Final Days Chapter 24


John writhed in pain on the floor as all the new memories flooded into his mind. At the same time John could see the entire TDE room beginning to change as the temporal shockwave came into contact with everything within the room. The room itself was becoming smaller and appeared to be collapsing in on itself. New memories flowed threw John’s mind. He remembered chasing after The Turk, meeting Derek, Cromarty, that day in Griffon Park where he first saw Kyle, his father as a young child. Some memories were stronger than other and they appeared to be coming in flashes. Then he remembered Cameron and the car bomb. Her chip malfunction and her attempt to kill him. Then a particularly strong memory suddenly struck John…

The impact from the truck his mother was driving threw John forward almost making him strike the steering wheel of the truck he was in. At the same time this trapped Cameron between the two vehicles. John could hearing the screeching tires from the truck his mother was driving and the smoke from the burning rubber was beginning to rise around the two trucks as the tires continued to spin. John broke out the front window of the truck with the wrench that Cameron had just thrown at him and climbed out of the same opening and made his way down in-between both vehicles where Cameron was trapped. He moved his hand over her head and slid back the skin that was covering her chip port cover. He prepared to open the cover with his screwdriver when Cameron spoke,

“John, you can’t do this, you don’t know what you’re about to do.”

“Yes, I do. You’re gonna kill me.” John replied as he attempted to pry off Cameron’s chip port cover.

“No, John, you can’t do this. You’re not doing the right thing. This is not the right thing John. Things are good now. Things are fine now. I ran a test. Things are good now. I’m fixed now.” John pulled the screwdriver away from Cameron’s head for a moment visibly shaken by Cameron’s statement.

“You can trust me now. Everything is good now” Cameron said.

“What are you waiting for!!” Sarah screamed to John from the truck she was in.

“She doesn’t know, she doesn’t. I’m good now.” Cameron said as John sat frozen for the moment. “I’m good now, I’m good. I ran a test. Everything is perfect, I’m perfect.”

“JOHN!!!” Sarah screamed again.

“I’m sorry for what I did, I’m sorry. It wasn’t me, you have to understand it wasn’t me.” Cameron’s words grew more desperate as she looked up at John with tears beginning to form in her eyes.

“That wasn’t me! You can’t let this happen John, you can‘t.” Cameron begged as John removed her chip port cover with the screwdriver as she spoke.

“Please, listen to me. Listen to me I don’t wanna go, please John, please.” Cameron eyes were now full of tears as she begged for her life.

“John listen to me” she continued, “I don’t wanna go. Please…John…please.” Cameron’s lower lip began to quiver as she begged for her life.

“I’m good now. Listen to me I don’t wanna go, I’m sorry.” Cameron said as she began to cry. “That wasn’t me I’m fixed now, I ran a test everything is perfect. You can trust me.”

“JOHN CONNOR!” Sarah screamed again. This time getting John’s attention.

“I LOVE YOU! I love you, please! I love you John and you love me.” Cameron screamed as she continued to cry. John felt a horrifying feeling sweep over him as she spoke those words. He froze for another moment still looking at Cameron. Then he yanked out her chip. Cameron’s body fell limp on the front of the truck…

John laid on the floor holding his head. All of his memories had not yet come to him,

“What did I do!?” he screamed out loud. “What did I do to her!!” The memories continued to flow through his head. Then he remembered drawing his gun on Sarah, Derek, and Charlie so that he could reactivate Cameron. He remembered her words when she looked at him

“Are you hear to kill me?” She asked. John hesitated for a split second then responded,

“Are you hear to kill me?”

“No…” Cameron said.

“Promise?” John asked as he handed Cameron the handgun that he was holding on her. Cameron hesitated for a moment then looked at him,

“Promise.” and handed him back the gun.
The memories continued to flow through John’s head. His whole life was being altered. He remembered meeting Riley, her death, Cameron giving him the locket with the explosive detonator in it. He also remembered Jesse and her attempt to separate him and Cameron. The memories were almost to much for John to handle. Rescuing Savannah from Catherine Weaver’s house and finally Derek’s death. He remembered looking at Derek lying on the floor with a bullet in his head as his mother bent over him. She gently took out his wallet, and retrieved his gun. Sarah looked up at John and spoke in a solemn voice,

“Keep moving…”

John flashed through giving back Savannah to Mr. Ellison and then John remembered seeing his mother being arrested by a swarm of Police Officers. Meeting with Chola and her message to leave Sarah behind and run and hide with Cameron. The memories for John were almost overwhelming. Then thoughts of Cameron came to him again…
John remembered being awakened by Cameron staring at him as she sat on the bed next to him watching him sleep. This was something his mother used to do and he always hated it. He made it a point to tell Cameron this. John remembered Cameron telling him that she had been solely designed to terminate humans and that she still might kill him one day. He also remembered lying on top of Cameron, her shirt off checking to make sure her power source was still functioning correctly.

