Final Days Chapter 23


Things had become desperate inside the War Room. Communication between John and his soldiers had begun to break down and Skynet had managed to make entry inside of Serrano Point. Cameron quickly scanned the room’s two entrances attempting to guard John as best she could. The anxiety she felt knowing that T-888’s could be just outside was almost overwhelming for her.

“Colonel, can we get any positive ID’s on where exactly Skynet is within our base?” John asked as he and Captain Spears studied the schematics for Serrano Point. Alexander looked over at the communication Sergeant sitting across from him.

“I’m getting a lot of cross talk but I’m not able to ascertain any specific location from what I’m getting.” The Sergeant said with a slightly concerned look on his face, then he continued,

“Last I heard we had troops down near a junction just 30 yards from here. If I check in with them I might be able to relay a better location back to you sir.” Colonel Alexander thought for a moment,

“Do it.” The Sergeant jumped up and ran from his seat over to one of the entrances to the war room. He unbolted the door and began to open it. Suddenly he was struck in the chest by a plasma round and fell back onto the floor dead.

“Shit!” Alexander responded as he raised his rifle and pointed it towards the door. Plasma fire began to pour into the war room. Cameron quickly grabbed John and dragged him to the end of the imaging table opposite the open door and pushed him down behind it for cover. Colonel Alexander, Captain Spears, the remaining RADAR Sergeant and Cameron began to fire their plasma rifles at the open door. Sparks from explosions flew throughout the War Room as plasma rounds struck the walls, computers, and other various objects throughout the room. Cameron kept John pinned to the ground behind the heavy steal imaging table as she continued to fire her plasma rifle.

“Cameron!” he yelled.

“Stay down John, I can’t let anything happen to you.” She responded as she continued to fire. The room itself became enveloped in plasma rifle fire and the firefight created bright flashes causing an almost strobing effect inside the room. Sparks few and smoke began to form in the air around Cameorn. Finally the firing stopped. Thick smoke covered the corridor up to the War Room door and the smoke continued to creep into the room itself. Alexander quickly took this time to reload his plasma rifle, dropping the nearly empty magazine onto the floor beneath him and slapping a fresh magazine into the rifle. No sooner did he do this than a T-888 quickly emerged into the War Room out of the smoke filled corridor. It began to spray the interior of the room with its plasma chain cannon. The RADAR Sergeant was the first to be hit multiple times and fell to the ground dead. Cameron began to raise her rifle again as she had just averted her eyes for the moment to check and make sure John was okay. In that same instance Colonel Alexander was hit by a plasma round. Both Cameron and Captain Spears opened fire on the T-888 striking it multiple times. It collapsed to the ground incapacitated. Cameron scanned the room and down the corridor again cycling between her different modes of eyesight ensuring that there were no remaining threats. Captain Spear looked over at her,

“Is it clear?”

“I believe so yes.” Cameron said as she slowly stood allowing John to stand as well, he looked at her slightly annoyed that she had kept him out of the fight but at the same time glad that she had acted so quickly to save his life.

“Colonel?!” Spears yelled as he ran over the Colonel Alexander who was leaning up against what was left of the imaging table clutching a plasma burn on his stomach. John joined Spears next to Alexander. As he did this Cameron walked over to the disabled T-888. She quickly took out her knife and was able to retrieve its chip from its CPU.

“What are you doing?” John asked as he attempted to stop the bleeding that was coming from Alexander’s stomach.

“I’m going to hack its chip, it may give us some idea of what Skynets ultimate plan here is.” Colonel Alexander laughed slightly when she said this,

“I think there plan is to destroy humanity.” Cameron ignored this comment however and walked over one of the remaining lap top computers and connected the T-888's chip to it.

“This will take a few minutes.” She stated as she looked over at John. John looked over at Captain Spears,

“Cover the door while she takes care of that.” Spears jumped up and walked over to the door and knelt down slightly behind the doorframe scanning the corridor in front of him for threats. Cameron turned away from the lap top and looked over at Colonel Alexander,

“It is likely that he has severe internal bleeding and blood loss. He needs to be taken to the infirmary immediately.” John nodded and moved towards Alexander to help him to his feet.

