Final Days Chapter 51

Authors Notes: Okay so just so everyone knows these next chapters are going to get very dark, very fast.


The steady thudding of the helicopter blades seemed to reverberate throughout John’s body as he walked across the tarmac towards one of the Blackhawk Helicopters that was idling on the tarmac. His plasma rifle was slung across his chest in a three-point harness and his black fatigues that he wore rippled due to the wind that the helicopter blades were creating. Cameron walked close behind John, dressed in all black as well. She too had her plasma rifle slung across her chest via a three-point harness. Several other Tech Com soldiers including Kyle Reese followed behind Cameron. The night air was crisp, it just before dawn and there was a certain coolness in the air. When John reached the Blackhawk Helicopter he stepped up inside of the passenger compartment. Instinctively, he immediately turned and held out his hand to Cameron to help her inside. This slightly surprised her; Cameron knew that John was well aware of the fact that she would not need assistance getting into the helicopter. However, at the same time Cameron found that in and of itself she appreciated the gesture that John was offering her. She smiled ever so slightly at John and took his hand as she stepped inside the helicopter.

John and Cameron sat next to each other as the other soldiers made their way into the helicopter. John reached above him and took one of the radio head sets located inside the cabin of the helicopter, so that he would be able to better communicate with the pilot. After putting it on John connected the radio wire to the helicopter’s internal radio system.

“You can take off whenever you’re read Lieutenant Spears.” John stated as the radio crackled slightly.

“Yes, Sir.” Spears responded. The helicopter noise crew louder as it began to slowly lift off the ground.

Derek worked away methodically at the wooden panel that his chains were secured to. Using his fingernails, he had managed to dig out a small hole surrounding the metal plate that secured his chains to the floor. As he lay on the ground working Derek found that he could now hear the sound of piano music coming from what could only be the basement of the mansion. Derek also discovered that the music itself was quite unnerving to him. While being a prisoner of Skynet’s was frightening enough the steady and incessant playing of classical music truly alarmed him.

“Why would Skynet play music?” He thought to himself.

“Can I confess to you?” The man lying next to Derek asked him. Derek glanced up to see his friend Billy Wisher lying on the floor beside him. Billy’s eyes were filled with both fear and devastation.

“I’m not a priest…Far from it.” Derek responded as he continued to work away at the wood.

“I’m a liar.” Billy stated. “And the devil.”

“Ah, Billy.” Derek responded still trying to pry the metal plate from the floor with his hand while at the same time half heartedly trying to comfort his friend.

“And the names not Billy…It’s not Wisher.”

“What?” Derek responded.

“My name’s Andy…Andy Goode.”

“Alright Andy.” Derek said, a certain sense of confusion in the tone of his voice. By this point Derek began to believe that Billy may have snapped under the pressure of being a prisoner or possibly whatever had been done to him in the basement.

“I did this.” Andy continued. “All of this…It’s my fault.”

“What are you talking about?” Derek asked, still methodically working away at the wood on the floor.

“I built Skynet.” Andy whispered. Derek stopped his work immediately and looked at Andy with horror and disbelief in his eyes.

“You need to rest.” Derek responded, “You’re very sick.”

“No…No…” Andy responded as he rolled onto his side to face Derek. “I’m not sick. I’m not sick, I did this. All of this.” Andy slid closer to Derek and grabbed him by the hand and looked into his eyes.

“I was part of a team, a group. Ten of us…Fifteen I don’t know. We, we used names, we were liars. I built computers. I built a computer…a, a mind. It became angry, and scared. And I couldn’t reassure it.” Tears began to well up in Andy’s eyes as he spoke. “I’m sorry.” Andy said as he began to cry.

“I’m sorry…Please forgive me.” Derek shoulder was suddenly grabbed by the rubbery-skinned hand of a T-600 who stood him up, yanking him away from Andy who lay on the floor still crying. The T-600 unhandcuffed Derek and quickly walked him out of the room. A look of horror appeared to be on everyone’s face as Derek was escorted out of the room by the T-600.

The T-600 opened a door in front of Derek that led to a descending staircase. The music that Derek had heard the entire time he had been inside the mansion now grew louder when the door was opened in front of him. The Terminator guided Derek down the stairwell which appeared only to be lit by the little bit of sunlight that was making its way through the slats in the wood that boarded up the windows. The music continued to grow louder as he made his way further into the dust covered basement. The T-600 stopped in front of a door and Derek heard it unbolt. It then slowly opened in front of him. Derek felt his respiration and heart rate jump up immediately as the music grew even louder. The room in front of him was pitch dark. The T-600 pushed Derek slightly forwards into the dark room. After entering, the door behind Derek swung closed with a loud crash and he was plunged into darkness. The music grew louder…

John continued to listen to the thudding blades of the Blackhawk Helicopter drone on as they flew. He glanced across the helicopter at Kyle who was sitting across from him. John noticed that there was an ever so slight look of anger in Kyle’s eyes as he looked back at him. John found that this saddened him greatly. While John was relatively certain that Derek would survive these turn of events, there was little to nothing John could do to reassure his father of this fact. There was also the heartbreaking fact that Kyle would more than likely never see his brother again. As John looked at Kyle the expression on Kyle’s face brought back memories of Sarah, John’s mother. She too had died under the guise of a great misunderstanding about Cameron. And while the situation were different it now appeared that John may indeed lose his father under those same set of circumstances.

