Final Days Chapter 3

John and Cameron walked into the Serrano Point war room. It was a large circular room with Computer screens suspended from the ceiling throughout the room displaying different live images from around the world. One of which was the Point Mugu Naval Air Station. There were numerous computer mainframes on the far side of the room along with a large holographic imaging table in the center of the room which was recreating the topography of the base at Point Mugu. The imager was also displaying an estimation of Skynet’s terminator and HK movements along with Tech Com unit movements at the base.

“What’s the situation Colonel?” John asked as he walked into the room. Colonel Alexander exhaled as he put both his fists on the edge of the imaging table and leaned forward slightly, his large frame pushing down on the edge of the table as he thought about what to say.

“It started with a small group of HK’s attacking to the north of the base. It appeared to be just a random attack but then a larger amphibious assault hit to the south along the beachfront.” “The HK’s to the north pulled back somewhat but are still carpeting the sky above the base with anti-aircraft rounds.” “General Perry hasn’t been able to launch his air cover yet due to the anti-aircraft fire from the HK’s and I’m not sure how much longer his ground forces can hold off the amphibious assault.”

John surveyed the view that the holographic imager was providing him. Skynet forces were displayed in red while Tech Com forces were in blue. The display of the land was green and the Base itself was yellow. John saw that Skynet had landed one of its Kracken Undersea Ships along the beachfront. The Kracken was a massive vessel. It was able to carry numerous land and air HK’s and was designed specifically for large amphibious assaults. Skynet had only been able to construct a handful of these ships since it required such a massive amount of resources. The last Tech Com unit to encounter one of these vessels was the Submarine Jimmy Carter and reason for its crew’s survival and the mission failure hadn’t been completely explained to John’s satisfaction yet. The Kracken had run itself aground along the beach and was deploying its HK’s.

“Skynet would not devote these kinds of resources to a battle unless it was planning on attacking Serrano point directly.” Cameron said as she looked at John. John nodded his head in agreement.

“Colonel launch one of our squadrons of Apache gunships to assist with air cover for the base.”

“Sir, are you sure that, that’ll be enough help for them?” Colonel Alexander asked with a look of concern on his face.

“It’ll have to be. If Skynet is planning a full assault on this base we need to be prepared.” “We can’t risk them getting their hands on our TDE.”

“Yes sir.” Colonel Alexander picked up a corded phone and began to give orders to launch the Apaches to the person on the other end of the line. John stood at the imaging table staring at the hologram. He then leaned over closer to Cameron and spoke in a quieter voice to her.

“If Skynet is preparing to attack Serrano we need to be ready.” Cameron nodded her head and turned and walked out of the room.

“How long will it take our Apache’s to reach Point Mugu?” John asked as he turned to Colonel Alexander.

“If we factor in launch prep time at top speed it should be about 40 to 45 minutes.” John took a step back away from the table and crossed his arms.

“Lets hope they can last that long.”

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