Final Days Chapter 38


*Monday April 18, 2011: Three Days Before Judgment Day*

John stared out the window of the small inn that he and Cameron were staying at. The dusty road in front of the inn appeared to travel on until the sky met the roadway far off in the distance. Heat waves rose off the ground and John could see dust being kicked up by the little bit of wind that was blowing around. The room that John was in was quite warm and the only comfort from the heat was given by the ceiling fan that was slightly circulating the air around the room. John squinted his eyes looking off into the distance hoping to see something, anything. John put his hand up against the top of the window frame and leaned up against it slightly.

“They are more than 20 hours late.” Cameron stated, “I do not believe John Henry or Mr. Ellison would intentionally be this late.” John didn’t respond to her statement.

“We should assume that something has happened to them.” John clenched his fist in frustration as he continued to search the road for any signs of oncoming vehicles. Cameron felt a certain sadness begin to come over her as she looked at John. Part of her emotional response was due to the fact that she did indeed consider John Henry, Mr. Ellison and Savannah Weaver to be friends but a deeper sadness grew within her. Without John Henry she was unsure what would happen to John in the future. Along with that Cameron found that often times John‘s emotional state somehow seemed to be transferred to her as well. When John was sad, she was sad, or when John was happy she was happy. By this point Cameron had begun to understand why; but, it was still something she was unable to discuss with John. Finally she spoke again,

“John…” she said in a soft voice as she walked up behind him placing her hand in the small of his back, “It is no longer safe for you here, we should leave.” John’s stressed and saddened emotional state was still apparent to Cameron even though he was trying to hide it from her.

“I know of another location that would be a suitable place to stay.” Cameron continued as she ever so slightly moved her hand across John’s back trying to comfort him.

“Where?” John finally said somewhat quietly, still not looking at Cameron but staring down the roadway.

“It’s called San Francisquito, it is located on the east side of the Baja peninsula near the Gulf of California.” John nodded his head.

“How long will it take us to get there?” John asked still not looking at Cameron.

“Approximately four hours, the roadways leading to the town are only accessible by four wheel drive vehicles.” John thought for a moment then spoke,

“We’ll give them till night fall then we’ll leave.” While Cameron did not necessarily agree with this plan of action and felt her anxiety over John’s safety increase upon hearing this, she also knew that for John’s emotional well being she would have to accept this plan. Cameron looked down slightly saddened by the fact that she felt she had not been able to comfort John. She moved her hand off of his back and stepped away from him.

“I will continue my patrols.” She said somewhat quietly. John nodded his head again still staring out the window. Cameron turned to walk out of the small room,

“Thank you.” John finally said. Cameron balked slightly as she walked and turned towards John.

“For what?” Cameron asked. John sighed slightly and spoke in a solemn tone,

“For everything.” An ever so small smile came across Cameron’s face and she felt a soothing sensation cover her.

“Your welcome.” She said as she walked out the door.

As the minutes and hour’s passed by, Cameron felt her anxiety grow, as she knew that every passing second could bring another hostile Terminator closer. John watched as the sun dipped down into the horizon and appeared to be swallowed by the ground as the landscape grew darker and darker. Finally, the sunlight was completely extinguished and darkness surrounded the area they were in. Cameron stood behind John still watching him with a slight sense of nervousness; but, not wanting to push him to leave. However, she quietly hoped that he would soon realize the inevitability of the situation. Still staring out the window John exhaled slowly,

“Lets go.” He finally said in a gravelly voice. Cameron flicked her eyes towards the ground feeling more sadness sweep over her, slightly from the loss of the rest of the group; but, more so from seeing John in this type of emotional turmoil. John glanced over at Cameron as he slowly began to walk across the room to grab one of his backpacks. He felt a strange feeling sweep over him. While he was greatly saddened by the apparent loss of John Henry, James Ellison, and Savannah Weaver and the uncertainty this turn of events would now bring to the future; this sadness did not compare to the emotion he felt when he had found Cameron’s lifeless body in the basement of Zeira Corporation. John thought for another moment then he came to the realization that out of all the people he could have had there with him right now, Cameron was the one he wanted there the most.

