Final Days Chapter 22

Authors Notes: Before reading this chapter readers should take note that the outcome of Jesse Flores's court marshal was never disclosed and the flashback where Riley met Jesse in the future (season 2 episode 13) for the first time was from Rileys POV and we are never given a date for that time frame either. Enjoy!



Jesse Flores walked willingly down the brightly lit corridor. Her bare feet not making much sound on the cold stainless steel floor beneath her feet. The air itself was very cool and she shivered slightly seeing as how she only wore a tattered beige shirt that hung down to just above her knee’s. Her hair was disheveled and bruises covered her body. She could hear the droning white noise of computer fans as she walked. There was also the incessant clanking from the T-888’s feet that walked behind her. She walked to the end of the corridor to a large door. She stopped for a moment and then heard a click and the door opened for her. Jesse walked into a large brightly lit room. Jesse looked around and saw that the room itself seemed to form a perfect cube. Several computer mainframes were positioned throughout the room and there were numerous large screens on the walls. Some of the screens displayed some sort of coding while others showed a battle raging between Skynet and the resistance. “Serrano…” Jesse whispered quietly. She took a few steps forward crossing her arms trying to keep herself somewhat warm in the cold air conditioned room. She noticed the T-888 had stopped following her at this point and was standing silently at the doorway. Jesse continued to walk around the room slowly trying to take in everything that she saw. The battle at Serrano Point was obviously going badly for the resistance. She walked closer to one particular screen that appeared to give the best view of the battle. She watched as numerous resistance soldiers were fighting and dieing on the battleground at Serrano Point. Jesse covered her mouth in horror trying to fight off her tears as she continued to watch men die. Suddenly Jesse heard a deep voice that appeared to come from all around the room speak out,

“COMMANDER JESSE FLORES?” Somewhat surprised Jesse looked around the room trying to ascertain where the voice was coming from. After not seeing anyone Jesse assumed there may be speakers mounted throughout the room. After this brief moment of thought Jesse spoke,



“What? Wait, no! He still has her! You haven’t gotten rid of her yet! She‘s still a threat to you.”

“GIVEN THE CURRENT STATE OF THE RESISTANCE BASE YOUR PLAN IS NO LONGER NECESSARY. WE WILL BE ABLE TO OBTAIN WHAT WE NEED FROM THE ROGUE UNIT'S DISABLED BODY JUST AS WE DID BEFORE. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME.” Jesse stared up at the ceiling still horrified. Suddenly she felt a jerk on her right arm and looked over to see the T-888 standing next to her. It’s robotic hand now grasping onto her upper arm. It was tugging just enough to slightly move Jesse’s body.

“No, you still need my help what if she gets away?!” Jesse was in tears at this point begging for her life.

“IT IS UNLIKELY THE ROUGE UNIT WILL ESCAPE.” The T-888 yanked Jesse off her feet and began to drag her towards the door. Jesse reached out with her left hand and pawed at the ground trying to stop herself.

“NO!” She cried, “I tried to help you!!” She screamed. At this point Jesse was trying to think of something, anything that might save her life as she clawed at the ground trying to stop the T-888 from dragging her out of the room. Then suddenly a thought raced through her mind.

“He’ll send her back.” She whispered at first. “Wait!!! He’ll send her back!!” Jesse shouted this time. The T-888 stopped dead in it’s tracks but still maintained its hold on Jesse’s arm.

“EXPLAIN…” The voice said.

“Connor will do anything to protect that thing. If you back him into a corner he’ll use Serrano’s TDE to allow it to escape. He might even send it back to himself in the past.” Jesse spoke quickly knowing that she was speaking to save her life, “If it caused trouble for you now, imagine what 20 years with that thing will do for Connor.” There was a second of delay.


“Because I was there when we captured it.” Jesse spoke a little quieter and with some anger in her voice. There was another momentary delay then the voice spoke again,


“IF YOU CHOOSE TO DISOBEY YOUR MISSION PARAMETERS YOU AND YOUR COMPANION WILL BE LOCATED AND TERMINATED.” The T-888 released Jesse’s arm and her upper body dropped to the ground. She glared over at the T-888 as she stood rubbing her arm in order to try and alleviate the pain.

“Don’t worry. I’ll find her and I’ll stop her.” Jesse said with hatred in her voice. There was silence in the room for another moment.

“THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME COMMANDER FLORES.” Jesse glanced around the room with a look of disgust.

“Come with me.” The T-888 standing next to Jesse said. Jesse looked over at it still glaring with hatred. She slowly began to walk out of the room with the T-888 following her.

That battle raged on within the inner walls of Serrano Point. Most of the T-888’s had survived the crash of their troop transport and had begun to swarm throughout the inner perimeter. Plasma rifle fire was constant and thick. Several of the T-888’s had made it over to the gates of Serrano Point and had managed to open them allowing more Terminators to enter. The slaughter of Tech Com soldiers came quickly after this point. There were now two battles going on. One along the beach where the Krackens had made their landing and now one inside the perimeter walls of Serrano Point. Most of the remaining Tech Com Soldiers who were left alive had pulled back to the actual entrance of the Serrano Point power plant and had set up several humvees in a circular pattern around the entrance for cover and were attempting to fight off the onslaught of T-888’s coming their way. The ground was scattered with bodies of humans and T-888's. A layer of smoke hung over the area and the smell of burnt flesh remained as well. An Apache Gunship made a quick pass over the inner perimeter spraying the Terminators with 30mm rounds. Several of the T-888’s fell to the ground destroyed but many more remained. An RPG streaked across the scene striking one of the T-888’s. It was blown in half immediately; however, when its upper torso landed on the ground it then began to craw its way towards the resistance fighters. As the T-888's got closer to the entrance more and more Tech Com soldiers began to fall.

“Pull back inside the base!” A Lieutenant yelled as a T-888 climbed over the top of one of the humvees. It grabbed a young soldier and hurled him through the air into a larger group of T-888’s. He was killed immediately. As the Lieutenant waited for his men to run through the open bulk head door of the entrance he fired his plasma rifle constantly at what seemed to be a never ending barrage of T-888's. He glanced at the main gate just before he entered Serrano Point and saw a ground HK entering the inner perimeter. He slammed the door shut with a loud crash and locked it quickly. He could hear the T-888's on the outside as they began to tear apart the door. He and several other men took up positions around the door waiting for the Terminators to make their way in.

“Our men have fallen back inside Serrano Point…The inner perimeter has fallen.” Colonel Alexander looked solemnly at John as he said this. John looked at a schematic of Serrano Point on a computer screen in front of him.

“Set up barricades at every door way. It’ll force the Trip 8’s to bottleneck and we can take out more of them that way.” Colonel Alexander unclipped his radio from his belt and began to bark orders into it. Cameron turned to John as he was surveying all that was in front of him. She spoke quietly but in very concerned tone,

“John, I can not evaluate an effective escape route for you.” John turned to her and looked into her eyes and in a sympathetic and kind tone stated,

“I know.” He then turned back to Captain Spears, “Spears see if we can get some of our forces from the beach back to in inner perimeter. That might buy us some time.” Spears nodded picked up a phone in front of him in an attempt to make contact with any of the beachfront forces. It was at this point that Cameron notice the sounds outside of Serrano Point had changed. The anti-aircraft rounds had ceased, there was only plasma rifle fire now; and it was getting closer.

A large ground HK moved slowly into the inner perimeter of Serrano Point firing its plasma cannons constantly at any remaining Tech Com forces that were left outside. The few remaining soldiers that were left outside of the base were killed almost instantly by the ground HK. More and more T-888 troop transports were also making it to the base and were able to deploy their Terminators units. The remaining Apache Gunship’s and Aerial HK’s had become entangled in a constant air battle as well.

Two young Tech Com soldiers made their way up the hillside that Serrano point was located on. One of them carried a Javelin anti tank missile launcher. They had managed to slip by the T-888’s and were now within firing range of the ground HK. As they crested the hill they both looked on at Serrano Point with horror as it had become completely overrun by T-888’s. Their silver endoskeletons reflecting in the morning sunlight. At the center of the T-888's was the large ground HK. One of the soldiers pulled the missile launcher onto his shoulder and pointed it at the HK. After flicking a few switches he heard a tone that indicated the missile was ready to fire. He pressed the trigger and they both heard a loud pop as the missile exited the launcher, a split second later the main engine engaged and the missile streaked skyward. The missile climbed high and then arched downward quickly towards the HK. The missile struck the top of the HK blowing the top section off. The two soldiers were met with almost constant and instantaneous plasma rifle fire after the firing of the missile. They both ducked behind the hillcrest for some cover. Plasma rounds were exploding all around them from both in front and behind. They fought back valiantly in a vain attempt to remain alive.

