Final Days Chapter 45


“Every summer me, my brother, and my dad would go hiking at Mount Rainier. I always loved seeing the wildflowers out there.” Jackie said as she continued to lay in her bed trying to both ignore and hide the extreme pain that was still coursing throughout her entire body. By this point in her existence Cameron had learned enough about humans to understand that many of them liked to talk or be talked to in times of physical pain, so she continued to sit quietly as Jackie spoke still allowing herself to act as human as possible. Jackie laughed slightly, but grimaced the second she did so, due to the fact that it caused her even further discomfort,

“Me and my dad would always make a game out of trying to see who could pick out and name the most wildflowers while we were there.” Jackie kept a smile on her face as she spoke even though just about everything she did caused her physical pain,

“The Mapleleaf Currant was always one of my favorites. It has white petals that are speckled with purple dots, and purple petals within the white flowers.” Jackie paused and looked over at Cameron, wincing slightly as she did so. “What’s your favorite color?” Jackie asked then grimaced ever so slightly again after speaking. Cameron thought for a moment. No one had ever asked her this before nor had she ever really given it any thought. The question itself was very perplexing for her. She found it strange that there would be a need to even have a favorite color. Cameron understood that when it came to clothing certain colors and designs would compliment each other and that certain people, most of which had not survived Judgment Day seemed to base their entire lives around this principle; but, to actually have a favorite color was never something she actually put any thought into. However, Cameron did remember having a certain affinity for a purple jacket she once wore, but she was not sure as to why. After this brief moment of thought Cameron finally spoke,

“Purple.” She said. Jackie smiled slightly,

“Mine too.” There was then a moment of odd silence between the two. For both it almost felt as if they had disclosed a secret to each other. However, the silence was short lived as almost immediately after speaking there was a loud clank and the metal door in front of Cameron and Jackie began to slowly open again. A look of terror immediately streaked across Jackie’s face as this occurred. A T-600 emerged in the doorway and walked over to Jackie’s bed grabbing her by the arm and pulling onto the floor. Jackie didn’t struggle however; more so because she did not have the energy to do so. She quietly resigned herself to go with the T-600 this time as it pulled her out of the room. Nevertheless, as she was being dragged through the doorway Cameron managed to see the look of horror in her eyes. While again Cameron knew that she could easily tear apart this one particular T-600 she also continued to know that the ramifications of doing so would be disastrous for both she and John. This however, did not help to subside the feelings of guilt that were beginning to creep their way over her as Jackie was dragged out of the room. Cameron felt that the emotions derived from this particular situation bore and eerie and unsettling resemblance to the emotions she felt shortly after she had killed Alison Young. Cameron desperately tried to fight off the emotions she was receiving from her role in Alison’s death, Jackie’s situation, and the nearly overwhelming anxiety for the danger John was currently in. She knew that if she continued to dwell on all of these emotions that she was experiencing for an extended length of time there was the possibility that her emotional state may begin to spiral out of control. Still, she found that it was all beginning to chip away at her resolve. The metal door closed behind the T-600 with a clank and Cameron was again left alone in her cell. She felt the anxiety for John grow even worse at this point. While Cameron primarily felt guilt for what was occurring to Jackie, her thoughts on John‘s safety reigned supreme and had become almost overpowering. As her emotions grew stronger she felt that their overwhelming nature may take hold. Cameron began to consider tearing the door off its hinges, revealing exactly what she was, and beginning to search for John. However, Cameron desperately fought these urges and persuaded herself that her trust in John was enough. She knew he would indeed come for her.

John quietly tore a piece of fabric from his bed sheet. He glanced out into the corridor checking to make sure no Terminators were around and then he placed the piece of cloth up against the wall next to his bed. On his last shift in the incinerator room John had managed to locate pen on one of the dead bodies. He quickly began to scribble down information onto the piece of cloth. He worked quickly and continuously glanced out of the barred door of his cell making sure that none of the Terminators saw what he was doing. It took some time for John to complete his work; but, after awhile he felt that he had put enough information down on the cloth and he ceased writing. John turned and looked over at Kyle who appeared to have just woken up. John rolled the cloth up and held it in his hand,

“Do you know anyone here you can trust?” he asked Kyle who gave him a slightly confused look,

“The people that you said you’ve gotten to know here. Can you trust any of them.” John continued. Kyle thought for a moment.

