Final Days Chapter 48


John, Kyle, Martin and several other men moved quickly, but cautiously down the cramped and dimly lit corridors in the direction of the armory. John kept his rifle raised as he scanned the area in front of them for any threats as they continued to move. John and his men had continued to meet with Skynet resistance as they fought their way to the armory; however, while Skynet seemed well prepared for an actual physical fight with humanity it did not appear to be as well prepared for a computer infiltration the likes of which John had been able to do. It appeared that in this brief instance Skynet may have underestimated what the humans could do. While the Skynet systems were still very complex, once John had actually managed to break through the initial barriers that Skynet had set up it had become relatively easy for John to manipulate the in inner workings of key systems inside of Century Work Camp. John credited his vast knowledge of Skynet systems to the six months he had spent in the alternate future and the large amount of knowledge that John Henry had managed to impart to him before his disappearance. In addition, the information that Cameron had provided to him had been invaluable as well.

John came to a sharp turn in the corridor and stopped before proceeding around it. Mentally reviewing the blueprints in his mind John was relatively certain that the armory would be just around this corner. While sounds of the battle continued to echo behind him as the remaining Terminators from the cellblock attempted to fight their way through the escaping prisoners, the path ahead of John seemed eerily quiet. John carefully peeked his head around the corner seeing two T-600’s and a T-70 guarding the door to the armory. John turned to Kyle and Martin who were immediately behind him and gave them a few hand signals indicating the number of enemy Terminators he had just seen. Martin quickly relayed the information to the rest of the men down the line. John thought for a few seconds as to how to best handle this situation; but, there was really only one solution he could come up with at the moment. He motioned for Kyle who came up along side him and knelt down. John looked at him and mouthed the words,

“One…Two…Three!” John and Kyle leaned out from behind the corner and began to fire their plasma rifles at the enemy Terminators. John’s first few rounds struck the T-600 to his far left and it lurched backwards falling onto its back. One of Kyle’s rounds struck the T-70 standing in the center of the doorway in the knee and it crumpled to the ground but remained upright and began to fire its chain cannon mounted on its arm. The remaining T-600 opened fire on John and Kyle at this same moment. Both men ducked behind the corner as the area around them began to explode due to the plasma fire.

“Now what?” Kyle asked. John thought quickly as he heard the T-600 begin to move down the corridor towards their position still firing its plasma rifle in their general direction. John removed his only remaining fully loaded plasma rifle magazines from his pocket.

“I hope to hell this works.” He said, as he slid the magazine across the floor, then quickly raised his plasma rifle and fired at the magazine. The explosive material from the high heat rounds exploded and tore through the thin metal magazine covering with a loud bang. This distracted the T-600 for a split second and John leaned out from behind the corner and fired another plasma round striking the T-600 in the chest. It stumbled backwards and collapsed. John quickly moved back behind the corner as the T-70 began to fire again at him. After several seconds of firing John heard the chain cannon stop shooting. Kyle quickly leaned out from the corner still in the kneeling position and fired striking the T-70 in the shoulder. It lurched backwards firing its weapon wildly into the air, its rounds struck the ceiling creating a display of sparks that rained down into the corridor. John came around the corner quickly and fired several more consecutive rounds striking the T-70 in the chest. It then collapsed backwards onto the ground. John, Kyle and the rest of the men moved forward towards the armory door. When they reached it John quickly began to work away at the computer console located next to the door.

Cameron stood quietly in her cell, still listening to the alarms sounding outside. She debated if now would be the appropriate time for her to make an escape from her cell; however, she had no way of knowing if John was in fact behind this current situation, or where he was. Attempting to escape now could still possibly put his life in danger. Making matters worse was the fact that there were still several lingering T-600’s outside. While she was relatively certain that with the element of surprise she would be able to take on several unarmed T-600’s Cameron knew she was no match for several fully armed T-600’s. Cameron also noticed something else that was unusual. While she looked out of her cell she noticed several Grey’s running about inside of the cellblock. She was unsure of exactly what it was they were doing; but, Cameron was quite certain they would only make the situation worse. She continued to stand quietly in her cell staring out of the small glass window which was located on the large steel door. As Cameron did so she began to run through scenarios as to a possible rescue or escape attempt that she would be able to perform.

