Final Days Chapter 25


John slid down the concrete wall in the darkened corridor slowly. He was completely exhausted. After hours of interrogation by Derek and Kyle they had finally let him go. John wasn’t exactly sure why they trusted him. There was really no logical reason for him to be standing naked near one of the entrances to the resistance base but after several hours of talking Kyle had finally leaned over and said,

“I don’t know why kid but for some reason I trust you.” They had told John that he could stay in the resistance base if he would like but not to cause any trouble or go anywhere he wasn’t supposed to. Seeing as how there were no free beds John had found a dark spot in a hallway and was attempting to get some rest. The “time lag” had caught up with him and he felt completely drained. John sat with his knee’s tucked to his chest and his head resting on top of his arms that were also positioned on top of his knees. Even though John was exhausted he was unable to sleep. His mind kept raising through the events that had occurred in the last few hours. However, his primary thoughts drifted to Cameron.

“How am I gonna find her?” John thought to himself. Suddenly a voice broke his train of thought.

“How are you feeling Mr. Connor?” The accent was instantly recognizable,

“Catherine Weaver” John thought as he looked up quickly and saw that Catherine was sitting next to him.

“Where did you go?!” John said somewhat angrily. Catherine looked at him with a look that appeared to be slight annoyance.

“Seeing our current situation I thought it best that the resistance not be made aware of my presence. I also thought that it would be detrimental to your health if you were caught with a Terminator so close to the entrance of a resistance base.” John opened his mouth to speak but no words came out. He knew Catherine was right. After another moment he did think of something to say though,

“Where’s John Henry?”

“I do not know.” Catherine replied still in a flat tone.

“What do you mean you don’t know?” Catherine cocked her head slightly to the side looking at John,

“I mean I do not know where John Henry is Mr. Connor. I am unsure of why he traveled to this time or where he currently is.” John signed.

“So how are we going to find him?” John asked.

“We are not going to find him Mr. Connor.” John looked at Catherine slightly surprised as she continued to speak, “I will find him; I assure you that I will. John Henry will be of utmost importance to you in the future.” John looked at Catherine still slightly confused.


“Like I informed your mother Mr. Connor. You may save the world but you can not do it without my John Henry.” John hesitated before he spoke,

“Why are you helping me?” Catherine gave John a somewhat arrogant smile.

“Why are you here Mr. Connor?” John was somewhat confused by her response.

“Because you brought me here.” John responded. Catherine's sly smile increased slightly.

“I did not bring you here Mr. Connor. You chose to come here.” John again opened his mouth to speak but no words came out, he knew Catherine was right again.

“Why are you trying to save your metal friend Mr. Connor?” She continued. John thought for a moment. Everything had happened so fast in the last few hours he hadn’t really had a chance to sit down and think about why he was doing anything. He had primarily just been reacting to the situations at hand. While John knew that just reacting usually leads to poor decision making Catherine was right he had chosen to come here. Catherine again broke John’s train of though,

“Why do you trust her so much Mr. Connor? After all she did try to kill you at least once?” This response surprised John. He was unsure if Catherine was referring to the time Cameron’s chip had malfunctioned and she tried to kill him or if she was referring to some other time in the future. John thought for another moment but before he could respond Catherine spoke again,

“Why have you helped her so much?” John was becoming annoyed with this line of questioning, he was drained and not thinking as clearly as he would like, he said the first thing that came to his mind,

“Because I CHOOSE to…” John was surprised, Catherine suddenly had a look of what appeared to be shock on her face upon hearing his response. She sat there for a moment before she responded,

“I am helping you, because of you Mr. Connor.” she continued, “And because of your metal friend Cameron.” John looked at Catherine thoroughly confused,

“What?” John asked Catherine hesitated for another moment then spoke,

“Your future interactions with Cameron are…complex to say the least. I feel that those questions are better answered by someone else. However, suffice it to say that your friend did prove a number of things to me when I spoke with her.” John responded instantly.

“When did you ever talk to Cameron?” Catherine smiled again.

“You sent her to me.”

“You mean future me?” John asked


“What did she say to you?” John said as Catherine stood up,

“That is something you should ask your friend. I must go and search for John Henry now.”

“Wait..” John said “What am I supposed to do here.” Catherine looked at John with a cold expression on her face.

“Do what you do best Mr. Connor…fight Skynet.” Catherine turned and walked away from John who sat with a look of disbelief on his face in the dark corridor.

Authors Notes: Okay so Season 3 has begun. I know that was a short chapter but there will be more to come soon enough. I just wanted to give you guys a taste. Review away.

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