Final Days Chapter 44


Kyle worked steadily with the wire John had given him. He methodically worked away at the welds of the cross beam underneath the bed. Even though both he and John were exhausted from just being brought back from yet another 18 hour work day in the incinerator room they were also both determined not to stay at Century any longer than they had to. For John, thoughts of Cameron were even more of a reason to expedite their escape. He felt an almost constant anxiety for her safety as every moment of every day went by.

Kyle had found that for reasons that he could not describe or explain, he both trusted John and felt an instant bond with him. He wasn’t exactly sure as to why he felt this way but the feeling was definitely there. In order to maximize their work efforts both Kyle and John had been taking turns watching for the Terminator patrols and working away at the welds on the small metal beam located under John‘s bed.

“One’s coming…” John said, as he stood leaning up against the wall staring out into the walkway where a T-1 was patrolling. Kyle slid back out from under the bed and pulled himself off the floor. He then sat back down on the bed so as to conceal their efforts.

“So where did you grow up?” Kyle asked as the T-1 slowly rolled past their cell, as soon as it was out of site he slid himself back under the bed and began to work again.

“All over the place.” John responded, “Here in the states, spent some time in Mexico, and in South America as well. Me and my mother moved around a lot.” There was a certain somber tone in John’s voice as he completed that sentence. For a reason that was unknown to him Kyle felt compelled to ask John another very specific question. In a slightly cautious tone he spoke again,

“Where was your father?” John immediately felt extreme uneasiness sweep over him. He wasn’t quite sure how to respond to that question. He had given so many different responses to so many different people as to what had happened to his father he had never really given much thought as to how he would answer that question when he was asked by his actual father. There was a moment of silence between the two, and then John spoke again. His tone was slightly gravely and there was obvious sadness in his voice.

“He died before I was born…He died in battle…He was a soldier.” The conflict in John’s voice was extremely apparent, along with his continued depressive tone. Kyle slid out from under the bed. For some reason he found that John‘s response saddened him more so than he originally thought it would have,

“I’m sorry to hear that.” He responded in a solemn tone as he stood, preparing for the patrolling T-1 to come by yet again.

“So where did you grow up?” John asked, still attempting to fight back the emotions.

“Mostly here in California…Corona to be exact. After Judgment Day Derek and I moved around a lot trying to avoid the Machines. Every so often we’d hook up with a group of people. Usually those relationships didn’t last to long though.” There was a slight hint of sadness in Kyle’s tone as he slid back under the bed and began to work. Once again Kyle felt the almost uncontrollable urge to ask yet another personal question of John. He was quite unsure as to why he felt this way; but, for some reason he was driven to learn more about John.

“So what was your mother like?” Kyle asked. Again emotions flooded over John, he found it difficult to try and think of the best way to describe his mother to his father. He also found that in this line of conversation it was becoming extremely difficult for him to conceal his emotions. Finally he spoke,

“She was strong, the best soldier I know actually. She taught me how to fight and how to survive.” John’s voice cracked slightly as he talked.

“Sometimes she could be distant, or down right harsh but…” John paused for another moment desperately trying to fight back his emotions. “I always knew she loved me.”

“Sounds like she’s a good woman.” Kyle said as he continued to work, the strange curiosity still driving him.

“She was…” John said, again obvious grief in the tone of his voice. Kyle paused for a moment,

“She’s gone too isn’t she?” John cleared his throat trying to fight back the lump which was quickly beginning to form there.

“Yes...She died before Judgment Day.” Kyle instant felt sympathy for John. But what he found stranger was the fact that he felt an obvious sadness upon hearing about the death of John‘s mother. This highly confused Kyle, while everyone left alive had some sort of sad story, for some unknown reason John’s story felt completely different to Kyle. He felt a sadness in his heart for John upon hearing about his life. Normally Kyle would have stopped his line of questioning at this point for obvious reasons; but, something continued to drive him onward.

“What was her name?” Kyle asked in a solemn tone.

