Final Days Chapter 47

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John walked quietly in line back through the darkened corridors towards his cellblock. The corridors themselves were somewhat cramped, stuffy and hot. Feelings of anxiety for Cameron had started to flood over John once again; and even more so than before. It was becoming painfully obvious to him that she did not have much time left and unless he were able to do something soon Skynet would discover exactly what she was and he would lose her forever; and John had resolved to himself long ago that he would never allow that to happen again. Whether or not the situation was optimal, he was going to be forced into doing something, and doing it quickly. A sickening feeling came over John as several images of Cameron’s torture flashed through his mind. John felt the rage and anger towards Skynet begin to grow within him. He could not, and would not let this happen to her again.

Both John and Kyle quietly walked into their cell. As they did, John heard the metallic grinding sound of the door closing behind them. Although he was exhausted from all the work he had just been forced to do, the moment the machines were out of site John quickly retrieved the shank from under his mattress and moved to the corner of the room and began to work on it again.

“You need to see this John.” Kyle said, with an unusually serious tone in his voice. John turned and looked at him, as he did Kyle handed John a dirty piece of cloth. Slightly confused, John took the cloth and unrolled it. He immediately felt a surge of confidence run through him.

“My friend David just got it back to me. Figured you’d wanna see it as soon as possible.” A small smile shot across John’s face as he looked over the note. It was a copy of the original note that he had written; but, something else had been added to it. John spoke out loud as he read the one sentence that had been added:

We are with you…

John looked over at Kyle.

“The next time they take us out of our cell, is when we’ll make our move.” Kyle nodded his head. Then a slightly arrogant smirk came across John’s face.

“I think it’s time we show Skynet exactly what we’re capable of.”

Cameron sat alone in her cell once again. She continued to scan the room as she waited. Earlier that day a T-600 had come into her cell and retrieved Jackie once again. This time Cameron seriously doubted she would ever return. Cameron felt the fear begin to creep up on her as she realized that she may be next. And if she was next, John would surely follow. Just when the thoughts were almost to much for her to bear, she heard a “clank” and her cell door began to open. Cameron sat up slightly and readied herself for whatever may come while at the same time still trying to act as human as possible. As soon as the door finished opening a T-600 emerged dragging Jackie’s limp body behind it. It yet again dropped her in the middle of the cell and then turned and walked out. As soon as the door was finished closing Cameron moved over to Jackie’s body to check and see if she was still alive. Upon reaching her, Cameron realized that Jackie was indeed still alive but barely.

“Jackie?” Cameron said.

“Cameron…” Jackie’s voice was barely audible. She coughed several times and struggled to breath. Jackie's lungs made a wheezing sound as she attempted to take a breath of air. Cameron observed bloody tears streaming down Jackie’s face, which was almost completely white at this point. The burn marks on her body were more numerous now and far more severe.

“I can’t see anything Cameron…I‘m blind” Jackie whispered. She then paused for another moment before speaking once again, “I think I’m dying.” Jackie said, her voice shaking with fear. Cameron gently lifted Jackie’s upper body up into her arms.

“You need to fight Jackie, just for a little while longer. John said he would come for me, and he will help you as well.” Cameron tone was somewhat mellow; but, there was a hint of concern behind it as well. Cameron however was not quite sure as to why she had just made this statement; she surmised that it was an attempt to comfort Jackie.

“Tell me about him.” Jackie whispered, as she attempted to look up at Cameron with cloudy, hazel, eyes. “Tell me about John…” Cameron thought for a moment. For an unknown reason this simple question evoked an incredibly strong emotional response from her. Cameron remained quiet for several more seconds as images of John played before her eyes. She was not quite sure how exactly to describe what she was thinking or for that matter feeling; but, Cameron spoke anyways,

“I was so horrible before I met John…I did things…” Cameron voice trailed off slightly as she stopped herself from finishing that line of thought,

“But he gave me a second chance. When no one else in the world would have given me a second chance, he did.” Cameron felt emotions coursing over her and she found it became slightly more difficult for her to speak. Her voice grew slightly quieter as she continued on,

“He rescued me…I don’t know why, but he did. I wouldn’t even be here today if it wasn’t for him.” A small smile came across Cameron’s face as her eyes began to fill with tears as she continued to speak of John while still holding Jackie’s upper body.

