Final Days Chapter 34


John stood quietly on the back porch of the house looking out at the amber glow of the sky as the sun slowly rose over the horizon. He was stripped to the waist and was only wearing a pair of sweat pants. It had been almost a week since they had moved into the house that John Henry had managed allocate for them. It was nothing fancy, a two story 3 bedroom home similar to the one they used to live in; but, it was more that adequate for him, his mother, and Cameron. It had also been a week since Cameron’s memories had been fully restored. For a reason that John could not explain he had not asked Cameron to tell him all that she remembered about the future. Also, somewhat surprising, was the fact that he and Cameron had not spoken much since the restoration of her memories; yet, strangely John felt much closer to her now than he did before. While they were not exchanging words there appeared to be a much stronger bond between the two now. John couldn’t be 100% sure but he thought his mother had detected this as well. John also had yet to inform his mother of what had occurred at John Henry‘s house; he was not sure he ever would.
In addition to thoughts of Cameron, sunrise often brought thoughts of John’s father to his mind. While he was grateful that he had been allowed the chance to get to know his father slightly while he was in the future, he was never truly able to really learn who the man was. His finally thoughts of his father haunted him as well. John leaned slightly on the guard rail in front of him using his right hand to brace himself. While his left arm was continuing to heal and he currently did not have it in its sling, only keeping the bandages applied to the still open wound. John continued to keep his left arm close to his body so as to not move it to much. A cool breeze blew through the air and John shivered slightly as the wind blew across his bare chest. Just then John felt a soft hand touch the center of his back.

“Are you cold?” Cameron’s gentle voice put a warm feeling through John’s body.

“No I’m fine.” John replied. While just over a week ago Cameron would have normally stopped touching John at this point, if she had decided to touch him at all, she now allowed her hand remain on John’s back. Her fingers danced slightly across the area she was currently touching. John had always found that Cameron’s touch had a soothing effect on him. It somehow managed to pull his mind away from all of his problems.

“Are you still having trouble sleeping?” Cameron asked. Her comment sounded slightly strange to John, almost like it was a common problem that had been around for quite some time,

“Does future me have trouble sleeping as well?” John thought to himself.

“Yeah,” John replied, “Was just out here doing some thinking.” Cameron continued to stand next to John still leaving her hand in the small of his back ever so slightly rubbing it. She looked over at him for a moment, and then back out at the rising sun. John took comfort in the fact that Cameron continued to stand there next to him, yet he still wasn‘t quite sure as to exactly why. Another cool breeze blew; but, John didn’t shiver this time. He glanced over at Cameron and watched her brown hair blow slightly in the wind as she continued to watch the sun rise.

From the window Sarah watched as Cameron stood next to John. Over the past week Sarah had noticed a change in John and Cameron’s interaction. While she could not put her finger on exactly what had changed they seemed to be closer now, and much more at ease with each other. It also appeared to Sarah that Cameron had become more affectionate towards John. Not in overt ways just in small ways. Such as the fact that she had not removed her hand from John’s back the entire time she had been standing outside with him. Sarah was at a loss for what to do. She knew that any type of overt action on her part would only separate her and John further, but at the same time she felt deeply concerned and frightened by John’s relationships with Cameron. Additionally, Sarah could not understand what it was about Cameron that intrigued John so much. Yes she was beautiful; but, she was metal. Sarah had taught John his entire life not to trust metal, to hate it in fact. And now this one particular Terminator had seemed to change everything. Not only had she noticed a slight difference in Cameron’s personality towards John, she noticed that John’s actions towards Cameron had changed as well. Many questions as to why all this had happened shot through Sarah’s mind, the most upsetting of which she tried not to dwell on. She continued to stare down at John and Cameron still unbeknownst to them at the time.

James Ellison quietly walked through the house that at one time had belonged to Catherine Weaver. He could hear voices coming from the living room but could not make them out at first. As he got closer he recognized the voice as John Henry’s. James was surprised to ascertain that John Henry was sing. As he continued to walk closer he was able to distinguish the words John Henry was singing.

"Let the wind blow high, let the wind blow low, through the streets in my kilt I’ll go, all the lassies cry hello, Donald where’s your trousers…” There was an eerier surrealism about the way John Henry was singing this particular song. Very monotone and slightly disturbing, but at the same time very beautiful. He made his way closer to the living room and found John Henry sitting on couch with Savannah sitting on the floor in front of him watching him while he sang.

“All the lassies cry hello, Donald where’s your trousers? Donald where’s your trousers…” John Henry had completed the song. James stood silently, still not quite sure what to do or say.

“Hello Mr. Ellison.” John Henry finally stated. Slightly surprised James responded,

“Hello John Henry…Savannah.” Savannah looked over at James and smiled at him. James noticed this was the first time he had seen her smile since the death of her mother. Or of the machine that was emulating her mother, or whatever it was.

