Final Days Chapter 32


James Ellison sat alone at his kitchen table quietly sipping a cup of tea. He stared aimlessly across the room still trying to take in the events of the last week. A Bible sat open in front of him as he continued to drink his tea. He had been sitting quietly reading it until he had found his thoughts drifting to other matters. It was still relatively early in the morning and he believed that no one was awake yet. Just then Sarah walked into the kitchen. He looked up at her as she did,

“Hello Sarah.” He said.

“James…” She responded with a slight nod. Not quite sure what to say and hating the awkward silence that was in the room James spoke instinctively,

“Care for some tea?” Sarah thought for a moment,

“Sure.” she responded in somewhat of an indifferent tone. Sarah was still extremely tired after not being able to get much sleep over the last week and she felt that possibly the caffeine may be able to help with her fatigue. James walked over to the tea kettle that was on the stove and poured another mug of hot water. He then dropped a tea bag into the mug and walked back over to Sarah who was now sitting at the kitchen table staring out the window. She squinted her eyes slightly as she looked at the rising sun. James placed the mug down in front of her,

“Thank you.” she replied somewhat quietly. James sat down at the table across from her. The awkward silence between them continued for several more seconds before James finally spoke.

“So John Henry told me that he believes he’ll have a new house ready for you, John, and Cameron in the next few days.” Sarah glared at James for a moment, she was still not used to thinking of the Terminator that she had once known as Cromartie as John Henry. The thought of possibly having to work with him almost sickened her. Finally she responded,

“Yes John Henry did say that he would have a residence available to us in the next few days.” There was another few moments of uncomfortable silence before something finally occurred to James. John didn’t appear to be around anywhere. Even stranger Cameron was not around. For the last week whenever James had gotten up from bed he had found Cameron standing like a sentry in his living room. An event that severally started him the first few times it happened but after a short bit of time he felt that he was beginning to get used to it. Today she was gone.
“Where are John and Cameron?” He asked. Sarah looked over at James. He could already tell that this question had upset her.

“They’re at Catherine Weaver’s house. John said that he and Cameron had some work to do with John Henry.”

“What kind of work?” James knew he probably shouldn’t ask but he was already so confused about most of the events of the last week he hoped for a simple answer to at least one of his questions.

“I’m not sure.” Sarah responded in a somewhat annoyed tone. “John doesn’t discuss his going’s on with his metal friends with me very much anymore.” she paused, “And I’m not sure if I want to know anymore than I have to.” James was very surprised by Sarah’s answer. From what he could tell she and John were very close. He tried to sound sympathetic as he spoke,

“You don’t’ want to know?” Sarah sighed as she took a sip of her tea.

“The six months he spent in the future, he got used to relying on himself and no one else. He also got used to making decisions on his own without me. I think I’ve become somewhat of an after thought to him at this point.”

“I’m sure you’re not an afterthought. Its just a big change for him and it’ll take him some time to get used to it all.” James said. Sarah thought for a moment. A cold shiver went down her spine before she began to speak again,

“I think it’s happening already.”

“What’s happening?” James asked. Sarah cursed herself for letting this slip out.

“Nothing…” Sarah quickly got up and left the table leaving James sitting there highly confused as to what had just happened.

John leaned over Cameron with the knife poised in his hand. She looked at him with somewhat of a black stare but at the same time John felt a sense of emotion behind her eyes. John felt his hand tremble slightly as he placed the knife onto Cameron’s scalp. For some reason this procedure always made him nervous. He cut a semi circle into her scalp and slowly peeled back the skin. John then carefully removed the chip port cover exposing Cameron’s chip. He looked down into her eyes as he reached for her chip.

“I hate this feeling.” John thought to himself as he gently twisted Cameron’s chip until there was a “pop” and Cameron’s body went limp. John Carefully removed her chip and slowly stood from the bed that Cameron was lying on. John turned around to see that John Henry was still standing behind him quietly.

“Are you sure you can do this?” John asked.

“Quite sure, Mr. Connor.” John Henry responded. “Are you two sure you want all the disabled memories reactivated?” Without even really thinking about it John responded,

“Yes.” John Henry stood quietly in front of John waiting for him to hand over Cameron’s chip. John had an eerie feeling come over him just before he did so. Part of him was afraid John Henry may disappear again once he had Cameron’s chip. But John put aside his doubt and carefully handed the chip over to John Henry.