“He is such a wonderful man; John is so honorable, and courageous. I know he will accomplish so much in his life.” Cameron hesitated again trying to fight back her emotions,

“My life would be meaningless without him.” Cameron paused for another moment as she felt a tear run down her cheek. “I love him so much…” Cameron voice quaked as she finished her last sentence in a whisper; but, with a considerable amount of emotion behind it. Even though she was in excruciating pain a small smile danced across Jackie’s face as she continued to look up at Cameron as she finished speaking.

Kyle walked quietly and alone out of the his cell and towards a line that was forming towards the exit of the cellblock. As he walked into the formation he nodded at a few of the men that were already standing in line. After the line had finished forming a T-600 quickly and methodically scanned everyone’s faces that were standing in front of it. Within a few seconds it was able to conclude that someone was missing from the group and after wirelessly searching the Skynet databanks it instantly ascertained who was missing and what cell they were located in. It turned quickly and began to head towards John’s cell.

John lay quietly in bed with his eyes closed, not moving at all. His bed sheet was pulled up over him close to his neck and he took small, shallow breaths so as to hide his breathing as much as possible. As John lay there he found that thought’s of Cameron began to drift through his mind. All the years he had spent with her, all the experiences they had shared, and how he desperately wanted to spend the rest of his days with her. John heard the clanking of metal beginning to approach him; he kept his eyes closed still making sure to breath as shallow as possible. Cameron continued to linger in his thoughts, images of caressing her body, gently kissing her, holding her; it was all playing out in John's mind. The metal clanking continued to grow louder as the inevitable approached. John remembered how it felt to run his hands over Cameron’s soft skin and what it was like to feel their bodies pressed up against each other. The metal clanking was almost on top of him now. Suddenly, and without warning, an image of Cameron’s torture tore its way into John’s mind. Almost as if she was standing next to him John heard Cameron scream in pain; his right arm tensed and he gripped the piece of steel tightly in his hand as anger and hatred began to completely consume him. Just then, John felt the bed sheet ripped back by the T-600 that was now standing over him. John quickly opened his eyes and in an instant he thrust his right hand forward towards the head of the Terminator. The shank in his right hand made contact with the right eye of the T-600 and John drove it forward with great intensity. He heard the glass and steel crack as he pushed the sharp piece of steel forward, forcing it through the skull of the T-600. John pushed the shank forward as far as he could into the orbital socket of the Terminator. The T-600 lurched back instantly away from John with the shank still protruding out of it’s right eye. A split second later its legs buckled and it collapsed into a crumpled heap onto the ground. Its red glowing left eye faded quickly into a dark black hole.

“NOW!!!” John yelled from inside of his cell as he quickly leapt from the bed and retrieved the T-600’s plasma rifle. There was almost instantaneous pandemonium in the corridor outside of John’s cell. While some men fled in fear most leapt into action and threw themselves upon the T-1’s and T-600’s that were located closest to them. While the Terminators could easily overpower the human’s they were also vastly outnumbered by them as well. There was an immediate eruption of Plasma and gunfire as all of the Skynet unit’s began to open fire on the prisoners from every direction imaginable.

Upon retrieving the downed T-600’s plasma rifle John immediately took aim at the closest T-1 that was within range. He raised the plasma rifle and squeezed the trigger. The plasma round streaked through the air and struck the head of the T-1 which exploded almost instantly into a display of sparks. Almost the moment this happened Kyle leapt onto of the body of the T-1 and began splicing wires together just as John had instructed him to do. John moved to the doorway and took aim at the T-70’s that were located on the catwalks and began to fire at them striking one in the chest, almost immediately disabling it. All of the Skynet unit’s fired frantically from all directions at the prisoners causing a deafening echo of gunfire inside the prison cellblock. At this same moment John heard the deafening drone of a chain Cannon ring out in front of him. Looking across from him he saw that Kyle had managed to get one of the T-1’s mounted chain cannon’s to fire. Kyle quickly moved over to the T-1’s right arm and aimed the weapon up at the catwalks obliterating the T-70’s that were above them, he then began to fire at the T-1‘s located in the immediate area around him. John as well turned his attention to one of the several remaining T-1’s that were located out on the prison floor. Most were spraying the prisoners with the rounds from their chain cannon’s; however, there were so many people inside the cellblock for the moment the T-1‘s were having trouble locking on to any one particular target. The amount of confusion in close quarters was almost confusing for them. John quickly took aim at one of the T-1’s and fired, striking it in the back of the head. Again, its skull exploded and it instantly quit firing. John observed as yet another man jumped onto the T-1’s body and begin to work away at the wiring in an attempt to operate the now available chain cannon.

