Final Days Chapter 27


Derek had been pacing slowly back and forth as he spoke to the soldiers in the room. Then he stopped and pointed to a specific point on the map on the wall in front of him.

"We think Skynet’s mainframe is located here in Topanga Canyon, inside this mountain side base.” John sat slightly slouched down in the chair he was sitting in, every so often jotting down some notes. He glanced across the room at some of the other soldiers as he continued to listen to Derek.

“We’ll have to hack our way into the blast doors but once inside we’ll have a shot at shutting down Skynet permanently” Derek stated. John sat and thought for a moment. Something about this entire mission seemed off. The whole situation seemed almost to simple and to easy. While John knew that a ferocious battle waited ahead he was unsure of what the outcome would be.

“So lets get ready men. We leave in one hour.” Derek said as he concluded his briefing.

John headed quietly back to his cot, his rifle slung over his shoulder as he walked. Suddenly he heard someone calling out his name,

“John!” He grimaced again knowing immediately who it was. He turned to see Alison standing behind him. He stood their silently waiting for her to say something an uneasy swell of emotions creeping over him. After a moment of silence between the two Alison finally spoke,

“I just wanted to say…be careful out there today.” There was a certain sadness in Alison's voice as she spoke and John noticed it. He nodded his head,

“Thank you.” John continued to feel the uneasy emotions grow within him as he looked at her. Alison always felt the uneasiness that was between them. She had felt it since the very first time she saw John but had never been able to explain why it was there. But, even with these uncomfortable feelings Alison still felt herself strangely drawn to John. She could not explain why and every time she attempted to get close to John he would push her away. Yet he had risked his life for her on more than one occasion. His entire attitude towards her and her feelings towards him were extremely confusing to her. John finally broke the silence that was between the two,

“Well I’m gonna head back to my cot and get ready.” Alison nodded obviously still feeling uneasy and somewhat saddened. John hesitated for another moment standing there looking at Alison though he knew not why. He then turned and walked away from her slowly. When he reached his cot he sat down and began to examine his rifle; quadruple checking that it was ready for combat. He then fell back onto his cot and closed his eyes for a moment desperately trying to chase the thoughts of Cameron out of his mind. For the last six months he had hoped he would have received some word from Catherine Weaver but he had not. On several occasions he had made attempts to locate John Henry with absolutely no success. John was becoming fearful that something had happened to both Catherine Weaver and John Henry and in turn Cameron’s chip. This thought brought a wave of fear, sadness and anxiety over him. John was still not able to explain exactly why he felt the uncontrollable drive to find Cameron but that drive had been there every since the day he lost her. It was almost driving him mad it was so overwhelming. John continued to lay there attempting to fight off the thoughts of Cameron.

An RPG streaked over John’s head as he ducked down behind a large rock for cover. The night sky was lit up with plasma fire and explosions, Skynet aerial HK‘s hovered slowly around the area creating a dull roar of jet engine noise that mixed with the sound of plasma rifle and cannon fire. The ground inside of Topanga Canyon was littered with the bodies of humans and T-888’s; numerous ground HK’s were scattered throughout the canyon pushing their way through the resistance forces. The resistance had managed to fight its way into Topanga Canyon and had almost reached the main entrance to the Skynet base. John leaned out from behind the rock that he was behind and began to fire his plasma rifle at an oncoming T-888. He struck it several times in the chest and it exploded into a massive display of sparks as it collapsed to the ground. Suddenly another man came running up beside him and dove behind the rock for cover almost colliding with the rock itself. John looked over and saw Kyle kneeling next to him. Kyle shook his head,

“Derek’s squad is almost to the blast doors but they’re being pinned down by one of the ground HK‘s.”