“Sarah…” John responded quietly. After speaking John hesitated for just another moment, he was almost nervous about what he was about to ask. An array of conflicting emotions came over John. So much so that he found he was almost afraid to speak; however, John forced himself to continue the conversation.

“Do you want to see a picture of her?” John asked his voice quaking slightly as he did. He still continued to try and conceal his emotions. Kyle slid out from under the bed and glanced out of the cell making sure that the T-1’s were still not in view. He found he was strangely curious about Sarah. He was unsure as to why though. In any other circumstance he felt it would have been completely inappropriate to ask to see a picture of a friends dead mother. But for some reason in this situation it felt completely normal.

“Yes I would…” Kyle responded. John slowly reached into his back pocket and pulled out the old Polaroid picture of his mother. The one that she had told him had been taken while she was on her way to Mexico. The picture where she was still pregnant with John. He gradually handed it over to Kyle, who after taking it looked at it for several seconds. John noticed that a look of what appeared to be astonishment came across Kyle’s face the instant he saw Sarah’s picture. After several seconds Kyle finally spoke,

“She’s beautiful…” There was a certain quietness in Kyle’s voice as he responded.

“Thank you.” John said, in a quiet tone. At this point Kyle felt an array of strange emotions come over him. While he had never met this woman, he felt that he was almost instantly drawn to her. A certain sadness crept its way over him knowing that he would never get a chance to meet her. Kyle slowly reached out to hand John the picture of Sarah back. There was a momentary pause between the two before John spoke again,

“You keep it…” he said in a slightly sad voice. Kyle was shocked and looked at John with a surprised look on his face that he would say such a thing.

“I can’t keep this, it’s a picture of your mother.” Kyle responded. John continued to fight hard at concealing his emotions,

“You can give it back to me later...After we've escaped” He said, solemness still in his tone. Kyle thought for a moment. Again while at any other time he would have thought this was an extremely inappropriate thing to do, he found that he was almost happy that John was going to allow him to keep this picture. Kyle brought the picture back to himself looking at it for another moment.

“Thank you.” He responded.

“You‘re welcome.” John said as he nodded, still a hint of sadness in his voice.

It had been several hours since Jackie had been taken from the cell she and Cameron were located in. Cameron continued to sit quietly in her room on her bed. Thoughts of John still continuously running through her mind. While at times such as these she tried to focus on either strategic planning or the more pleasant thoughts of John, idea‘s of what could be happening to him still managed to creep their way into her memory. Cameron found that feelings of anxiety for John‘s safety had become almost a constant for her. Just then she heard a loud clank from the door and she looked up. The large metal door slowly began to open with its metallic grinding sound. Once open Cameron saw a T-600 standing in the door way. She glared at it, feelings of disdain for it and Skynet flooding over her. Cameron continued to fight the urge to tear it apart and go in search of John. The T-600 proceeded to walk into the room dragging Jackie behind it by the arm. When it was mid way into the room the T-600’s metal skeletal hand released its grip on Jackie’s arm. Her limp upper body dropped to the floor quickly with a thud. The T-600 then turned and moved out of the room the metal door closing behind it as it did so.

Jackie lay motionless on her side on the cold concrete floor. She was no longer wearing the dark pants and button down shirt she had previously worn. She was now in a large off white, dirty, oversized shirt that would have hung down to just above her knee provided she were not lying in a crumpled heap on the ground. Cameron recognized the shirt as one that Skynet often gave to its experimentation subjects. Again, uneasy feelings began to creep their way over Cameron as she remembered what had been done to her. She slowly stood from her bed and walked over to Jackie kneeling down beside her. She looked over Jackie’s body trying to determine exactly what had been done to her. Cameron saw that there were burn’s on Jackie's knee’s, soles of her feet, and palms of her hands. Cameron reached out and touched Jackie on the shoulder,