“There’s this guy a few cells down from us, his name is David Jennings. I’m pretty sure we can trust him.” John thought for a moment.

“Is he it, or are there others?” John asked, some urgency in the tone of his voice. He knew that they would soon be ushered out of their cells for another day of working in the incinerator rooms.

“There are several others, why do you ask?” Kyle responded. John handed the rolled up piece of cloth and pen to Kyle.

“Do you think you can get this to David the next time they take us out of here. I think it’ll carry more weight if it comes from someone he knows like you.” Kyle reached out and took the piece of cloth and then looked over what John had written on it.

“You’re pretty crazy you know that?” He said with a slight smile on his face. “But I’ll get it to him.” No sooner had Kyle finished speaking than a loud buzzer sounded,

“I hate my job…” Kyle mumbled, as he stood from his bed. John saw several more T-1’s and a few extra T-600’s come walking into the long corridor of the cellblock just before the door to his cell began to open. The majority of the people began to file out of their cell’s in an almost daze like fashion. The Terminators kept their weapons trained on everyone as they did this making sure that they moved quickly and quietly. Kyle walked just slightly faster than everyone else out of his cell and headed towards a shorter black male, with a muscular build and prepared to get in line behind him. As Kyle did this he made eye contact with David and flicked his eyes down towards his right hand. As the two walked in line Kyle quickly passed David the piece of cloth and pen that John had given him.

John continued to work methodically in the incinerator room. Both the sight and smell of death continued to surround him and the only thing that allowed John to keep his sanity were the nearly continuous thoughts of Cameron. He lost himself in those very thoughts in order to keep himself under control. However, there was a downside to these images. John continued to know that with every passing second Skynet was getting closer to discovering exactly what Cameron truly was. John had surmised though, that if Cameron had been discovered Skynet would have quickly come to him for answers as well. Since this had not happened yet, this gave John a slight bit of comfort concerning Cameron‘s safety. Nevertheless this comfort was fleeting and far from substantial.

Just then something caught John’s attention out of the corner of his eye up on the catwalks above him. He glanced up to see what appeared to be a human walking towards one of the T-70’s. He was a younger black male that appeared to be in his twenties. The man also appeared to be relatively well nourished, unlike most of the other people in this place. He wore a gray jumpsuit and John found that there was something oddly familiar about him; but, John could not tell exactly what it was. After what appeared to be several seconds, John watched as the man turn and walk away from the T-70. John was well aware of the fact that in the future some humans did help the machines but this site still shocked and infuriated him. John felt the waves of anger sweep over him as he watched the black male walk further down the catwalk.

“Greys” John said quietly; but, with extreme hatred under his breath and through his clenched jaw as he continued to work. While John hated the machines, he found that there was an entirely different kind of and almost more extreme hatred for Greys. John understood machines, Skynet saw humanity as a threat and wanted to exterminate them, and the Terminators themselves did what they were programmed to do like any computer would. Save that is of course: John Henry, Catherine Weaver, and most significant of all to John, Cameron. But John was never quite able to understand why the Greys did what they did. He found it completely reprehensible that people would turn on their own species. Being forced into slave labor such as the kind that John and the others were in right now was one thing. But, as to the reason why someone would purposefully choose to destroy their own species escaped John completely. As John continued to load bodies onto the conveyor belt he felt his anger continue to rise. John knew that if he had his way he would kill everyone of the Greys without a second thought. John continued to work however fighting each second to hold back his emotions and remain calm. Again he allowed his thoughts to drift to Cameron in order to sooth himself.

