Tech Com’s soldiers and scrubbed Terminator units were fighting valiantly against Skynet’s T-888 landing parties. The area quickly became covered in a haze of smoke from the explosions and fire. The beach itself became absorbed into the deafening sounds of battle.

John stared at the holographic imaging table trying to determine his next move.

“Have our Apaches back up the tank group along the southern front. They seem to be losing some ground there.”

“Yes sir” One of the sergeants quickly turned away from John and began to give orders into the phone he was talking on.

“How are our ground forces doing against the HK’s to the southeast?” John asked. Captain Spears spoke up almost immediately,

“They’re holding their own for the time being. The ground HK’s haven’t advanced any further.”

“Good, make sure to keep me updated with their situation. We can’t have Skynet outflanking us.” Spears nodded his head and responded,

“Yes sir.” John crossed his arms and continued to stair at the holographic images that were playing out before him. He slowly leaned over to Cameron and whispered,

“With these kinds of numbers attacking us, I’m not sure how long we can last.”

“You’ve already survived massively insurmountable odds as is. This will just be another one of those times.” Cameron replied in a calm voice, trying to reassure him.

The beach had already become littered with the bodies of humans and T-888 endoskeletons as the battle raged onward. Most of the F-18’s that had been attacking the Krackens had been shot down. Just one remained. The pilot pressed his attack against the massive ship and released flairs as the Kracken launched its surface to air missiles. The F-18 attacks had managed to inflict some damage onto the Kracken but not enough to significantly hinder their attacking capability. Skynet aerial HK’s continued to spray the shoreline with plasma cannon rounds. Soldiers fell dead almost immediately when they were struck by the high heat rounds. Anti-aircraft rounds streaked over the battlefield from Serrano Point and held the air above the coast in almost a constant state of exploding ammunition. The soldiers commanding the anti-aircraft cannons were trying desperately not to hit their own aerial fleet and still manage to shoot down Skynet aerial HK’s. Tech Com’s tank group fought vigorously against the Skynet ground HK’s. Several of the Tech Com’s soldiers had been issued Javelin anti tank missile launchers and were attempting to back up their Tank groups fighting against Skynet’s ground HK’s. An Apache gunship streaked over the heads of one particular group and launched a Hellfire missile at one of the ground HK’s. It exploded on impact almost cutting the ground HK in half. Despite Tech Com’s valiant efforts, Skynets overwhelming forces had already begun to push Tech Com forces back slowly.

“Skynet will be launching Triple 8 troop transports from the Kracken shortly, prepare the inner perimeter for that.” John said as he looked at Colonel Alexander who was still speaking into the phone in front of him. John stared at the holographic image in front of him. He could already tell that the battle was beginning to turn in Skynets favor. The steady drone of anti aircraft fire could be heard within the War Room. Then suddenly John heard an explosion.

“We just took a hit from one of the Kracken missiles.” Alexander replied. John saw from the display in front of him that even though Serrano Point’s Patriot Missiles were able to destroy most of the incoming missiles that were launched at the base some would still inevitably get through. He searched his mind for idea’s on how to thwart Skynets attack.

An F-18 pilot pulled hard back on his stick as the fighter shot skyward. He pitched hard to the right attempting to avoid the plasma cannon rounds that began to surround his fighter from the aerial HK that was behind him. He rolled hard over and began a dive back for the ground attempting to elude his attacker. The HK was able to match his maneuvers however. The air around his fighter was blanketed in smoke from anti-aircraft fire and numerous missiles were streaking through the air. As he flew along the shore line he saw that Tech Com’s forces were being beaten back by the constant barrage of Skynet forces. His fighter shook as an anti-aircraft round exploded near it. An alarm went off in his cockpit signaling an incoming missile. He broke hard to the right releasing flairs with the flip of a switch on his control stick. The Skynet HK was getting closer by the second. The pilot flew in a large circle around Serrano Point still attempting to evade the HK. As he came back around towards the shoreline and the Krackens he saw that they were launching their T-888 troop transports. The troop transports were larger flat aircraft with 4 large engines to support their weight. While slower than the average aerial HK they contained at least 50 T-888's. The F-18 pilot dove towards the ground only to then pull back on his control stick to avoid striking the ground. He flew at treetop level and saw the ground around him explode from plasma fire from the HK behind him. He knew he had little chance of survival at this point. He accelerated towards one of the troop transports attempting to lock onto it with his last missile. Upon hearing the computer generated lock on tone in his headset he pulled the trigger and released his only remaining missile. The Sidewinder missile streaked across the sky. It arched quickly sideways and then came back towards the troop transport striking it in one of its rear engines. The transport began to spin in an uncontrollable fashion towards the ground. Just then the pilot felt his fighter rock to the right side as his right wing took a hit from a plasma round. Alarms in the cockpit began to go off as the pilot attempted to maintain control of the fighter. Listing to his right and losing airspeed the pilot continued his approach towards one of the Krackens. The pilot felt the fighter begin to shake as he began to lose control of it. He was almost to the Kracken when his fighter took another hit from the plasma cannon from the HK behind him. This round almost tore off his left wing. The fighter began to spin in uncontrollable barrel rolls. But the pilot had been able to position the F-18 so that it was already aimed towards one of the Krackens. The aerial HK remained behind the F-18 firing at it, attempting to stop it but it was to late. The F-18 flew into one of the hanger bays of the Kracken. A large fireball ripped through the interior of the ship damaging it and destroying many T-888’s that were still inside. The aerial HK broke away after the impact and headed back towards Serrano Point.

The Skynet T-888 troop transports streaked over the shoreline headed for Serrano Point. Anti-aircraft fire was a constant around them. Several of them took direct hits and fell from the sky crashing into the ground forming massive explosions. The Apache Gunship’s had turned their attention from the ground HK’s and had begun to attack the troop transports. One troop transport in particular crested the hillside that Serrano Point was located on and was almost to Serrano Points wall's when it took a direct hit to its rear left engine from a Stinger Missile. It lurched to the left and began to lose altitude but continued its trajectory towards Serrano Point. As it crested the wall it took another hit from an anti-aircraft round to its tail which was entirely torn off from the explosion. Being at such a low altitude already it came crashing to the ground into a crumpled heap. However, the T-888’s inside easily survived the impact. One of them tore the door to the troop transports off and began its exit of the air craft. As soon as it came into view of one of the soldiers on the ground he fired his plasma rifle striking the T-888 in the head. It fell back into the transport but more were behind it.

“Sir Skynet has breached the walls. They’re inside our inner perimeter.” One of the Sergeants replied looking at John as he spoke. John clenched his jaw,

“If we begin to loose the inner perimeter have our men pullback inside the power plant. We’ll fight them in the corridors if we have to.” He turned to the rest of the men standing in the room and Cameron.

“Arm yourselves.” Cameron walked over to a storage cabinet located on the wall and unlocked it. She retrieved two plasma rifles. One for her and one for John; She walked back over to John and handed him a rifle. He glanced down at it and then he pulled back the charging handle on the rifle chambering a round.

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