Final Days Chapter 35


John walked slowly down the hallway of the house, still somewhat groggy from just waking up. He walked into the living room and was greeted by the smell of pancakes; John slightly rolled his eyes. While the six months he spent in the future had made him appreciate his mothers cooking more, it was still not his first choice in meals; nevertheless, he was still grateful to be able to wake up and know there was a meal ready for him. John walked into the kitchen and as soon as he saw his mother a certain sadness struck him from the news he had found out about the night before. He wasn’t quite sure what exactly to say at the moment; however, Sarah was already walking over to him and handed him a plate of pancakes,

“Hungry?” She asked as she handed him the plate. John took it without saying anything still not entirely sure what to do. He walked over to the kitchen table, sat down and began to eat slowly. He sat quietly eating, all the while continuing to be tormented by the words Cameron had spoken to him the night before.

“Where’s Cameron?” Sarah finally asked. Now forced to speak John responded,

“She’s outside doing her patrols.” Sarah nodded and walked over to the table with a plate and sat down.

“How’s your shoulder?” She asked.

“It still hurts, but it’s getting better. Cameron is doing a pretty good job of checking up on it.” After John said these words he almost flinched knowing that bringing Cameron into the conversation this way may lead to another unpleasant conversation. Sarah instantly looked up at him after he finished speaking. Her look was both concern mixed with some slight anger. There were several seconds of awkward silence between John and Sarah as they sat there. Sarah finally decided, that she could no longer hold her tongue any longer and this seemed to be as good a time as any to bring up this particular matter.

“Are you and Cameron having sex?” John coughed and about choked on his pancakes as she made this statement. Sarah grimaced slightly after she spoke, she had intended to word that question a bit more tactfully but it was a moot point now. John was both shocked and angered by the question. He understood his mother’s concern for him; but, he felt that his sex life should have been the least of her worries.

“What!?” He finally responded. Sarah took a breath trying to think of a better way to word the question,

“I didn’t mean for it to come out like that; but, that‘s beside the point. It’s obvious that things are different between you two now. Something has definitely changed and it’s not because you ran into the future to find her. I’m talking in the past week or so. You two are treating each other completely different.” John stayed silent for a moment, several emotions began to rise up inside him, one of which was anger, he ground his teeth slightly and stood up. Sarah saw a look in his eyes that she only ever saw when she would confront John in reference to Cameron; but, this time it seemed different, it was more determined and fierce. Finally John spoke in a slow, low, tone,

“The situation involving Cameron and I is NONE of your concern.” He hesitated for a moment trying to cool off slightly and also trying to choose his words at the same time.

“You may not like her, but you WILL accept her. I wouldn‘t even be here today if it wasn‘t for her.” John continued to fight back his emotions and then in a somewhat accusatory tone he spoke again,

“And is this something you should really be worrying about now?” He asked. This put Sarah slightly off guard,

“What do you mean by that?” John cringed as this was also not the way he wanted to approach this particular subject. But Sarah continued to stare at him awaiting a response. John signed, his emotions shifted from anger to sadness,

“You’ve lost more weight.” John purposefully left out the fact that Cameron had informed him of this although he knew his mother would probably figure that out on her own.

“So I’ve lost weight?” His mother responded somewhat blatantly.

“You’ve been steadily losing weight over the last month and a half. You should go back to the doctor.” John was very direct when he said these words. His mother sat there shocked. John had all but leveled her in his response to her questions about Cameron and now he was following it up with this. After a moment of silence Sarah responded,

“Maybe I should.” Her tone was somewhat sad. While a part of Sarah still desperately wanted to know what was going on between John and Cameron it was now readily apparent that John would never share the intimate details of their relationship with her. There was a certain anger that came over Sarah about this; however, she now began to try and convince herself that she no longer wanted to know the details of her son's interaction with a machine. After several more seconds of silence John turned and left the room. Sarah assumed he was going to go search for Cameron.

James Ellison slowly pulled up in front of Catherine Weaver’s old house, which now belonged to John Henry. He sat quietly in his vehicle for a moment thinking. While having the Connor’s at his residence was somewhat awkward at times, he at least felt he had someone there who understood slightly what he was going through. Now that they had left James found himself feeling somewhat alone, confused, and frustrated. There was really no one he could talk to in reference to all that had happened in the last two weeks. Or six months depending on who you talked to. James also had found himself feeling the need to check up on Savannah more and more as the week had progressed. He was unsure if this was due to his concern over the fact that she was currently residing with a cyborg, or if he felt that John Henry may inadvertently provide some more answers to him. James exited his vehicle and slowly walked up to the front door of the house and knocked. After a few moments John Henry came to the door. Giving James one of his still slightly awkward smiles he spoke,

“Hello Mr. Ellison how are you today?”

“I am well John Henry, how are you?” There was apparent defeat in James voice.

“I am well also. What brings you here today.” As John Henry spoke he stepped back from the door allowing James to walk in.

“I was in the area and I figured I would come by and check on Savannah.”