“If we can bring up a couple of our guys with RPG’s I think we might be able to draw the HK’s fire.” John responded. Kyle nodded in agreement. John reached to his belt and pressed the “transmit” button on the radio on his belt and began to talk into his headset microphone,

“Alpha squad, Colonel Reese needs you on the front lines ASAP.” There was a momentary pause over the radio then a response,

“Yes sir, be there in 5 minutes.” No sooner did John hear the response then part of the boulder he and Kyle were behind began to be torn apart by plasma fire. John waited for the barrage of plasma fire to subside for a moment then he quickly stuck his head out in order to ascertain the situation.

“We got three trip 8’s headed our way!” John yelled to Kyle over the deafening sounds of the battlefield. John thought for a moment then spoke again,

“Sir if you take the one on the right I’ll take the two on the left.” Kyle raised his eyebrows for a moment at what he thought was a slight tone of arrogance in John’s voice; but, nodded his head in agreement. Just then an aerial HK swooped over Kyle and John’s position and began to spray their area with plasma fire. John and Kyle both jumped up and ran from their position. They sprinted across the sandy canyon bed that they were in attempting to dodge the plasma fire that was surrounding them. The sound of plasma rounds streaking past John became extremely evident to him as he ran. Suddenly a stinger missile streak through the sky striking the aerial HK’s left engine. Its fuselage arched hard over to the right and it came crashing to the ground. John and Kyle both continued to run towards a small ditch that would provide some cover. The continuous flashes of plasma fire created a strobing effect inside of the canyon itself as they ran. John felt his legs becoming wet with water from the small brook that he and Kyle sprinted through as they headed for the ditch. Finally reaching the ditch both John and Kyle dove in as plasma fire exploded around their position. After a several seconds John carefully looked above the ditch surveying his surrounds once again. He could see the ground HK moving closer to Derek’s position. He also knew that this meant it was getting closer to Alison’s position as well.

“The general is about to be cut off by that ground HK. I don‘t think we can wait for Alpha squad!” John yelled to Kyle. Kyle looked around the battlefield for a moment. He observed a soldier lying dead on the field and next to his body was an RPG launcher. At about this same time John’s eyes locked on the same soldier position. John looked over at Kyle,

“Give me some covering fire…” before Kyle could respond John was climbing his way out of the ditch. At this same time Kyle leaned out of the ditch and began to fire at the numerous T-888’s that were swarming the scene. John sprinted across the battlefield again, headed towards the RPG launcher. As he reached the RPG launcher he quickly knelt down to pick it up. As he did he heard the subtle sound of a branch snap, he looked up to see a T-888 emerging from a small bush that was in front of him. John quickly raised his plasma rifle and without aiming fired. The plasma round struck the T-888 in its right arm severing it immediately forcing the T-888 to drop its plasma rifle. The T-888 then leapt forward at John and with its left hand knocked John’s plasma rifle out of his hand. Still kneeling John pulled his bayonet from his boot sheath and moved quickly to the T-888's right side sweeping around its damaged side and positioning himself behind the T-888. Before the T-888 could turn around John reached around the front of the T-888’s head with his bayonet and drove it back quickly through the T-888's right eye. He pulled back hard and heard the cracking of the glass and polymer breaking away as he drove the bayonet back towards the T-888’s chip. The T-888 spun around quickly and knocked John backwards and to the ground with its left hand. In doing so it broke the bayonet’s knife blade off in its right orbital socket. The T-888 then proceeded to walk towards John but with the extensive damage to its eye and its chip as well it was obviously somewhat disoriented. John quickly jumped up off the ground. He quickly searched the area around him for another weapon. John then saw the T-888’s plasma rifle lying on the ground near him, the T-888’s severed hand still clutching the rifle‘s pistol grip. He back up away from the oncoming T-888 to the jagged side of the canyon wall which provided him some cover from the plasma fire. John knew that the T-888’s rifle was his only chance. The T-888 continued to stagger towards John. The area still strobing with plasma fire which was obviously hindering both John and the T-888’s vision. John waited till the T-888 was almost on top of him and then he quickly bobbed to the T-888's left and then back to the right somewhat eluding the T-888's grasp. As John began to pass to the right of the T-888 it spun towards him striking him in the back with its left hand knocking John to the ground. Just feet away from the plasma rifle John crawled for the dismembered arm of the T-888. He felt that the T-888 was just inches behind him and when he reached the plasma rifle he quickly pride the fingers away from the pistol grip and rolled over to face the T-888 that was standing over him now. As John rolled over the Terminator grabbed John by the throat and pinned him to the ground. John felt the blood flow and air cut off almost immediately and he knew he only had seconds to react. He quickly shoved the plasma rifle into the chest of the T-888 and pulled the trigger. The T-888 jerked upwards from the sudden impact of the plasma round and then collapsed on top of John. John attempted to push the T-888 off of him but before he could the T-888 pushed itself away from John. The T-888 rolled off of John’s chest and onto its back next to him. John rolled away quickly from the T-888 just as it came back at John’s previous position with a punch with its left hand. John quickly got to his feet just as the T-888 was doing the same. John quickly aimed his plasma rifle at the T-888 and pulled the trigger striking the it in the head. The T-888 collapsed to the ground immediately. John quickly turned and ran over to where the RPG launcher was still lying and picked it up. He ran back across the battlefield towards Kyle’s position and slid back down the ditches side next to Kyle. As he did this Kyle continued to fire his plasma rifle but spoke,

