Final Days Chapter 5


Alison awoke to find two men in Tech Com uniforms standing over her. She was confused at first but soon realized something was very wrong. One of the men pushed a pillow over her face while the other grabbed her legs. Alison attempted to scream but the pillow muffled her cries for help. Alison then felt her legs being taped together. Struggling she managed to kick the man that was at her feet. He stumbled backwards and tripped over a chest that was on the floor hitting the ground with a thud. Alison reached up and scratched the man’s face who had been covering her face with a pillow and managed to break free of his grasp. Reaching across to the small table she had next to her bed Alison grabbed the only thing that was available to her, a small hand mirror that her mother had given to her. She struck the man standing above her in the face with it. The mirror shattered immediately. The man grabbed his face and stepped back away from Alison. She managed to stumbled out of bed and ran out the door of her room. She turned to her right in an attempt to run down the corridor that would lead her to one of the entrances to Serrano point. She knew it would have been guarded by Tech Com soldiers and they would be able to help her but instead she saw the glowing red eyes of a T-800 walking towards her. She could hear the metallic clunking of its feet on the ground as it approached. Alison turned and ran in the other direction. Gasping for breath she ran as fast as she could. Alison heard her pursuers close behind her. Gripped with fear she tripped over a piece of debris that was left in the hallway and fell to the ground. She quickly got back up and continued to run. She could hear the T-800 gaining on her as she ran. Alison attempted to slow down to round a corner but her feet slipped on some loose dirt beneath her feet and she fell to the ground again. The T-800 was even closer now. Alison sprang to her feet and ran as fast as she could rounding a corner to her left and making it to an old unguarded exit hatch. She struggled with the bar on the door trying to open it quickly. Alison saw the lights from her pursuer’s flashlights getting closer and heard the metallic clunking from the T-800’s feet getting louder. She finally managed to free the bar and pushed the door open running out into the cold night air. To her surprise she saw a search light beaming down onto her location and heard the engines of a Skynet aerial HK. She ran for a few more feet before again falling over the rubble that was all around her. Exhausted Alison forced herself to get up. She slowly began to turn around to look over her shoulder and was suddenly struck by something and was knocked to the ground. She realized quickly that she was inside of a net. Alison struggled to free herself as the spotlight around her grew brighter and the jet engines grew louder. She screamed in fear.


John stood in the Serrano Point War Room with Major Alexander, Bob and several other members of Tech Com. John and Major Alexander were bent over a computer screen looking at photos taken from a hacked Skynet spy satellite.

“If we’re able to move our forces near Fort Worth a little farther north we may stand a chance at striking at this factory.” John said as he pointed to part of the picture on the computer screen. Major Alexander studied the picture for a moment,

“This is true and it could start to give us a foot hold on the mid east seaboard that we need but…” The door to war room swung open with a loud crash. Bob immediately stepped forward in a defensive posture.

“General! General!” A young Lieutenant came bursting into the room. John and Major Alexander looked up surprised.

“What’s going on Spears?” John asked as he held out his hand signaling to Bob that everything was okay. Lieutenant Spears still gasping for breath managed to get out,

“Reboot your RADAR scanners Skynet is here, now!” John looked over at a Sergeant sitting at another computer terminal.

“Do it!” The Sergeant began to type away and flicked a couple of switches next to a large RADAR screen. Lieutenant Spears continued,

“We have a problem Sir, a major problem.” Major Alexander spoke up,

“What’s going on Lieutenant?“ Composing himself a little more Spears began to speak,

“Two of my guys were on patrol near the southeaster section of the base.” “They were finishing up their patrol when one of them thought he heard something.” “He came around the corner of the base and saw an aerial HK hovering over one of the old exit ports.” Before Spears could finish his explanation the young Sergeant sitting at the RADAR terminal spoke up,

“Sir, I’m reading three aerial HK’s on my scope.” “One directly above us, one to the north and one about a mile away moving off to the south east.”

“Damn it! How did they get this close to us!” John yelled as he punched the table in front of him. Spears spoke up,

“Greys sir, I think they’re in Serrano they must have sabotaged our RADAR systems.” “They’re also jamming our hand held radio’s, that’s why I wasn’t able to contact you over the handset.” Furious John replied,

“Major, bring our aerial Defenses online and launch our alert choppers.” John then turned to a Sergeant behind him sitting at a communications terminal.“ “Sergeant, get Point Mugu on the line and advise them of our situation and tell them to launch their alert squadrons.” Major Alexander picked up the phone, and pinned it to his ear as he began to type away at a computer bringing Serrano Point’s aerial defense online.

“Launch the alert choppers ASAP!” He barked into the phone. John turned to Spears,

“How do we know it’s Greys?”

“Apparently one of the Greys didn’t make it to their rendezvous point in time.” “The aerial HK moved off pretty fast leaving one of them behind and my guys were able to detain him.” “He was wearing a Corporal’s uniform and was attempting to crawl out one of the waist water drains.” “They located several hard drivers on him with details to our troop movements and defense systems.” As Spears spoke John could hear the explosions of several anti aircraft guns being fired from the base.

“Bloody Greys!!” Alexander snarled in frustration.

“Where is he?” John asked trying to hold back his anger.

“We have him in one of our holding cells; but, sir there’s something else you should know.” John looked at Spears who paused for a moment attempting to put together his thoughts.

“On my way over hear I was advised by one of my MP’s that your friend Alison Young is missing.” John braised himself on the table next to him.

“What? Gone?!.”

“Yes sir,” Spears replied, “I think she may have been onboard the first aerial HK that left the scene.” Furious John turned to Major Alexander,

“Can you handle things up here?!”

“Yes sir,” Alexander replied.

“Good,” John pointed to Spears and Bob, “You and you come with me.” “And Major, advise Lieutenant Smith to change our damn radio frequency so we can talk to each other!” John, Lieutenant Spears and Bob then ran out of the War Room.

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