Final Days Chapter 4

Authors Notes: Many TSCC fans will note that this chapter’s timeline/events deviates from the TSCC episode “Dungeons and Dragons”. There is a specific reason for this which WILL be explained later. Do not worry I HAVE NOT forgotten about that episode. _______________________________________________________________________________________________

The battle at Point Mugu had been going on for about 3 hours. John hadn’t left the War Room in that entire time. The Apache squadron that John had launched had been able to hold off the HK’s for long enough for General Perry to launch his forces and the battle was at a stalemate at this point. John watched the images of helicopters, Jets, and HK’s flash across the holographic imager.

“Sir, I have General Perry on the line.” John looked up and saw that the Sergeant sitting at the communications center was looking at him.

“Thank you Sergeant.” He said as he picked up the phone in front of him, “General, how you holding up out there?”

“It’s tough sir but we’re giving them hell.” The line had intermittent static interruptions but John could make out what the General was saying.

“Glad to hear, it General. Be careful though I think the HK’s providing anti-aircraft cover may pull to the west and then to the north towards Serrano.” The General paused for a moment before he spoke.

“They’re here for Serrano…”

“I think so yes.” John replied.

“And they’re going to come through us to get to it.”

“I think that is the case as well Perry.” General Perry sighed a heavy sigh.

“We’ll hold them off for as long as we can.” Perry stated

“Thank you General.” John set the phone down in its cradle as he continued to look at the imager. John knew that if push came to shove Skynet would launch a nuclear strike on Point Mugu. The advantage of having an army consisting of inhuman solders and a nuclear arsenal was that Skynet could conduct a nuclear strike and launch its forces shortly thereafter and not have to worry about the radiation like humans would. John turned to the man seated at a computer terminal across from him.

“Lieutenant is our missile defense system up and running?”

“Yes sir, Patriot 2 missiles are armed and ready. General Perry’s are up and running as well.” John paused for a moment before speaking in a lowered voice.

“He doesn’t have that many though.” John thought to himself, “The last time Skynet was this close to Serrano Point was when the T-1000 infiltrated the base.” John continued to stair at the holographic imager as his thoughts drifted back to that day.

*Serrano Point 1 ½ Years Earlier*

It had been some time since the resistance had captured the TDE located at Serrano Point and the TDE had only been used once since then. John was standing in the central room looking at the TDE. The room itself was a massive spherical room. A large stainless steel walkway extended to the center of the room onto a circular platform. Around the platform for about 30 feet was empty space, then several large suspended metallic globes that pivoted on their axis were positioned around the platform. Huge generators were located in the front of the room which provided power to the Time Displacement Equipment itself. If the TDE hadn’t been located inside of a nuclear power plant there would have been no way the resistance would have been able to power it. Even still with the amount of energy it took to operate the device the resistance would only be able to use the TDE a limited number of times before the nuclear plant would not be able to provide enough energy to power it. Tech Com scientists had surmised that if the TDE needed to be used it would be better to send multiple people through time at once since the TDE used less energy once power up to send multiple people through then to power it up and then back down multiple times over the course of days, weeks, or months. This is why John had allowed First Lieutenant Derek Reece to lead a group of men back in time in order to secure materials and assets for the future resistance.

“It’s so peaceful in here.” John turned his head to look at Alison who was now standing next to him.

“Yes, it certainly is.” He replied. The vastness of the room and the metal that it was constructed out of made it eerily silent inside the structure.

“I always enjoyed working in here because of how peaceful it was.” Alison said as she looked around the room. John nodded his head again still looking around the room. Alison could tell something else was on his mind.

“This will help us John…” she said as she looked at him.

“I hope so.” John replied. “At least we’ll be prepared if Skynet sends another Terminator back in time.” “And thanks to Skynet’s obsession with defensive systems we’ve been able to hold this position for quite awhile.” Alison chuckled a bit.

“A computer system with an obsession...That’s an interesting thought.” John laughed slightly,

“Yeah that is kinda funny isn’t it.” John’s smile faded quickly though.

“You’re thinking about your father aren’t you?” Alison asked.

“Yes, and my…” John’s voiced trailed off.

“It’s not your fault John.” “He knows that.” John nodded his head, fighting back his tears.

“He always hated me for sending him back.” Alison looked at John somewhat confused.

“Who?” She asked.

“Derek…Kyle’s brother.” John resisted the urge to say that Derek was his uncle. He was struggling to keep his composure as he spoke.

“I knew if I told him the truth it would change everything and could put even more lives in danger, so I told him nothing.” “He hated me for it.” “I think that might have been the reason he was so willing to go back.” “So that he could get away from me; or maybe it was because the only thing he hated more than me is the machines.” John’s head dropped slightly. Alison slowly put her hand on his shoulder in an attempt to comfort him. Every time something was bothering John Alison always found a way to make him feel better, if ever so slightly.

“I need to give you something.” John said as he looked over at Alison. She looked at him with curiosity. John reached into his pocket and retrieved a silver colored bracelet. In actuality it was stainless steel since silver was such an extreme rarity in these times.

“What is it?” Alison asked.

“Skynet has taken to targeting our dogs specifically since we use them to spot their infiltrators.” “Since we haven’t always been able to always supply every position with a dog I’ve decided to implement a backup plan as far as checking for infiltrators goes.” John slowly took Alison’s left hand in his and placed the bracelet around her wrist. The clasp “clicked” as he secured it.

“Don’t ever take it off.” John stated.

“I won’t…Promise…” John smiled at Alison’s reply and she smiled back at him. John and Alison stood there in the TDE room for a few more seconds before another voice broke the silence.

“Sir, Major Alexander is looking for you.” The thick Austrian accent was immediately recognizable to John. Alison was startled and turned to see who was talking to them. She gasped in fear and took a step back. John put his hand on her shoulder,

“It’s okay, I’ve reprogrammed it.” Alison looked at the large T-800 infiltrator standing in front of her.

“He looks exactly the same way as the one you described that killed your father.”

“You’re right he looks exactly like the one that killed my father…But this isn’t the same one that killed my father he’s just a duplicate of it.” “We were able to capture him on our last missions to one of Skynet’s factories.” Alison still stood there shocked. She knew that John had been able to reprogram a handful of Terminators that he had captured but this one in particular she couldn’t understand as to why John would keep it around.

“Why would you keep this one around though?” “It has to remind you of your father’s death.” John sighed.

“It does…But for some reason I can’t describe, I feel like we may be able to use it.” The Terminator stood quietly as John talked about it.

“It’s already been able to provide us with a lot of valuable information on Skynet HK movements.” “And I think it makes a pretty good body guard as well.” “He is lacking in conversation skills however.” John gave Alison a slight smirk as he said this. Alison relaxed a little as John spoke.

“What do you call it?” John stood there for a moment thinking.

“I hadn’t given it a lot of thought yet but I was leaning towards Bob.” Alison looked at Bob then turned to John,

“Sounds as good a name as any.” John looked at Bob as well,

“Lead the way Bob.” The large Terminator turned and proceeded to walk out of the room with John and Alison following him.

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