John, Kyle, and Martin began to hand weapons out to as many of the men as they could. The armory room itself was quite large and therefore allowed for a good number of prisoners to get inside of it. While it’s primary compliment of weapons consisted of plasma rifles and ammo for the T-600’s and chain cannons for the T-70’s and T-1’s there were a number of other weapons available such as shoulder fire rocket launchers, and grenades. As the prisoners continued to arm themselves John began to work quickly away at another computer terminal inside of the armory. He frantically scanned through computer files and searched through Skynet records. Kyle saw what he was doing and walked over towards John as Martin continued to hand out weapons.

“John what are you…” Kyle was cut off by John,

“I found her.”

“Cameron?” Kyle asked.

“Yes.” John said in both a serious and concerned tone. He looked around for a moment and then saw Martin who was still handing out weapons to the crowd of prisoners within the armory.

“Bedell, get over here!” John called. Martin immediately jogged across the room towards John.

“What have you got?” he asked.

“I need you to take these people out of here. I’ve got the schematics for this place pulled up on here…” John motioned to the computer screen
“…and I’ve still got Skynet locked out of controlling its own doors, and their wireless system is still down, all be it temporarily. It’ll be difficult; but, you should be able to make it out of here without to many problems. Make sure to take some missile launchers with you, once you’re outside you may have some trouble with whatever remaining aerial HK’s Skynet has in the area.” Martin nodded his head and then gave John a strange look.

“Uh, where are you gonna be?” he asked.

“I have to find…” John paused for a split second then continued, “…a friend.” John said as he turned to walk towards one of the exit doors.

“Are you sure you should be doing this?” Martin asked with a look of concern on his face.

“I can’t lose her…not again” John replied as he again turned to walk out.

“John wait…” Kyle said. John stopped walking as Kyle spoke. “I’m going with you.” He said. John hesitated for a moment not quite sure how to respond. While he did not want to put his father in any further danger, John knew that he would indeed need Kyle's help.

“Alright.” John responded as he turned once again towards the exit.

“Good luck Connor.” Martin said, concern still apparent in his voice. John locked over his shoulder as he walked and spoke in a solemn tone,

“Thank you.” John and Kyle proceeded out of one of the armories exit doors; cautiously making their way towards Cameron’s cellblock.

John and Kyle continued to make their way down the prison corridors moving as quickly as possible towards Cameron‘s cellblock. John was both surprised and concerned by the fact that they did not seem to be running into much resistance as they continued their way down the dimly lit hallways. While John knew that he had managed to lock Skynet out from controlling some of its systems and therefore clear the path it still appeared to be all to easy.

“How much further?” Kyle asked.

“Just around the next bend.” No sooner had the words left John’s mouth than two T-600’s emerged from around the corner. John and Kyle both raised their rifles and began to fire; the T-600’s did the same. The corridor erupted into a flurry of plasma rifle fire as both John and Kyle took cover on opposite sides of the corridor behind support beams located on the walls. John rapidly fired his Plasma rifle down the hallway, which quickly began to fill with smoke from the tiny explosions the plasma rounds were causing. Suddenly, a plasma round exploded against the support beam just above John’s head, sparks and hot metal fragments struck John in the face. John let out a slight scream of pain as he ducked behind cover again trying to wipe his face clean of the debris. At this same moment Kyle leaned out and fired his rifle striking one of the T-600’s in the chest. It collapsed with a loud clank as its metal knees struck the steel floor it then fell forwards onto the ground. Recovering himself, John leaned back out and fired several rounds down the hallway striking the T-600 in the shoulder twice and then in the chest. The Terminator spun around from the impact and then collapsed to the ground. John quickly moved from behind the beam which he had taken cover behind,

“Let’s go we don’t have a lot of time.” He said. John and Kyle moved around the bend in the corridor and came to the locked door leading to Cameron’s cellblock. John quickly began work away at the computer, and using the stolen Terminator's eye he was able to gain access to Skynet's systems yet again. Within moments John had unlocked the door. It slowly opened in front of them revealing a much smaller version of the cellblock that he and Kyle had been housed in. However, almost the second the door was opened John and Kyle met with instantaneous plasma rifle fire. Both men pushed up against the wall somewhat concealing themselves behind the door frame for cover. John was surprised to see that there were only five T-600’s located in this cellblock. The rest of the plasma fire was coming from humans.

“Greys” John thought to himself. At this time Kyle had not been able to take an exact count of Terminators that were located inside the cellblock. He was more shocked and angered by the appearance of the Greys. Still at the door frame John continued to work at the computer console attempting to unlock all of the cell doors that were located inside of the cellblock. John was eventually able to open one particular program that would allow him to open all of the cellblock doors at once; however, he hesitated in doing so because he knew that if anyone were to come out of their cell at this moment they would almost surely be killed. John begged to Cameron in his mind not to make any type of overt movement to escape from her cell due to the present situation.

