Final Days Chapter 43

Authors Notes: These Century Work Camp Chapters do get somewhat intense. Viewer discretion advised.


John found that there was a certain morbid efficiency to the way the incinerator rooms worked. The living loading the dead bodies onto a conveyor belt that would bring them into a massive incinerator. The room itself was enormous; it also bore a slight resemblance to the processing room where John had been separated from Cameron. Their were steel fences surrounding the workers and the area was poorly lit. Bodies would be dumped by some type of robotic front loader into the inside of these fenced in areas for the living to load onto the conveyor belts. Breaking the large open space of the room was a massive incinerator unit located at the far end of the building. It was about the size of a 3 story building and appeared to be made completely out of stainless steel. The opening in the front of the incinerator produced a blinding light that helped to illuminate the room; but only to a certain degree. The entire room itself was sweltering, upwards of 90 to 100 degrees. The air reeked of burnt flesh and hair and brought an almost nauseating feeling to John’s stomach as he continued to move bodies onto the conveyor belt. He also noticed that the majority of the people around him were functioning almost in a zombie like state. Blank stares covered their faces and they moved from one body to the next in a repetitive and similar fashion. It was primarily men who worked with John but there were some females mixed in as well. John searched the area as best he could desperately trying to locate Cameron; but, he was unable to do so.

At this same time John was also making a horrifying discovery as he looked at the dead bodies. These humans were not being executed in any type of efficient manner. Most of them had burns on their bodies, the most prevalent of which were located on their hands, feet, and knees. Others had what appeared to be small puncture wounds or “track marks” from some sort of intravenous injections into their arms. John found that this was an extremely unnerving discovery on his part. It appeared that the rumors of Skynet experimentation were true. John also found that even though he had only been in the incinerator room for a few hours he was already beginning to feel his resolve beginning to crack. His emotions were sweeping over him and thoughts of what could be happening to Cameron began to crawl their way into his mind. Like a tormenting demon, scenario after scenario, thought after thought, over and over again, they all began to fight their way into John‘s consciousness. John felt his spirit beginning to break and he also felt that he may crumble under the pressure at any moment. His emotions kept building further and further until it was almost to much for John to bear. Then a sweeping thought or vision came over him that stopped him dead in his tracks and brought immense comfort to his soul. John was walking along the beach of San Franciquito with Cameron the day before Judgment Day, his one “normal” day with her. John thought that he could almost smell the salt air blowing against him and feel the warmth of the sun on his body as he walked down the sandy beach holding Cameron‘s hand. His thought’s continued to drift on that beach for quite some time and then they shifted to the cabin where he had been alone with Cameron. John literally thought that he could still smell the flowery sent of Cameron’s hair as it brushed against his face. And he could almost feel the softness of her skin as he caressed her warm body. John lingered there in these thoughts as he continued to work, a slight almost distant smile danced across his face after his mind was finally able to leave the horrible place he was currently confined to. Kyle who was working next to John almost instantly noticed the change in John’s behavior. While he had seen many people crack within the first few hours of working here, he was curious as to the reason for John’s drastic change in emotion and behavior. But, Kyle remained silent as they continued to work, he would have to wait until later to ask John about this. Sadly, Kyle currently had no where in his mind to go to in order to escape the horrors of the world he lived in.

“Growing up in Seattle wasn’t so bad. I always liked the snow in the winter time, me and my brother used to play in it for hours.” Jackie said as she laid back on her bed staring up at the ceiling, a certain nostalgic look in her eyes.

“You and your brother were close?” Cameron asked with slight curiosity in her tone, still trying to act as human as possible.

“Yeah…Neither of us had a lot of friends growing up and after the divorce we really started to rely on each other for support.” Cameron who was also lying on her bed opposite Jackie turned her head to the side looking across the small cell at her cellmate.

“I hope you see your brother again one day.” She said, putting obvious concern in the tone of her voice.

“Me too.” Jackie responded sadly. Suddenly there was a loud clank and the cell door began to slide open with a metallic grinding sound. Both Jackie and Cameron sat up instantly. Once the door was open a T-600 emerged through the doorway, Cameron instantly felt anxiety rush over her. It walked over to Jackie’s bed and grabbed her by the arm yanking her off the bed,

“What are you doing?!” she yelled, obvious fear in the tone of her voice. The T-600 did not respond but proceeded to drag Jackie out of the cell.