“What does it feel like?” Cameron asked as she looked up at John.

“Cold…” John replied softly. “That’s good right?”

“That’s good…That’s perfect…” Cameron responded almost in a whisper. Both John and Cameron laid there for a moment staring into each others eyes. John felt his heart pounding within his chest as he stared down at Cameron. His mind was completely blank and he felt completely unable to move.

“John…” Cameron broke the silence, but then hesitated for another moment before she spoke again. “It’s time to go…”

The memories grew stronger to John as they continued to come. He felt as if he were reliving his life in minutes. He remembered meeting Catherine Weaver for the first time and then the revelation that she was a T-1001 when she saved their life from the aerial HK. He also remembered the horror of finding Cameron’s lifeless body in the basement where John Henry had been.

“John we can‘t” Sarah stated as she shook her head and stepped back away from John.

“He’s got her chip…he’s got her…” John said as he looked at his mother as she slowly stepped away from the temporal sphere that was beginning to form around him and Catherine Weaver.

“Mom…” John replied somewhat shocked that his mother was backing away from him at this point.

“I’ll stop it…” she said as she continued to back away from John. The temporal sphere continued to form around John until he was blinded by a white light and he heard a loud boom.

John was kneeling on the floor naked next to Catherine Weaver. They both stood and John looked around only to see what appeared to be the burnt out remains of what used to be Zeira Corporation's basement. John looked around for a moment trying to take in all that had just happened. He turned back to Catherine and realized that she was now fully clothed.

“Where’s Cameron? Where’s her body?” John asked. Catherine looked at John and very flatly responded,

“It doesn’t go through.” John heard dogs barking in the distance and he could hear soldiers talking. He quickly looked around and saw a jacket lying on a bed. He picked it up and put it on immediately. The soldiers and dogs were getting closer now. John attempted to hide himself and Catherine from them. Both John and Catherine made there way down one of the hallways in an attempt to escape. A young soldier came around the corner in front of them,

“Got one! Got one!” He yelled.

“One what? What?” John replied as he turned to look at Catherine. To his surprise Catherine was gone. “Please, I’m not metal.” John said to the soldier as he held his hands up.

“Don’t move.” The soldier stated. “DON’T MOVE!” The soldier yelled as he made his way closer towards John with his plasma rifle trained on him.

“Please I swear I haven’t got anything, I’m human.” John stated.

“I will blast you…” The soldier stated.

“Stand down!” A very familiar voice came from behind the soldier. Emerging from the darkness was Derek. John looked at him with both a look of shock and awe upon seeing his dead uncle. Derek approached John and looked into his eyes.

“Look in his eyes…” Derek said as he turned to the soldier now standing behind him, “He’s got about as much metal in him as you do.”

“Derek…” John said still in somewhat of a sense of shock.

“Yeah?” Derek replied.

“John…” Derek looked at John with a blank stare. “John Connor…” John replied hoping that Derek would recognize him. Finally Derek responded,

“I know a lot of people kid…But I don’t know you.” Derek then turned away from John for a moment looking around at the soldiers in the room,

“Anybody heard the name John Connor?” They all shook their head no. “Well you know what…” Derek continued, “I think you’re gonna be famous. My brother is back and you’re wearing his coat.” John turned around in shock and he saw Kyle Reese, his father begin to emerge from the shadows behind him. John and Kyle both stared at each other. While Kyle had no idea who this young man was standing in front of him there appeared to be something oddly familiar about him. John stared at Kyle in a complete state of shock. Then from Kyle’s right side a young girl appeared from the shadows. John felt his heart jump as he saw her,

“Cameron…” He thought to himself. The girl knelt down next to Kyle and began to pet a German Shepherd that was sitting next to Kyle. The dog remained still and did not react to the girl's touch as she ran her hand over the dogs back. She looked over at John and stared at him for a moment with a strange look in her eyes.

“No…Not Cameron…” John thought to himself. “Alison…” John felt his heart sink in his chest as he continued to stare at the young girl kneeling before him.

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