“No, leave me here” Alexander responded, “I’ll hold off whatever trip 8’s are left.” He looked at Cameron,

“Get General Connor to the TDE room, it’s the most secure area in this base, you might be able to hold out a bit longer there. It could also buy you some time to try and figure out what their plan is.” John looked at Alexander slightly perplexed. Next to General Perry, Colonel Alexander had become one of John’s best men and he felt highly conflicted to leave him behind. Alexander could see the doubt in Johns eyes and he reached up and grabbed John by the shoulder grimacing in pain as he did,

“If you die, we all die,” He then looked back over at Cameron, “Get him out of here.” Cameron nodded and stepped over towards John, she put her hand on his shoulder,

“John…” She said. John slowly stood and turned to walk out of the room, Cameron picked up the laptop that still had the T-888's chip connected to it and walked over to the remaining locked door of the War Room. Cameron unbolted the door and opened it, quickly scanning the corridor in front or her for threats. When she saw that there were none she motioned for John to follow her. John took one last look back at Colonel Alexander and then walked out of the room. Alexander forced himself to stand and walked over to the doorway with his rifle where Spears was kneeling. When he arrived at the door, Spears turned and looked up at him. Alexander thought for a moment then spoke,

“Well don’t just stand there Spears go with him!” Captain Spears looked at him slightly confused then Alexander spoke again, “General Connor is going to need all the help he can get…besides we can’t very well have metal saving his ass now can we?” Alexander gave a slight smile after finishing his statement. Spears knelt there slightly conflicted for a moment but also knowing he would not be able to change Colonel Alexander’s mind. He stood,

“Yes Sir.” Spears turned and ran out of the room in the direction John and Cameron had went. Colonel Alexander leaned against the doorframe with his rifle. He slowly reached into his pocket and took out a half-empty pack of cigarettes. He slipped a cigarette into his mouth and replaced the pack back in his pocket. By this time he heard the metallic clanking of T-888 footsteps beginning to echo down the corridor in front of him. He quickly raised the lighter that he had found in his pocket to his mouth and lit the cigarette, a quick puff of smoke came out of his mouth. He placed the lighter back in his pocket and crossed his rifle across his body stabilizing it with his left hand.

“Come get me you bastards…” he said as he raised his riffle aiming it down the corridor.

Cameron led John and Captain Spears down the darkened corridors of Serrano point towards the TDE. She kept her rifle raised and scanned for any threats as they walked. She rounded the corner towards the room that housed the TDE and then stopped suddenly. She looked down the corridor towards the large set of blast doors that guarded the TDE, she saw that both guards were dead and two T-888’s were standing over their bodies. Almost as soon Cameron noticed the T-888’s they noticed her. Both turned and raised their rifles to fire, Cameron quickly pushed John back down the corridor they had come from getting him out of the line of fire. She dropped the laptop she was carrying and then proceeded to walk in the opposite direction away from John attempting to draw the fire of the two T-888’s. She fired her plasma rifle at the closest T-888 striking it in the chest, its power source exploded into a display of sparks, and it dropped to its knees and then fell flat. The second T-888 began to fire at Cameron who cotinued to return fire.

“CAMERON!!!” John screamed as he began to move towards her again to try and provide some cover fire. Cameron struck the remaining T-888 in the lower hip and it stumbled forwards slightly trying to stead itself, at this same time John leaned around from the corner that he was behind and took aim at the T-888. The second the Terminator saw John Connor it identified him immediately. It then completely ignored Cameron and began to fire at John. Cameron began to spray the area with plasma rounds and struck the T-888 several more times before it fell to the ground. Cameron slowly approached the two disabled Terminators with her rifle raised attempting to ascertain if they were in deed deactivated. John and Captain Spears who at this point had retrieved Cameron’s lap top from the ground where she had dropped it followed closely behind with their rifles raised as well. Cameron reached the first T-888 and studied it careful. It was indeed deactivated. She began to look up at the second T-888 but as she did it sat up quickly and fired its plasma rifle one time. Cameron quickly shot it several more times in the chest completely destroying it. She turned quickly only to feel horror quickly come over her. She observed John drop to his knee’s. He had been struck in the midsection by the plasma round.

“JOHN!” she screamed. Cameron was able to catch John in her arms before he fell forwards. “John…John…” She said as she began to check over his injury. Captain Spears while still in a state of some shock quickly turned and began to scan the area behind them for oncoming threats.