“Cameron!” she cried as she was dragged out of the room. While Cameron knew she could easily incapacitate the lone T-600, she also knew it would bring obvious attention to exactly what she was. And more importantly it would bring attention to the fact that John had been with her. Cameron remained motionless as Jackie was dragged out of the room. A certain feeling of guilt sweeping over her as this occurred. The metal door slowly began to close behind the T-600 after it exited, leaving Cameron alone in the room. At this point she was unsure of what to do. Cameron felt swells of emotions come over her ranging from sympathy and sadness for Jackie, to sheer terror of what may be occurring to John at this very moment. Cameron sat quietly in her cell not moving or saying anything. An eerie still slipped over the room as she continued to sit there.

Even though John was exhausted due to the work he had been doing all day, he sat quietly on his bed staring out at the patrolling T-1’s as they made their way back and forth across the cellblock. Each time one of them passed his hatred for them grew and John counted the seconds until it returned for a second pass.

“Where did you go today?” Kyle asked as he lay on his bed. John turned and looked at him slightly confused.

“Where did I go?”

“Yeah where did you go to escape the incinerator room? I could tell by the look on your face that you were definitely not there with the rest of us.” John sat quietly for a moment, a feeling of sadness pulled itself over him as thoughts of Cameron came to his mind. Finally he responded,

“I was on a beach in Mexico, just before Judgment Day.” There was a momentary pause between the two before Kyle spoke again.

“You were with your friend weren’t you?” John sighed a long heavy sigh and his voice grew quieter as he spoke.

“I was...”

“She must be an incredible woman.” Kyle remarked. John paused for a moment, while John always knew exactly what Cameron was, he had also found that he no longer thought of her as a machine. To him she was more human than anyone he knew.

“She is…” John said in a solemn tone. There was another several seconds of silence and then Kyle spoke again,

“I was playing baseball with Derek when it happened.” John turned from looking out the cell door, back to looking at Kyle with a look of curiosity on his face.

“Judgment Day…” Kyle responded. “I was outside playing baseball with my brother. He was teaching me how to hit a baseball. I was getting frustrated because I never could hit the darn thing. Then finally I nailed it one good time. Then all of a sudden, we heard an explosion; at first I thought it was fireworks. I remember we both looked up into the sky and all we could see was the missiles and their contrails. I was really to young to know exactly what was going on; but, Derek figured it out pretty fast.” Kyle sighed, “He’s probably the reason I’m still alive today.” John felt a lump in his throat forming as his father continued to talk. He fought hard to conceal his current emotions from Kyle as he continued talking. The thoughts of Cameron that had previously flooded his mind and now hearing his father talk were almost to much for John to bear. Almost to the breaking point John quickly stood from the bed, a look of determination and anger on his face.

“What?” Kyle asked with a confused look on his face.

“Four minutes and thirty seconds.” John said. Kyle continued to look at him with a confused look. John continued, “The T-1’s…They pass by our cell ever four minutes and thirty seconds.”

“Exactly?” Kyle asked raising his eyebrows slightly.

“If Skynet is one thing, its methodical. But I need you to keep a lookout in case any of the T-600’s or T-70’s should wander by. Their patrols are much more sporadic.”

“What are you going to do?” Kyle asked.

“I’m getting us the hell out of here.” John said, a slight bit of arrogance and confidence in his voice.

