Final Days Chapter 49

Authors Notes: Okay so I'm going to make some "musical" suggestions for this chapter (thought it could be fun). Since the Battlestar Galactica Season 4 soundtract (also composed by TSCC's Bear McCeary) just became available on youtube I've been listening to that constantly as I write. If you don't know all you gotta do is go to youtube and type in "Battlestar Galactica season 4 soundtrack" and it'll come up. It was a few lines down for me but no biggie. Anyways, I'll write out the name of the song I suggest before the paragraphs I think they go well with. Enjoy this chapter!


*Music suggestion BSG season 4: Assault on the Colony part I & II also Kara Remembers (piano cylon full song, last track)*

John, Cameron, Kyle and the remaining prisoners made their way down the cramped and dimly lit corridors of Century Work Camp towards one of the exit points. As John lead the group, he continued to keep his rifle raised in front of him scanning the area for any danger. Cameron remained very close to his right side, her rifle raised as well. Upon their initial departure from her cellblock, Cameron had attempted to persuade John to allow her to take point in order to better protect him. John had adamantly refused, almost not being able to bear the thought of the possibility of something ever happening to Cameron again. The corridors of Century still appeared to be somewhat deserted; the further the group progressed the more this worried both John and Cameron.

“Something’s not right.” John whispered to Cameron.

“Skynet would not allow us to leave this easily.” Cameron responded. Both individuals spoke quietly to each other so as not to be heard by the rest of the group. After walking a bit further John and the group finally found their way to a bulkhead door. John slowly spun the wheel on the door unlocking it and forced it open. The sounds of battle instantly rushed into the corridor where they were located the second the door opened. The moment John heard the battle noises he instantly knew why they had encountered minimal Skynet resistance up to this point. Skynet had pulled its forces out of Century and surrounded the camp waiting for the prisoners to come to them. It appeared that Skynet had either managed to restore its wireless network or now that all of the machines were outside and free from the dense metal corridors and metallic interference inside of the work camp they were once again able to link to Skynet using their wireless receivers.

“This is not good.” John remarked,

“No, it’s not.” Cameron responded as John slowly stepped through the bulkhead door. The night sky was lit up with plasma fire, and explosions. The roar of aerial HK jet engines was almost a constant as they flew overhead firing down onto the resistance members. A layer of smoke hung in the air due to all of the explosions that were occurring. However, John noticed that Martin Bedell had managed to keep the resistance surprising well organized and due to the weapons they had been able to procure from the Skynet armory the resistance appeared to be holding its own against Skynet. While there was no way they would be able to win this battle they may yet be able to escape.

“Come on!” John shouted back to the group as he moved away from open door knowing that it was not at all a good location to be at the moment. Cameron stuck close by John as they moved across the battlefield. Missiles streaked over them, and plasma rounds flew past them as they ran. Suddenly, a scream rang out and John stopped running and turned quickly to see one of the prisoners fall to the ground after being shot by a plasma round. John paned his view back seeing a T-600 emerge from the darkness, its red eyes glowing as it stared at him. John began to take aim with his rifle; but, before he could squeeze the trigger, he heard Cameron’s plasma rifle discharge. The T-600’s head exploded and it collapsed to the ground. John was slightly surprised for a split second; but, he was quickly able to shake himself from his momentary surprise. He then continued to move the group across the battlefield finally finding some cover behind a small hill with some other resistance fighters. The side of the small sandy hill that was facing the Skynet forces was almost in a constant state of explosion from all of the plasma rounds that were striking it.

Lying on his back behind the hill John looked over at Cameron and Kyle.

“I need to find Bedell!” John shouted as he tried to be heard over the battlefield noise. He then paused for a moment and then spoke again,

“Kyle I need you to stay here with these prisoners, I’m gonna find Bedell and see if we can formulate a plan to get us the hell out of here.” Kyle nodded his head and the leaned up over the hill firing off a few rounds at an oncoming T-1. John then looked back over at Cameron staring into her brown eyes for a moment,

“Cameron…come with me.” John said, to which she responded with a nod and an even so small comforting smile.
Both John and Cameron then proceeded to stand quickly and then began to run across the battlefield towards another group of resistance fighters that had taken up cover behind some concrete debris. As they ran Kyle and the few other prisoners that did have rifles began to fire their weapons attempting to give John and Cameron some covering fire. Finally, reaching the second group John quickly scanned the men that were there.

