Final Days Chapter 41


As John lay on the concrete floor of Serrano Point, he slowly looked up still seeing Captain Spears lying motionless on the ground in front of him. As John slowly looked around the TDE room, he felt the new memories continue to flow through his mind. Even though the years after Judgment Day were incredibly difficult, he remembered feeling that without Cameron they would have been almost impossible. John remembered the continuous game of cat and mouse that they seemed to be playing with both Skynet and its Terminators and marauding bands of humans that seemed to prey on other smaller groups of weaker people. He and Cameron constantly tried to elude both groups, while at the same time attempting to build an army. Still, in the years following Judgment Day John had not been able to obtain any type of large following. Yes, there were still pockets of resistance fighters attempting to fight off Skynet here and there and at times he and Cameron would join these resistance fighters but in the end, the group would either fall apart or be destroyed. John remembered becoming incredibly frustrated over this. He remembered feeling the possibility of failure begin to creeps its way over him. Then one particularly horrible day nearly a decade after Judgment Day struck John. It was the day he and Cameron were captured by Skynet.

The massive Harvester Terminator carried both John and Cameron over to the large four engine prisoner transport. Try as she might Cameron was not nearly strong enough to break the grasp of the Harvester’s hand that was clutching her waist. John knew it would be a futile effort for him to even attempt escape at this point. The large bay doors on top of the prisoner transport opened as the Harvester reached its location. John and Cameron were both dropped into what appeared to be a medium sized holding cell with quite a few other people inside. John’s body impacted on the hard steel floor with a thud and he rolled onto his side attempting to absorb some of the impact. The cell they had been dropped into was rectangular with small circular openings cut into the steel walls presumably to allow air to flow in and out of the holding cell. There was a door immediately to John and Cameron’s right side and almost the instant they hit the floor Cameron was headed towards the door. She would have easily been able to break the locks on the door; but, before she arrived at it John reached out and grabbed Cameron by the hand,

“No, don’t…” Cameron turned and looked at him slightly confused. John stood from his kneeling position and pulled Cameron a little closer to him and whispered in her ear,

“You can’t let anyone know what you are, if the humans find out they’ll either try to kill you or be terrified of you. More importantly if Skynet finds out what you are it will tear you apart or worse, just to learn about you. And we can’t take on that Harvester by ourselves anyways.” Cameron knew instantly that John was right, there was almost nothing she could do at this point to defend John without endangering both of their lives. If Skynet were to learn of what she was it would certain go to John for more answers as well. She felt the anxiety creep over her and realized that this was one of the few times in her existence that she was completely helpless to protect John. Still whispering to Cameron John continued,

“No matter what, for right now you can’t protect me, you have to hide what you are.” Cameron gave John a concerned look,

“But what if something happens to you?” She asked.

“Nothing will happen to me, I know I will survive this.” John hesitated for a moment, “It’s you I’m worried about.” Cameron tilted her head slightly to the side,

“How do you know you will survive this?” She asked. John gave her a very slight smile,

“Because my father told my mother I would.” Cameron was highly confused by this statement, while John had never told her much about who his father was she was uncertain of how his father could know about events that would take place in the future. Almost as suddenly as Cameron thought this another thought came upon her, John’s father was from the future.

“Trust me, I’ll be alright.” John said, “You just worry about yourself.” Cameron nodded her head in agreement still feeling an almost overwhelming anxiety flow over her. John felt the floor beneath him begin to shake as the prisoner transport began to lift off. A few of the passengers began to scream in terror as the transport took flight and began to head towards what was at the time an unknown location to John.

Century Work Camp was massive, John looked around the interior of what appeared to have once been a factory of some sort as he, Cameron and what was presumably hundreds if not thousands of other people were herded down a long fenced walkway. Scattered throughout the noisy building were numerous T-1’s and T-600’s. Several T-70’s walked the catwalks above the crowd as well. Three T-1’s remained behind the crowd forcing them forward through the fenced in area, or just killing the people that refused to or couldn’t move fast enough. Cameron felt an extreme amount of discomfort come over her due to being in this situation; primarily for fear of John’s safety but at the same time slightly for herself. She tried to block out the thoughts of her prior experiences at a Skynet base; but, she found it difficult to do so given the circumstances. Various screams and cries for help echoed throughout the building as John and Cameron walked forwards. Then suddenly John saw something that horrified him. The fence that was herding the people split into a “V”. There were Several T-1’s and a four T-70’s located at this intersection, but this was not what worried him. What worried him was the fact that they appeared to be separating the males from the females. John glanced over at Cameron who was already looking at him with a look of apprehension on her face. Cameron felt almost sheer terror grip her knowing that she would soon be separated from John. Before she could say anything and as they continued to make their way closer to Terminators that were separating the crowd John reached out and grabbed Cameron by the hand squeezing it tightly,

“Trust me, I will find you.” He said just before he was jerked away from Cameron by one of the T-70’s and nearly thrown down the right side of the fenced in area that the men were being forced down. Both fenced in positions arched outward away from each other and John and Cameron both kept eye contact for as long as they could until John finally disappeared from Cameron’s vision into a separate section of the building. Cameron felt her eyes fill with tears and an almost unbearable swell of emotions came over her when she lost sight of him. While she was concerned for her own well being, these feelings paled in comparison to thoughts of something happening to John. This thought was almost unbearable for her. However, she continued to walk down her section of the fenced in area still following John’s orders and allowing everyone to think she was human.