“Jackie…” she said somewhat quietly but still putting a slight bit of concern behind the tone of her voice. Jackie remained motionless on the floor. After several seconds without a response Cameron began to wonder if Jackie was still alive. She proceeded to move her hand from Jackie‘s covered shoulder to her neck in order to allow her to scan for a pulse. The second Cameron’s fingers made contact with Jackie’s bare skin Jackie suddenly grabbed Cameron tightly by the wrist. Jackie took a large, long gasp of air. Her eyes instantly opened wide and she screamed a blood curdling scream as if in immense pain. Jackie’s shriek echoed off the concrete walls inside the cell. If Cameron’s ears had been able to ring due to the noise they would have been. Still holding tightly onto Cameron’s wrist, Jackie began to weep almost uncontrollably. A strange uneasy feeling swept over Cameron as she knelt over Jackie. Thought’s of her own torture and of what John may be going through continued to haunt her. Finally, after several more seconds of crying Jackie spoke,

“Cameron…” She whispered in a quivering voice.

“What did Skynet do to you?” Cameron asked still trying to obtain as much information about Century as possible. Cameron found that while Jackie‘s well being did matter to her, the primary goal of protecting John was still on the forefront of her mind. Jackie continued to lie on the floor crying. Her body shaking slightly as she did. After several more seconds Jackie responded,

“I don’t know what they did to me.” Cameron tilted her head slightly to the side confused. “We were in this huge room that was made out of all metal. There were generators everywhere and a large platform in the center of the room.” Jackie paused for a moment, her breathing remained heavy and slightly labored. She was obviously still in extreme pain.

“I don’t know what they did to me.” She said again gasping slightly for breath. “There was a blinding light, and all I could feel was pain.” Cameron could tell that either due to the pain or what Skynet had done to her, Jackie’s thoughts were still somewhat jumbled in her mind. She appeared to have some trouble chronologically recalling the events that had occurred.

“They brought about a dozen of us into that room; but, only a few of us came out.” Jackie grimaced in pain as she spoke, she attempted to fight back her tears to no avail. She then coughed several times almost gagging afterwards due to the immense pain she was in. Jackie then started to cry again. Cameron began to have a horrifying realization about what the Skynet experimentations could be. Sweeping feeling of apprehension came over her as Jackie continued to tell Cameron more. Jackie described streaks of electrical energy across the room and the massive amount of power that Skynet must have been using to conduct these experiment. The pain and feeling of weightlessness she described, and finally the burn marks. Cameron knew exactly what Skynet was doing. They were experimenting with time displacement.

John lay in his bed, both he and Kyle had decided to take a few hours off and actually try to sleep. Yet, as exhausted as John was he still could not sleep. He lay on his side in his bed facing the wall, still trying to control his emotions. Thoughts of what could be happening to Cameron right now continued to torment him. Compounding his emotional stress even further was the fact that his father was lying just across the room from him. All of this together was almost to much for John to handle. Part of him was screaming to tell Kyle the truth; but, the more logical part was telling him not to, if for any other reason for Kyle’s own protection. Then on top of that was Kyle’s words of warning about Skynet’s biological experimentations on people. John’s observations of the bodies in the incinerator room became a constant reminder to him that Cameron indeed had very little time left before Skynet discovered exactly what she was. Horrifying thoughts began to creep into John’s mind about the very real possibility that Skynet may have already discovered what Cameron was and what they could be doing to her at this very moment. John tried to fight off these thoughts but it was almost a futile attempt. Annoyed with himself for his apparent lack of ability to control his emotions, inability to sleep, and his anguishing thoughts, John tossed himself back over onto his other side. He glanced across the room at Kyle as he did so. What he saw was to much for John to handle. Kyle was quietly laying on his back in his bed. He had Sarah’s picture in his hand held above his head. Kyle was studying Sarah’s picture just like he had told John’s mother he always did. John quickly rolled back over onto his other side towards the wall. He ground his teeth trying to fight off his emotions; but, the mental agony was to much for him. Tears had already begun to roll down his face even before he had been given the chance to turn away from Kyle. John lay there motionless, his back to his father while the tears streamed down his face. He stayed that way for the rest of the night trying desperately not to be heard by his father.

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