“Where’s Martin Bedell?” He yelled, still trying to be heard over the sound of battle noise, which was almost deafening at this point. One of the men looked back up at him,

“I don’t know?!”

“Damn it!” John said to himself. The steady drone of jet engine noise grew louder and louder as an aerial HK began to hover overhead spraying the people on the ground below it with plasma cannon rounds as it moved closer and closer to John and Cameron’s position. As it did this John watched as several people were struck from the aerial HK’s plasma cannons, a few resistance fighters managed to let out a scream of pain before dropping to the ground; but, most were killed instantly upon being struck with the high heat rounds. Just then, John observed a rocket streak through the air striking the HK dead center. A large chunk of the aircraft exploded and it came crashing to the ground causing a fiery explosion.

John and Cameron continued to move through the debris being careful to maintain a low profile so as to not be hit by any incoming fire. Cameron stuck close by John’s side as they made their way around the bloody battlefield. It was at about this time that John observed another group of fighters ahead of him and he quickly made his way over to the group. He was relieved to find that Martin was among them.

“What’s the situation Bedell!?” John shouted, as he leaned up against the concrete debris that he and Martin were somewhat hidden behind.

“Not good.” Martin responded but then continued, “But Skynet is showing some weakness on their northern front. If we can manage to break through their lines there I think we have a chance at escaping.” John quickly scanned the area that Martin was talking about and saw that there were indeed signs of weakness showing in the Skynet battle lines.

“If we can bring up some rockets I think we can break our way through!” John yelled to Martin still trying to communicate over deafening noise that blanketed the battlefield. Martin nodded his head,

“I think you’re right.” John instantly knew that without any type of radio communication he would be forced to track down men with rocket launchers on foot. He glanced over at Cameron,

“You ready to go for another run?” Cameron gave John a look of both confidence and sheer trust as an answer to his question, as they both prepared to run across the battlefield once again.

*Music suggestion BSG season 4: Farewell Apollo*

The battle at Century Work Camp raged on for hours; eventually, however the resistance fighters were able to break through Skynet’s northern battle lines and manage an escape. While many, many people had died in the escape attempt, John had managed to save even more. The sun was slowly beginning to rise and the survivors had managed to take refuge inside of several burnt out office buildings that were positioned in relatively close proximity to one another. The buildings were just barely standing; but, they would do for the time being. John had carefully managed to make his way in between the buildings attempting to reassure the remaining survivors that there was hope and that he would do everything in his power to protect them. Cameron remained close at John’s side as he did this. As John made his way into one particular building he managed to finally come upon the group that Kyle was with. As soon as John saw Kyle a great sense of relief flooded over him as he walked immediately to him. When John reached Kyle he felt the sudden urge to hug him, yet sadly John knew he would not be able to do so. This lead to a certain sense of sadness on John’s part as he continued to stand in front of Kyle speechless for just a moments due to the fact that he was not quite sure what to do or say. John was also still attempting to fight the nearly overwhelming swell of emotions that was trying to wash its way over him. Finally, John managed to put a few words together,

“Thank you.” John said to Kyle. For an unknown reason, Kyle instantly noticed a slight hint of sadness behind John’s voice. Kyle assumed that John’s emotional state was due to the large amount of people that had died in the escape attempt.

“We never would have made it out of there alive without you.” John continued ever so slightly glancing over his shoulder at Cameron as he spoke. Kyle however did not notice this gesture and again assumed that John meant everyone as apposed to just Cameron. Kyle then looked at John with a strange look in his eyes.