Kyle leaned out from behind the doorframe and fired striking a T-600 in the shoulder. It lurched backwards but continued to fire.
“****’n Greys!” Kyle yelled across the hall to John who ground his teeth as he felt the rage creep up over him as he watched the Greys scurry about like rats inside of the cellblock. He leaned out from behind the door frame and fired several more rounds at one of the Greys located near one of the T-600‘s. He struck the man in the chest killing him almost instantly. John glanced around the cellblock one more time being careful how long he kept himself exposed. What he saw horrified him. On the two upper levels of the cellblock John noticed that the Greys were going cell to cell executing the prisoners.

“Son of a *****!” John said. John knew that Cameron and the rest of the prisoners did not have much longer.

Cameron stood silently in her cell. She could hear the furious exchange of plasma rifle fire going on just outside of her door. She was relatively certain that if anyone had been able to last this long in a conflict against Skynet and had also been able to get this far, it had to be John. An incredible amount of conflict began to come over Cameron. While John had ordered her to remain concealed until he came for her, she also felt an overwhelming desire to find John so that she would be able to protect him. An internal struggle within Cameron began to ensue as her programming to protect John began to compete with her programming to follow John’s orders. Cameron felt her emotions swell as the seconds slowly went by. Finally, the idea that John could be in some type of danger began to consume her and Cameron felt that she could no longer stand it.

Almost as if she were not able to control herself Cameron moved over to the large steel door that was located at the front of her cell. Cameron brought her fist back and with an extreme amount of force and struck the door as hard as she could. There was a loud thud that could be heard both inside of her cell and on the outside. However, due to the firefight the noise she was making was not immediately noticed by anyone or anything. After the impact Cameron studied the door for a moment and noticed that there was now a large dent where her fist had been. But, she also found that she was slightly surprised, the door itself was stronger than what she had initially anticipated. It would take her longer than she originally thought to break through this door. This did not matter however, Cameron felt that she had to find John, no matter the cost. She brought her fist back again and struck the door a second time producing another loud thud that echoed inside of her cell.

“I have to find him…I have to protect him.” Cameron thought to herself as she continued to strike the door.

John looked over at Kyle who was quickly changing magazines on his plasma rifle.

“I need you to stay here and when I tell you to; open all the cellblock doors.” Kyle looked over at John.

“Where are you gonna be?!” He yelled over the sound of plasma rifle fire.

“I’m gonna distract them.” John said as he removed a grenade from his belt, “Cover me!” He yelled as he pulled out the grenade pin and threw it into the prison cellblock. After several seconds there was a loud explosion and John heard several of the Greys howl in pain as they were struck with shrapnel from the fragmentation grenade. As John moved quickly through the doorway Kyle began to fire rapidly trying to provide some covering fire. As soon as John was inside the cellblock he immediately noticed that the grenade had managed to kill a few of the Greys that were standing on the bottom floor along with destroying one of the T-600’s.

As John ran in a diagonally pattern towards the cells located on the far wall he ducked as plasma fire began to explode around him. He managed to make it to one of the stairwells that lead to the upper tiers of the cellblock. While it did not provided him with much cover due to its open design it did provide John with some cover. He ducked behind the steel staircase as the plasma round continued to explode in the area immediate around him. He watched as Kyle fired furiously from the doorway as well managing to strike and kill yet another Grey. John could see from where he was at that there were still several Greys left and four T-600’s; one of which was damaged. John knew that the longer he waited the more prisoners were going to be killed by the Greys on the upper tiers. John took a chance and sprinted up the stairwell to the second tier of the cellblock. The open metal stairwell he ran up seemed to explode from plasma fire as his feet moved from step to step.