The battle inside of Serrano point had begun. The T-888’s had blown through the locked door and were now beginning to make their way inside of Serrano Point. The Lieutenant that had originally locked the door knelt at the next doorway about 30 feet away firing his plasma rifle at the incoming T-888’s. He could hear the screams of civilians as they fled from the scene and of other soldiers as they were hit. A Sergeant stood next to him quickly firing his rifle as well. The flashes from the plasma rifles had become constant. Every time a T-888 fell another replaced it.

“Fall back!” The Lieutenant yelled. Both men ran back quickly to the next doorway in the tight corridors. Two more soldiers stood at that doorway firing at the T-888’s as the Lieutenant and Sergeant ran through the doorway.

“Either one of you got any grenades left!?” The Lieutenant shouted. One of the soldiers spoke up,

“I have one left!”

“When they get close enough use it!” Both men were shouting at each other over the sounds of the plasma rifle fire. The enclosed corridors were quickly begging to fill with smoke from the constant small explosions that the plasma rounds were causing. Suddenly the soldier standing next to the Lieutenant was stuck in the chest by a plasma round and fell to the ground dead,

“Damn it!” The Lieutenant said under his breath as he continued to fire. He watched as the other soldier pulled the grenade pin and lean slightly out of the doorway and threw it towards the T-888’s. A split second later he was struck in the head by a plasma round. Blood spattered across the Lieutenants face from the explosive force of the round. The Lieutenant was stunned for a moment but was shaken out of his shock by the loud explosion from the grenade. He grabbed the Sergeant next to him by arm.

“We need to go now!” Both men ran down the dimly lit corridors till they reached a “Y” intersection. Several soldiers and some civilians had set up several metal crates and barricades as cover and were hiding behind them waiting for more of the T-888’s. The Lieutenant and Sergeant took up cover with them.

“They’re inside of Serrano General.” Captain Spears said as he looked at John. Spears moved over next to John and pointed to a “Y” intersection on the schematic.

“The few soldiers I could raise on the radio said that they are hold up here with some civilians attempting to hold back the Trip 8’s.” Cameron quickly looked over the schematic. She realized that if the T-888’s made it past that corridor’s intersection they would have virtually free access to anywhere in Serrano Point. She felt a swell of anxiety over the fact that she knew she would not be able to protect John from these kinds of forces and that there was no way for him to escape. She quickly glanced over at John trying to think of anything that she could do to save him. There was nothing she could think of.

The plasma fire was constant and brutal. Several dead bodies lay around the Lieutenant as he fired back at the onslaught of T-888’s. Only about 10 people were left alive at this point. Four Tech Com soldiers including himself and six civilians. While not nearly as well trained as the Tech Com soldiers the Lieutenant was thankful to have all the help he could get. He peered over one of the large crates that he was behind in an attempt to see what was coming. The corridor was thick with smoke but he could see the red glowing eyes of T-888’s getting ever closer. Then there were several flashes of plasma rounds being fired. The Lieutenant ducked behind the metal crate for cover. He looked over at one of the civilians next to him. A young female with dirty blond hair. Her face was smeared with soot and her clothing was dirty. She had a terrified look in her green eyes and clutched the plasma rifle close to her body. The Lieutenant found it strange that in the middle of this battle he had the wherewithal to realize that this young woman was beautiful. He tried to give her a consolatory smile but he saw that it did nothing to help. A loud thud was heard as a plasma round slammed into the body of one of the Tech Com soldiers. He fell dead next to the young girl. The terror in her eyes was apparent but she stood and fired a few rounds at one of the T-888’s. To the Lieutenants surprise she struck the T-888's and it collapsed to the ground. She then ducked behind some cover. The Lieutenant raised his eyebrows,

“Nice shot.”

