Final Days Chapter 30


John Henry, Cameron and John drove quietly down the road headed for James Ellison’s house. John sat in the back seat of the now stolen Dodge Durango his arm in a make shift sling that Cameron had fashioned for him. John’s mind raced as he thought of both his mother and possibly what he may have to inform Savannah of. John felt that the subtle drone of highway noise produced an eerier and surreal tone inside of the vehicle as it traveled along. John stayed lost in thought as they continued along until he felt the vehicle come to a stop. He looked up and realized that they had reached James Ellison’s house. Before John could speak John Henry began to,

“I will inform Savannah of her mothers death.” He stated. John was slightly surprised that John Henry would take it upon himself to do this but also slightly relieved. John Henry noticed his surprise and added,

“It would be the right thing to do, I am after all her friend.” John couldn’t ignore the truth behind this statement and just nodded his head in agreement as he stepped out of the sport utility vehicle. The sun had set by this point and only the amber glow from the remaining sunlight coming from just below the horizon now highlighted James Ellison’s front yard as the trio approached the front door. John felt himself becoming more and more nervous about learning the possible whereabouts of his mother. When they had reached the front door John Henry knocked on it. After a few moments the door slowly opened revealing James Ellison standing behind it. The look of shock on his face was immediately apparent. He stood there for several seconds staring at John Henry, completely unable to speak. Finally he managed to formulate some words,

“John Henry…how…what…when…” John Henry gave James Ellison one of his trademark slightly awkward smiles,

“Hello Mr. Ellison, how are you today?” Finally James Ellison was able to get some of his thoughts together only to glance over and see Cameron standing next to John. In complete confusion he finally spoke,

“How are you still alive?”

“If you would allow us to come in Mr. Ellison we will explain everything.” John Henry stated. James Ellison stepped back away from the door allowing the trio to come in. He quickly closed the door behind them. Before James Ellison could speak John Henry did so,

“Mr. Ellison, before we go any further I need to know where Savannah is.” James looked behind him,

“She’s in the kitchen coloring.” James then hesitated for another moment, “Sarah is in the guest room.” John felt both a swell of relief and slight nervousness rush over him upon finding out the whereabouts of his mother.

“Is my mother alright?” he asked. James hesitated for a moment,

“She’s pretty badly shaken up, I‘m not sure how she‘s going to handle seeing you.” He then paused still obviously shaken by seeing all of them, “How did all of you get back?” He then looked over at Cameron, “How did you get here? And where’s Ms. Weaver?” John’s eyes dropped slightly when he asked this question. Then John Henry spoke,

“Mr. Ellison, you should be made aware that Ms. Weaver did not make it back with us.”

“What? How did that happen.” James said the shock in his voice still readily apparent.
John now spoke before John Henry could,

“It’s a long story” He hesitated, “But she died saving our lives.” James was slowly digesting all of this information but was still obviously having trouble trying to absorb it all.

“I will go speak to Savannah; Mr. Connor I’m sure you will want to speak with your mother.” John Henry stated as he turned to walk towards the kitchen. John glanced over at Cameron and at James and then turned and walked away from them headed for the guestroom where Sarah was located.

Sarah sat on the edge of the bed in the slowly darkening room still reeling from the events of the day. She stared down at the floor as she thought to herself,

“How could I let him go?” Her fist tightened slightly as anger crept over her as she continued to think, “How could he have gone after that thing?” There was a slight tapping at the door and Sarah looked up, “Come in Mr. Ellison.” she said. The door opened and Sarah felt as if her heart had stopped as John slowly emerged through the door. Her eyes welled up with tears as she looked at him,

“John…” she said in almost a whisper not completely sure she was actually seeing what she was seeing.

“Mom…” John replied obvious concern in his voice. Sarah slowly stood up still not completely sure of herself and that John was actually standing in front of her. She walked closer to him and then threw her arms around him and began to cry, John hugged her back with his right arm but winced at the same time as Sarah’s arm pushed up against his wound. At first Sarah did not immediately notice that John was in pain she was so overjoyed that she was actually holding her son just hours after thinking she had lost him forever. She then pulled back, a few tears still running down her face,

“Don’t you EVER do that again!” She said with slight anger in the tone of her voice, she hugged him again. John winced more this time as Sarah grabbed him and this time she noticed that his arm was in a sling and that he was in pain. She released him,

“John what happened?” Unsure of exactly how to word what had happened to him in the last six months John said the only thing he could think to say,

“I was shot.”