“Did I just see you kill that thing with a bayonet!?”

“Well I didn’t kill it I just disoriented it.” John replied and Kyle shook his head slightly,

“I’m glad your on our side kid.” Kyle said with a slight smile to witch John responded with a smile. In the midst of this battle John felt an odd feeling of accomplishment knowing that he had just made his father proud.

“Derek is still pinned down by that HK, we need to get over there now.” Kyle said as he looked across the battlefield. John nodded his head and both men prepared to run.

John and Kyle had eventually made their way carefully across the battlefield and had positioned themselves near the rear of the ground HK that was pinning down Derek’s squad. Separating John and Kyle from the HK was a small paved road that lead into the mountainside. This road would presumably lead to the blast doors and into the Skynet base where its mainframe was allegedly located. Positioned behind the crumpled remains of a aerial HK John leaned out aiming for one of the ground HK’s turrets. While an RPG would not destroy the ground HK it would cause significant damage to the plasma cannons onboard the HK. Kyle quickly scanned the battlefield as John took aim making sure that no T-888’s were sneaking up on them. There was a loud bang as John depressed the trigger of the RPG launcher. The RPG streaked across the sky and struck the right side plasma turret of the ground HK. The turret exploded, immediately destroying one of the ground HK’s 2 plasma turrets. The ground HK’s upper torso swiveled around immediately towards John and Kyle’s position and began to fire on them. Both John and Kyle ducked behind the aerial HK wreckage for cover. The area around them exploded with plasma fire.

“This may not have been such a good idea!” Kyle yelled looking at John.

“Maybe not Colonel!” John responded still shouting over the sounds of the battle. Both men hunkered down behind the wreckage that was quickly disappearing due to the plasma fire from the HK.

Derek, Alison, and several other soldiers made their way around the right side of the ground HK making sure not to be seen by it.

“It’s got Kyle and John pinned down.” Derek said as he looked over at his soldiers.

“If I can get close enough to it I might be able to destroy it with a canister grenade.” Alison stated. Derek looked at her and nodded. Alison moved away from the group quickly and made her way across the rocky portion of the battlefield. The sound from the plasma fire from the ground HK were almost deafening by the time Alison had gotten close enough to be able to throw the canister grenade. Alison quickly hid behind some rubble and removed the canister grenade from a pouch on her back. She twisted the handle on top of the grenade and it flashed once letting her know it was armed. She quickly stood and threw the grenade towards the ground HK. The grenade landed in front of the HK and was quickly underneath the HK as it was still creeping forward towards John and Kyle’s position. After several seconds there was a loud explosion and the canister grenade's explosion tore through the weak underside of the ground HK and it exploded from the bottom up.

