Final Days Chapter 50


The drone of the jet engines echoed throughout the interior of the TDE room. John looked over to his left and could see what appeared to be the precursor of a temporal sphere suspended in mid air in the center of the room. Parts of the sphere would appear and then rapidly disappear as electrical energy arched around it. It seemed that the TDE equipment was on some sort of standby mode. New memories continued to flow into John‘s mind as he lay there. After Century Work Camp John’s following had begun to grow rapidly and he remembered building the resistance into the fighting force that, it needed to be in order to combat Skynet. John remembered working with his father and uncle from time to time in different battles; all the while knowing the fate that was inevitably laid out in front of both of them. John also remembered the time he spent with Cameron. It seemed that every day he grew closer to her. John felt that his love for Cameron had almost become an all-consuming emotion. John never wanted to be apart from her and when they were separated, he felt an almost uncontrollable aching to be with her once again. Both John and Cameron had become virtually inseparable. Then as he continued to lie on the floor a particular memory from a particular day that John always knew would come but nonetheless dreaded finally came into his mind.

“I can not stress to you how important this mission is.” John stated as he stood on a raised walkway in front of a large group of soldiers inside one of the larger storage rooms located inside of the newly captured Serrano Point Military Base. General Perry stood motionless off to John’s far right side staring down at the men.

“Topanga Canyon is of utmost importance to us. If we allow Skynet to maintain their hold on that base of operations it could mean the very death of the resistance.” John said, as he paced slightly back and forth on the steel walkway in front of his soldiers. “Are their any questions?” The room remained quiet as John glanced around it.

“Good, then let’s get ready.” After John finished speaking the group started to break up as the soldiers began to go about their various pre-combat activities. John walked down the steel stairwell to his left towards the bottom floor of the storage room. General Perry followed a few feet behind him. Almost the second John’s foot touched the floor Cameron was by his side. John began to walk through the large room headed towards one of the exits.

“General Connor!” A voice called out. John immediately recognized the voice that was calling out to him and nearly cringed upon hearing it. John turned to see Kyle walking up to him.

“General, I’d like permission to take a small group of men and go out and search for Derek.” John hesitated for a moment, feeling extremely guilty about the answer he knew he would be forced to give. After a few seconds John responded,

“I need ever man I can get on this mission.” John said, in a slightly cold tone. He instantly saw a heart breaking look come across Kyle’s face, which in turn broke John’s heart as well.

“But sir…he’s my brother.” Kyle responded. There was a certain sense of urgency in Kyle’s voice as he spoke. “I know he’s still alive.” Kyle said.

“I believe you Kyle.” John responded, “And as soon as this mission is over, Derek will be my number one priority. But I need YOU on this mission.” Kyle stood quietly for a moment with a look of both devastation and slight confusion on his face. Kyle was slightly confused that John had appeared to place so much emphasis on the fact that he be present for this particular mission. John continued to struggle to hold back his emotions as he looked at his father.

“I’m sorry Kyle…” John said, just a hint of sadness breaking through the tone of his voice as he spoke. John then quickly turned and walked away desperately trying to fight back his feelings and trying to maintain his cold hard demeanor. While John’s change in facial expression was extremely subtle Cameron was able to notice instantly that something had deeply disturbed him. She was quite confused as to why this conversation with Kyle had appeared to upset John so much. While she knew that John did not like sacrificing men for the sake of the mission he had been forced to do this many times before. And while each time it did appear to wear John down just a bit this particular instance seemed to visibly shake John more so than any other. Once again, Cameron instantly felt the desire to comfort John; but, knew she could not overtly do anything for him at the moment due to the amount of people that were currently around them. However, as they walked Cameron stepped slightly closer to John and allowed her hand to gently brush up against his. To anyone else this would have appeared to be an inadvertent touch; but, John was absolutely certain that Cameron never accidentally touched him. While he was still deeply disturbed by the events that were about to play out, he always received great strength knowing that Cameron was by his side.

“I’m going to head to the War Room Sir.” General Perry said, as he continued to walk a few feet behind John and Cameron. John stopped and turned to face him.

“Thank you General, I will join you there shortly and we can begin planning our attack.” General Perry nodded and turned to walk away. John glanced over at Cameron for a split second and then turned and headed in a different direction as General Perry, Cameron continued to follow John as he did so.