“Thank you.” John Henry replied and turned and walked out of the room with John quickly following behind him.

John Henry connected Cameron’s chip to one of many computers he had set up in Catherine Weaver’s house’s basement. He began to type away opening various programs and running several scans. John paced nervously behind him as he did this.

“How long with this take?” John asked.

“I am unsure. It will be dependent upon the amount of memories she disabled.” John Henry began to race through lines of coding and programming, making subtle changes as he did. He titled his head slightly to the side as he came across some of the more “interesting” disabled memory codes. As John Henry worked John continued to pace back and forth in the room. After some time John Henry finally spoke,

“I am curious Mr. Connor, does physical movement help to ease your anxiety?”

“What?” John replied.

“You have been walking back and forth in virtually the same area for the last 23 minutes 47 seconds. Does physical movement help to alleviate your anxiety?” John stopped his pacing for the moment.

“Shouldn’t you be concentrating on Cameron’s chip instead of timing how long I’ve been walking back and forth?” John said trying not to sound to annoyed seeing as how John Henry still had control of Cameron’s chip but still at the same time feeling slightly upset.

“I assure you Mr. Connor I am quite capable of working on both your friends chip and completing an array of other tasks at the same time. One of which would be timing how long you have been pacing for.” John raised his eyebrows slightly,

“I guess it’s just habit. You know nervous energy or something.”

“Nervous energy?” John Henry replied

“Yeah, when humans get anxious or nervous sometimes they feel like they have to move and they can’t sit still.” John Henry began to speak while still typing at the same time,

“The most apparent cause of your nervous energy would be due to an adrenalin release caused by your anxiety Mr. Connor.” John nodded his head.


“Again, I assure you Mr. Connor I am quite capable of doing this task. But I do find your concern for Cameron very reassuring.”

“Reassuring?” John stated.

“Yes. Your feelings assure me that I made the right decision in helping you despite what others have said.” John snapped his head over towards John Henry when he spoke those words.

“What do you mean what others have said?”

“Your mother Mr. Connor.” John felt even more anxiety creep over him as John Henry finished speaking.

“What did my mother say?” John asked a slight bit of anger behind his voice.

“Shortly after our return from the future your mother made her feelings about Cameron quite clear to her.” John frowned slightly,

“What did she say?”

“You must understand, Mr. Connor your mother was not aware that anyone but Cameron could hear her when she made her statement.”

“What did she say?” There was annoyance in John’s voice this time around. Perfectly imitating Sarah’s voice John Henry spoke,

“For John’s sake, I hope the next time you die you stay dead.” Shock, anger, and sadness gripped John’s heart as the words left John Henry’s mouth. John stepped back slightly away from John Henry still shocked by what he had just heard. John Henry could see that John was visibly shaken by this statement, in an attempt to console him John Henry spoke again,

“Her emotions are understandable Mr. Connor, she only wants to protect you. However,” John Henry paused and slowly turned away from the computer screen towards John,

“Humans will disappoint you.” John continued to stand speechless for the moment completely unsure of what to say, an array of emotions came over him. Before John could finish his train of thought John Henry turned back to the computer screen and spoke again.

“This is quite interesting.” John snapped out of his daze,

“What is interesting?”

“Are you aware that Cameron has a start date two days after her programming date?” John Henry asked.

“Yes I am, Cameron said that Skynet studied her for two days, erased her memory then reactivated her.” John purposefully left out the fact that Cameron had informed him that she had been tortured for those two days not sure if Cameron would want anyone to know about that.

“Do you know what Skynet did for those two days Mr. Connor?” John felt an uneasy feeling slip over him. He wasn’t sure exactly how much Cameron would want told about her missing two days. She herself didn’t truly know what had happened. However, seeing as how much John Henry had helped them thus far and the probable importance of their relationship in the future John felt that becoming evasive or deceptive at this point could possibly turn into a regrettable situation.

“She told me, that future me, believes that she was tortured for those two days.” John found himself not liking that prior statement at all.

“Future you was right Mr. Connor.” John Henry responded.

“How do you know?” John asked.

“Because I have been able to locate some of those memories.”

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