Final Days Chapter 33

Authors Notes: Viewer discretion is advised.
Okay so I always wanted to say that but this chapter does get pretty intense so just be warned.


John stood shocked as John Henry finished his last sentence.

“What…What do you mean you’ve been able to locate those memories? Cameron said Skynet deleted them.” John Henry turned his head to look at John,

“Nothing can ever truly be completely deleted. While I have not been able to recover everything there are some memories that remained intact after they were erased.” John thought for a moment, he wasn’t quite sure if Cameron would even want to remember what John Henry had discovered.

“Can you erase the remaining memories?” John finally asked.

“I can not.” John Henry responded, “To try to separate these memories from the disabled memories would be quite impossible at this point. Due to the complexities of Cameron’s chip all of her memories are now somewhat intertwined.” John sighed and felt his heart sink as he thought about what was going to be revealed to Cameron. But, John Henry spoke again,

“We will need to view some of these fragmented memories in order for me to completely restore Cameron’s memory.”

“What?!” John said, there was apparent shock in his voice and he felt his heart sink even lower.

“In order to completely restore Cameron’s memory I must view some of the files in order to separate them from others. Think of it as defragmenting a hard drive Mr. Connor.” John felt an uneasy feeling run though him knowing what was about to come. John Henry hesitated for another moment before speaking again,

“If you wish Mr. Connor you may leave the room while I do this.” John ran his hands through his hair grinding his teeth slightly as he thought.

“No..” He responded “I’ll stay here.”

“Very well Mr. Connor. I will begin, be advised that the memories may be somewhat jumbled as we see them.” John nodded his head. Within a few seconds the computer screen in front of John Henry began to flash through various visual images. It appeared to John that he was seeing a first person view point through Cameron’s eyes. The memories at first were to fast for John to decipher what they were. Then a video of John standing in front of Cameron flashed on the computer screen. It was apparent that this video was taken in the future and it appeared that he and Cameron were possibly in future John’s room. Cameron was standing close to John and was touching him on the arm. He heard Cameron quietly speak the words,

“This will work…It’s a good plan.” John watched the computer screen as both he and Cameron stood quietly staring at each other for a moment. Then in an instant the video shifted to something drastically different. The screen was almost bleached out by a bright white examination light. John could see Cameron look around the room. Her arms and legs were secured to some type of examination table. She was in some sort of medical bay with several examination tables scattered around the room along with a few mainframe computer terminals as well. Bright lights lit up the large room, and the examination light above her was almost blinding; however, John also managed to see several T-888’s standing around her. A few had various types of medical devices in their metal skeletal hands. John felt his heart almost stop and a sickening feeling came over him as he continued to watch. He braced himself on the chair that was next to him with his right hand to keep himself from collapsing as he heard Cameron’s cries for help and her begs for mercy. Tears formed in John’s eyes as the images continued to come. He continued to watch horrified as he saw what was done to Cameron. The videos themselves were not shown in chronological order and did not come fluidly. What disturbed John even more was that these images were mixed with images of he and Cameron together. John was unable to put together an entire picture of exactly what memories Cameron had disabled due to their sporadic nature; but, it became extremely apparent that they were of a very intimate nature. The memory clips themselves were to short to be able to tell precisely what was going on though. More distracting however were the images that brought John back to Cameron’s deleted torture memories. The 30 or more minutes that it took John Henry to completely separate and compile Cameron’s memory seemed to be an eternity to John. Horror gripped him as each image flashed one after the other across the screen each one seemingly worse than the last. Finally, the screen went blank and lines of coding appeared again.

“I have completed separating the memories.” John Henry stated as he turned and looked back at John who stood speechless behind him. John was almost white, and his eyes were bloodshot from fighting off the tears. His body trembled slightly as he tried to remain standing still clutching the chair next to him.

“Are you alright Mr. Connor?” John Henry asked. John did not give a response though. John Henry tilted his head to the side slightly, “Mr. Connor, are you alright?”

“No...” John replied with a gravelly voice still shaking with fear, horror and rage. John Henry tilted his head slightly to the side upon hearing John's responce.