“That is very nice of you Mr. Ellison but Savannah is currently at school.” James felt slightly ridiculous at this point realizing that he should have known such a fact.

“But Savannah is not your only reason for being here is it Mr. Ellison?” John Henry remarked. James was surprised by John Henry’s apparent ability to ascertain this. James continued to stand silently not quite knowing what to say.

“I am guessing Mr. Ellison that you still have some confusion about all that has occurred recently and all that will occur?”

“Yes John Henry, how did you know that?” James responded

“It is quite apparent seeing as how you are the only one who has for all intents and purposes just learned the true story of what has been going on for the last several years. Also, I feel that you are not quite comfortable with the Connor’s yet; or, at least not comfortable enough to ask them all the questions you would like to have answered. And I feel you are even less comfortable with Cameron.” James continued to stand silently, still somewhat amazed at all John Henry had been able to figure out.

“If you would sit down Mr. Ellison I will be glad to talk to you further about any questions you have.” John Henry motioned James over to the couch. Still not quite sure of what to do James walked past John Henry and over to the couch and sat down.

John Henry spoke with James Ellison for quite some time. He explained in more detail the events that were to come, along with a brief overview of the future and John Connor’s role in it. However, John Henry still omitted detains involving certain matters that he felt James did not need to be made aware of. He was also very careful not to include the more intimate details in reference to John and Cameron’s involvement in the present or future. James Ellison was however able to ask John Henry numerous questions and did receive answers to most of them. While this did not completely alleviate all of James’s worries it did bring some comfort to him. Finally a more curious question found its way into James mind,

“So what is Cameron’s roll in all of this?” He knew that John and Cameron appeared to be extremely close and it was apparent that Sarah was not comfortable with this. He was also witness to the fact that John had risked his life and in fact, all of humanities existence to leap across time to rescue her. John Henry hesitated for a moment after James asked this question.

“Why do you ask that Mr. Ellison?” James was slightly surprised, while John Henry had not answered all of his questions and in fact he noticed several times John Henry side stepping a question, he had yet to ask him “why” he had asked a specific question.

“I’m just curious. It appears that she and John have a very close relationship. John risked his own life and possibly all of our lives to travel to the future to save her. I’m just curious as to why he did it.” John Henry looked at James for a moment with a strange look on his face.

“I believe that Mr. Connor may have saved all our lives by traveling into the future.” James looked at John Henry with an extremely confused look. Since that future was no longer in existence how could John be saving everyone’s lives by traveling into it.

“I believe some questions are better left unexplained Mr. Ellison. Don‘t you think?” John Henry asked. James was still confused but this was possibly a mystery that would either be revealed to him in the future or one he could live with.

“I believe you may be right John Henry.” James stated. He then stood, “Well I believe I’ve taken up enough of your time. I appreciate you speaking with me.”

“It was no problem Mr. Ellison.” John Henry smiled at James who nodded at him. He then turned and began to walk out of the house.

“Come back anytime Mr. Ellison.” John Henry stated as James left the room.

“Thank you John Henry.” James paused for a moment then turned and spoke again, “I think I will.”

Sarah sat quietly in the waiting room of the doctor’s office. It had been several days since she and John had, had their conversation. While Sarah had been unable to get the information she was searching for, she now continued to try and convince herself that she no longer wanted to know and preferred to be kept in the dark. Along with this Sarah also had a uneasy feeling that there may have been some truth behind what John had informed her of in reference to her health. She rubbed her hands together somewhat nervously as she glanced around the waiting room making sure to take note of everyone that was inside of it. While she was relatively certain that the fake ID that John Henry had been able to provide for her along with the other necessary paperwork would get her into the doctor’s office without a problem she was still slightly on edge. Sarah still found her mind drifting to John however. While she continued to tell herself she did not want to ask anymore questions the entire Cameron situation still vexed her. She was still completely unsure of what Cameron’s motives were and if she was just manipulating John. The torment in Sarah‘s mind continued as she tried to dissuade herself that this was something John would have to deal with now and not her.

“Miss Roberts?” Sarah looked up immediately at the nurse standing at the door leading to the examination rooms. “If you’ll come with me the doctor will see you now.” Sarah nodded her head and stood up following the nurse. Sarah felt an eerie feeling come over here as she made her way further into the doctor’s office. The female nurse led her to one particular examination room and opened the door for Sarah.

“Right in here Miss. Roberts.”

“Thank you.” Sarah responded in a somewhat downtrodden tone as she walked into the room.

“The doctor will be with you shortly.” Sarah nodded her head again and the nurse smiled and closed the door to the small room, leaving Sarah alone and sitting on one of the examination beds staring down at the floor. Sarah felt that when the nurse closed the door to the examination room she was in actuality closing the door to Sarah’s life. She sighed and continued to sit quietly in the examination room waiting for the doctor.

Authors Notes: Okay so in my mind this would be the end of season 3. But don't worry I'll be starting season 4 soon enough. Review away!

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