Final Days Chapter 46


“Right after Judgment Day Derek and I were in Griffin Park looking for food…” Kyle said with a certain sense of sadness in his voice. John immediately cringed as he continued to work away at the welds on the beam, knowing exactly where this story was going.

“Derek shot and killed a deer for food. I had never seen one before; at least not close up like that.” Kyle paused for a moment before continuing to speak.

“Once we got close to it I started to cry. And for some reason I couldn’t stop.” Kyle paused for another moment, visibly shaken by the story he was telling.

“Derek did everything he could to try to get me to stop crying but nothing work. Finally he felt so bad for me he buried the deer.” There was another pause,

“You both went hungry.” John thought to himself before Kyle could speak.

“We both went hungry.” Kyle finally said. John struggled to fight back his emotions as he attempted to focus on the task at hand. “I don’t know why that story popped into my head.” Kyle said laughing slightly, still trying to conceal his true emotions. “I guess sometimes I just miss my brother.” John felt that his emotions were about to overpower him. He grabbed the small support beam under the bed in a desperate attempt to try and do something to take his mind off what was going on around him. He pulled as hard as he could against the beam. John seemed to be momentarily pouring out all of his sadness, anger, frustration, anxiety, and fear out onto this piece of metal. Suddenly there was a pop and the beam broke free nearly striking John in the face when it did so. Kyle turned and looked at John,

“Did you get it?” He asked.

“Yeah.” John responded

“Good, now get back up here, there is a T-1 is coming.” John quickly pushed the beam back into place as best he could and slid out from under the bed and quickly sat on top of it just as the Terminator began to roll by their cell. As soon as the T-1 disappeared from view, John immediately jumped up and flipped his mattress up against the wall. He quickly undid the springs that secured the metal latticework to the bed frame and leaned that up against the wall as well. He grabbed the now free side of the metal beam and began to bend it back and forth against the side that was still secured to the bed frame via the spot welds. As John worked he saw that the metal was beginning to fatigue relatively quickly and that it would soon break. Kyle kept a close eye out of their cell watching as the T-1 continued to patrol.

“You got about ninety seconds.” Kyle said, still keeping vigil. John continued to bend the metal back and forth over and over again. John watched as the paint began to shatter and break away from the metal which was quickly nearing its breaking point. Just then, there was a
second pop and the metal sheared away from the bed frame at about a 45-degree angle.

“Thirty seconds.” Kyle stated. John quickly moved the wire latticework back into place and secured a few springs so that it would not fall through the bed frame. He quickly tossed the newly broken piece of steel on top of it and then moved his mattress back into place. John quickly sat back down on the edge of the bed frame so as not to fall through the loose wire latticework. The T-1 slowly patrolled by one more time and John again waited until it was out of sight before moving. Once it was gone, he quickly reached under his mattress and grabbed the piece of metal. John noticed after retrieving it that the piece of metal was actually longer than he expected it to be. It was approximately sixteen inches long from end to end but this was not a problem. John quickly moved over to the far end of the cell and knelt down. As quietly as possible, he began to slide the end that was sheared off at an angle up against the hard concrete floor. John was beginning to sharpen the end to a point.

A loud buzzer sounded and David Jennings and Martin Bedell stood from their bed, both had pieces of cloth tucked in there hands, and a look of determination in their eyes. As they waited for the door to their cell to open they watched as, several more T-1’s and T-600’s appeared in the prison corridor right before their barred cell door began to slowly open. David and Martin stepped quietly out into the prison corridor and as they did this, they separated slightly from each other, ensuring that they would not be standing next to each other in the line that was beginning to form. As both individuals walked in line towards the exit to the cellblock, they quietly handed off their pieces of cloth to a few other men in line. John’s notes were beginning to spread.

The door to Cameron’s cell slowly began to open and just as before she watched with hatred as a lone T-600 dragged Jackie into the room. Also, as before after it had entered the room it proceeded to drop Jackie’s limp body onto the hard concrete floor with a thud. The T-600 then turned and walked out of the room and the door slowly closed behind it. Cameron walked over to Jackie and knelt down beside her. Jackie was extremely pale and the burn marks on her body appeared to be worse. There was also some blood running from her nose, as well as splotches of blood on Jackie’s clothes and bear skin. Jackie was shaking almost uncontrollably and it was obvious that she was in immense pain.

“Cameron…” She whispered.

“I’m here Jackie.” Cameron responded. Jackie groaned as she tried to look up at Cameron. Tears mixed with what could only be blood streamed down her face. Jackie’s breathing was somewhat labored and she appeared to have trouble moving. Cameron carefully helped Jackie up off the ground and over to her bed making sure not to be overly helpful in order to conceal what she was. Jackie grimace in pain as Cameron moved her and almost shrieked when she tried to straighten her back out to stand. Finally, making it over to the bed Jackie collapsed into a crumpled heap onto the mattress. Tears still in Jackie’s eyes she spoke again in an almost pleading tone of voice,

“Would you talk about something…please” Cameron tilted her head slightly to the side somewhat confused.

“Talk about something?” She asked.

“Anything, just to get my mind off the pain. Tell me about your childhood.” Cameron felt a flood of uneasy emotions sweep over her. Heavily conflicted Cameron knew of only one response that she could give to this question. Instantly, she felt almost overwhelmed by guilt at the thought of what she was about to do. Her emotional state caused Cameron to almost feel as if she would not be able to speak. Nevertheless, she finally managed to force herself to do so,

“My father was an architect; he taught me how to draw. My mother was a music teacher; she’d sit for hours and listen to Chopin.” Cameron’s eyes began to slightly glaze over from the tears which were now forming in her eyes as the guilt continued to grow worse within her. Cameron’s voice grew quieter as she continued to speak.