Kyle and John leaned out from behind their cover a few seconds after hearing the explosion. John saw Alison running towards Derek and his squad who were now running towards the tunnel that led into the mountain side.

“Lets go!” Kyle said as he stood and patted John on the should. John stood but looked back across the battlefield for a moment. The battle was still raging in several locations and ground and aerial HK’s still swarmed inside the canyon itself. John then quickly turned and followed Kyle inside the tunnel.

Several T-888’s guarded the blast door that lead into the Skynet base. While still on opposite sides of the tunnel from Kyle and John, Derek silently used hand signals to communicate to both of them what to do. One of Derek’s soldiers immediately threw a grenade from their positions of cover towards the T-888’s destroying one of them immediately when it exploded. The entire group then opened fire on the remaining T-888’s destroying them. Derek’s squad then quickly moved to the set of blast doors and a Sergeant went to a computer panel and plugged in a laptop and began an attempt to hack into the doors programming in order to open them. John and Kyle took up a position behind Derek’s squad making sure that no T-888’s would be able to come into the entrance of the tunnel and take everyone by surprise. After what seemed to be an eternity but was in actuality several minutes there was a loud beep and the blast doors began to open. The doors slowly swung open reveling a brightly lit stainless steel corridor that extended for quite a ways. The group made their way down the corridor slowly. One of the soldiers on Derek’s squad studied a small hand held laptop computer with schematics to the Skynet base on it. After walking about 100 yards the group came to a “T” intersection. Just as they did two T-888’s emerged from both directions of the corridor and opened fire killing one of Derek’s soldiers immediately. The group quickly returned fire destroying the two T-888’s.

“Which way Smith?” Derek said looking at the soldier with the laptop still open.

“To the left sir.” Smith responded motioning with his head. The group continued down the brightly lit corridor’s making their way deeper inside of the Skynet base.

“I guess Skynet never thought anyone would get this deep inside” Derek said as they continued to walk.

“That would explain why there is so little resistance.” Kyle responded. After another 25 yards the group again came to another split in the Corridor. Derek again looked at Smith who was still studying the laptop.

“To the left again sir. Then after about another 100 feet we should be there. ” Derek paused for a moment then turned to John,

“Connor stay here I don’t want anything sneaking up on us from behind.” Slightly annoyed to be left behind but still knowing he needed to follow orders John nodded his head,

“Yes sir.” John positioned himself as best he could at the split in the corridor so as to obtain some cover and watched as the group disappeared down the descending corridor. The corridor itself was almost dead silent. There was some slight rumbling from the battle going on outside and a slight ambient noise of what appeared to be computer fans and air conditionings running but other than that there was dead silence. John knelt in the corridor scanning the area around him for any possible threat. Suddenly he heard something,

“John…” At first the voice was so quite John wasn’t quite sure he had heard it. John remained motionless for the moment then he heard the voice again, this time louder,

“John!” John recognized the voice immediately

“Alison!” He thought to himself. But there was a problem. The voice was coming from the opposite corridor Derek’s squad had just gone down. John stood and began to consider the fact that possibly the schematics to the base were wrong and somehow the group had gotten turned around.

“John!” the voice called out again. This time their was obviously fear and urgency in the tone of the voice. John quickly looked around and then made a decision. He left his position and proceeded down the opposite corridor that Derek’s squad had gone down. As John continued to walk down the corridor the voice became louder but more urgent. Eventually John began to jog down the corridor.

“John!!” the voice was louder this time and John was at a full on sprint racing towards the voice. John eventually came to an open bulkhead door and could hear that the voice was coming from the room just beyond it. He quickly moved through the doorway with his rifle raised and scanned the room quickly. What he saw both shocked and angered him.

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