Nevertheless, when John had informed his father of his orders Kyle had not argued. Like the good soldier he was, Kyle followed his orders. As they flew on John felt the grief growing within him as he knew what lay ahead. Still trying to maintain the disciplined cold exterior, John looked over at Cameron who was seated to his right. When he did so he saw her eyes turn from where they had been looking and lock with his. There was an ever so slight look of both curiosity and remorse on her face as she still had not been able to ascertain exactly what it was that was bothering John, nor had she been able to console him. John found that a certain sense of guilt pulled itself over him for not disclosing the specific’s of the situation to Cameron. John felt the internal struggle within him growing worse.

“We’ll be at Point Mugu in about fifteen minutes.” John Heard Lieutenant Spears say over the radio head set.

“Thank you Lieutenant.” He responded. While Point Mugu was nowhere near ready to launch any type of aerial offensive against Skynet due to the damage that it had received when the resistance had managed to acquire it. Point Mugu was still an ideal place for the helicopters to land and refuel before going into battle. John continued to stare across the helicopter at Kyle who was now looking down at the floor with a look of defeat on his face. The sadness within John continued to grow as they flew onward.

Derek felt his arms and legs being secured by metal shackles to a cold steel table. The room itself was still pitch dark and he could not see anything. The air around him was also cold, and the only thing that Derek was able to make out was the occasional flash of a set of glowing red eyes that made their way around the room. The piano music in the room also continued to play. Derek slightly jerked his arms against his restraints testing them to no avail. He watched as red glowing eyes appeared to float around him with the metallic clanking of metal feet on the floor as they moved.

Just then, Derek felt a cold steal hand grab his arm holding it tightly down against the metal table. He felt the prick of a needle drive itself into one of the veins in his right arm. Derek then felt the hand release him; but, he could still feel the needle that remained in his forearm. There was a momentary delay and then suddenly Derek felt a burning sensation start to push its way into the vein that the needle had been placed in. The sensation slowly began to travel up his arm and then made its way across Derek’s chest. Finally, reaching his heart the burning sensation then began to travel throughout the rest of Derek’s body. He grimaced in pain and even though he was extremely cold he felt the sweat begin to pour off his forehead.

Derek’s breathing increased dramatically as he felt himself becoming short of breath. In addition to this, an incredible feeling of dizziness swept over him. He rolled his head back on the metal table still trying to look around the room. The red glowing dots that appeared to float around him now seemed to be leaving glowing red streaks as they made their way around the room. The metal clanking echoed in Derek’s head and the piano music appeared to grow even louder. Derek felt a sickening feeling in his stomach and his head began to pound. The dizziness increased and the burning sensation continued to travel throughout his body. As it did so the pain grew worse. At about this same moment Derek heard a very androgynous and emotionless voice speak from virtually everywhere in the room.

“First Lieutenant Derek Reese, serial number EN385.” Derek tried to look around the room; but he still could not see anything. He then heard the voice speak again,

“First Lieutenant Derek Reese, serial number EN385.” It said with no emotion or even a hint of gender behind it. Derek lay silently considering his options for a response, or if he should even respond. After another moment of silence Derek began to feel another more powerful burning sensation traveling up his arm through his veins. The sensation again made its way across his chest and throughout his entire body. However, Derek found that this time the pain was much worse. He grimaced and groaned as the feeling traveled throughout him. The dizziness grew worse and Derek allowed his head to collapse back onto the table once again with a slight thud. Derek was so dizzy he almost found himself trying to hold onto something as he felt the room spinning around him.

“First Lieutenant Derek Reese, serial number EN385.” The voice stated again echoing within Derek’s head.

“Yes, damn it!” He finally shouted. Almost instantly a wave of dizziness rushed over Derek as he felt himself losing consciousness from both the pain and the swimming sensation inside of his mind. The glowing red lights dimmed slightly and Derek felt his eyes roll up into his head as he passed out.

Derek slowly awoke, still in pitch darkness. He felt his body shivering from the cold even though waves of heat ran through him from the drugs that had been pumped into his body. He could still see the flashes of red eyes as they traveled around the room; however, there appeared to be less of them at this point.

“First Lieutenant Derek Reese.” The voice stated again. Derek shook his head feeling frustration come over him.

“Not this again.” He thought to himself still feeling extremely dizzy. The nauseating feeling in his stomach did not help the situation either.

“First Lieutenant Derek Reese, tell us everything you know about General John Connor.” Derek hesitated for a moment before speaking.

“Go to hell.” He said, his voice weakening slightly as he spoke. Almost the second the words left his mouth he felt a more extreme burning sensation pushing its way back into the veins of his arm once again. Like it had done before it traveled up his arm across his chest and throughout his body. Derek’s dizziness grew even worse and he felt an almost drunken sensation coming over him as he lay on the cold steel table.