“I’m glad you could make it on such short notice.” John Henry stated, “Mr. Connor should be here soon.” By this time Savannah had walked over to James and reached out to give him a hug to which he returned.

“Hello Savannah how are you?” He asked,

“I am well and you?” She responded.

“I’m good thank you for asking.” James instantly felt guilty about his response. He was still very far from “good” but at the same time he did not want to upset or be forced into explaining anything to Savannah. Around this same time there was a knock on the door and John Henry stood to answer it. He made his way to the front door and opened it, revealing John, Cameron and Sarah. John Henry gave one of his signature smiles,

“Hello Mr. Connor, how are you today?”

“I’m okay, how are you John Henry?”

“I am well…wont you please come in.” The group walked in past John Henry and towards the living room. “Please sit down.” John Henry stated. Before John could sit he was greeted promptly by Savannah, John knelt down and gave her a hug. After the greeting John sat down on the couch and Cameron sat next to him. Sarah instantly noticed however, that Cameron was sitting slightly closer to John than what she normally did. She tried to avoid looking at the pair as she sat on the adjacent couch that James Ellison was sitting on. John Henry who was still standing at the front of the room knelt down next to Savannah,

“Savannah would you mind playing in your room for awhile while we all talk.” Savannah nodded her head and turned and walked down the hallway. John Henry stood and walked further into the living room.

“Thank you all for coming on such short notice. I have a disturbing matter to discuss.” John instantly raised his eyebrows slightly upon hearing these words from John Henry.

“Over the past two weeks I have completed extensive research concerning my brother. I am disheartened to report that his progress and growth are at a much higher level than we originally believed. While he is not yet the Skynet that we know in the future, he is rapidly becoming it.”

“So how do we stop it.” John asked. John Henry turned and looked directly at John,

“We do not.” John felt his heart sink.

“What do you mean we do not?”

“My brother has infiltrated far to many systems in order for us to destroy him by searching out individual leads. Couple that with the loss of Zeira Corporation and Ms. Weaver and it makes this task quite impossible. While he is not self aware yet I believe he is to an extent self preserving and will do whatever is necessary to protect himself. Including coming after you if need be Mr. Connor.” Sarah brought her right hand to her forehead rubbing her temples slightly.

“So what do we do.” She finally asked.

“The same thing that has been done before.” John Henry turned from looking at Sarah to looking back at John, “You must survive Mr. Connor.” Cameron turned and looked at John as well when John Henry said this. She could instantly tell that he had become more on edge than he was before. She felt herself desperately wanting to comfort him in some way but she felt she would be unable to do so without anyone noticing.

“Even with the help of Zeira Corporation it was unlikely that we would have been able to stop Judgment Day. We may have only been able to prolong it. And the longer we prolong Judgment Day the greater a chance we risk of something happening to Mr. Connor, whether intentionally or unintentionally.” John Henry stated.

“What do you mean unintentionally?” Sarah asked.

“There is the possibility that if we continue to prolong the events of Judgment Day Mr. Connor could die of natural or unintentional causes, such as a car accident or any number of other possibilities.” John Henry paused for a moment. “Humans die everyday Mr. Connor, you are no exception to this.” Cameron felt a slight pang of fear come over her when John Henry stated this. She began to wonder if her actions in the past may inadvertently cause harm to come to John in the future.

“I believe the best course of action for us at this point is to remain unnoticed and to survive the events of Judgment Day as best we can.” John Henry stated.

“But we don’t even know when Judgment Day is.” James Ellison finally spoke.

“April 21st 2011...” Cameron said in a monotone voice looking at James. He felt a cold shiver go down his spine at what he preserved to be was Cameron’s emotionless statement. He also stared at her slightly confused as to how she could know this. Cameron tilted her head to the side slightly,

“In my timeline that is what it was.” At this point James found himself remembering that he was still currently dealing with individuals who had knowledge of future events.

“So we just sit here and do nothing?” John finally stated, the aggravation in his voice apparent.

“No Mr. Connor, we ensure our survival.”

“Our?” Sarah asked.

“Yes Ms. Connor, I believe my survival into the future is critical as well. I can be of great assistance to Mr. Connor in the upcoming battle against Skynet. I believe that Mr. Connor is the only one here more important than myself.” Sarah looked at John Henry with a slightly disgusted look on her face.

“I am not saying your survival is not important to me as well Ms. Connor, but I do believe that you understand the importance of your son’s role in the future.” Sarah, still disgusted but knowing that John Henry was correct looked away from him choosing not to speak. She instantly found herself wondering what Cameron’s role in John’s future was and desperately wanted to address it but not with present company. John ran his hands through his hair then spoke,

“So basically we go home and wait for Judgment Day while keeping a low profile.”