“I think more are coming. We need to get into the TDE room now if we’re going to stand any type of a chance.” Spears said as he looked at John and Cameron. Cameron had tears in her eyes as she looked at John but forced herself to move. She placed John’s arm around her and helped him to his feet. He grimaced as they stood trying to hide his pain from her but it was still apparent. She walked over to the blast doors computer panel and placed her hand on palm print reader. The laser scanned from the tip of her fingers down to her palm. It beeped and a numeric touch pad came up on the screen. Cameron entered the correct code, “090227”. The alarm sounded and the doors began to slowly open. John groaned in pain as Cameron held him on his feet.

“Hang on John.” She said in a concerned voice towards him. Spears knelt near the center of the corridor as they waited for the doors to open in an attempt to continue to provide some cover. The metal clanking of oncoming T-888’s was becoming more apparently now. The doors finally opened enough and Cameron walked John through the doors and Spears followed closely behind. As they entered the TDE room Spears quickly moved over to the doors computer panel and began to re-close the doors. He placed his rifle along the wall and set the laptop that was connected to the T-888's chip on the ground and began to work on it.

Cameron slowly set John on the ground in front of her and leaned him up against the wall. She had her hand placed over his midsection attempting to stop the bleeding. John groaned as she applied some pressure to it. She grimaced upon seeing him in pain,

“I’m sorry John.” She said.

“It’s okay Cam…”

“No, its not…” She replied looking at the ground almost in tears at this point, “I’m supposed to protect you.” John slowly cupped his hand around Cameron’s cheek and raised her head to look at him,

“You have…” The pain in John’s chest was growing stronger and he could feel himself getting weaker. Cameron looked into John’s eyes,

“There’s something I need to tell you.” She said, John looked at her waiting for her to continue, “John I…” her words were cut off by the loud sound of banging against the TDE room’s blast doors. Both John and Cameron looked up as they heard the noise. At the same time Captain Spears came walking over.

“We have a more serious problem than we thought…”

“What is it?” John asked.

“Skynet’s not necessarily here for the TDE or General Connor.” Cameron looked at Spears slightly confused,

“What are they here for then?”

“Everyone…Including you.” Cameron looked at Captain Spears slightly surprised. He continued, “I think along with wiping out humanity Skynet wants to know why some of its Terminators have chosen not to follow their programming." Cameron felt fear and anxiety come over her at the idea of being recaptured and brought back to Skynet. Her missing two days before activation played heavily on her mind. The pounding on the blast doors was getting even louder at this point. It became obvious to Cameron that in a matter of minutes the T-888’s would be through the door.

“But there’s another issue.” Spears broke Cameron’s train of thought. “It looks like Skynet has managed to gather enough resources to begin operating another TDE. At any moment they could be sending something back to kill John or do whatever else it is they want done.” Cameron looked back at John whose face was now beginning to pail due to his blood loss. Tears welled up in her eyes as she spoke,

“John you have to send me back…” John looked at Cameron with shock,

“No, I can’t…I wont lose you…” He paused, “I need you..” A tear rolled down Cameron’s face as she looked at John the pounding of the T-888’s on the door still evident in the background.

“John, you have to. I can stop all of this…I can save you.” Spears quickly realized that this was possibly the only thing they could do and proceeded to move over to the computer control panel of the TDE and began to power the devise up. John’s eyes filled with tears,

“I don’t wanna lose you Cam.” He said as he looked at her. Cameron eyes were slightly bloodshot and her cheek was still wet from the tear that had rolled down it.

“You wont lose me…I’ll still be with you.” Cameron leaned forward and kissed John. He gently caressed her face as she kissed him. Cameron then stood up and took a step back away from him.

“Do whatever you have to do to survive.” John said, “I don’t care what anyone tells you…even me.” Cameron nodded then looked over at Spears,

“It’s ready whenever you are” he said. The room itself was now becoming enveloped by the humming sound of the TDE’s generators along with the pounding of the T-888’s on the blast door.

“When am I going back to?” She asked Spears.

“The Trip 8’s chip didn’t have to much information about when exactly they were going to send their Terminators back to; but, as far as I could tell it wasn’t before late 1999. So I’m going to send you back to June 25th, 1999.” Cameron nodded her head and looked back at John who still sat there with a look of disbelief on his face. She slightly cocked her head to the side studying his face believing it would be the last time she would see this version of John. Cameron then removed her jacket and let it drop to the floor. She turned to head towards the Center of the TDE platform.

“Cameron wait!” John partially yelled over the noise that was now echoing throughout the room. She turned and looked at him, with tears still in her eyes. John hesitated for a moment looking at her also attempting to fight off the tears.