The Chevy Silverado bounced up and down slightly as it drove across the rough road through the mountainside. The cool night air whipped through the cab of the pick up truck as it drove. John scanned the darkness in front of him but could not see nearly as much as Cameron could as she drove the truck. Her dark brown hair whipped around slightly as the wind blew through it. John continued to look over at Cameron as they drove. He had found that he felt a great sense of comfort and security knowing that she was there with him. John had noticed that these feeling came quite frequently now a days. So frequently in fact that he found that he no longer cared if he found her watching him sleep. While normally he hated when people did this he found that all this had changed when it came to Cameron. This feeling still confused him slightly at times; but, John had come to the realization awhile ago that Cameron had become his best friend. However, there were times that John found himself desperately wanting more from Cameron; but, the very thought of that terrified him. John knew that, “everyone dies for John Connor” and he felt that if he were to allow himself to have anymore feelings other than friendship towards Cameron they may come at her own detriment. But, deep down there was still something there eating away at him. John fought hard to ward off this train of thought and found himself wondering about another mystery to him. He was highly confused as to the reason why Cameron would ever watch him sleep. While he understood that at times it was a tactical advantage there were other times he was not so sure.

“We will reach San Francisquito in approximately one hour.” Cameron said breaking the silence between them. John acknowledged her words with a slight nod. He then turned and stared back out the windshield of the truck. He looked up at the starry sky. It appeared to be a perfectly clear night without a cloud in the sky. John continued to look up a the stars as they drove along.

It was late at night by the time Cameron and John reached San Francisquito. As John walked across the dirt sidewalk with Cameron towards the dilapidated inn that they would be staying at he could hear the quiet lapping of waves on the shorefront that the inn was located. He could also smell the salty air as the gentle breeze blew across him. There was a slight rustling of palm tree’s as the wind continued to blow. John scanned the beachfront and could see the eerie whitish blue glow of the moonlight reflecting off the ocean water. The moonlight also brought John to the realization that “inn” was not a very descriptive word for this establishment. There were actually no connecting rooms, it was more like small cabins that were scattered along the beachfront. Finally, reaching what appeared to be the office of the establishment both John and Cameron walked in through the rickety open front door finding a sleeping Hispanic male seated behind an old wooden counter. His head was resting in the palm of his hand which was propped up on the counter and it appeared that he had not shaved for several days. The room itself was dimly lit, and the only light appeared to be coming from a lamp near the man with what appeared to only have a 40 watt bulb. Cameron walked immediately up to the man and dropped her backpack off her shoulder letting it hit the ground with a slight thud startling the sleeping man. He looked up slightly annoyed at first; but, as soon as he saw Cameron standing before him in her slightly tight and just a little to short T-shirt and snug jeans he appeared not to mind being awakened anymore.

“Hola, ¿Cómo puedo ayudarle?” The man said as he looked at Cameron. Cameron looked at him for a moment and then responded in perfect Spanish,

“Necesito una cabina con una cama, por favor.” As Cameron spoke she reached into her pocket retrieving five twenty dollar bills and laid them down on the counter in front of the man. The man’s eyes widened slightly as he reached out and took the cash, he then spoke again,

“Sí, sí, su cabina es de treinta metros a la izquierda.” The man pointed to his left as he spoke.

“Gracias.” Cameron said and smiled slightly at the man. She picked her backpack up off the floor and turned and walked out of the room with John following her. As they exited the office Cameron began to speak as she looked over at John,

“He said…” John cut her off in mid sentence,

“That our cabin is thirty meters down on the left.” John gave Cameron a slight smile as he spoke. She smiled back,



John and Cameron walked into the cabin and John glanced around as they did. The cabin itself was relatively small, about the size of a small studio apartment, it contained one bed and a make shift cooking area. Two small plastic chairs were also in the room and a fold up table would serve as a kitchen table. There were two window’s located at the front of the cabin, one of which was missing the glass. Overall it was pretty rugged but John didn’t mind, he’d slept in much worse places after all. And he could still hear the ocean from inside of the cabin.

“You should get some rest.” Cameron stated as she looked around the room. John nodded his head to exhausted to disagree. He walked over to the bed and flopped down onto it, to tired to take off his shoes. He rolled onto his side and watched as Cameron stood silently in the room scanning the area. He felt a certain calm come over him knowing he did not have to be on guard while Cameron was with him. He slowly felt his eyes getting heavier as he began to drift off to sleep.

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