Upon reaching the second level of the cellblock John immediately noticed two Greys methodically working their way down the row of cells, shooting whoever was inside. John felt the furry sweep over him as he raised his rifle and fired. The round streaked through the air and struck the first Grey in the head killing him instantly. The second Grey turned towards John and raised his rifle to fire; but, it was too late. John fired off several more rounds striking the man in the chest. He also fell to the ground dead. John then proceeded to position himself so that he could fire down on the four T-600’s that were located below him on the cellblock's bottom floor. However, when John did this he immediately noticed that he could now only see two of the four remaining T-600’s. John was unsure of where the other two were at this point. He then leaned over the railing slightly and began to fire down on the two Terminators that he could see and the Greys that were below him. He was able to strike one of the T-600’s in the upper shoulder. The plasma round tore through the main body of the T-600 and it fell to the ground disabled. Distracted for the moment the remaining T-600 turned its attention towards John. When it did this Kyle fired several rounds from his position striking the T-600 in the chest destroying it. Kyle however, still faced an onslaught of plasma fire from the remaining Greys. He also could not see where the two remaining T-600‘s had gone.

Kyle continued to fire from the doorway on the bottom floor while John made his way up to the third level of the prison. Just before John reached the top of the staircase one of the Greys emerged from around the stairwells corner with a plasma rifle at the ready. John fired several rounds striking the man in the shoulder and then the chest killing him instantly. As John reached the top of the staircase he was tackled by the remaining Grey that had been left on the third floor. Both the Grey and John stumbled backwards into the stairwell. Loosing his footing John fell backwards down the stairs. However, before he did so, he managed to grab onto the Grey by his jumpsuit taking the man with him. Both individuals tumbled down the stairwell to the second level of the cellblock and hit the ground hard. John felt a sharp pain shoot through his left shoulder, it quickly brought back memories of the battle he had been involved in at Topanga Canyon. John grimaced in pain as he tried to ignore the sensation. At this same moment John also noticed that due to the fall both men now did not have their plasma rifles. John’s was located at the top of the stairwell and he wasn’t quite sure where the Grey’s weapon had landed. This however, was not the biggest of John’s concerns at the moment. The Grey had managed to land on top of John and now began to beat John with his fists.

Cameron pealed back the metal door with a loud metallic tearing sound as she forcibly began to open the door. She heard a loud pop as the metal latched located inside the door snapped and the door broke free. Pulling the door back she prepared to step out into the corridor; but, before she cleared her cell’s door frame she saw the barrel of a plasma rifle being pointed at her. The two remaining T-600’s had heard the noise she had been making and had come to investigate. Being that the closest T-600 was virtually on top of Cameron at this point and was also just starting to step inside her cell, Cameron knew exactly what she could do. Almost as if in a flash, Cameron brought her right hand across her body grasping the barrel of the plasma rifle and pushed it out of the way to her left. At this same moment Cameron twisted her upper body to her left and out of the way of the line of fire. The T-600’s plasma rifle discharged and a plasma round streaked through her cell striking the back wall. Cameron then rapidly brought her left hand up under the T-600’s arm and grasped it by its wrist momentarily immobilizing the Terminators right hand with which it held the plasma rifle. Cameron released the barrel of the plasma rifle with her right hand and then with lighting speed proceeded to bring her arm back towards her body in a circular pattern and then back around underneath the T-600’s arm. She then grasped what would have been the tricep of the T-600. Cameron now had hold of the Terminator's wrist with her left hand and the underside of the Terminator's upper arm with her right hand. In an instant she forced her left hand down while at the same time bringing her right hand up. There was a loud crack and then a metallic tearing sound as Cameron tore the right arm completely off of the T-600, sparks flew from the socket where the arm had once been. Cameron twisted the plasma rifle around and as she did so she pulled the metal skeletal fingers from the pistol grip of the rifle. She then moved her right hand to the pistol grip and brought the weapon to her for a brief instant. Now having full control of the plasma rifle she quite forcefully pushed the barrel of the rifle into the mouth of the T-600 forcing it back out the door of her cell. If it were possible for a T-600 to exhibit any type of emotion this one would have been in a sheer state of shock by what Cameron had just done to it. Cameron squeezed the trigger of the plasma rifle and a round discharged at point blank range inside the mouth of the T-600. Tearing through the Terminator’s skull the plasma round completely blew the T-600’s head off in a large display of sparks and steel. The T-600’s knee’s instantly buckled and it collapsed to the ground.

