Final Days Chapter 40


*Wednesday April 20, 2011 One Day Before Judgment Day*

John stood quietly underneath the thatch roof of the porch of the small beach front restaurant that he had just eaten at staring out into the ocean. He leaned the left side of his body up against one of the support poles and slowly took a sip of the beer that he had in his right hand. Even though John knew what events lay just hours away, he felt strangely calm and relaxed on this day. Without a doubt he knew that it all had to do with Cameron. The events of the night before meant more to him than he even knew how to describe. And while destruction lay just over the horizon, John felt truly happy to be able to at least spend just one “normal” day in what appeared to be paradise with Cameron. John gazed out at the ocean, his eyes not focusing on anything in particular. The sunlight danced off the crystal blue water and a warm breeze blew against John‘s bare chest. Just then in his peripheral vision something else caught his eye. John turned his head to his left and felt his heart skip a beat. He saw Cameron walking up along the sandy beach towards him. She wore a red bikini and had a black sheer sarong rapped around her waist. The semi see through cover up was draped down to just above her ankle but had a slit in it which exposed her right thigh as she walked towards him. Both the gentle breeze and Cameron’s movement allowed her hair to be blown back slightly as she walked. She slowly approached John and gently reached out and gave his left hand a gentle squeeze when she reached him.

“The area is still secure.” She said in a slightly more chipper tone than she normally spoke in. She then reached out and took John’s beer out of his hand and took a sip of it. Cameron then proceeded to hand it back to him as she continued to stand quietly in front of John still holding his hand. John was slightly surprised, he had never seen a “playful” side of Cameron before. But, at the same time he noticed this, John also realized that he liked it. He laughed slightly after she handed him back his beer. Cameron cocked her head slightly to the side and gave him a cute and slightly confused smile. John shook his head still chuckling. Then his smile faded slightly, when this happened Cameron’s smile faded as well. John slowly leaned forward and kissed Cameron still holding onto her hand with his. John found that when he kissed her it appeared that nothing else in the world mattered to him. He felt it the first time he had kissed her in the Skynet base at Topanga Canyon and he had felt it every time he had kissed her since then. John put down the beer that he had and while still holding onto Cameron’s hand began to lead her away from the small restaurant down towards the beach. As the pair walked hand in hand along the sandy beach Cameron felt a true feeling of happiness come over her. While she too was well aware of the apocalyptic events which were soon to come Cameron was glad to feel that for just one day no one knew who she or John was and for the most part they were just a couple walking along the beach enjoying their time with each other. A swell of emotions came over her as she glanced up at John as they walked. Cameron felt the warm ocean water caress her feet as a small wave pushed the water to just slightly above both of their ankles. Cameron knew that this was another moment with John that she would have liked to spend forever in. Yet, sadly at the same time she knew this too would end. John and Cameron continued to walk along the beach front headed in the general direction of their cabin. They both knew that these were moments they would never forget as long as they lived. A peaceful and beautiful feeling appeared to cover the area as they continued to walk down the beach. The world would never again be like this.

*Thursday April 21, 2011 Judgment Day*

John awoke slowly to the soft brown eyes of Cameron looking up at him. She lay naked on top of him with her head down near his chest. The left side of her body draped across his body. John let out a slight sigh feeling completely relaxed as he stared into her eyes. There was no other place in the world he would have rather been. Just as John was taking in this moment he began hear a commotion outside. Loud voices and some distant screaming could be heard. Both John and Cameron knew exactly what was happening. The noise outside began to grow louder and louder. However, neither John nor Cameron moved. They both continued to lie in bed staring at each other; neither of them wanted this moment with each other to end. As the noise grew both louder and closer a sadness came to rest over the couple. They both knew that John Connor’s time had come.
Stepping outside of the Cabin, John and Cameron looked up into the sky. They could see the contrails of numerous ballistic missiles flying overhead. People in the small town appeared to be in a panic, some of them were running and screaming, while others were crying. As the pair walked slowly away from their cabin still looking up at the sky an elderly Hispanic woman in tattered clothing came running up to them in tears and grabbed John,

“Armagedón está sobre nosotros!! El juicio de Dios está aquí!!” Cameron gently took John’s hand as the woman had become almost hysterical as she hugged John and buried her face in his chest crying. He gently placed his right arm around her giving her a slight hug, as he continued to hold Cameron’s hand with his left hand. After a few seconds the woman stepped away from John and ran off presumably towards her home or family. John looked at Cameron,

“I suppose many will think this is Armageddon.” He said.

“Yes, many will.” She responded. Cameron and John continued to stand hand in hand staring up at the sky watching more and more contrails appear as missiles continued to fill the airspace above them. A swell of emotions crept over John, his emotional state spanned a broad spectrum from anxiety, and nervousness, to anger, and sadness. However, through it all John now knew what he must do; he would do what he did best, “Fight Skynet”.

Authors Notes: Okay so short chapter but I wanted to bring this section to a close before we get to the next one. To answer the obvious question "No" this is not the end of the book. Still a lot more to come. But I felt compelled to give John and Cameron Just one "normal" day together where they didn't have to worry about anything and could just enjoy each others company. Because, so much is going to happen to them in the coming years. Review! Review!

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