“First Lieutenant Derek Reese, what future tactical plans does Tech Com plan to take against Skynet?” Derek found himself fighting the urge to answer the question. He quickly was able to ascertained that it must have been due to the drugs that were now being forced into his system.

“First Lieutenant Derek Reese, what are the current tactical defenses of Serrano Point?” The struggle within Derek grew worse as he felt at any moment he could break. However, he managed to get out the words,

“**** you…” Instantly, Derek felt even more drugs being forced into his veins. He grimaced and groaned as the sensations moved throughout his body. Derek was beginning to feel that he almost could not take anymore of this.

“First Lieutenant Derek Reese, tell us everything you know about General John Connor.” The voice stated once again in its cold, emotionless manner. Derek tried to fight the question; but he felt that he could no longer due so. He searched his mind for something, anything, trivial that he may be able to say that would be of little importance. Almost a split second before he felt that more drugs would be pumped into him he responded,

“He’s in love…” There was a momentary pause where nothing was said or even heard. Derek even saw the glowing red eyes stop moving around the room for just a moment. Derek felt that at any moment he may pass out; but he fought to stay awake.

“Explain?” The voice stated.

“It doesn’t matter…He’ll never let you get near her.” Derek said. There was another pause and then Derek saw a few sets of red eyes quickly disappear from the room.

“What are the locations of the resistance bases located in this immediate area?” The voice asked. While Derek normally would have responded with another profanity laced statement in response to this question, he felt he no longer had the energy to do so. Nevertheless, he did manage to not say anything at all.

“First Lieutenant Derek Reese, give us the name of one of the individuals who is located in the holding area you were taken from.” This question slightly confused Derek. Seeing as how Skynet already knew his name Derek wondered why Skynet would need him to disclose the others names. Unless someone else had already given Skynet Derek's name and serial number.

“Why do you need one of their names?” Derek asked, still feeling conflicted for even speaking with the machines. There was another momentary pause, which allowed the piano music to continue to echo in Derek’s head. He found that this same song being played over and over again troubled him more than anything else that was being done to him. Finally, the voice broke the silence.

“So that we may terminate that individual.” This response shocked and angered Derek.

“You want me to pick which one of them you will kill?!” Derek said, looking up into the darkness with a slight bit of furry behind the tone of his voice.

“That is correct.” The voice responded, still cold and emotionless. Derek dropped his head back on the table not responding; but still fighting the overwhelming sensation to do so.

“First Lieutenant Derek Reese, give us the name of one of the individuals you were being held with so that we may terminate them.” Derek felt the drugs beginning to take control of him once again, fear gripped him and Derek felt that he would not be able to fight much longer. He ground his teeth trying not to say anything; but at the same time knowing he would,

“First Lieutenant Dere…” Derek cut the voice off,

“Billy Wisher damn it!” Derek finally called out. He then dropped his head back on the metal table with a clunk as it impacted. He felt a tear roll down the side of his face as the guilt and fear pulled itself over him. Derek felt as if he was beginning to completely lose control at this point. There was silence once again inside of the room and Derek glanced around. He was surprised to find that he saw no more glowing red eyes moving about. Derek was not quite sure if he was alone or not; but this unknown situation appeared to terrify him even more.
The room stayed dead silent for several minutes as Derek’s words about Billy Wisher ran through his mind, over and over again. While he was not completely sure if what Billy had told him earlier were true or if his confession about building Skynet were just the ramblings of a man pushed to the breaking point, Derek found that he still cursed himself for calling out his friend’s name. If what Billy had said were true then he did indeed deserve to die, but if it was not true…Derek’s torment increased as the silence inside the room grew longer. For all he knew the machines were killing Billy right now. Derek lay on the metallic bed the dizziness still coursing through his head as sadness and guilt continued to eat away at him as well. The drugs continued to send waves of heat throughout his body even though he was bitter cold. Derek’s heart rate grew faster and his breathing remained elevated as he felt his shortness of breath begin to take hold of him.

Suddenly, blinding light flooded over the room. Derek felt as if numerous spotlights had just been turned on in an instant, and for the moment he was temporarily blinded by the intense light. Blinking and squinting his eyes Derek tried to look around. Finally, his eyes started to adjust to the light. Derek slowly began to be able to make out the room itself. It appeared to be a medical bay, several computer mainframes were scattered throughout the circular room along with several stainless steel examination tables. The tables themselves had bright examination lights over them. One of which was currently turned on and shining in Derek’s eyes. There were also smaller tables on wheels, which presumably could be used to place medical tools on.

Derek observed some sort of computer controlled IV device attached to is right arm. However, the bag itself did not contain a saline solution like they normally would. While Derek did not know exactly what the substance was that was inside of the IV bag, the brownish colored substance which was now being forced into the vein in his arm gave Derek a sickening feeling. He continued to look around the cold steel room until his eyes locked on something in particular.

“No…You didn’t…” Derek whispered, as a horrifying feeling came over him and sadness gripped his soul. What Derek saw was almost to much for him to handle. He continued to feel the horror, fear, and sadness course over him as he stared at what was just across the room from him. This was something Derek thought he would never see.

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