Cameron was just about to step out of her cell when the second T-600 which had been standing to the left side of Cameron’s cell pushed her plasma rifle into the door frame with its left hand. There was a loud crunching sound as the internal works of the firearm began to be crushed together by the force of the T-600’s grasp. It then brought its right hand around and attempted to point its plasma rifle at Cameron, who quickly released her right hand from her rifle and grasped the frame of the T-600’s plasma rifle. She slammed the rifle up against the door frame bending the metal rifle and nearly breaking it in half. As soon as this occurred the T-600 struck Cameron in the chest with its left hand knocking Cameron back into her cell and onto the ground. The T-600 then virtually leapt into the cell with Cameron and was instantly on top of her, pinning her to the ground. Cameron caught the right hand of the Terminator as it attempted to strike her; but, was instantly grabbed around the neck by the Terminator’s left hand. She began to feel a tremendous amount of pressure begin to be applied to both her neck and up into her skull. The T-600 was literally attempting to tear Cameron’s head off. She grasped the T-600’s left hand with her right and began to try to pull it off of her. However, due to the position Cameron was in it was now far more difficult for her to overpower the T-600. Cameron was unsure if she would actually be able to escape from the Terminator’s grasp.

Kyle remained pressed against the door frame for cover as he continued to fire his plasma rifle from his position. He paused momentarily, dropping the empty magazine out of his rifle and replacing it with a fresh one. While he had managed to kill off several more Greys a few still remained. Kyle had also found that he had completely lost site of the remaining T-600’s. He was completely unsure at this point if they had fallen back to a better position or had been recalled to another location by Skynet. Kyle also saw that John was locked in a hand-to-hand battle with one of the Greys on the second tier of the cellblock. Unfortunately, Kyle was not able to get a clear shot at the man that was fighting with John due to his current position. For the moment John was on his own.

John felt the fist of the Grey strike his face from the left side causing pain to travel across his skull from the impact. John could feel the blood begin to run down his face due to the laceration the man’s blow had just caused. Lying on his back John brought his right knee forward striking the man in the back forcing him to arch his back slightly. John then rapped his right leg around the man’s neck and pulled him away and down towards the ground. John was then able to pull himself away from the man and stood to his feet. He continued to feel his left shoulder throbbing due to the pain from the impact on the ground. At about this same time the Grey also stood. The second John got a better look at the man he recognized him instantly. It was the Grey John had seen earlier in the incinerator room. But, John also realized where the familiarity came from. Horror shot through John as he spoke,

“Danny?!” John said still feeling shock flood over him. Danny Dyson gave John a curious look for a moment and then smiled,

“John Connor…If I knew you were here I would have had Skynet tear you apart.” Both shock and anger gripped John as both men continued to stare at each other.

“Danny how could you do this?!” John asked, apparent shock still in his voice.

“What do you mean how could I do this. YOU and your MOTHER killed my father!” Danny yelled with hatred.

“We didn’t kill your father! He died trying to stop all this!” John responded.

“Liar!” Danny yelled as he rushed towards John swinging his fist at him. John ducked under Danny’s arm and struck him in the rib cage with his fist. Danny doubled over from the impacted and John grabbed him by the back of the head and forced his head downward. As he did this John brought his knee upward smashing it into Danny‘s face. When this occurred Danny stumbled backwards, still doubled over due to the pain.

“Danny you can’t do this. Your father never would have wanted this.” John said, as conflicting emotions tore away at him.

“You have no idea what my father wanted!” Danny responded, as the blood began to stream out of his nose from the impact with John’s knee. John could hear the plasma rifle fire echoing off the walls and he knew that he had no time for this type of encounter, Cameron, Kyle and the other prisoners time was rapidly running out. Danny screamed and rushed towards John again. At this point John had, had enough and decided that it was time to end this fight. As Danny ran forwards John reached behind his own back with his right hand. Almost on top of John, Danny swung at him. John blocked his strike with his left hand which instantly caused a shooting pain to travel through his left shoulder again. John ignored the pain, and drew his shank from behind his back with his right hand and quickly brought it up between the two men. With a great amount of force John drove the shank upwards into Danny‘s jaw, and further into his skull. There was a loud crack and Danny instantly dropped to the floor dead. John stood silently over Danny’s body for a moment still shocked by what had just occurred. He stared down at the lifeless body and felt sadness rush over him; but, the noise of plasma rifle fire quickly pulled John from his trance and he turned and ran up the stairs to the third floor retrieving his rifle. He then began to shoot down at the remaining Greys left on the cellblock floor. From his now high vantage point John was easily able to begin to pick off most of the remaining men on the floor below him. And with Kyle’s help the cellblock would soon be under control.