“That girl follows him around like a love sick puppy dog.” David Jennings said, as he walked up from behind Kyle who was still standing speeches after the conclusion to the conversation he and John had just had. Kyle however, did not respond.

“I mean she’s cute and all; but, I’d want some personal space.” David continued. “A man needs some breathing room to explore his other potential possibilities.” David stated, just as a few female soldiers just so happened to be walking by. David smiled gallantly at them as they continued to pass.

“She was all he thought about.” Kyle responded in a slightly quiet and sad voice as he continued to stand there motionless.

“She was all who thought about?” David asked.

“Cameron…” Kyle responded, “She was all General Connor thought about when we were at Century. He was obsessed with getting her out of that place. If it meant him taking on that whole Skynet prison by himself to get her out, that was what he was willing to do.”

“But you saved his ass didn’t you Kyle?” David said, with a slight hint of humor behind his comment. Kyle managed a mild smile; but, it doon faded.

“Sometimes I think he’s fighting this war for her and not for us.” Kyle stated with a hint of fear hidden behind his tone.

“Look…” David said in a reassuring voice, “Connor knows your brother is important; but, I’m sure there are things that he knows that we don’t know. He said that if this mission fails so will the resistance. That’s gotta mean this whole situation is important.”

“It’s just that I went back with him for his girlfriend, or whatever they are, and now he wont even do the same for my own brother.” Kyle said, with a bit of anger in his tone. David put his arm around Kyle in a very brotherly fashion.

“Now look here man…We gonna go out there and whoop Skynet’s ass, get done whatever this “important mission” is that Connor won’t give us to much information on. Then we’re gonna come back home, go find your dumb ass brother, because he’s probably off trying to find a burnt out mall with a GAP still standing or something. After that we’re gonna come back here and get some love’n from some of these fine resistance ladies.” David smirked slightly at Kyle as he panned his hand out in front of both of them, pointing out groups of female soldiers. Kyle laughed slightly.

“You have a one track mind.” He said, as he slowly began to walk in the direction of his cot with David in tow.

“What you think I’m playing or something?” David said, “I could hook you up easy.” Kyle rolled his eyes. Usually when Kyle was depressed; David had always managed to bring a bit of humor back into his life.

“So you want me to go talk some of my lady friends before the battle? Maybe one of them can help you get out those pre-battle jitters you always seem to have.” Kyle again rolled his eyes at David as he sat down on his cot and began to clean his rifle. “Hey, it works for me.” David added, with another smile on his face.

“Besides I think if you rub that rifle barrel any harder, I may start to think there is something strange going on with you.” David said, still with a smile on his face. At about this same moment a rather attractive Hispanic female came walking by Kyle’s cot, as she passed David followed her with his eyes.

“I gotta go.” David said, “Lemme know if you want me to hook you up.” Kyle rubbed his temples with his fingers.

“Go have fun with your demented friends.” Kyle said, with a slight bit of sarcasm, as David began to walk away from him towards the woman. Typically, at this moment, Kyle would have removed Sarah Connor’s picture from his pocket and began to look at it; but, regrettably, he could no longer do this. The old photo, which had given him so much comfort and hope over the years, had been destroyed in a fire in the last Skynet infiltrator attack on the base he had been located at. Not quite sure what to do at this point Kyle laid back on his bed and began to mentally study Sarah Connors face in his mind. It was a face that had helped to bring him through hell and a face that he would do anything to meet. Kyle sighed as he lay quietly on his cot.

John and Cameron walked down the concrete hallway towards a steel door. When they had both reached the door John stepped slightly closer to the computer control panel located on the right side of the doorway and a red laser beam began to project from the bottom of the computer console. The laser scanned over John’s eyes and shortly thereafter they heard a click and the door unlocked. John stepped to his left slightly and opened the door for both he and Cameron. As soon as the door was opened the sound of rushing air and the drone of jet engines could instantly be heard. John and Cameron walked through the doorway and into the Time Displacement Equipment control room. John looked through the glass window that was directly across from the door he had just walked through and could see the room where the actual Time Displacement Equipment was housed.