“Cameron…” He paused slightly, “Cameron I love you…” Cameron felt the tears begin to roll down her face. She walked quickly back over to John and cupped her hands around his face and kissed him again. All time appeared to stop momentarily for the two as they kissed each other. Cameron had never felt such a strong emotion as the one she felt right now for John. After another moment or two they finally parted. Cameron took a step away from John and saw a tear roll down his cheek. She paused for a moment still looking at him, then she spoke,

“I love you too..” she said, her voice almost cracking. Cameron turned slowly away from John and began to walk towards the center platform of the TDE. She unlaced her boots and removed them along with her sox. She slowly stripped off her shirt as she walked down the walkway towards the center of the TDE and let it also drop to the ground. She continued to walk away from John as she removed her BDU pants and let them fall away. She felt the cold stainless steal floor beneath her feet as she walked naked down the center walkway towards the center platform of the TDE. The cool wind created by the TDE itself blew against her skin. It blew her brown hair back slightly as she walked. The tears on her face began to dry slightly from the wind created by the TDE as well. When she reached the center of the platform she turned and knelt down facing John. She looked at him one last time and her real eyes flashed blue beneath her brown irises while looking at him. She then looked over at Captain Spears and nodded. He flicked a few switches and the TDE began to race to full power. The globes that surrounded Cameron began to arch with electrical energy and the noise became deafening. The wind whipped throughout the room and the sound that the T-888’s were making by pounding on the door was almost drowned out by the TDE noise itself. A silver sphere began to slowly form around Cameron as she knelt in the center of the TDE platform. She continued to stare at John as this happened. He mouthed the words,

“I love you.” to her one last time and then there was a loud explosion like sound that echoed throughout the room and Cameron disappeared into a silver sphere. Both John and Spears were quite for a moment still staring at the platform as the TDE began to power down. Suddenly there was a loud bang and John turned towards the blast doors to see them beginning to be pride open by one of the T-888’s. Spears quickly picked up his plasma rifle and began to fire at the door striking the initial T-888 that was attempting to make it through. John attempted to steady himself in order to raise his rifle for a shot but he had become to weak to do so. He could hear the TDE slowly beginning to power down. Spears fired furiously at the oncoming T-888’s that were quickly prying back the blast door further, in an attempt to gain quicker access to the room. John’s hearing and vision was beginning to fade as he continued to lose consciousness from the blood loss. The sounds inside of the TDE room were beginning to fade away. He looked over towards Captain Spears only to see him fall to the ground after being struck in the chest by a plasma round from one of the T-888‘s. John slowly exhaled and slumped over onto his side. He could barely hear the metal clanking of the T-888’s feet as they began to make their way through the blast doors and into the room towards him. But he did feel the cold stainless steal pressed up against his cheek from the floor he was now lying on. John struggled to look up at the Center of the TDE platform where just moments before Cameron had been. He saw movement out of the corner of his eye and realized that a T-888 was standing over him. He fixed his eyes on the center platform and whispered,

“Cameron…” The Time Displacement Equipment then clicked off and there was complete silence for a moment. Suddenly a loud sound of rushing air was heard towards the center of the TDE room. The T-888 standing above John looked up towards the center of the room upon hearing the deafening sound only to then hear what appeared to be an explosion and it saw a white electrified shockwave emanate outwards from the center of the room. It moved quickly towards John and the T-888 and enveloped them. John saw the T-888 disintegrate before his eyes as the shockwave passed over them. It appeared to John that everything was happening in slow motion as the shockwave moved over the entire room. Everything the shockwave touched began to change, the entire room was changing. Then suddenly a quick searing pain came into John’s head and he doubled over and screamed in pain as new memories began to flood into his mind.

“What’s your name?” John turned to see a beautiful young girl sitting behind him looking at him. She wore a black jacket with red trim and red floral designs on it, along with blue jeans. John was immediately caught off guard by her brown eyes. He hesitated for a moment then responded,


“Cameron…” The girl responded with a sweet and perky voice. John nodded his head as he looked at her.

“And no talking while I’m talking…” The middle aged teacher responded while looking at both John and Cameron. A slight chuckle went throughout the classroom as he spoke. John slowly turned his head and glanced back over his shoulder at Cameron. For whatever reason he felt that this was one of the most beautiful girls he had ever seen. He also felt a strange yet calming sensation come over him while looking at her.

Authors Notes: Okay just so everyone knows this IS NOT THE ENDING. There is still much much more to come. In a way, this is only the beginning. Review away!

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