“What? You were shot? Who shot you?” Still somewhat unsure of how exactly to explain things and at what rate he should explain them, John again spoke trying to word things the best he could,

“A trip 8 shot me while I was in battle at Topanga Canyon.” Complete shock gripped Sarah’s face. “Mom maybe you should sit down we have a lot to talk about.” John said. Sarah nodded her head and sat down on the bed.

Savannah sat on John Henry’s lap wiping the tears away from her eyes.

“You should know Savannah that none of us would be here if it wasn’t for your mother.” Savannah nodded her head still not speaking but wiping the tears from her face ever few seconds.

“Your mother was a very brave woman and her sacrifice will help many, many people.” John Henry said. Savannah still not speaking nodded her head again. John Henry looked down at Savannah and gently placed his hand in the small of her back.

“John Henry?” Savannah finally spoke.

“Yes Savannah?”

“Where am I going to live now?” John Henry titled his head slightly to the side for a moment as he thought. He and Ms. Weaver had never had any specific conversation as to what he was to do if something like this were to happen to her. After a second or two of analysis he spoke,

“I believe your mother would have wanted me to take care of you.” Savannah felt a slight sense of comfort come from this. Over the last few months she had become quite fond of John Henry. She considered him almost to be a big brother to her.

“I believe there is something else you should know Savannah.” Savannah still sniffling slightly looked up at John Henry.

“I believe at this point your mother would have wanted you to know the truth about the future.”

Sarah sat quietly on the edge of the bed next to John.

“Six months?” she asked in almost a whisper.

“Yes, six months.” John replied somewhat somberly. Sarah’s mind became a blur of questions. At first glance John seemed almost exactly the same to her but upon closer inspection she could see an almost battle hardened look in his eyes. It was the same look she saw in the guerrilla soldier's eyes when they had been staying in South America. Instinctively she asked the most pressing question on her mind,

“Why?” John looked at her slightly confused.

“Why?” he asked in a somewhat inquisitory tone. While Sarah was overjoyed to have John back, his reason for leaving still tormented her.

“Why did you do it?” She asked again. John thought for a moment. Throughout all his time in the future he had constantly been asking himself that same question. Even Catherine Weaver had asked him this and he was never really able to answer it. Before John could formulate an answer his mother began speaking again,

“She’s just a machine John.” Sarah’s statement hurt John more than the wound in his shoulder. “She doesn’t have feelings and she doesn’t care about you, she’s just programmed to act like she does.” John felt a wave of both anger and sadness come over him. John fought off his emotions as he tried to think of something to say. John had purposefully not disclosed everything that had happened between him and Cameron in the future. Nor had he informed his mother that he and Cameron were the reason for Catherine Weaver's assistance to the human race. The only thing that John managed to get out was,

“I need her...” Sarah looked at John with both a look of sadness and disappointment yet still she had joy on her face to have her son back. By this point Sarah believed in her mind that John “thought” he needed Cameron but she was still completely perplexed as to why he would think such a thing. She was after all just a machine. However, Sarah knew that if she were to continue down this path it would only lead to an argument with her son. And after just getting him back this was the last thing she wanted to do so she resigned herself to accepting the situation as is for the moment. Sarah sighed and then smiled at John slightly. She slowly stood from the bed,

“We should go check on the other.” she stated. John nodded his head and stood as well. They both walked to the door but Sarah stopped before she opened it. She slowly turned around and gave John another gentle hug.

“I love you.” She said quietly. John breathed a slight sigh of relief feeling that at least for the moment he and his mother were no longer at odds against each other. Sarah and John proceeded out the door towards the living room. As Sarah exited the hallway into the living room Cameron was the first thing she saw. She gave Cameron a cold stair and walked past her not saying a word; instead proceeding on towards James Ellison.

“Where’s Savannah?” She asked.

“She’s in the kitchen with John Henry.” James hesitated for a moment, “He’s telling her about her mother.”

