Final Days Chapter 39


*Tuesday April 19, 2011 Two Days Before Judgment Day*

John awoke to a gentle warm breeze sweeping through the cabin and the sound of waves lapping on the shoreline. He sat up from the bed and looked around, seeing that Cameron had kept vigil over him during the night. While this was not the first time John had awoken to find Cameron watching over him, for some reason today it felt more significant. John was not sure if it was due to the fact that Judgment Day was so close at hand or something else entirely. No matter the reason, John was genuinely glad that Cameron was there with him. When she looked over at him he gave her a slight smile; while he felt the urge to say, “Thank you” again to her he held back. John was not quite sure as to why he did this however. Upon seeing John smile at her, Cameron returned his smile. She often found herself looking forward to “little” moments such as these. While she often felt saddened that she and John had not yet developed the relationship that she and future John had, Cameron was none the less grateful for the friendship she did have with John. Still, Cameron often had sweeping feelings of emotion come over her whenever John was around. She felt a genuine longing to be with him; but, also did not feel she should overtly act on any of her feelings towards him. Cameron often did carry with her a certain sense of sadness and fear that things may never truly return to the way they once were. There was a brief moment of silence between the two and it appeared that neither knew what to say to each other in that moment. Finally, Cameron spoke,

“Are you hungry?”

“A little yeah…” John responded.

“There is a small restaurant that is walking distance from here if you would like to get something to eat.” For an unknown reason John had the sudden urge to say “no” to Cameron’s request. Not because he was not hungry but for the simple fact that he wanted to remain alone in the cabin with her. However, also not wanting to sound contradictory in light of his prior statement John responded,

“Sounds good to me.” He slid out of bed and put on a pair of shoes that were located next to the bed. He then stood slowly and as he did he glanced back over at Cameron. There was another brief moment of silence between the two. They both stared at each other for several more seconds before Cameron slowly turned looking over her shoulder at John one more time before walking out of the Cabin with John following her.

The entire day dragged on for John, the beach and beautiful scenery gave him no comfort what so ever. He felt continuously tormented by thoughts of his mother, John Henry, Savannah Weaver, James Ellison, Catherine Weaver, and although she was still there with him thoughts of Cameron tormented him as well. The impending knowledge of Judgment Day also weighed heavily on John’s mind. John began to notice that fear began to grip him as he continued to think about everything; but, it was not fear of dying. John was relatively certain that he would survive Judgment Day due to his knowledge of the future that had been given to him by his father’s statements to his mother. However, John was not so sure that Cameron would survive into the future. He was unsure why his thoughts seemingly drifted in this direction. For all intents and purposes Cameron was vastly superior to him in every way and would be able to survive much more than he could. But, the events surrounding his time travel into the future showed John just how vulnerable Cameron could be, or allow herself to become. John became highly concerned that one day Cameron may yet again choose to sacrifice herself for him. These thought’s sent a cold shiver down John’s spine as he watched the sun set on the horizon.

John had appeared to be in a virtual daze the entire Day as Cameron watched his emotional state seemingly spiral downward. The subtle ways that she normally used to give him some comfort did not appear to be working at this point. Cameron watched quietly from a short distance behind John while he stood on the beach under the shade of a palm tree staring out into the ocean. There appeared to be so much on his mind and she truly wanted to do something that would ease his pain; but, seeing as how her normal attempts to comfort John were not working at this point she became quite unsure of what to do. While this John was very much a mirror image of the John she knew in the future there were still subtle differences. The most obvious difference being that of John’s non involvement with Cameron in a romantic way. Cameron at times felt herself almost wanting to scream out to John how she felt about him; but, at the same time she felt a true sense of fear about what his reaction may be. Many thoughts played on Cameron’s mind as she continued to watch over John as he stared out into the ocean at the setting sun.

The hot night breeze blew through the cabin and across John’s bare skin. He continued to look out the window into the dark ocean that was only illuminated by moonlight at this point, a plethora of thoughts still racing through his mind. He was stripped to the waist in an attempt to try to alleviate some of the heat. Thought’s of the past and future still continued to torment him. His emotional distress had become worse as the day had wore on and John felt that he was almost to a breaking point. Just then he felt a gentle touch on his back as Cameron walked up behind him. She looked over at him staring at him with her brown eyes. Finally out of true concern for John she spoke,

“Are you alright? You have barely spoken all day.” she asked. John could easily hear the concern in her voice as she spoke. Finally, it all came crashing down on John,

“I’ve screwed up Cam.” She looked at him slightly confused, “I let them down…I let everyone down, even you.” he said, the stress extremely apparent in his voice.