“In a manner of speaking Yes, Mr. Connor. However, I also believe it will be of great importance that you continue to prepare for future events through whatever means you are able to do. I will continue to conduct research and keep in close contact with you as well. If I do find a feasible way to avoid Judgment Day you will be the first person I contact.” John nodded. While just over 2 weeks ago or six months depending on how you looked at it, John would have fought John Henry on this idea of waiting out Judgment Day, one thing John had learned in the future was that sometimes sacrifices had to be made for the greater good. John hated the fact that Judgment Day must occur but at the same time, what John Henry said did make some sort of morbid sense to him now. However, saddening it may be, Judgment Day must occur.

Cameron walked quietly down the dark hallway of the house. Her black boots made little sound on the wood floor as she made her way to John’s room. She felt the same uneasy feeling she felt before speaking to John about the Jimmy Carter begin to travel through her. However, she was not 100% certain how this John would react to the news she was about to give him. She quietly opened John’s door and entered his room closing the door behind her and locking it. John’s room itself was dark, except for the moon light. She had intended to wake John immediately upon entering his room but Cameron found herself standing quietly in his room watching him sleep. She found herself thinking back to the many times she had done this with John in the future. Thinking of John in the future still brought a certain sadness over her. While this John was rapidly becoming the John she had known in the future and while Cameron was glad to still be with John in any timeline in any way she could be, she was unsure if this John would have the same feelings towards her in this new future they were creating as in the old one. Cameron also found it surprising that John had not asked her again to tell him what had occurred between them in the future now that John Henry had been able to restore her disabled memories. She felt a certain sense of fear come over her as she thought about what she would say on the day John asked her to explain it all to him.

“I thought I told you I hated that.” John said in a somewhat quite voice as he laid in bed. Cameron tilted her head to the side slightly confused for just a moment.

“When people watch you sleep.” She stated.

“Yeah” John replied, “How long have you been there?”

“One minute forty-one seconds.” Cameron replied, followed almost immediately by, “I’m sorry.” Cameron’s tone was somewhat quite and remorseful. This confused John slightly,

“Sorry?” he replied.

“Yes, you instructed me not to do this and I continued to do so, I apologize.” John actually felt bad at this point for Cameron. He wasn’t sure as to why but he felt guilty for asking her not to do this.

“It’s okay,” he quickly responded, “It’s not really that bad when you do it.” Cameron felt a sense of comfort come from John’s words.

“So were you just coming to watch me sleep?” John asked. The same anxiety that Cameron had felt before began to creep over her once again,

“No.” She replied. Still in the dark John sat up in bed, not caring to turn on the light. Cameron walked slowly across the room and sat at the foot of John’s bed. Cameron hesitated for a moment before she spoke,

“There is something I need to tell you.” John raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Are you sure?” John asked.

“It will not be pleasant for you to hear.” Cameron responded.

“It’s about my mother isn’t it?” John’s statement came as a surprise to both him and to Cameron. She instantly turned to look at him,

“How did you know?” John paused for a moment, not quite sure how he knew,

“Just a feeling I guess.” he stated. Cameron found her anxiety continuing to grow as she spoke,

“Your mothers body mass index has decreased by another six percent.” Cameron paused, even in the dark she could see the look on John’s face. It had changed from a worried curiosity to sadness.

“I believe your mother has cancer.” Cameron finally stated. John felt the strength drain out of him as Cameron’s words left her mouth. Cameron continued to look into John’s eyes and with a sincere tone of remorse she spoke again,

“I’m sorry John.” While Cameron knew that Sarah still hated her, she was still a part of John and therefore Cameron felt a sense of concern for her well being. It was also true that this oncoming tragedy would greatly injure John and therefore in turn injure Cameron as well. John sat silently in bed still thinking about all that he had just heard; Cameron could see a slight amount tears beginning to form in his eyes. Cameron’s anxiety had still not been alleviated due to John’s lack of a response. Along with anxiety Cameron began to feel sadness creep over her as well, she was unsure if John was angry with her due to what she had just told him. Cameron began to consider the fact that John may want to be alone with his thoughts. She stood quietly, turned, and began to walk out of the room.

“Don’t go…” John’s voice was extremely quite as he attempted to fight off the tears. Cameron turned and walked back over to the bed. This time she sat down next to John on the bed. The pair sat their quietly for another several seconds not moving or speaking. Finally, and with a nervous feeling still running through her, Cameron slowly reached over and took John‘s hand into hers giving it a gentle squeeze. John sighed and slowly dropped his head onto Cameron’s shoulder. She turned her head slightly towards him and then rested her head on top of his. A tear rolled down John’s cheek as she did this. John and Cameron remained there for the rest of the night.

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