“The last birthday I celebrated with them was on July 22nd. I had a party in Griffin Park; my friends were there. I saw a boy ride by on a Solar Mountain Bike and I told my dad, “That’s what I want”, and he said, “Next Year”.” Cameron paused momentarily trying fight back her emotions. Once again she began to doubt herself as to whether her emotions were her own or if this was her infiltrator programming taking action. Cameron continued,

“But I didn’t have a party the next year…no one did.” Cameron’s voice trailed off as she finished speaking. She continued to sit quietly next to Jackie with tears in her eyes after finishing her sentence. The guilt continued to flood over her about what she had just done. Waves of conflicting emotions poured over Cameron and she felt almost frozen for the moment, not quite sure what to do or say. She had never wanted to speak of Alison again; but, here she was, yet again resurrecting the past life of a girl she had seen die twice before and both times because of her. A horrifying thought came through Cameron’s mind. Would she be bringing this same fate onto John? This terrifying realization was almost to much for Cameron to bear. She began to try to think of something, of ANYTHING that may save John’s life. This included turning herself over to Skynet and informing it of exactly what she was in a possible attempt to spare John‘s life. However, Cameron knew that Skynet would indeed spare no ones life and this would be a futile attempt.

A second thought then came to Cameron’s mind, would it be better for her to ignore John’s orders and attempt to rescue him herself? She quickly ran through calculations as to her chances of successfully completing a rescue attempt. Sadly, she knew the answer even before she began to process it. She would never be able to succeed due to the fact that she was so drastically outnumbered by Skynet forces. While Cameron knew that the walls around her could not hold her, she at this point truly began to feel trapped once again by Skynet. Her emotions, uncertainties, guilt, and human infiltrator programming once more began to wreak havoc on her. As her feelings continued to force their way over her, Cameron felt that she was reaching a breaking point. The strain that she was currently experiencing due to her separation from John was excruciating for her. Cameron’s life was meaningless without John and she was completely unable to comprehend what she would do if something were to happen to him. Cameron always knew that she was willing to do anything to save John’s life; but, at this time she knew of nothing that she could do to save him. Her emotions were nearly about to take control of her when suddenly Jackie gently placed her hand over Cameron’s hand. She was quickly shaken from her daze and looked down at Jackie who was still lying on the bed, staring up at her with bloody tears in her eyes,

“I’m sorry Cameron.” Jackie whispered in response to the lie Cameron had just told her. Cameron continued to look down at Jackie who had still not let go of her hand. Both individuals stared quietly at each other for another moment. Jackie’s sincerity in response to Cameron’s lie made an already unbearable situation feel even worse for her. Cameron fought with everything she had to conceal her emotions. As Cameron’s struggle grew into an almost futile attempt a singular thought managed to break through into her consciousness. It was the night John had reactivated her after she had crashed the A.R.T.I.E. system. When he had done so there was a split second where she had felt John’s hand gently caressing her face. Due to her memory disablement at that time Cameron truly felt that this had been the first time in her existence where she had ever experienced pleasure, while if only for a brief moment. The second she moved her head John withdrew from her. Nevertheless, in that brief moment in time Cameron had felt something that she would have previously never been able to describe. This lone thought forced her anxiety and fear levels to drop off, if ever so slightly, to a controllable point. The torrent of emotions subsided somewhat and Cameron was once again able to pull herself back from the edge. She allowed herself to garner enough strength to remain seated quietly on the edge of the bed next to Jackie for the rest of the night.

John quietly sharpened the prison shank he had managed to create from the bed’s support beam up against the cold concrete floor of his cell. He and Kyle both kept an eye on the outside corridor for oncoming Terminators.

“The T-1’s wiring in the back of their shoulders; it controls their chain cannon’s on either side of their body.” John said, as he continued to sharpen the shank. Kyle turned and looked at him for a moment, still slightly intrigued that John knew this.

“There should be a blue and a green wire that runs the length of their shoulders. If you can break those two wires and splice them together it’ll cause the gun on their right side to start firing.” Kyle raised his eyebrows. He had never heard anyone talk about things such as this before.

“Just make sure you know where that gun is pointed before you start shooting.” John said.

“How I am supposed to get close enough to one of those things to do that?” Kyle asked, a slight bit of concern in his voice.

“Let me worry about that." John said with a slight smile on his face. "But, suffice it to say there was a mistake made when the T-1 was built. Its CPU is located in their head; but, their power source is located in the main part of their body. Essentially, if you are able to take off their head their body will remained powered up; but, they will no longer be able to control anything they do. I think when the US government initially designed them they thought it would be a good idea for soldiers to be able to have access to the T-1’s weapons if the unit itself was disabled. Works out pretty well for us also.” John said, again with a slight smile as he stood and slid the shank under his mattress just before a T-1 slowly began to roll by their cell. At that moment John realized just how much Derek and Kyle had taught him in the alternate future, and how much he would need to teach the people of this future.

A buzzer sounded and two more men stood from the beds located inside their cell. They both had a few pieces of cloth rolled up in their hands. Several T-1’s and T-600’s came into view in the corridor and then their cell door slowly began to open. Both men exited their cell and separated slightly from each other, walking to different points in the line that was forming towards the exit to the cellblock. As they did this both men quickly and quietly handed their pieces of cloth off to other men standing in line. John Connor’s notes were continuing to spread.

Authors notes: So John's notes are spreading, and he's teaching Kyle everything he knows. Hope you guys liked it. Review! Review!

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