“I don’t understand?” Cameron asked.

“Catherine, John Henry, Savannah, Mr. Ellison….they’re all dead because of me. If I had done something differently they would probably still be here with us. I even almost got you killed.” Cameron tilted her head to the side, still confused. “If I had just asked you to tell me everything when you first got here, none of this probably would have happened. But I had to do things my way, and I was wrong.”

“You were not wrong John.” Cameron said. “Even if you had asked me to tell you everything things may have still turned out the same, or could have possibly turned out worse.” Cameron turned and faced John, stepping slightly closer to him as she spoke in an attempt to give him some sense of reassurance by being closer to him. At this same time she desperately fought against the urge to hold him. An array of conflicting emotions continued to play on Cameron as she stood there.

“There’s something I need to give you.” John finally said. The emotional conflict still apparent in his voice, but Cameron found herself strangely curious. John reached into the pocket of the kaki shorts he was wearing and retrieved small silver pocket watch. Cameron wasn’t quite sure what this meant. John reached out and took Cameron by the hand and placed the pocket watch in her hand.

“I never needed this…I always trusted you.” John’s voice grew slightly sad, “Even if I didn‘t show it at times.” While the detonator itself was useless now, the symbolism behind it had a significant impact on Cameron. She felt her emotions flood over her, as her eyes began to fill with tears. The two stood staring at each other for another several seconds still holding hands, the only sound in the room was the quiet and steady lapping of waves on the beach. Cameron struggled to hide her feelings but after so long she felt she no longer could. She slowly stepped forward closing the already close distance between she and John and kissed him. It was a moment of both terror, joy, and sadness for Cameron. After several seconds of kissing John stepped back away from her. There was a look of surprise on his face. This was something he had never expected Cameron to do. While he was relatively certain something had occurred between her and future John and while he understood she had emotions and a very apparent fondness for him, John still did not expect this. The pair stood silently still staring at each other for several more seconds. Then John saw something in Cameron’s eyes that surprised him…fear. She seemed genuinely afraid that she had done something wrong or had angered John. So many emotions began to rush over John as he stood there. He did not know what to think; however, one feeling reigned supreme over all the others. John stepped back closer to Cameron, gently placing his hands on the sides of her body and kissed her. His heart pounded within his chest as he gently ran his hands over and around her back pulling her slightly towards him. Cameron returned his kiss, still fearful of what she might be doing; but, at the same time not wanting to stop. She ran her hands slowly up John’s back and pulled herself closer to him. The pair continued to kiss for quite a few seconds and then John gently moved his hands from Cameron’s back to her waist line. He then slowly pulled her shirt off as they began to make their way over to the bed. Their kissing grew more intense as Cameron laid down on her back, pulling John down on top of her. She gently caressed John’s back as she felt the weight of his body press up against hers as they still continued to kiss. Cameron’s fingers danced across the large scare that was located on John's back below his left shoulder, the scare he had obtained saving her life. A torrent of emotions continued to flood over Cameron. John’s heart was pounding so fast and hard within his chest he thought he could almost hear it. Adrenalin flooded into his veins and he found that he was beginning to shake slightly. This was something John had never done before, and as they continued to remove each other’s clothing John realized that there was no one other than Cameron that he would rather be doing this with.

Cameron’s face glistened slightly with sweat as John continued to stare up at her as she lay on top of him, he could see her eyes glowing blue beneath her brown irises as she looked down on him. His breathing was beginning to slow but still remained slightly heavy; his heart rate was slowing as well. The adrenalin rush that John had just experienced still continued to make him shake slightly as he lay there. As Cameron stared down at John a slight smile danced across her face. After all these years with him she now truly felt happier than she had ever been. Yet at the same time there was still something she was hiding from him. The internal struggle within Cameron resumed, but she could no longer fight her feelings.

“I love you John.” She finally said in a somewhat scared and quiet voice. “I always have, and I always will.” John lay there speechless. No one had ever said that to him before, not like this. He tried to speak but his words escaped him. However, Cameron did not mind that John had not said anything; she saw the look in his eyes and it was all she needed. She gently lowered upper body down onto John and began to kiss him passionately again.

Authors Notes: Okay so they FINALLY got together. Sorry I made you guys think this might not happen but I wanted everyone to be excited when it did. Review! Review!

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