John quickly turned his attention to the other remaining T-1’s and the T-600’s that were still located out in the corridor. He took aim at one T-600 in particular that was blanketing the prisoners with plasma rifle fire. John squeezed the trigger of his weapon and felt the recoil of it in his shoulder. The plasma round ripped through the air and struck the T-600 in the back. Its chest exploded outward and it fell to its knee’s and then collapsed. Almost instantly its plasma rifle was picked up by one of the prisoner who began to shoot at whatever Terminator he was able to take aim at. John then looked and saw one of the remaining T-1’s headed in his general directing continuously firing its chain cannon as it did so. With no time to take exact aim John fired several rounds in the direction of the T-1 striking it in its center of mass. The T-1 slowed to a halt disabled.

“**** it!” John said, realizing that he had just cost the resistance a much needed weapon. John continued to fire his plasma rifle from the kneeling position inside his cell; but, was suddenly distracted for a split second by the crashing sound of an endoskeleton as it came careening down from one of the upper tiers of the cellblock. It crashed head first down onto the hard concrete floor, its body nearly shattering on impact. Unfortunately, it had taken two prisoners with it as it was heaved over the guard rail. The prisoners bodies met with the same fate as the T-600‘s body did. The entire cellblock was now in complete chaos. John took a moment to quickly reach over to the body of the T-600 which was still lying next to him and yanked the shank from its right eye. He then pushed the shank into the side of the Terminators left orbital socket removing its glass eye with a “pop.” He then grabbed the now loose eye that was only attached by a few wires and yanked it free. John then proceeded to slide the glass eye into his right pocket. He then placed the shank into his back pocket. Suddenly John ducked as several plasma rounds struck the door frame of his prison cell very close to his head. He heard alarms going off and he knew any second Skynet reinforcements would be on top of them. As quickly as possibly John rolled the body of the T-600 over and using the butt of his plasma rifle he struck the T-600’s back left side. A small compartment opened from the left abdominal cavity of the Terminator revealing two extra plasma rifle magazines. John retrieved them quickly and moved back towards the doorway.

The entire cellblock was becoming littered with the bodies of both humans and Terminators. As John carefully made his way through the doorway of his cell he noticed Kyle jumping off the body of the T-1 he had recently been shooting from. It had apparently run out of ammo at this point. John swiftly retrieved the plasma rifle from the crumpled remains of the T-600 that had been thrown to the ground by the prisoners above him,

“KYLE!!” John yelled as he tossed the plasma rifle to his father who caught it with ease. The sound of men screaming and weapons being fired echoed off the concrete walls inside of the cellblock along with the deafening drone of the alarms. John moved closer to Kyle, still firing his plasma rifle as he did so.

“You’re with me!” John shouted as he began to move towards the exit of the Cellblock and the computer terminal located next to it.

Cameron knelt on the floor of her cell still holding Jackie’s upper body. The alarm sounds echoed outside her cell and she observed several Terminator units begin to move around quickly outside of their cell presumably towards the other cellblock.

“He’s coming for you.” Jackie whispered to Cameron with a slight smile on her face. Cameron looked down into Jackie’s eyes. Almost immediately after finishing her sentence Cameron felt Jackie’s body go limp and her cloudy hazel eyes now became hollow and lifeless. Cameron sat their momentarily staring down at into Jackie’s eyes. Strange emotions came over her as she did this. Jackie had seemed to go through a similar experience as Cameron had with Skynet, the difference however being that she had not survived and Cameron had. Feelings of sadness and remorse pulled themselves over Cameron. However, something far more disturbing found its way into her mind, it truly did seem that everywhere she went Cameron brought death with her. Once again the same haunting question that plagued Cameron before forced its way into her thought process,

“Will I bring this same fate to John?” She thought to herself once again as fear for John's safety began to grip her. Cameron remained motionless still holding Jackie’s upper body as she thought on these things. After several moments, Cameron finally moved. She slowly lifted Jackie’s body up off the ground and brought it over to her bed. She laid the lifeless body down onto the mattress and Cameron gently reached over and closed Jackie’s eyes with her hand. She then pulled the bed sheet up over Jackie’s body.