“You are an optimist aren’t you.” Kyle said as he stood from his bed and made his way over to the cell door staring out at the T-1’s as the slowly passed by. As soon as they were out of sight John quickly flipped up the mattress on his bed looking at the framework of the bed frame. The rectangular frame was bolted to the wall. Running the full length of the frame was a wire lattice work that was secured to the metal frame using hooked springs. This lattice work supported the mattress that was slept on. Also, running horizontally across the very center of the rectangular bed frame was a small metal support beam. Only about two and a half feet long, just short of the width of the mattress, and about two inches wide, the small support beam was also made out of relatively thin metal. John quickly dropped to the floor and slid himself underneath the bed looking at the small metal beam. He looked at both ends of the metal frame where the beam was secured. John noticed that it was not bolted to the bed frame, only welded. A slight smirk danced across John’s face, he had found his weapon. John slid back out from underneath the bed frame,

“One’s coming.” Kyle said in a quiet tone as John quickly moved the mattress back into place. John sat on the bed as he watched the T-1 slowly roll past their cell. The second it was out of site he again lifted the mattress off the bed and leaned it against the wall. He then reached into the wire lattice work and unhooked one of the springs from the side of the bed. He quickly began to work on the wire, the spring itself was attached to, bending it back and forth multiple times, weakening the metal.

“What are you doing?” Kyle asked as he looked at John somewhat confused.

“You’ll see.” John replied. The metal fatigue became readily apparent after several seconds of bending and eventually the wire snapped off leaving John with a spring and approximately two and a half inches of wire with a jagged edge. John again replaced the mattress and waited for the patrolling T-1 to pass by. As soon as it had gone, John hit the floor quickly and slid under his bed. He then began to quickly scrape and whittle away at the welds holding the small thin center support beam to the bed frame. Kyle smiled slightly, thinking he now knew exactly what John was doing,

“Do I want to know where you learned how to do this?” Kyle asked quietly.

“No, you don’t…” John responded in a slightly sarcastic tone as he watched as the welds on the metal began to chip away as he worked.

Cameron sat quietly in her dimly lit cell. There was virtually no sound inside her room thanks to the solid steel door that separated her from outside world. While Cameron was certain that she would be able to defeat the lock on the door with ease, she was also certain that this would easily reveal what she was. She was also readily aware that she would be able to easily defeat several of the T-600’s, T-70’s or T-1’s that were patrolling the area. However, she also knew that she would not be able to defeat all of them and in taking on so many it would again reveal what she was. In addition to that, John had told her to wait and that he would come for her. Cameron knew she could trust John; but, it still did not ease her anxiety for him. Cameron found that she was constantly fighting the urge to tear off the door and not allow anything to stop her until she had located John. Part of her wanted to believe that nothing would have been able to stop her; but, in her cold hard programming she knew that she was no match for all of the Terminators located at Century.

Cameron began to find that as time went on more horrifying thoughts were continuously finding their way into her mind. If her current situation continued Skynet would eventually discover exactly what she was. While these thoughts did bring disturbing images to her mind of what may happen to her, they were a distant second to her other thoughts of what would happen to John. Cameron knew that Skynet would have logged that she and John were captured and brought to Century Work Camp together. Cameron’s concern for herself was completely overriden by thoughts of concern for what Skynet would do to John as soon as they discovered what she was. Cameron found that a very bizarre emotion began to come over her, one that she had not experienced before. This emotion was also one that she had not expected nor completely understood; but, none the less she found that it was very distasteful. It was a feeling of self loathing that pulled itself over her. Cameron knew that if she were an ordinary human Skynet would not think twice about the fact that she and John had been brought in together. But, the second Skynet discovered exactly what she was it would in turn go straight to John for what he knew about her as well. Cameron also feared that John would not easily, if at all turn over any type of information about her. But, she knew Skynet would not hesitate to use drastic measures to find out what he did know. These thoughts were almost to much for Cameron to bear, there was an almost panic stricken sensation that was creeping over her as she continued to sit there. The feelings of guilt and self loathing grew worse and worse inside of her. Cameron desperately searched her memory for something, anything, that would pull her back from the edge, then a particular moment in time occurred to her. A slight smile danced across Cameron’s face as images from April 20, 2011 came to her mind. It was the day before Judgment Day, Cameron had been able to spend one day with John where it was just the two of them. No one knew who they were, why they were on that beach, or what events were to come. There were no immediate threats at hand, or missions to complete. It was just John and Cameron, there on the beach, together. Cameron felt that she could almost lose herself in the memory of that time as the events of that day rolled through her mind. She then began to feel a soothing sensation come over her. Cameron felt her anxiety begin to slowly subside as she laid back in her bed and continued to think of John.

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