The six large jet engines appeared to be idling and there were momentary flashes of electricity across the room as a temporal bubble would partially begin to form and then quickly disappear. The room that contained the TDE was somewhat cramped with equipment. The large jet engines took up the most space while the concrete supports that housed and partially surrounded the jet engines took up even more room as well. In the center of the room was a circular metallic and glass depression where someone would stand before being sent through time. This depression glowed blue with electrical energy. Three similar metallic and glass depressions were located on the ceiling of the TDE room as well. John turned to his left and saw a group of men working away at several computer terminals that were located inside the TDE control room. Several mainframe computers were set up, along with some control consoles. Several of the Bubble Tech’s had laptop computers wired into the control console itself. As John scanned the room one of the men turned away from a control panel and began to approach him. This particular Bubble Tech was in his late thirties, had fair skin, and reddish brown hair. He wore a dark blue jacket and pants and had a pair of black framed glasses on his face.

“What have you got for me Sergeant Reed?” John asked, with a slight lack of emotion in his voice. Cameron stood quietly behind John as he spoke. Michael Reed shook his head slightly and sighed,

“Getting the Novikov Sphere to form is no problem. It’s what shape you’ll be in when you get there that is the problem.” Confused, John tilted his head slightly one side, it was obvious to Cameron that he had apparently picked up this mannerism from her. While Cameron did not show it, she momentarily experienced what she could only describe as slight amusement upon seeing John perform this action. Reed paused momentarily,

“Sending someone through time would be no problem; but, what shape their body will show up in is the major issue.” Reed hesitated for another moment.

“Our computers aren’t able to effectively communicate with the TDE fast enough. We’re having to upload terabytes of information in seconds from multiple different sources. Not only are we telling the TDE where to send someone, we’re telling it how to reassemble them at the same time. For right now we can only tell it where to send someone; but not how to reassemble them. And if it hadn’t been for your friend here we wouldn’t even be this far.” John flicked his eyes over his shoulder at Cameron. While he would have liked to smile at her with a certain amount of pride for her accomplishments he restrained himself from doing so.

“It’s the Heisenburg Uncertainty Principle.” Reed continued. John wrinkled his forehead still slightly confused. Reed thought for a moment, it was obvious his thoughts were jumping ahead of his words.

“Our bodies are made up of atoms. In quantum mechanics the Heisenburg Uncertainty Principle states that we can either know what an atom is doing or where it is; but, not both at the same time. In other words, I could send you through time; but, you’d essentially end up as a puddle of goo on the other side because the Novikov Sphere wouldn’t be able to reassemble you correctly.” John sighed slightly. Upon hearing the completion of Sergeant Reed’s statement Cameron instantly flashed to memories of Jackie. Skynet had conducted its cruel experiments on her in order to perfect its own technological advances. Cameron felt both a slight bit of sadness and anger play upon her as she reminisced about Skynet‘s activities with both her and Jackie.

“Maybe if I had a couple of years to work on this thing I might be able to come up with something; but, since this TDE wasn’t completed when we captured it I’m not exactly sure how Skynet was planning on overcoming this issue.” Reed said.

“You need a Skynet computer to run the Time Displacement Equipment.” Cameron stated in an emotionless tone as she continued to stand behind John.

“Essentially yes.” Reed said. “Like I said, given enough time I might be able to figure this thing out. But for right now I’m not even sure of a starting point to begin from. These types of quantum mechanics are so far beyond what we‘ve ever seen before it‘s almost impossible to tell how long it would take us to complete something like this.” John thought for a moment,

“If we could get you a Skynet computer that could do these types of calculations, do you think you‘d be able to figure it out and make it work? And if so, how long would it take you to set it up?”John asked. Both back to back questions temporarily overwhelmed Reed. He thought for another moment before responding.

“I’m not exactly sure; but, seeing as how this is already Skynet hardware and software, if you were able to get a Skynet motherboard or something else that was designed for these types of calculation I would think that this system would have been designed to work with it. I don’t think it would take that long to integrate the two systems together. But, that is also assuming that I can figure out the software Skynet was planning on using to send someone back with.” Reed Stated. John nodded his head in response.

“Let me know if you come up with anything new Sergeant.” John said. While he knew that Reed and his men were working as fast and as hard as they could on the TDE the situation still frustrated John greatly.

“Yes sir.” Reed responded, and then turned and walked back over to the control console. John glanced over his shoulder at Cameron once again the worry in his eyes was apparent. She however, was not exactly sure as to what was causing this increase in stress for him. While anxiety and stress were a part of John’s everyday life he seemed to be more anxious than normal.

“Lets go.” John stated as he turned and began to walk past Cameron. As he did so she subtly reached out with her left hand and ran her fingers tips across John’s left hand as he passed her. He looked over at her once again as she did this. It never ceased to amaze him how Cameron was always able to tell when was in need of reassurance from her.