Cameron knew that she did not have much longer. The T-600 continued to pull against her throat attempting to tear her apart. Blood began to run down Cameron’s neck as the metallic fingers of the Terminator began to tear away at her flesh. Still holding onto the T-600’s left hand with her right hand Cameron tightened her grip around the T-600’s wrist. As hard as she could she twisted in a counter clockwise motion. The force tore through the flesh in the palm of Cameron’s hand and down to her endoskeleton; but, at the same time there was a crack and a few small sparks flew from the T-600’s wrist as Cameron crushed some of the small servos. She felt the Terminator’s fingers go limp and she forced its hand from her neck and back away from her body. Using her legs Cameron forced her hips upward into the main body of the Terminator and lifted it slightly off the ground. As she did this Cameron twisted her upper body to the left forcing the T-600 over onto its side. She then pushed slightly away from the Terminator and brought herself to the kneeling position over the T-600. Before it could stand or even attempt to defend itself Cameron grabbed the T-600 by its head pulling it back away from the concrete floor and nearly lifting it off the ground. Then with every bit of strength Cameron had she brought the skull of the T-600 back down towards the hard concrete floor. There was a loud crash as the skull of the Terminator impacted with the ground. A split second later Cameron heard a crack as the T-600’s head virtually exploded outwards as it was crushed against the ground. The T-600’s body twitched for a brief moment and then stopped moving. Cameron glanced around momentarily before locating the T-600’s chip. She then picked it up off the ground and stared at the chip in her had for a few seconds. Cameron then proceeded to close her fingers around it. There was a crunching sound as Cameron crushed the chip in her hand.

John ran quickly down the stairwell to the bottom floor and as he did so he called out to Kyle.

Open them!” Kyle reached over to the computer console and after touching a few keys on the touch screen display, he almost instantaneously heard a loud clank as all of the cellblock doors began to open.
John quickly moved along the cells scanning each one as he went by. Most of the prisoners were women; however, there were a few men located here as well. Some prisoners were injured, some were dead, and some appeared to be in relatively good health considering their circumstances. John continued to move down the cellblock still keeping his rifle at the ready in case anything should happen. Kyle also moved along the cellblock calling for everyone to come out. John began to feel a horrifying feeling creep over him as he began to reach the end of the cellblock still not having found Cameron. Finally, reaching the last cell John felt that his heart was about to explode out of his chest due to the anxiety. Almost uncontrollable emotions were flooding over him as he imagined the worst. Just as he reached the door of the last cell he stopped dead in his tracks and then stepped back slightly.

“Cameron…” He said, in almost a whisper as she emerged from the cell. There was a split second of hesitation between the two as they momentarily stared at each other. Both John and Cameron’s eyes were beginning to fill with tears. Then almost instantly both moved forward towards one another embracing each other and kissing. Each one clung to the other as if their life depended on it. Everything appeared to drop away from John in that moment as he held Cameron in his arms. A wave of relief rushed over him as he continued to kiss her. Finally, after several seconds the couple parted slightly.

“I thought something had happened to you.” Cameron whispered, almost in an apologetic tone for disobeying John‘s orders. John smiled slightly still trying to fight back his emotions,

“I‘ll never leave you again.” He responded. The two remained staring at each other for several more seconds until the silence around them was broken.

“I hate to break up this beautiful reunion; but, we really need to get the hell out of here.” Kyle stated. Glancing over John’s shoulder Cameron saw Kyle standing behind him. Instantly she thought that there was something oddly familiar about him. Cameron wasn’t quite sure why there was this notion of familiarity about Kyle; but, it was definitely there. She cocked her head slightly to the side as she looked at him. John turned seeing Kyle standing behind him, a strange emotion came over him having both his father and Cameron so close. Slightly put off for the moment John spoke impulsively,

“Cameron this is Kyle.” Cameron heard certain solemn tone in John’s voice as he spoke; but, she wasn unsure as to why it was there. Cameron nodded her head slightly at Kyle,

“Nice to meet you.” Kyle responded. From the current position that Kyle was in he could not see the gnarled door located behind John and Cameron. He also assumed that it was entirely possible that John may have destroyed the T-600 that was lying in front of Cameron’s cell.

“Now lets get out of here.” John remarked. At this comment Cameron moved quickly to retrieve a plasma rifle from one of the destroyed T-600’s. The trio then made their way towards the exit along with the other remaining prisoners John had just freed.

Authors Notes: Okay so we finally all got to see what exactly Cameron is capable of (while still not exposing herself to anyone or even Skynet due to the fact that she destroyed both Terminator's chips, and the wireless network is down). I hope everyone enjoyed this chapter. Review! Review!

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