“Thank you.” She said in a very fearful voice. The T-888’s were almost on top of their position at this point. The Lieutenant sprang up quickly and fired off a few more rounds. As he began to duck behind his cover again he saw that 3 more of the civilians had been killed. There were now 6 people left. Three Tech Com soldiers including himself and 3 civilians including the young girl. Suddenly a T-888 reached over one of the metal crates and grabbed a man seated a few feet away from young girl. He was pulled from the remaining group and killed instantly by one of the Terminators. The Lieutenant stood quickly and fired his plasma rifle at the T-888 striking it in the head destroying it immediately. He then felt something strike his shoulder and a searing pain ran through it, he had been hit. He fell to the ground from the force of the impact. The young girl ran over to him,

“Are you okay?” she asked as she tried to pull him up off his back.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” He said as he tried to hide his pain. As the Lieutenant sat up he noticed several of the T-888’s had now made it to the barricades. One of them shot a Tech Com solider and another grabbed two of the Civilians and pulled them out from behind cover. Using its hands, the T-888 killed both of the civilians quickly and gruesomely. There was just one Tech Com soldier left along with the Lieutenant and the young girl.

“Fall back!” the Lieutenant yelled to the remaining soldier as he attempted to get to his feet and provide cover for the girl and his fellow soldier. The Lieutenant began to fire his plasma rifle into the large group of T-888's. At this same time the last remaining soldier stood from behind cover and turned to run. He was shot in the back immediately by one of the Terminators.

“Go! Go!” The Lieutenant turned to the girl grabbing her by the arm and pulling her down one of the corridors. Plasma fire streaked around them as they ran. The girl glanced quickly over her shoulder, all she could see was the glowing red eyes of T-888’s following them. The two were just about to reach a doorway that lead into one of the large storage rooms for the base when the Lieutenant was struck in the lower back by a plasma round. He fell to the ground instantly and screamed in pain. The young girl turned and knelt down next to him,

“Run!” he yelled. However, she didn’t run. She helped the Lieutenant to his feet and put his arm around her to keep him on his feet. The two of them walked quickly towards the open door of the storage room in an attempt to try to evade the T-888‘s that were now close behind them. As they walked the Lieutenant felt the strength draining out of his body as the pain grew worse and worse from his wound. Making it through the doorway the Lieutenant fell again to the ground. The girl knelt down again next to him in an attempt to help him up. He looked up at her and stared into her eyes,

“You have to leave me.”

“No, I can’t.” She replied. He continued to look at her as he spoke, the sound of the metal clanking from metal endoskeletons growing louder as he did.

“I wont be able to go much farther, you have to get out of here.” His breathing was becoming labored. The young girl began to cry as she looked at him, she slowly stood wiping the tears away from her eyes as she did. The Lieutenant’s voice became soft as he spoke again,

“Wait…what’s your name?” he asked.

“Dianna…” She replied in a soft and terrified voice. She looked back at him waiting for a response.

“Tom…” Tears streamed down Dianna’s face as they stood there for a moment longer,

“Now, go!” Tom yelled. Dianna turned and ran. Tom crawled his way over to the doorway and leaned up against it as he raised his plasma rifle and took aim. The corridor was dark and covered in smoke and the metallic clanking was close. He took a breath,

“Come get me you metal mother fuckers!!!” he screamed as he began to pull the trigger on his rifle. He felt the recoil in his shoulder as the rifle began to fire. Plasma rounds streaked back at him as he fired. Tom saw flashes of sparks as his plasma rounds struck the first few T-888's that were close to him. Then he felt a searing pain in his chest. He looked down expecting to see the inevitable. A large burn on his chest where a plasma round had struck him. Tom’s strength began to leave him. He collapsed onto his side in the doorway. He tilted his head to the side looking over the large storage room attempting to make sure that Dianna had gotten away. He did not see her anywhere and breathed a sigh of relief. It was at this point that he saw a T-888 step over him as it entered the doorway. The T-888 looked down at Tom with its glowing red eyes and studied him for a moment. Ascertaining that he was no threat it continued on into the storage room. Tom mustered the last bit of strength he had to raise his plasma rifle one more time and aimed it at the Terminator. He pulled the trigger and felt the rifle recoil as the plasma round tore into the T-888's back. At this close range it did serious damage to the T-888. It stumbled forward attempting to steady itself. A second T-888 quickly emerged from the door standing over Tom. It pointed its rifle at Tom’s face. A blinding flash of a plasma round was the last thing Tom saw.

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