The corridors that the men were forced down were dark and somewhat cramped. In addition to this John was having trouble making out exactly where they were being sent. Two T-1’s continued on behind the group still forcing them forward. Just then the corridor opened up into what John could only describe as a massive jail cellblock. Cell’s lined the walls and it appeared there were two people assigned to each cell. The building itself was several stories high and extended for quite a ways in front of John. This cellblock appeared to hold what John estimated could have been thousands of people.
“What is Skynet doing with all these people?” John thought to himself. Just then a T-600 grabbed John by the arm and began to lead him away from the group. John quickly tried to take in as much information as he could. Several T-1’s patrolled the main floor of the cellblock while the T-70’s were scattered about in the catwalks. The T-600’s appeared to be doing the manual labor of placing people in their cell‘s. John was pulled over to one particular cell and the bared door slowly opened in front of him as the T-600 held onto John‘s arm. As soon as the door was completely open the T-600 held up John’s right arm and with a laser imprinting device burned a bar code into John’s arm. As it did this John grimaced in pain and felt his knee’s buckle slightly as he was tattooed. John was then hurled into the cell and hit the ground with a thud knocking the wind out of him. He lay on the ground for several seconds still trying to collect his thoughts and breath at the same time.

Cameron was also led down a dark corridor, she could hear many of the women crying or screaming as they were forced to move forward by the trailing T-1’s. When she reached the end of the corridor it opened into a jail cellblock type of building. This cellblock was smaller and surprisingly clean. It was also only a few stories high and housed what Cameron estimated were hundreds of people. The same scenario occurred here that was occurring in John’s cellblock. Several T-1’s patrolled the main floor of the cellblock while the T-70’s were positioned on the catwalks. The T-600’s again appeared to be doing most of the manual labor. Just then, Cameron was grabbed by the arm and yanked out of line and dragged towards a particular cell. She attempted to act weak as the T-600 dragged her across the cellblock,

“Don’t hurt me please!” She begged. The T-600 ignored her and proceeded to walk her over to one particular cell. The door to the cell slowly opened in front of Cameron. Once opened, the T-600 held up Cameron’s arm and with a laser imprinting device burned a bar code into her arm. Cameron responded by grimacing and screamed slightly. An eerie flash of Alison’s laser imprinting flashed through Cameron’s thoughts the second this occurred. The T-600 then pushed Cameron forward quite forcefully into the cell. Knowing that this kind impact would more than likely topple a human Cameron fell forward onto the floor of the cell. She looked back over her shoulder at the T-600 as the solid metal door to her cell closed. Aware of the fact that someone or something may still be watching her in the darkened cell Cameron slowly crawled over to one of the walls in the room. She then curled into a ball and began to cry. However, the second she did this a thought occurred to her. Cameron became completely unsure at this point if she was just acting human as John had instructed her to do, or if she was genuinely having a nervous breakdown. While she was indeed terrified at the thoughts of what may happen to John, normally she would have only expressed these feelings in front of John and him only. As she continued to cry Cameron realized that she was still unsure if she was alone or not but her extreme emotional response continued to confuse her. She was unsure if this was her infiltrator programming that was causing her to act in this manner in order to better mimic human behavior or if this was her true emotional response. Nevertheless, Cameron did know one thing, the thoughts of her own safety were not even a consideration at this point. The only person she could think about was John. Cameron continued to lie on the floor in a ball crying. Just then a gentle voice broke the silence of the room.

“Hey, you’re gonna be alright.” Cameron suddenly realized that she was indeed not alone inside the small 8x10 cell. She was unsure as to why she had neglected for so long to check the cell for other occupants; but, it was obviously now that she was not alone. Cameron looked up and saw a woman walking closer to her. The woman was in her mid twenties with dark black hair and fair skin. She was thin and had soft features across her face. She wore a tattered button down shirt and dark jeans with holes in them. The woman knelt down next to Cameron and put her hand on her shoulder.

“You’re gonna be alright.” There was a momentary pause and then the woman spoke again, “I’m Jackie.” Cameron glanced around for a bit and then spoke in a quiet voice,


“Nice to meet you Cameron.” Jackie responded.

John coughed a few times trying to get his breath back as he lay on the hard concrete floor of the cell. He looked back at the T-600 that was behind him and saw the barred door of his cell slowly closing. John shook his head at bit trying to clear it. He could still feel the soreness in both his lungs and a slight bit in his left shoulder from the impact on the ground. Before John could look around he heard a voice,

“Hey you alright?” The second John heard it he instantly realized there was something eerily familiar about the voice. John looked up and almost went white with shock from what he saw. There was a young man standing before him with a slightly confused look on his face given John’s reaction to him. The man knelt down next to John and helped him to his feet,

“You alright?” he asked again.

“Yeah I’m fine.” John said, his voice still shaky and somewhat quite. The look of surprise had not yet gone from his face. The man slightly laughed,

“You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

“I may have.” John thought to himself.

“I’m Kyle…What’s your name?” Kyle held out his hand to shake John’s hand who still continued to stand there in somewhat of a state of shock.

Authors Notes: Okay so I think you guys are REALLY going to eat up the Century Work Camp section. It'll go for quite a ways and I think it has some awesome stuff in it. I know we skipped about 10 years there and I'm sure some of you wanted to see what happened to John and Cameron in those 10 years. Currently I'm toying with the idea of going back and writing another fan fic just about those 10 years. I don't have enough idea's to do it yet; but, if do get some more I may go back and write about those 10 years. Review! Review

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