David Jennings sat back on his bed inside of his cell and slowly ran one of his hands over his head. He glanced out into the corridor quickly checking to make sure that none of the Terminators were near. He then unrolled the piece of cloth that Kyle had given him and began to look it over. At first glance he saw what appeared to be crude technical specifications of the T-1’s, T-70’s and T-600’s along with a lists of some of their weaknesses and the best possible ways of disabling them. David raised his eyebrows slightly intrigued, he had never seen anything like this before. He then began to read the note below the technical details:

You do not know me, but my name is John Connor. I write to you today to inform you that victory over the machines is not a dream but a reality. I write to you in hopes that when the time is right, and you will know when that time is, that you will stand with me, and fight beside me. For so long as there is a breath in my body I will not stand idly by as the human race is extinguished. So long as one human be imprisoned by Skynet I will not stop until they are free again. For I say when war comes upon you draw your sword. For there is no fate but what we make for ourselves.

Will you join us?

A smirk came across David’s face as he completed reading the note.

“Well, I always was one for supporting a lost cause.” He thought to himself. David snapped his eyes out towards the jail corridor again checking for Terminators. Seeing that there were none in the immediate area he looked over at his cellmate who was looking at him with a curious look on his face. His cellmate had neck length brown hair which was slightly swept back, fair skin, and was somewhat thin. David handed the piece of cloth and pen to his cellmate

“You need to read this Bedell.” David said in a serious tone. Martin Bedell looked over the note and David noticed a smile instantly come across his face after he read it. Martin reached over to his bed sheet and tore a section off of it. He then began to copy John’s note and the technical details of the Terminators and their weaknesses onto his newly torn piece of cloth. After he was done copying the note John had written he rolled it up and put it into his pocket.

“We need to distribute these to as many people as we can.” He said. David nodded his head in agreement.

John continued to scrape away at the welds on the thin metal cross beam attached to his bed frame. Though it had only been a few days he and Kyle had made tremendous progress in their attempt to break the metal support beam free.

“I used to go to Griffin Park all the time with my brother to play baseball there.” Kyle stated as he looked out the barred door watching for the T-1’s which were still patrolling outside their cell. John ground his teeth trying to fight back his own memories of Griffin park and his emotions.

“You’re an only child right?” Kyle asked still somewhat nonchalantly.

“Yeah…” John said quietly still fighting back his feelings which were bubbling inside of him almost uncontrollably. John slid out from under the bed and quickly moved to sit on top of it knowing that a T-1 would soon patrol by their cell.

“So what’s this girl like?” Kyle asked.

“What?” John asked with a slight hint of confusion in his tone. Kyle thought for a moment before speaking again,

“Cameron…What‘s she like?” John felt a massive swell of emotions come over him. While thoughts of Cameron were indeed saving both John’s sanity and his life, at the same time they tortured him as well. Not knowing where Cameron was, or if she was safe or not had become almost to much for him to bear. John’s eyes glanced down at the ground slightly, forgetting for the moment that he should have been working now that the coast was clear. He cleared his throat slightly so as to ensure his voice would not crack and to fight back the lump that was now rapidly forming there. John then spoke in a very soft, quiet, and solemn tone,

“She’s like no other woman I‘ve ever met.” A slight smile danced across John‘s face as he spoke about Cameron, “She’s smart, courageous, brave, incredibly loyal, beautiful and…” John hesitated for a split second, then his smile faded and his voice grew sadder, “I probably wouldn‘t be alive if it wasn‘t for her.” John's voice trailed off a bit at the end of that sentence. Kyle was almost speechless from the description of Cameron John had just given him. After a few seconds Kyle spoke again in a somewhat quieter tone,

“No wonder you‘re so hell bent on getting her out of here, love like that only comes along once in a lifetime…” John smiled at Kyle’s words, his cheeks blushing ever so slightly. There was another moment of silence between the two again. John then turned slowly glancing out of their cell. He watched as the T-1 rolled by them and then out of sight once more. John dropped down onto the floor and slid back under the bed and began to work once again.

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