“That thing wasn’t her mother.” Sarah responded immediately. James looked over at Sarah not quite sure what to think. While this statement was correct Savannah still believed that the T-1001 was her mother. Just as Sarah began to proceed into the kitchen John Henry walked out holding Savannah by the hand. Sarah stood speechless and almost horrified for the moment. John Henry looked at Sarah,

“I have explained the situation to Savannah.” Sarah looked down at Savannah. Her eyes were still bloodshot from crying. Not quite sure exactly what John Henry had told Savannah, Sarah thought it best not to press the little girl for exactly what she knew. Sarah knelt down in front of Savannah,

“Are you okay?” she asked. Savannah nodded her head, her eyes still filled with tears. Sarah slowly leaned over and gave Savannah a hug. James Ellison stood in his living room still slightly confused as to what was going on, seeing as how no one had laid out the detains of the situation to him yet. Realizing this John Henry looked down at Savannah.

“Savannah do you mind staying here with Sarah for a little while? Mr. Connor and myself would like to speak with Mr. Ellison outside?” Savannah nodded her head and spoke,

“Okay…” Sarah reached over and took Savannah by the hand as James and John walked over towards John Henry. The group turned and began to walk outside as Sarah was leading Savannah over to the couch. As she did this Sarah walked past Cameron. She stopped for a moment and leaned over and whispered in Cameron’s ear,

“For John’s sake, I hope the next time you die you stay dead.” Cameron looked at Sarah with a somewhat confused look on her face and slightly cocked her head to the side. Cameron was unsure as to why but for some reason she felt a pang of slight emotions come over her. She was unsure as to why or exactly what she was feeling but it was definitely there. This confused Cameron even further. At this same moment unbeknownst to Sarah, John Henry looked over his shoulder at Sarah as he exited the room. He had heard what she said.

“Six months?” James Ellison said as he leaned up against the guard rail on his porch. “Well that certainly explains your war wounds.” He said as he looked over at John.

“I also felt it necessary to tell Savannah some of these things.” John Henry stated. Both John and James looked at John Henry somewhat surprised.

“You told Savannah that her mother was a Terminator?” John asked.

“I informed Savannah that her mother was killed by machines. It is entirely possible that this is true both of Savannah’s actual mother and of Ms. Weaver as well. I also explained briefly the coming war and why certain things will be changing about her life.” John Henry paused for a moment then spoke again.

“I also informed her of what I am.” John and James both stood somewhat shocked by all the information that John Henry had just relayed to Savannah. However, they both realized that he was right, things were going to need to change about Savannah’s life and she should know about them.

“So why are you helping us?” James Ellison finally asked breaking the silence. John Henry looked over at John and then back at James.

“Because human life is sacred Mr. Ellison. You helped me to understand that.” John glanced over at John Henry with a slightly suspicious look on his face but did not speak. This answer however seemed to satisfy James though. He rubbed his temples with his fingers,

“I have a headache.” He replied.

“You should get some rest Mr. Ellison. There is much we have to do tomorrow.” John Henry replied. James nodded his head, he as well felt slightly suspicious for a moment feeling that John Henry was trying to get rid of him so that he could speak to John but he ignored this feeling for the moment and walked back inside his house. As soon as James closed the door behind him, John looked at John Henry,

“Why did you lie to him?” He asked.

“I did not lie to him. Human life is sacred. I just failed to inform him of the entire reason for my assistance.” John Henry paused for a moment then spoke again,

“As I am sure you did with your mother.” John stood silently, he knew John Henry was right. He had specifically made it a point not to tell his mother that the reason for Catherine Weaver and John Henry’s help was due to whatever involvement both he and Cameron had in both the present and the future. While John was still quite unsure what that involvement exactly was he felt it best for the time being to keep this from most people.

“When was the last time you ate something Mr. Connor?” John Henry asked.

“A day and a half…Maybe two days.”

“You should go inside and get something to eat. Nutrition is important for your recovery.” John hesitated then nodded his head and turned and walked inside leaving John Henry outside alone. John Henry turned and began to look up at the stars in the sky. As he did he began to calculate the many scenarios that may be coming in the immediate future.

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