“None of us ever would have made it out of there alive without you.” He responded. Both men stared at each other for a moment still not quiet sure what to say after this point. Kyle felt a strange feeling come over him. There was a certain closeness that he still continued to feel towards John; but, it was not because of the time they had spent together at Century. While that feeling was also there as well, this sensation was something entirely different, Kyle could not explain it at all. There was another few seconds of silence where both men continued to stand silently looking at each other and not saying anything at all. Cameron noticed this moment of silence as well. She still had not been able to shake the notion of familiarity towards Kyle. However, she was still unsure as to why it was there. After the ensuing silence John finally managed to speak again,

“I’m gonna make my way around a bit more and check on some other people.” Kyle nodded his head and John turned to walk off.

“Hey,” Kyle said, just as John had turned away from him. John immediately spun back around to face his father who spoke in a slightly less confident voice than he normally did,

“Did you really mean it?” Kyle asked. John looked at Kyle with somewhat of a confused look on his face,

“Did I mean what?”

“Do you really plan on fighting Skynet?” Kyle asked. John hesitated for a brief moment then responded,

“Yes, I do.” Kyle smiled slightly.

“Then I’m with you.”Kyle said. John felt an overwhelming surge of confidence and joy come over him from hearing his father speak these words. It was becoming readily apparent that John Connor had found his army.

*Music suggestion BSG season 4: Roslin and Adama reunited...Probably going to have to play this song through twice for this part.*

John slowly slid down the hard, concrete wall completely exhausted. Sunlight was just beginning to break through into the remains of the room that he and Cameron were located in; but, John was so tired at this point, he did not care. While he and Cameron were not completely alone the area that John had found was somewhat private. He desperately wanted to sleep; but, at the same time he did not want to lose sight of Cameron again. John leaned his head back up against the hard, soot stained, wall and gradually looked up at Cameron. She stood silently a few feet away from him scanning the area around John for any threats that might come. John could barely keep his eyes open at this point; but, he forced himself to do so as he continued to look up at Cameron. She turned slightly looking down on him. John slowly reached out his hand to her,

“Come here…” He said quietly and in a gentle tone. Cameron took his hand and he guided her down next to him.

“You should sleep, you need your rest.” Cameron stated, an ever so slight hint of concern behind the tone of her voice as she sat down next to him, still continuing to hold onto his hand. John sighed still fighting to stay awake,

“I’m afraid to.” He said. Cameron looked at John quite confused by this statement. John continued, “I’m afraid this is a dream, and if it is, I don’t want to wake from it.” Cameron slowly put her arm around John and pulled him closer to her so that he could lean against her. As she did this John rested his head on her shoulder.

“This is not a dream John.” She replied. “And I will be here when you wake up…I promise.” John finally began to allow his eyes to close, feeling that he could finally relax for the first time in a long time.

“Cameron.” John said, in a very quite voice that was barely audible and with obvious exhaustion behind its tone.

“Yes John?” She replied. There was a momentary pause between the two, then John spoke again, still in a whisper,

“I love you.” Cameron instantly felt a swell of emotion come over her as her eyes began to fill with tears. She pulled John slightly closer to her, and reaching over with her free hand she slowly began to run her fingers through his hair and across John's face. Even though there was still danger all around them, at this moment John felt completely relaxed while he was in Cameron’s arms, a few seconds later he was asleep.
Cameron continued to caress John‘s hair and face, running her fingers tips through his brown hair and down the side of his cheek. The time that she had spent apart from John had been the hardest thing she had ever had to endure. Cameron knew she never wanted to be apart from John ever again. As Cameron continued to stroke John’s face she suddenly noticed something. It was the Skynet barcode tattoo on her left arm. A feeling of both fear and hatred came over Cameron as she looked upon it. She stared at the tattoo for several more seconds not moving. Then Cameron made a decision. She resolved to herself that as soon as she garnered a knife sharp enough she would cut the barcode from her body. She was no longer Skynet’s property…Nor would she ever be again.

Authors notes: Okay so this is kind of the end of my season 4. But don't worry Season 5 will be up soon enough. Hope you guys enjoyed it. Review! Review!

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