“I’m sorry.” Cameron whispered. An eerie silence fell over Cameron’s cell and only the sound of the alarm could be heard echoing throughout the area as Cameron stood quietly next to Jackie’s body.

Plasma fire exploded around the exit to the cellblock as John worked quickly at the computer. Kyle remained at John’s back, firing repeatedly with his plasma rifle trying to take as much cover as he could from the overhang that protruded out from the wall above both of their heads. The entire cellblock was beginning to fill with smoke from plasma rifle and chain cannon fire. The smell of burnt flesh and blood hung in the air as thousands of people fought against the Skynet units that were left in the area. While vastly outnumbered the Terminators were still easily able to tear through most of the unarmed humans.

“I hate to rush you, but we’re not gonna last much longer!” Kyle shouted to John over the deafening sounds of the battle. John pressed the eye of the T-600 up against the retinal scanner of the computer screen and there was a beep.

“Got it!” John said.

“You unlocked the door?” Kyle asked.

“No, I locked it.” John said, as Kyle’s eyes widened slightly.

“You did what!?”

“The only thing on the other side of that door is more metal and I need to know where we’re gonna go first before we get out of here.” Kyle shook his head slightly in disbelief as he continued to fire his rifle.

“And where are we gonna go first!?” Kyle asked still yelling over the battle noises. John quickly scanned over the computer screen studying the layout of Century. At this same moment Kyle saw a young male running towards them from across the cellblock. Kyle took aim with his plasma rifle and began to fire at the Terminators that were near him trying to give the man some covering fire. Every time a Terminator fell someone would pick up its weapon and begin using it. While the prisoners were sustaining heavy casualties they were by shear volume alone able to hold their own against the Skynet forces; for the time being at least. The young male ran past Kyle and straight to John.

“I sure as hell hope you have a plan Connor.” he said. John glanced over at him with a slightly confused look for a moment as to who was questioning him, then a smile came across John’s face.

“Good to see you too Bedell.” John continued to scan the computer screen. “There’s an armory about 200 feet from here. If we can get to it and get these men armed we have a chance at getting out of here.” John turned to Martin, “We need to get you a weapon.”

“You wanna help me out with that?” Martin said, somewhat sarcastically. John turned to the computer terminal hitting a few more keys.

“I’ve locked down all the doors in this place except for the ones leading to the armory; I‘ve also managed to disable most of Skynet's wireless network inside of Century; for the time being at least. Each machine should now be functioning on their own and will not be able to communicate effectively with each other or with Skynet. But, I’m not sure how much metal will be between us and the armory or how long it will be before their wireless network is back up.”

“Something tells me we’re about to find out!” Kyle yelled over his shoulder still firing his plasma rifle. John hit a few more keys and there was a clank and the exit door to the cellblock swung open almost immediately. At this same moment John raised his plasma rifle and at that instant a T-600 emerged through the doorway. John fired striking the Terminator in the head. It then fell forward onto the ground. John swept across the open doorway firing continuously. As he did so he struck another T-600 that was close behind the first one. Martin retrieved the plasma rifle from the now disabled T-600 that was lying in front of him.

“Thank you!” He yelled to John.

“No problem!” John responded. Both John and Martin began to fire down the hallway from opposite sides of the exit doorway where they were standing at. Due to the somewhat cramped nature of the corridor leading to the cellblock the Terminators had difficult avoiding being struck and were almost to the point of being forced back by John and Martin‘s barrage of plasma fire. Sounds of men screaming and gunfire continued to echo throughout the cellblock as the battle continued to rage on.

David Jennings fired his plasma rifle from behind the cover of one of the disabled T-1 units. Several other men were ducked down next to him as he tried to pick off the Terminators located closest to him. He watched as yet another T-600 was thrown from one of the top tiers of the prison. It came crashing to the ground its endoskeleton splintering as it made contact with the concrete floor. Almost immediately someone ran by picking up the Terminators plasma rifle. David looked over near the exit where John was located and observed John, Martin and Kyle begin to slowly make their way through the open exit door. David looked around at the men who were crouching around him,

“Lets go! We’re out’a here!” He yelled. David and his group began to make their way towards the exit as well. As more men noticed that the exit door was open they also began to make their way towards the open door.

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