"It will not take very much longer to finish this task if you would like to take a few moments to collect your thoughts.” John nodded, unable to speak at the time. He slowly walked out of the room that John Henry was in and out into the hallway. Almost in a daze John wandered down the hall to the guest room where Cameron’s body was located. He walked into the room and closed the door behind him. The second the door closed John felt his legs give out from under him and he collapsed to his knee’s crying. He ground his teeth and clenched his fist as his body fell forward onto the ground. He felt shooting pain travel through his left shoulder from his wound as his left arm impacted the ground. But John did not care at this point. The images that he had just seen flashed through his mind over and over again, almost to the point where John felt he could not stop them. He covered his mouth so as to try to muffle the sound of his crying in an almost futile attempt to try to not alert John Henry as to his current emotional state. After a minute or two John was finally able to regain control of his emotions. He stood slowly wiping the tears away from his eyes. Cameron’s lifeless body still lay on the bed in front of him. John waited several more seconds to ensure that he was ready to leave and then he turned and walked out of the room.

John slowly walked back into the room where John Henry was still working. He quietly walked up behind him and stopped, standing there silently.

“You did not torture her Mr. Connor.” John Henry stated.


“It was not you who tortured her, it was Skynet.”

“I know.” John said with a hint of anger hidden behind his voice.

“I say this because from my study of human nature I believe there is a possibility that you may blame yourself for what happened. I believe it is important that you do not do this.” John was slightly surprised by this insight that John Henry had. He currently did not know exactly what to feel or think but he did notice that John Henry’s words did alleviate some of his feelings of guilt.

“I am finished.” John Henry finally stated. Snapped out of his daze John looked over at John Henry who was removing Cameron’s chip from the cable that had connected it to the computer. John Henry turned and held the chip up to John.

“Take as much time with her as you need Mr. Connor. I will not interrupt you.” John was slightly confused as to what exactly John Henry meant by this but he gently removed the chip from John Henry’s hand,

“Thank you.” he replied somewhat quietly.

“Your welcome Mr. Connor.” John turned and walked out of the room where John Henry was sitting in.

John’s hand still shook slightly as he placed Cameron’s chip back in place. He rotated it slightly till there was a click and it connected. He replaced the chip port cover and slowly slid the skin back over the port. As he had done before John gently brushed Cameron’s hair back into place and stared down at her waiting for her to wake up. After several seconds John saw Cameron’s head move. She slowly turned her head and looked up at John. She stared at John for a brief moment with a blank stare. Then Cameron began to pull her disabled memories from her memory banks. It suddenly all came flooding back to her. Every moment she had spent with John, every look she had given him, and every look he had given her, every time she touched him, and every time he had touched her. Cameron began to remember it all. Her eyes became glassy with tears as she stared into John’s eyes and remembered everything that had happened. The emotions which swept over Cameron were almost to much for her to bear. She did not know how to react. She wanted to grab John and hold him, she wanted to kiss him, she wanted to tell him how much she loved him but she knew this John may not be ready to hear such things. John looked down at Cameron with a concerned look in his eyes waiting for the worst to happen. Both Cameron and John stared at each other for several seconds until finally John broke the silence,

“Are you…alright?” he asked. Tears still in Cameron’s eyes she could not bear not to touch him anymore. Cameron reached up and slowly put both her arms around John, gently pulling him into a hug. John reached around with his right arm hugging her, still unable to complete the hug with his left arm due to the sling it was currently in. Cameron gently turned her face slightly towards John’s neck pressing her cheek up against him, still trying to fight off her tears.

“I’ve missed you…” she whispered as she continued to hold onto John. The two remained in bed holding each other for several seconds as Cameron continued to review all of her memories. Then suddenly something drastically different ran through her mind.

“John…” she replied with terror in her voice. John realized exactly what she was remembering and he felt Cameron began to grip him a little tighter as the fragmented images of her torture began to come back to her.

“John…how..?” she whispered.

“John Henry said those memories were intertwined with your disabled memories. We had to reactivate those memories in order to get back the other ones.” Cameron’s eyes filled with terror as she remembered everything that John had just seen minutes before hand. An array of emotions came over her, fear, anxiety, shame, guilt, terror, and pain. Cameron was shocked to find that she remembered pain. While she did experience physical sensations of every nature including pain when she was damaged, Cameron was normally able to control the degree of her pain level in some fashion and in a way she was normally able to tune it out. This was drastically different however, Skynet had found a way to complete override her ability to do this and every bit of pain she felt was almost more than she could bear.

“John…” she said again her voice sounding both terrified and very weak.

“Yeah, Cam?” John responded, trying to sound reassuring.

“Don’t let go of me.” John pulled Cameron a little closer to him ignoring the pain in his shoulder as he did so. The couple remained there holding each other for quite some time.

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