John stood silently in his room in somewhat of a daze. Thoughts of the upcoming battle continued to torment him. He searched his mind desperately trying to figure out a way to save his father’s life and the resistance at the same time. A look of grief formed on his face as he found that he could think of nothing. John’s concentration was broken when he felt Cameron’s hand gently squeeze his bicep. He looked over at her as she was standing at a slight angle to him. She stared at him with her brown eyes that appeared to search deep into his soul.

“What’s wrong John?” She asked, not bothering to hide the concern in her voice now that they were alone. An internal struggle within John began. He had never voluntarily told anyone about his father, and it was such a sensitive issue that he felt he still was not necessarily ready to explain it all. Yet, even the distant possibility of hiding something from Cameron, or worse yet, lying to her utterly disgusted John. He stood silently for a moment staring into Cameron’s eyes. Finally, he reached out and caressed the side of her face with his hand.

“This is something I need to figure out on my own.” He replied, the sadness in his voice completely apparent to Cameron. The desire to comfort John continued to sweep over her as she looked at him. While Cameron was privy to the same information that John had in regards to the fact that Skynet may have perfected Time Displacement at Topanga Canyon and while this was an extremely serious issue there still appeared to be more bothering John than just this. Cameron stepped closer to John rapping her arms around him and pulling him closer into a hug. John in turn rapped his arms around her as well slightly resting his head against hers. Cameron felt such closeness with John whenever they were alone, it was almost beyond reason or description to her. John felt the same way; his feelings for Cameron almost defied reason or explanation. Yet, behind all of it, John still had the extremely unsettling feeling that he may one day lose Cameron. While John was readily aware of the fact that Cameron was completely willing to sacrifice herself for him, he often made sure not to dwell on thoughts such as these due to the fact that these images terrified him. However, this time around these thoughts seemed to be breaking through. John fought to control his emotions. In times such as these when thoughts such as this did break through John felt that his emotions may consume him; and the only one that could pull him back from the brink was Cameron. Due to the stress of the possible upcoming loss of his father and the battle that was to come, John continued to feel the anxiety pull itself over him. Cameron felt John grip her slightly tighter as he continued to hold her. Cameron continued to hold John close to her and her hands gently caressed his back. She felt John’s heart rate begin to elevate and his muscles tensed up as he clung to her. After several seconds of silently holding her, John slowly began to relax once again. Cameron gradually leaned back away from him; but, still continued to hold onto John. She looked back into his eyes and brought her right hand up to caress the side of John’s face. Cameron then leaned forward and began to kiss John, who after a moment slowly slid his hands from Cameron’s back down the sides of her body onto her hips. The couple continued to kiss for several more seconds. Cameron then slowly brought her hands around the front of John’s body and slowly lifted his shirt off. John soon followed by pulling Cameron’s shirt off as well. While John and Cameron had done this many times before each time the couple made love the emotions they both experienced and expressed were beyond description.

Derek awoke to the cold splash of water in his face. He glanced around for a brief moment and found that he was inside of what appeared to be the living room of a dilapidated mansion. He then looked up to see the rubbery and somewhat damaged face of a T-600 standing over him. The T-600 tossed the bucket it had used to pour the water over Derek’s head to the side. It then reached down and grabbed Derek by the right arm nearly lifting him off the ground as it did so. Derek tried to struggle; but, quickly came to the realization that his left arm was chained to the ground. The T-600 held Derek’s right arm in the air and with a laser-imprinting device burned a bar code and number onto his arm. Derek grimaced and groaned in pain as he felt the burning sensation travel up his arm as the tattoo was imprinted on him. Once the bar code was burned into his arm the T-600 released Derek. It then turned away from him and walked out of the room. Derek lay on the ground in immense pain, his head still throbbing from being knocked unconscious by the Terminator while he had been inside of the transport vehicle. He now also felt as if his arm were on fire from the tattoo that he had just received. Derek slowly laid his head back down on the hard wooden floor and blacked out once again.

Authors Notes: Okay so I'd like to thank the History Channel's for their special on Star Trek for my knowledge of the Heisenburg Uncertainty Principle (which you can do a google search on if you so choose to learn more about it). I think you guys are REALLY going to love the upcoming story I have set up for all of our characters. Review! Review!

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